8 Best ServiceNow Competitors To Try For The Growth Of Small Businesses (2022)

ServiceNow Competitors: ServiceNow is one of the top ITSM systems for enterprises, with a plethora of features and capabilities. Everyone, however, has different wants and preferences. While many people enjoy ServiceNow, others are dissatisfied with its performance, user interface, support, budget, and so on. The user experience may differ from one person to the next or from one business to the next.

As a result, individuals seek ServiceNow Competitors alternatives that might better meet their needs, budget, and preferences.

If you are one of them, this article about ServiceNow competitors will assist you in selecting a better solution so that you can get the most out of your ITSM product.

What Exactly Is ITSM (Information Technology Service Management)?

What exactly is ITSM

The actions and procedures that an organisation does to construct, plan, run, control, and deliver IT services to consumers are referred to as information technology service management (ITSM).

In other words, ITSM is the process through which a team manages and provides its IT services from beginning to finish. It prioritises client demands and constant improvement in order to provide exceptional service quality and customer experience.

It contrasts with other methods of IT administration, such as IT systems management and network management. Others focus on upgrading IT systems, but ITSM focuses on the demands of consumers. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is also unique. It’s similar to an ITSM framework in that it specifies the strategies and tools required to assist teams in efficiently delivering IT services.

The concept behind ITSM is to provide IT as a service that goes beyond traditional IT support. Furthermore, ITSM is a broader system that describes all of the procedures, technology, and tools utilised by IT teams to manage their IT services. It even describes the duties and responsibilities of each department and person involved in IT services.

Why do Companies Require ITSM Platforms?

ITSM benefits your entire business. It aims to improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of your team by focusing on the design of processes and technology.

That being said, ITSM platforms are tools or software solutions that include ITSM features. There are several ITSM solutions available on the market that may help your firm manage its IT services.

Here are some of the reasons why an ITSM platform is required.

Enhances The Consumer Experience

Because ITSM focuses on meeting the demands of customers, IT teams are always working to improve the delivery of IT services to end-users. They attempt to comprehend end-user pain points and devise strategies to address them. This helps your clients feel valued while also improving your service performance. Finally, this contributes to a better client experience.

Improved IT Efficiency

ITSM technologies increase IT productivity by allowing teams to handle every process properly, from service creation and delivery to after-sales. It does it in a variety of ways.

An ITSM solution enables IT, teams, to make the most use of limited IT resources. Furthermore, it automates process workflow to ensure that everyone is on the same page while eliminating manual duties. It also simplifies duties so that everyone on the team understands what to do next and how things are progressing.

Furthermore, employing ITSM technologies allows you to spot issues in real-time, allowing you to resolve them more quickly. As a result, as your IT service availability and response times increase, you will have access to all resources whenever you need them.

Improves Productivity

Improves productivity

Because ITSM systems automate processes and provide clear targets, your staff can deliver more in less time. They can also identify and fix issues more quickly, resulting in higher client satisfaction. This points to increased production. Furthermore, they not only understand company demands better, but they also identify with the goals and seek to enhance their performance.

Increases Cooperation

Because team members can all view processes and seek the same information about the issues they will tackle next, the ITSM tool improves teamwork. As a consequence, they can successfully collaborate to solve problems, generate new ideas, and strive to improve procedures. As a consequence, they are able to manage more development while maintaining quality.

Reduces Costs

A strong ITSM application includes excellent reporting and analytics for measuring important KPIs. It can highlight your strengths and faults, allowing you to develop. It will also emphasise the complaints mentioned, the number of issues resolved, customer satisfaction ratings, security concerns, and so on.

As a result, when you address issues early on, you avoid the implications of a security breach or customer aggravation.

This helps to reduce the expenses associated with fixing those key issues. Furthermore, automated procedures allow you to save resources that were previously spent on time-consuming manual chores with more personnel working for longer periods of time to do repetitive, petty jobs.

What Exactly Is ServiceNow, And Why Is It So Popular?

ServiceNow is a well-known ITSM platform supplier throughout the world. This platform has been named to the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools for the eighth time.

This new ITSM technology enables you to provide robust IT services that prioritise customer experience and service quality. It has features such as efficient incident and issue management, change management, request management, mobile agent and application, virtual agent, predictive intelligence, and others. It is also a cloud platform for securing your organization’s IT infrastructure in the future.

Despite all of ServiceNow’s benefits, it may not be appropriate for all organisations due to varying demands and financial limits.

If you’re one of them, you’re probably looking for ServiceNow Competitors.

Consider your dream fulfilled!

Here are some of the ServiceNow competitors you might consider.

1. Jira


Using Jira Service Management, you can enable your IT Operations, business, and development teams to communicate quickly and simply. This system can adapt swiftly to changes and provide speedy employee and consumer experiences.

Jira Service Management can help you speed up your workflow and fulfil your specific requirements. Empower everyone, including each team member, so that you can efficiently set up a service desk and adapt on a large scale. This will allow you to deliver better service without complications.

You can follow the work of every team member across the company using a collaborative and open platform. You may also use Jira to link significant problems and collect data from other development tools. As a consequence, your operations and support teams will find it simpler to respond to changes, events, and requests utilising a comprehensive collection of data.

Manage risks, improve customer impact, accelerate development effort, easily release changes, and eliminate toil with a thorough audit record for each change. Furthermore, Jira enhances your workflow by adding capabilities and procedures that allow you to collaborate on the same platform. You will also have a single source of truth from which to obtain data and support reports.

With the ITSM tool, you may get a greater insight and knowledge of your company’s processes. You will discover over 1000 trustworthy connectors and apps and may tailor the Jira Service Management solution to your specific requirements. It is one of the finest ServiceNow competitors that you might consider.

Jira provides free membership for three agents. It costs $20 per agent each month to use the service desk and ITSM. A free trial period is also available.

2. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

With ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, you can script your ITSM success on-premises or in the cloud. These ServiceNow competitors will restore your IT workers’ ability to relax and focus on giving the finest customer service.

ServiceDesk Plus gives you central management and visibility while allowing you to handle a wide range of IT issues. In this manner, you can prevent downtime from affecting your business. Furthermore, you may be able to make millions of your end-users, IT personnel, and stakeholders happy.

Along with this, you can manage the whole lifespan of your IT tickets, enhance agent productivity, decrease outages, and satisfy SLAs. Analyze the fundamental source of problems, identify them, and fix them as soon as possible. The solution will also aid in the reduction of recurrent events in IT and the streamlining of processes such as planning, approval, implementation, and automated workflows.

Using this programme, you may ensure that no illegal or unsuccessful modifications are made to your systems. You can find, manage, and track all of your hardware assets in one spot. With ServiceDesk Plus, you can also facilitate licencing compliance, minimise vulnerabilities, and improve asset use. You may also create and publish an IT service catalogue with many approval stages and SLAs.

Manage and track all configuration objects to trace their dependencies and relationships. To acquire actual insight, use bespoke and prepared reports, and monitor performance using customised and real-time dashboards.

Begin your free trial for any package that suits your requirements. Its premium plans begin at $8 per month.

3. Freshservice


Modernize your IT service administration with Freshservice, a quick, intelligent, time-saving, and user-friendly solution. It may assist you in increasing ROI, increasing efficiency, and providing unique client experiences.

Increase the efficiency of your service delivery with sophisticated automation and no-code procedures. You will receive an integrated platform for your ITSM that will help you save time and bridge silos. This will improve the visibility of your process, lower expenses, and increase business agility.

With Freshservice’s no-code platform, you can install the solution quickly while also receiving migration services and skilled onboarding. Its out-of-the-box capabilities also allow you to facilitate the deployment of the service.

Furthermore, its AI-powered corporate platform may boost staff efficiency and unify consumer experiences. The drag-and-drop connections make your job easier and save you time. To increase dependability, close the gap between operations and service management.

Freshservice allows you to detect warnings in real-time, provide an end-to-end customer experience, and interact with context to prevent a variety of problems. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, these ServiceNow competitors options can help you reap several benefits.

Begin your 21-day free trial to take advantage of all of its features.

4. SolarWinds


SolarWinds is a great ServiceNow Competitors, which offers a contemporary ITSM solution, that may help you remove obstacles to employee support services. You can manage everything like an expert thanks to its unique features and functions.

Automatically update your technology and asset inventory. You will also receive inventory updates to help you prepare for the Microsoft licencing audit and make your job simpler. Furthermore, by focusing on key indicators provided by this application, you may continually enhance operations.

Configuration management database software provides a full-screen picture of your IT infrastructure. With a clear dashboard, you can see all of your service desk’s statistics. Furthermore, the employee service site serves as a one-stop-shop where your employee may submit, search for, and connect with an agent.

SolarWinds delivers enterprise service desk solutions for the business world. You may examine the location, usage, and configuration of gear using its hardware inventory management. It supports over 40 languages, and you may personalise it based on your region to see fresh trends throughout the world.

Choose the best plan for your team, with prices beginning at $19/month/technician. Take advantage of a 30-day fully functioning free trial.

5. BMC Helix ITSM


Get next-generation and industry-leading service management with BMC Helix ITSM to improve ROI on your preferred cloud. It is a people-centric and powerful solution that makes use of new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You receive predictive service management with incident assignment, routing, and auto-classification. Use its multi-cloud features to facilitate the distribution of releases, modifications, and incidents across cloud providers. The solution interfaces with the most popular agile DevOps platforms, such as Jira.

On behalf of users, you will get automatic actions and cognitive email analysis. Aside from that, containerization provides deployment and operating savings. You will grasp how it works and how it provides the greatest service experience for speedier innovation.

Furthermore, proactive, context-aware, and intelligent incident matching may be used to successfully address problems. You can deliver critical information to support staff and customers right where they need it. You will also receive knowledge of article lifecycle management for up-to-date content and effective curation.

The multi-cloud service management capabilities of BMC Helix enable you to provide a distinct service experience across numerous cloud environments. You may easily and rapidly transform comprehensive reports into an appealing dashboard. Document all actions and coordinate them for change requests throughout the whole IT environment, from data centres to workstations. It’s also a great Service now competitors to consider.

This ITSM system includes additional capabilities such as release management, digital workplace management, asset management, configuration management, service request management, and service level management.

6. Micro Focus

Micro Focus

Drive your organisation digitally with an ITSM product from Micro Focus that can serve as a ServiceNow Competitors. Because business success is dependent on your team’s ability to change and operate IT at the same time, Micro Focus provides your team with an easy-to-use yet powerful ITSM solution to help them focus on success.

With its cutting-edge technology, it eliminates complexity while avoiding vulnerabilities and cost overruns. It contains Digital Factory, a delivery model for various digital services that provides a fresh method to accelerate digital transformation.

IT teams can now create experiences, solutions, and new services using repeatable procedures and reusable technologies. When you build a digital factory, domain expertise rises, redundant tool sets are eliminated, and uniform governance rules.

You may utilise the OPTIC platform to streamline and integrate your IT operations. It will assist you in transforming IT into a contemporary intelligence centre, gaining access to smart technologies, and extending industry best practices while retaining cloud agility.

By taking advantage of a free trial, you may satisfy your need for digital IT operations with a customised, intuitive, and no-wait service portal.

7. Ivanti Neurons

Ivanti Neurons

Modernize your IT service delivery strategy with Ivanti Neurons, which provides total freedom to install on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based. Improved experiences will result in better outcomes and world-class service across your organisation.

To make your organisation more effective, secure, and compliant, eliminate manual procedures and automate activities. To address unique objectives, Ivanti Neurons can readily expand and adapt to the organisational context. Ivanti Neurons have a solution for you whether you require an IT helpdesk/ticket solution or an advanced ITIL service management approach.

With Ivanti’s cloud-based automation bots, you may get improved assistance and handle previously neglected or unreported staff concerns. Additionally, offer your service desk personnel additional authority so that they may address many problems on a single call. Gain total insight to improve speed, user experience, and service quality while remaining connected from anywhere.

Begin your free trial today to upgrade the ITSM system and provide better service. You may also request a free demonstration of Ivanti Neurons’ ITSM solutions.

8. SysAid ITSM


With SysAid ITSM, you can give your team and IT department greater control and authority. With powerful service desk automation, you can wave goodbye to major challenges. It provides amazing solutions and features for asset management, meeting unreasonable requests, and managing your service desk without panic attacks.

To stay on top, SysAid ITSM provides you with the correct tool for the right activity. It also has automation to help you focus on the proper actions. Increase your productivity by automating more tasks and reducing repetition.

By customising SysAid, you may get up and running quickly and fit your individual demands thanks to its simple and quick implementation. You may also boost employee and agent satisfaction by giving next-level tools and high-level assistance to resolve issues more quickly. ITSM consists of an ITIL package, process automation, third-party connectors, sophisticated customization, service level management, and other features.

With SysAid ITSM, you can improve service delivery, spend time more wisely, and handle issues more quickly. Take a free trial of SysAid through your work email to see it in action.


ITSM technologies help firms manage their IT service delivery while improving staff productivity, customer experience, and cost savings. So, if you’re searching for a ServiceNow replacement, consider any of the ITSM platforms listed above that meet your needs, price, and timeline.

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