Top 9 Business Process Management Software To Boost Your Business

Process Management Software: Every company wishes to remain competitive in its sector. This may be accomplished via optimising services, goods, capital expenditure, and profit margins. However, while manually designing the workflow of the business processes, this is never simple.

Instead, firms utilise smart and intelligent systems that automatically recommend the best workflow based on variables such as goods, consumers, input prices, and so on. These apps also help corporate process managers reduce inefficiencies, mistakes, and communication gaps.

We’ve talked about the BPM technologies that have revolutionised the way businesses operate today.

What Exactly Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management

BPM is a management discipline for the corporate sector based on automation. It employs modelling, discovery, measurement, analysis, optimization, and improvement of previous and present processes.

This allows your corporation to design, alter, and analyse the predictable business processes that comprise the actual business. Finally, BPM seeks to develop a reusable workflow template for repetitive business processes. BPM may also be used for one-time tasks that do not fit into any established process.

The Advantages Of Business Process Management

#1. BPM prepares your business processes for uncertain changes caused by new technology, a competitor’s breakthrough product, or new legislation.

#2. If you want your process managers and their subordinates to understand and work toward the business’s goals, BPM may help.

#3. The three most important aspects in preserving profitability are business process improvement, cost reduction, and personnel efficiency. That is possible using BPM.

Advantages Of Business Process Management

#4. BPM solutions continually monitor resources, process progress, and compliance levels, allowing you to rectify operations if something goes wrong.

#5. BPM practice is also the best instrument for succession planning. When using a BPM solution, a business process management can leave organised processes for their successors.

How to Select the Best (BPM) Business Process Management Software

The following features should be included in a suitable business process management Software:

  • A simple diagramming tool for creating visual workflows for processes.
  • A form designer with drag-and-drop editing capabilities.
  • Should provide process management solutions that are mobile and cloud-based.
  • Profiles and role-based access provide strict tool control features.
  • SSO and a security key-based interface are used to log into the BPM tool.
  • It should interact seamlessly with third-party corporate applications such as Slack, Zoom, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Google Workspace, and so on.

How to Select the Best (BPM)

  • Performance measures for business operations, projects, procedures, and the entire organization that are simple to use.
  • Analytics Using data to get actionable insights from existing business processes

You don’t have to scour the internet for a (BPM) Business process management Software with the characteristics listed above. Simply browse the following software and select the one that best matches your needs:

1. Bizagi


Bizagi is another well-known low-code process design tool that allows you to effortlessly find, model, manage, and automate business activities. It provides customised BPM technologies for the automotive, food processing, supply chain, banking, customer service, risk, and compliance industries, among others.

Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Automation are the three specific components of this BPM platform. These modules categorise functionalities and provide business process managers with rapid access to the appropriate tool.

Furthermore, for improved information visibility, the application may simply combine content management and database solutions such as SharePoint, Alfresco, Documentum, and FileNet.

2. Nintex

Process Management software

Nintex is more than simply a business process management software solution. It is, instead, a comprehensive digital transformation toolbox. As a result, if you need to migrate old business processes to the digital world or just require an effective BPM solution, Nintex is a must-try.

Nintex has the tools you need to migrate your company’s operations, people, and documents to the digital environment. As an example,

Using the Document Automation tool, you can easily produce contracts, brochures, invoices, shipping bills, and other documents. You may also use it to store old papers by digitising them.

Use eSignatures to help company process managers, owners, executives, and clients move contracts faster and close agreements more quickly.

Other important Nintex features include process mapping and management, mobile apps, intelligent forms, and corporate workflow automation.

3. Kissflow Process

Process Management software

Kissflow Process is a well-known BPM technology that allows you to automate and update existing business processes. It is a platform for no-code process authoring. As a result, a business process manager or process owner may create basic or sophisticated process flows without the assistance of a coder.

Create process workflows for repeated or organised business processes with this BPM tool. It also facilitates process design for initiatives that do not adhere to the template of an existing process.

Furthermore, the software has agile development capabilities such as dynamic task routing, agile deployment, ad hoc work assignment, and so on. Finally, the Kissflow Process is ideal for remote and hybrid teams since it includes online document management, communication, and social collaboration.

4. Zoho Creator

Process Management software

The business processes established using Zoho Creator are followed by many departments and business verticals of worldwide corporations. This process management software provides a framework for your firm to construct the business workflow based on corporate goals, standards, and key performance metrics (KPIs).

Because all of your rivals are becoming digital, you must digitally convert your firm with this BPM solution to remain competitive. To supercharge your business, you may use Zoho Creator’s low-code platform to create unique desktop apps, mobile apps, integrated process flows, internal internet portals, and so on.

Zoho Creator is a cloud-based application. However, it may also be deployed on-premise as a company-branded app. You may also operate it as an intranet portal web app, progressive web app (PWA), or mobile device management (MDM) app.

5. FlowForma

Process Management software

If your company uses Microsoft Office 365 workspace,  FlowForma is the ideal process management software. It includes three vital software components that any organisation requires: forms, document generation, and workflow. You may use all of these modules together to rapidly digitise your business processes without writing a single line of software code.

The tool’s setup is so quick that after adopting FlowForma, your company will be self-sufficient in just four weeks. Once within the FlowForma environment, you may limit tool access with FlowForma Governance and generate automated reports with FlowForma Reporting.

If you need to import data from many connections, you can use the FlowForma Integration. Finally, FlowForma Collaborate allows you to collaborate with your team to automate and manage business operations.


Process Management software

Zoho provides end-to-end business process management software for a wide range of sector verticals, including government, education, information and communications technology (ICT), banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), utilities, supply chain, and others.

Its products and services include four BPM tool versions; BPM training for professionals; and managed business process mapping services by PRIME BPM specialists.

7. Appian BPM Suite

Process Management software

The FlowForma Suite may be used to enhance your business applications with process automation for efficient BPM. Appian accelerates governance, outcomes, and business efficiency, allowing you to remain successful in a volatile market environment.

This BPM package assists you in simplifying complicated business processes into simple workflows that can be executed by people with diverse skill levels.

Its Workflow Designing tool allows you to draw processes in the same way as flowcharts do. The process is then optimised by an AI based on business inputs. Finally, the design may be saved as a template for future projects.

8. ARIS Cloud

Process Management software

If you believe your organisation is underperforming owing to confusing and slow procedures, you should investigate the ARIS Cloud BPM solution. The tool is very scalable, as it is available in many versions to fulfil the demands of professional teams and enterprises at a low cost.

ARIS Basic is ideal if you are a small team of specialists that provide contractual business process management software to startups or micro-businesses. ARIS Advanced is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to tailor procedures and gain more control.

9. Comindware Tracker

Process Management software

Comindware Tracker provides more functionality than a typical BPM application. For starters, it integrates task and process management capabilities, allowing you to save money by eliminating the need for a separate project tool.

It includes various critical business operations and workflow management tools and capabilities, such as:

  • The Design of Electronic Forms
  • A Workflow Designer in Graphics
  • The Workflow Tool for Outlook
  • Workflow Monitoring and Reporting
  • Workflow

Business process managers may quickly collaborate on essential workflows and generate excellent process management templates by utilising all the components of Comindware Tracker.


As the business process management speciality grew in popularity, more software development firms invested in it. As a result, there are hundreds of BPM tools with various capabilities that might easily confuse you. To assist you with your quest, we have compiled a list of the best BPM suites available.

Are you serious about your company? You must understand which business plan software aids in the development of a business strategy.

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