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Putty Alternatives for Windows and SSH Clients 2021

PuTTY act as a first and best choice for the Windows users whenever they are looking for the perfect client of SSH. However, with the passage of time, world has change its trends and aspect. Similarly, Windows users are also looking for such clients of SSH that have more features than those of PuTTY offered. If you are also from one of them that require the same thing then you have taken a right path.

People looking for such amazing features can see the discussion of 10 perfect Alternatives of PuTTY which have features like:

  • Saving of credentials
  • Cloud Server Logging In
  • Support of Several Sessions
  • Remotely Management of Servers
  • Granting recent sessions quick access
  • Windows search integration and much more.

What is an SSH Client?

SSH means Secure Shell, a well-known for accessing the remotely servers with security on Internet. It is the substitution in the place of Telnet as it provides security against the manipulation and interruption in data. In simple words, connections of SSH can provide encryption of data for transferring from devices over the same network. Because of this, SSH clients are utilized when their is need for secure logging, transfer of files, and arise of access to the un-centralized system. With inclusion, older Window’s versions doesn’t support for the clients of SSH. For now, let us focus on the topic with the disclose of well-known clients of SSH that act as alternatives of PuTTY and Windows. By utilizing these clients, people can get secure access to the remotely system that run as SSH server.

PuTTY Alternatives For Windows and SSH Clients 2021

Those people who look to change the SSH clients of Windows then there are various options for it. However, here few were mention in the list given below for the fact of their amazing features, utilization ease, process of installation, cost, supporting and documentation of them.


FileZilla act as another free of cost alternative for PuTTY which is offering the FTP solution for the transfer of file. By the utilization of this, user can perform sharing of files over FTP and TLS. Moreover, Dropbox, WebDAV, cloud storage of Google, Amazon S3 and much more is supporting by it. With the help of it, user can resuming and transferring big files can be achieved. One good thing about it is that this is a software of category open sourced that works with respect to the GNU guidelines. However, it have a bug as well as request tracker feature.


  • User interface is tabbed
  • Supports the editing of files remotely
  • Wizard configuration of Network
  • Searching of files, synchronization of browsing directory remotely


A free SSH client that is multi-tabbed for Windows is SmarTTY which is supporting the SCP. Furthermore, by utilizing this alternative of PuTTY, system provides the ability to users to open new tabs without the interruption of any hassle and avoiding the annoying the cause from multiple windows.

SmarTTY offering terminal mode for automatically completed folders, files, and recent commands. Furthermore, GUI of windows style helping to explore the structure of remote directory as well as upload, download single files by using the protocol of SCP.


  • One SSH session contains multiple tabs
  • Terminal mode is smart
  • Transferring of whole directories and files
  • Hex terminal is built-in
  • Cost – Free of cost
  • https://sysprogs.com/SmarTTY/

Solar PuTTY

Solar PuTTY act as one of the best alternative of PuTTY. It has interface with multi-tab as well as provides new SSH client with one console of multiple sessions. By utilizing this freely alternative of PuTTY and SSH client, people can perform various task as credentials saving, access quickly to recent sessions, multiple sessions managements, and performing of search because of its integration with the Windows Search, as it is not supported in PuTTY. With the addition, Solar PuTTY works with the SCP, telnet, SFTP TFP protocols cooperation. Moreover, it doesn’t require installation as it can directly run from the USB.


  • No requirement of Installation
  • One console for the management of multiple session
  • Automation of all scripts as connection established
  • For the ease of Login, Saves the private keys
  • Cost – No cost
  • https://www.solarwinds.com/


Famous and work excellently alternative of PuTTY with the extended features and more features which makes the ease in transfer of file is ExtraPuTTY. By the utilization of ExtraPuTTY, user can arrange the commands in sequence, integration of transfer of file by using ZModem, TFTP, FTP, SFTP, SCP and much more. Moreover, it also provides a feature of the automation of the command sequencing, hyperlinks of URL, automation of login scripts and support much more features.


  • Automation of sequencing of commands
  • Integration of SCP, FTP, XModem, Ymode as well as much more protocols
  • Ease of change of settings of PuTTY in between the session
  • For the commands which are pre-defined, shortcuts of Keyboards
  • Cost: Free of costhttp://www.extraputty.com/download.php

Bitvise SSH Client

Another alternative of PuTTY, Bitvise SSH Client that is awesome. It’s compatibility supports all Servers and Window’s version. To SSH servers, it’s utilize for the initiation of connections. Furthermore, by the utilization of this alternative, user can perform the running of scripted commands or transfers of files. It allows for accessing the console of terminal on server of SSH through which initiation of port forwarding or transfer of file can be ensure.


  • Forwarding of remote desktop by only a Single-click
  • Remotely tools for administration
  • Authentication of user through one-time sign on and NTLM
  • Creation of bridge from FTP to SFTP
  • Cost: Free of costhttps://www.bitvise.com/download-area


On Windows, SSH client of mRemote’s fork, tabbed, various protocol guide in the management of remote connections.Utilization of mRemoteNG as the best alternative of PuTTY, user can see all of the remote connections as well as panels undock, movement of them towards the side, or the movement towards any other screen. Furthermore, it provides the service to maintain the connections list as breeze and supporting the connections import from the Active Directory.


  • Supporting the majority of protocols such as VNC, RDP, ICA, HTTP, SSH, rlogin, Telnet and much more
  • Connection of Raw socket
  • Tabbed interface of the Powerful SSH client
  • For dividing connections, nested containers are created
  • Cost – Free of cost
  • https://mremoteng.org/


ZOC is the 7th in the above mentioned list of alternative of PuTTY. It is a emulator of terminal which is well established as well as such client of telnet that is famous for its friendly user interface.

By the use of the ZOC SSH client, user can perform scrolling back, multiple windows can be open, and accessing the shell accounts that are based on text from macOS and Windows. With addition to this, user can have connection with the mainframes by using the Serial cable, Secure shell, telnet and much more.


  • Emulations wide-variety is supported
  • An overview screen with a tabbed session
  • Remapping of full keyboard
  • Various functions for scrolling back and logging
  • Cost – starting from $79.99https://www.emtec.com/zoc/


Another alternative of PuTTY for Windows which is well-known and professional is MobaXTerm. MobaXTerm is fully functional SSH clients for Windows that helps in the productivity’s boost with the offering of several amazing features such as X11 server, support for plugin, tunnels of SSH, multi-execution, as well as more features that are not supported by other clients.

Moreover, for the ease of editing, browser of SFTP opens by MobaXTerm by its own. By the help of this, ease of connection with remote machines can be achieved. Nevertheless, there are certain constraints for the free version as the support of the establishment of 2SSH tunnels only, and user can run only 12 sessions. However, this is enough for getting the idea of the SSH client.


  • With SSH, terminal of Tabbed
  • Capability of forwarding X11
  • X-server is embedded
  • Application of SSH client is portable
  • Cost – $69/user
  • https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/


Copy of the SSH client of PuTTY that comes with the various addition of features which are not in PuTTY. This is the famous and effective SSH client that allowing users for launching the starter by the utilization command of launcher and scripts of login after the establishment of sessions. Furthermore, it has ability for running the scripts that are local on the remotely devices and coming with the benefit of light-weight chatting and text editing features.


  • Sessions filteration option
  • Ease in Hyperlinks and URLs management
  • Passwords/Command Automation
  • Sessions are automatically saved
  • Cost – Free of cost
  • http://kitty.9bis.net/


WinSCP provides the functionality of file manager utilized for the transferring of files. It also have the capability of scripting. WinSCP provides the tools for copying the files in between remote and local servers. It utilizes FTP, FTPs, SCP, S3 and much more protocols for transferring of files. Because of which, functionality of file manager is one of the best choices as alternative of PuTTY.


  • Text editor is integrated
  • Automation of task and scripting
  • Copying of files from local and remote servers
  • Lingual is multiple
  • Cost – Free of cost and open-source SSH client
  • https://winscp.net/eng/index.php

Also, Check :

  1. Rabbit
  2. IceFilms
  3. Deepfake

Final Thought:

At last, we think the readers enjoy the above mentioned details of the Alternatives of PuTTY which users can utilize on Windows. By reviewing of above described alternatives, readers enjoy all the features which are not supported in PuTTY.

As many of the PuTTY’s alternatives are free of cost as well as open-source, user can take it or download it and utilize them for seeing them that is meeting its requirements. According to our recommendation, we will suggest to use MobaXterm and Solar-PuTTY.

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