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Performance Management Tools 10 Best in 2022

A yearly performance review is not true performance management.

Instead, it should be an ongoing process that involves frequent check-ins between managers and the members of their teams. This approach should result in better feedback, coaching, and, ideally, improved performance and goal management.

A number of tools are available to assist you with your performance management at the individual, team, and organisational levels. Effective performance management needs work, but it can be done.

Performance Management Tools: Comparison Criteria

Are you curious about the criteria we use to choose the finest solutions for performance management reviews? Here is a list of my evaluation criteria in brief:

User Interface (UI): Does the user interface (UI) have a neat, appealing design?
Usability: Is it simple to understand and master? Does the business provide helpful user support, tutorials, and training?
Functionality & Features:
Review and Feedback — Do pre-made employee evaluation templates exist to facilitate the review procedure? Is the performance evaluation process flexible and interesting? Exist any tools for recognising employees that exhibit exceptional work?
Training & eLearning –Does the software have the ability to design and implement training/eLearning programs for employees? Is creating content simple? What courses are included with the software?
Improvement Plans – — Can the software create and carry out plans for performance improvement? Does it provide any templates to help with this?
Reporting and analytics: Are the reporting tools dependable, flexible, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing? Are they able to be used to give employees accurate performance metrics?
Integrations: Is there a simple way to link up with other tools? Exist any integrations that are already built?
Value for $:How well suited is the cost to the offered features, abilities, and use case? Is the pricing lucid, open, and flexible?
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Overviews of the 10 Best Performance Management Tools

Read on for a brief description of each of the best performance management tools on this list. I’ll discuss their benefits and drawbacks as well as standard attributes and software costs.

1. Eden

Best performance management tool for people-centric companies

From a user-friendly interface, run 360-degree performance evaluation cycles.
The performance management, desk booking, room scheduling, visitor management, COVID-19 team safety, deliveries, and internal ticketing modules of Eden’s HR and workplace experience software are all different modules that can be used for IT assistance, HR requests, and more. Due to the modular nature of their system, any organisation may afford it since they only need to purchase the modules they really use.

Using their performance management module, administrators may create and implement employee review cycles that are intuitively made to be user-friendly for all skill levels. Their technology also makes it possible to conduct 360-degree peer evaluations and self-reviews, allowing for many review cycles to take place simultaneously, and facilitates easy access to past review data.

Along with numerous other access control and single sign-on directory service products, Eden interfaces with Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, popular HRIS systems like Gusto, Bob, and BambooHR, as well as many more HRIS systems.

Depending on the kind of services you require, Eden’s pricing is very clear and flexible. Pricing for their performance management software starts at $4 per user each month, with a minimum cost of $1440 per year. Additionally, you can use their website to obtain a free demo or a 14-day trial.

Free demo period plus 14-day trial

Monthly user fees start at $4.

Visit Website

2. Leapsome

Best for employee development-oriented performance management

Leapsome is an all-in-one platform for employee engagement and performance management that supports firms in improving their management procedures. Leapsome, a platform preferred by businesses like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel, offers a continuous cycle of performance management and individualised learning that fuels the development of both your employees and your organisation.

Their 360-reviews are incredibly flexible and simple to set up. Highlights include expert templates, skill frameworks, development pathways, automations, and strong analytics. Additionally, anonymous or non-anonymous feedback is available. The OKRs & goals module from Leapsome assists you in managing goals at the organisational, team, and individual levels. The tool helps you connect the large picture to the minute details utilising customizable metrics, straightforward dependency visualisation, goal trees, and clear visualisations.

With the help of Leapsome’s employee engagement surveys, you can determine what motivates your staff and track their happiness over time. You can use the application to translate company sentiment into action by using either own questions or Leapsome’s professional templates. Important features include segmentation by department and performance; customised questions, frequency, and participation; and automatic analytics.

With the help of a well-organized agenda and talking points, Leapsome also provides meeting management services to help you hold productive one-on-one or team meetings with each employee in your company.

As well as Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, Workday, Rippling, PayFit, ADP, Active Directory, SFTP Integrations, Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, calendar apps, and Single Sign-On, Leapsome interfaces with a number of other services (SSO).

Leapsome offers a free 14-day trial and a free demo upon request. Its monthly price starts at $8 per person (paid annually).

14-day risk-free period

Monthly user fees start at $8. (billed annually)

Visit Website

3. Primalogik

Best for collecting and analyzing 360 degree feedback

A variety of features in Primalogik’s employee performance management software promote employee engagement and enable managers and their staff to achieve to their highest potential. Primalogik assists employees in gaining understanding of their individual performance and identifying areas for making minor improvements through a combination of performance review assessments, 360-degree feedback, engagement surveys, employee goals and OKRs (objectives and key results), and instant feedback including 1:1 check-ins.

Their 360-degree feedback feature makes it simple to gather opinions from many sources. Administrators have the option of choosing the rating scales for their evaluation forms as well as the degree of anonymity that will be applied to the comments. This module’s advanced capabilities include the capability for managers and administrative staff to initiate feedback requests regarding their employees and seek replies from particular coworkers, automatic reminders to offer feedback by a particular date, and real-time feedback tracking.

Primalogik includes a number of tools to allow in-depth examination of the data after employee input is in the system. For instance, their technology enables managers to contrast the input of other respondents with the self-ratings of employees. This enables the individual to see any gaps between where they think they are and what their colleagues have indicated. Their Comparison Mode also enables admin users to benchmark each employee appraisal and compare them across their workforce, which is a helpful feature for recognising their overall top performers or discovering potential skill shortages across the entire organisation.

Primalogik has integrations with Microsoft Azure, Okta, Google Workspace, ADP, and BambooHR. They also have French and Spanish versions of their performance management software.

Primalogik has a monthly fee of $159 for up to 25 users and a free demo or 30-day trial period.

30 day no cost trial

Up to 25 users from $159 per month

Visit Website

4. ClearCompany

Best for simplified, automated HR workflows that are easy to use

Utilizing a single, automated system like ClearCompany makes it simple to combine all of your employee performance evaluation processes. You can rapidly set up reviews with custom scoring tables, weighted sections, and free-form comments using the user-friendly performance review software from ClearCompany.

You can send as many performance reports as you need, as often as you need, thanks to ClearCompany’s flat-rate pricing structure, all without having to worry about the cost.

Assessment exams, background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits software, and SSO integration are all available with ClearCompany.

Customized pricing is available from ClearCompany upon request.

On request pricing

Visit Website

5. Kallidus

Best user-friendly continuous performance reviews

Perform provides straightforward and useful graphics that you may use to define, check, track, prioritise, and archive targets.
Throughout the year, managers and team members can check in, provide feedback, and measure progress using the continuous performance management application Kallidus Perform. Team leaders have the flexibility to change goals as needed and schedule quick meetings. Perform was created to make the employee appraisal process more accessible and, thus, more likely to produce results. It is used by companies including JYSK, Co-op, Tesco, and DHL.

Kallidus The user interface (UI) of Perform is created to accommodate the requirements of the modern business and the changing nature of the workplace, allowing for check-ins and reviews at any time and from any location. With Perform in place, conventional paper-based appraisal processes may be swiftly and entirely replaced, lowering costs, saving time, and boosting security.

Flexible goals, regular feedback, tools for collaboration, coaching services, a manager dashboard, and configurable notifications are just a few of the things that Kallidus Perform offers. Additionally, they are integrated with other Kallidus software for HRIS, hiring, learning management, talent and succession planning, and BI reporting.

A free demo is available and prices for Kallidus Perform begin at $8,000 per year.

A no cost trial

up to $8,000 per year

Visit Website

6. PerformYard

Best for customized performance review processes

The flexible HR tools and straightforward employee experience offered by PerformYard’s performance management software. Employees will benefit from a streamlined experience so they can concentrate on giving good feedback and having productive performance talks, while HR professionals will receive the tools they need to develop any performance management strategy.

You can adapt PerformYard’s software to your organization’s specific strategy by using its 360-degree evaluations, project-based reviews, rating scales, continuous feedback, and/or cascading goals features.

PerformYard offers an easy-to-use employee experience that promotes feedback and worthwhile interactions. Every customer that works with PerformYard receives a personal customer success manager to help them with everything from employee onboarding to ongoing support.

ADP, BambooHR, Gusto, Rippling, UKG, Paycom, Workday, and Paylocity are just a few of the main HRIS/Payroll systems that PerformYard connects with.

PerformYard has a $5 per user, per month price.

monthly employee cost of $5 to $10

Visit Website

7. Inspire

Best integrated continuous performance management system

OKRs, comprehensive recognition and feedback capabilities, learning, and leadership development are all integrated within Inspire Software’s continuous performance management features. Using goals and OKRs, align your strategy with executable procedures, and include feedback utilising integrations that your staff is already accustomed to using.

Teams may conduct 1:1 interactions that are goal-driven and address actual needs in the moment thanks to powerful performance management tools. Team leaders may make advantage of the built-in collaboration, feedback, and recognition capabilities to keep teams concentrated on what matters and then celebrate their accomplishments all in one location.

You can adapt formal performance management features, such as adaptable templates and headers, grading, and more, to your needs. Additionally, Inspire Software provides a free “guided trial” or software orientation that includes numerous how-to videos. On demand, longer pilots or trials are available.

Workday, ADP, and other HRIS solutions are all integrated by Inspire Software, as are productivity applications like Slack, Microsoft Office, Google, JIRA, or your CRM.

Depending on the number of employees and length of the contract, Inspire costs $5 to $11 per user each month.

On demand, free trial

$5 to $11 monthly per user

Visit Website

8. intelliHR

Best continuous performance management with people analytics

A performance summary dashboard is provided by intelliHR for each employee, which keeps track of goals, training programs, and accomplishments. intelliHR screenshot – 10 Performance Management Tools Every HR Pro Should Know
Performance management, employee engagement, and people data analytics are all centralised within enterprises thanks to the continuous performance management and analytics platform known as intelliHR. To align, manage, and support a people and culture strategy to promote employee engagement and performance, intelliHR offers best-practice performance solutions for HR and managers.

With the help of intelliHR, businesses can automate performance review cycles, cascade company objectives, and promote sustainable success. Each team member’s profile contains information about their performance improvement plans, organised check-in records, and automated performance reports so it won’t be lost or overlooked during their subsequent assessment. The performance tools from intelliHR make it possible to complete reviews more satisfactorily while lowering management workload and recency bias.

Performance analytics is another standout feature. It gathers real-time data via features like goals, feedback, and check-ins. Without ever running an Excel report, managers may use performance analytics to spot top performers and assist those who need a little extra support.

With an award-winning customer support team that is knowledgeable about HR and change management, intelliHR has an NPS that leads the industry at 61. To ensure that the product is released smoothly and has a high adoption rate, the team uses design thinking workshops that are customised for each customer.

From $3.60 per user per month in the United States, intelliHR (annual plan). For the employee engagement product tier, they also provide a free demo and a 30-day free trial.

Free demo and 30-day trial period

monthly user price starting at $3.60 (annual plan)

Visit Website

9. GoCo

Best for automating performance review cycles and feedback reminders

You won’t need to hunt down employee feedback because GoCo automatically runs your performance review cycles and sends out reminder emails.
GoCo is a modular employee management system that can be customised and has a wide range of functions to help HR professionals. They offer integrated solutions for time & attendance monitoring, benefits administration, onboarding new employees, and hosting a document repository in addition to their performance management module.

Their performance management tools include templates for 1:1 check-ins, dynamic performance evaluation areas you can edit, and options to get 360 degree input from managers, peers, and employees themselves. Additionally, their system features automations, such as prompts for late comments, to operate your review cycles smoothly. Additionally, you may utilise their system to keep track of goals, write compliments or notes on employees’ public or private timelines, and attach official documents.

GoCo connects with over 30 well-known software programs, such as TalentLMS and Teamie for learning and training, SwagUp and Handwrytten for employee engagement, among many more.

GoCo provides a free demo and charges $5 per employee each month for its key modules.

Monthly user fees start at $5.

Visit Website

10. ClickUp

Best for managing team performance via goals and weekly scorecards

Using goal dashboards from ClickUp, which update automatically as your team members do tasks, you can visibly monitor the performance of your team.
The integrated goal and task tracking elements of ClickUp’s productivity platform, which function together seamlessly, are ideal for measuring team performance. A top-level task’s overall goal completion percentage can be calculated by allocating several team members to goals with specific subtask objectives. This implies that as you and your team complete connected tasks, your goal completion score will automatically change.

Their adaptable system also enables other performance goals, such as numerical goals (e.g., cold call 8 customers this week), financial goals (e.g., excellent for tracking sales or revenue), or true/false targets for easier done/not-done tasks (e.g., collect 360 degree feedback).

Their weekly scorecard function, which invites teams to set goals at the beginning of each week, aids in team focus and increases productivity by giving daily activities a sense of purpose. Along with numerous pre-installed templates, including one for performance reviews, their system also has linked papers, whiteboards, dashboards, mind maps, and a real-time chat capability.

With native connectors, ClickUp may be used with more than 45 different software programs, including Bitbucket, Box, Clockify, GitHub, GitLab, Loom, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Miro, Slack, and Zendesk. Additionally, you may link your ClickUp account with a Zapier account to access over 1,000 additional apps.

ClickUp offers a free trial and has a starting price of $5 per user per month. For personal usage, they also offer an unlimited free plan.

Available without charge

Monthly user fees start at $5.

Visit Website

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