Top 10 Store Locator Software To Assist Your Customers

Store locators employ locator software to help visitors discover nearby stores and company locations. Store Locator Software is critical for modern businesses; otherwise, they risk going unnoticed and being inaccessible to potential customers.

What Exactly Does A Store Locator Do?

A store locator informs clients of the physical location of the store. Users nowadays spend more time researching before going to a store. They look at the reviews, the location, the items, the services, the pricing, the timings, the menu, and so on. A store locator software gives all of this information and facilitates the purchasing process.

The Goal of Using Store Locator Software

Businesses that have stores, shops, malls, restaurants, garages, or any other physical address location employ store locator software. Its goal is to generate more leads for the firm. These applications or software may generate a store locator for any website. They are simple to set up and highly adaptable, and they allow clients to interact with products and services.

Goal of Using Store Locator Software

Increased exposure implies more visitors to the website and store. With this software, businesses may improve their omnichannel sales strategy and increase foot traffic. It redirects potential shoppers from search to stores while also improving search engine results.

Customers can simply discover actual stores, which is a clear advantage of store locator software. It does, however, improve the rankings of companies in search results. Companies that generate good and helpful content will be rewarded by search engines such as Google. This also increases client loyalty. Customers are loyal to firms that provide them with accurate and helpful information that allows them to make educated purchasing decisions. It’s a crucial notion for effective inbound marketing initiatives.

What applications would a company have for this type of tool?

Create an audience.

Store location intelligence aids in the development of a devoted following. It keeps track of where clients have gone in the past. It will aid in the creation of a customised audience by improving targeting.

Increase Targeting

The audience knowledge gained from employing this store locator software aids in the expansion of targeting. Do they choose simple bargain stores or branded businesses? This will reveal the tastes and preferences of the customers. As a result, it will be used for both email and SMS marketing.


Customers like brands that provide individualised experiences. This locator software aids in the development of a loyal consumer base. Because of successful market targeting, the company may deliver customised communications to clients based on their previous purchasing experiences.

Choosing a Location

Store locator software gives data about store traffic. Businesses can utilise this information while deciding whether or not to open a new store. If the store is open in many locations in a high-traffic area, it can spread foot traffic more fairly and lessen the likelihood of lineups and crowds. Customers will save time and have a better overall experience as a result of this.

Standard Store Locator Software Features to Look For In

  • Geocoding
  • Updates in real time
  • Driving Instructions
  • International cartography
  • capabilities in several languages.
  • Save my location function
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Integration with one click
  • suitable for designers.
  • Highly adaptable

Let us now look at the software that is available.

1. Woosmap


Woosmap store locator is both quick and forgiving of errors. It creates an excellent search experience. If you need to manage the location programmatically, Woosmap also provides APIs.

Reverse geocoding returns addresses based on geographic coordinates or a human-readable address associated with any location.

The software provides precise, real-time location information. The sophisticated IP database retrieves and analyses the user’s location automatically. The organisation focuses on ensuring the quality of implementation and development while also creating long-term solutions for businesses and startups. It features a dual-function API that selects the website’s location automatically.

2. StoreRocket


StoreRocket is a beautifully designed internet store locator software. This software will save you time and money with its ready-to-use, customisable, and simple-to-install store locator. It’s very configurable, has sophisticated statistics, and integrates with Google Sheets to sync them with the store locator.

It is a useful tool for generating leads. When a user cannot identify a local location, they can leave their information so that the business can contact them later for future deals and offers.

It also has “live hours” capabilities that allow businesses to show whether their locations are open or closed in real time. Make reusable hours and assign them to certain places, or make custom hours for special openings or holidays.

3. StorePoint


StorePoint is a simple piece of software. This software allows you to effortlessly add and update places. Companies may also quickly upload spreadsheets or sync directly from Google Sheets.

Customers may identify local locations by searching the stores by area, zip code, city, and postal code. You can also quickly add a website with a simple copy and paste option. The software supports many languages and allows users to search for items, services, or categories.

One may show the open hours of shops in various locales. The software provides excellent assistance, so businesses will never receive a canned response.

4. Storemapper


Storemapper is a user-friendly solution that provides a terrific experience not just on smartphones and tablets but also on desktop computers. This software allows you to quickly set up any CMS or e-commerce site. The app is totally customizable using CSS, making it also design-friendly. Bulk uploaders can be used to add or update locations from a spreadsheet.

The software has a de-duplication mechanism that keeps data organised. Every subscription includes free modification of the software. The sophisticated analytics determine which stores receive the most traffic and which goods are routed appropriately.

The customer service is outstanding, and it assists with everything from installation to data administration and customization.

5. Prolofinder


Prolofinder is easy to use. Use the simple admin tool to set up this locator in a matter of minutes. Prolofinder does not require any coding because everything is simply copied and pasted. It is really simple to add new stores. Simply search for the store’s name, click “add,” and the locator will be updated. It is quite adaptable. It’s simple to customise the finder to fit the site’s colour scheme with a few clicks.

Its dashboard also gives information about clients’ product searches, helping firms to convert enquiries into purchases. Prolo works well on tablets, desktop computers, and mobile devices, and buyers will have no difficulty discovering items while on the go. It is simple to integrate and works with all website systems, including Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and custom ones.

6. Bullseye


Bullseye is a locator solution designed to close the loop on digital marketing and sales, and it offers customers everything they need to find items and dealers. This locator makes use of branded local sites to incorporate information such as showrooms, design services, estimations, reviews, project photographs, expertise, certificates, videos, events, and offers, among other things. When online leads are ready to be inquired about, you may collect and route them to dealers automatically.

Furthermore, it employs integrated lead processes to deliver follow-ups immediately, monitor dealer responsiveness, and close more transactions. This software facilitates the sale of items by dealers and contractors. It provides them with a steady stream of leads as well as a space on the website to showcase their finest work and market their services.

7. Store Locator Widgets

Store Locator Widgets

Store Locator Widget is a powerful store locator software that connects seamlessly with any major website, CMS, or storefront. It’s simple to use and loaded with advanced capabilities.

Businesses can select from a number of layouts. This locator incorporates a mapping service with sophisticated filtering features. Checkboxes, dropdown lists, and hidden filters are all possible.

They are also the first store locator service that allows companies to embed a location submission form on their website, allowing others to submit and amend locations. It has a rating and review system. This widget allows you to create your own colour schemes. Businesses may choose the map’s colour scheme as well as the text, background, and button colours. CSS is not required, and it also offers multi-language support.

8. MetaLocator


MetaLocator is a strong locator software. It is a powerful and extremely customizable locator software that allows you to search by zip code, address, or even auto-detect the user’s position. Integrated mapping and automated geolocation are included. It is mobile-friendly and works with all languages and address systems.

It also offers analytics and business intelligence capabilities for complete optimization and user-path visibility. MetaLocator offers a comprehensive solution suite to meet geographic content management requirements. It is supported by a robust content management system. It is simple to install and works on any website. It also works well and easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This software does not require any programming knowledge.

9. ZenLocator


ZenLocator is the most user-friendly, mobile-friendly, no-code, and configurable store and product locator. It may be completely customised to match the brand’s colours, logos, and symbols. Show items with custom logos and markers; custom map styles; override any type with custom CSS; and display store logos.

Furthermore, with ZenLocator, a customer-centric, elegant locator can be put up on the site in minutes with no coding or complications. If you have any questions, you can always browse ZenLocator’s large knowledge base.

It is compatible with any website and platform, including Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Wix, and others. This software does not require the use of a developer. It has automated synchronisation, so you don’t have to waste time updating locations.

10. EasyLocator


EasyLocator is ideal for newcomers and web developers. The microservice level of this software is free, and it supports up to ten store locations. It is entirely hosted on award-winning cloud infrastructure with a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee, ensuring that potential customers are never left out. Increases in website traffic are automatically adjusted for and will never cause the service to slow down.

In addition to the foregoing, this store locator software was designed from the bottom up to provide the most accurate results for retail locations.

With capabilities such as built-in nation recognition, auto-location detection, search filtering by multiple parameters such as items, categories, or services, and site style matching with CSS, EasyLocator is the clear option for a dealer locator. This locator may host a store locator or create a bespoke locator solution to meet any requirement.


I’ve spoken about some of the top store locator software options. They are inexpensive and simple to use and set up. If you want to build your business and take it to the next level, you need store locator software. Modern clients are avid researchers who dislike physically wasting their time looking for stores.

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