Top 30 Alternatives to Kisscartoon To Watch Cartoon Online In 2022

Every child enjoys cartoons, and many adults enjoy anime. What if I told you you could find both on kisscartoon? This is a website with HD content for everyone, and it makes no distinction between affluent and poor individuals. Anyone is welcome to come here and watch cartoons for free. You may use this to manage your favourite TV series like Rick and Morty for free. The location-enabled options on your device have no effect on the type of material available on this lovely website.

Hundreds of cartoons and anime are available that are not available on any other site. There are several cartoons, including both renowned and underappreciated animations. Kisscartoon is a site for anime fans and those who like to watch animated movies and other things.

What exactly is a Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon is a well-known internet streaming site for cartoons and anime series. This website has an enormous selection of the most recent cartoon shows, animated movies, and anime for children, teens, and adults. The great material quality and impressive streaming options that Kisscartoon has to offer set it apart from other providers. Kisscartoon is an online programme that works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

The Kiss animation website does not charge you a membership fee to watch cartoons online. Kisscartoon allows you to view the most recent cartoon series and movies without being interrupted by advertisements. Although you may use this site without registering, if you create an account, you will be able to bookmark your favourite shows for easy access.

Kisscartoon’s user interface is extremely engaging. This website has animated movies as well as cartoons for children. The Kiss cartoon site has search options that may be used to hunt for shows like Kisscartoon Rick and Morty.

Sites Like Kisscartoon | Replacement To Kisscartoon

Here is the list of best sites like Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online.

1. 123movies


123Movies Alternative to Kisscartoon boasts a large library of popular animated series, despite not being particularly an anime or cartoon site. Simply navigate to the Anime Series area to watch anime. There are over 1000 anime titles to choose from. However, too many advertisements degrade the user experience. You are routed several times, which is inconvenient. As a result, we recommend using it only if you can’t find a title elsewhere.

2. 5movies


Another hidden treasure for viewing anime is the lesser-known 5movies website. It includes almost 5000 anime shows, although it, like 123movies, concentrates on movies and television shows. This site’s anime collection includes both new and old titles. There are no annoying redirections, popups, or pornographic adverts. All material is delivered in stunning HD resolution. We found no broken links on this website. 5movies is the best website like Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online.

3. 9Anime 


9Anime provides the most extensive anime library available on the internet. This site has over a dozen categories from which to choose your stuff. It offers a basic UI that is refreshingly different from other free anime sites. Advertisements are few and far between. It even includes a suggestion system that suggests anime based on your likes. It’s a great alternative to Kisscartoon.

4. Anime Toon 


This is a great alternative to KissCartoon. Every month, about 3 million individuals use this resource. The Anime Toon website features an appealing appearance and simple navigation. As a result, even a child can explore the resources and watch their favourite show. For user convenience, most anime are either subtitled or dubbed.

5. Animedao 


Another Kisscartoon alternative. Animedao is without a doubt one of our favourites on this list. It is simple to use, offers a large anime collection, has a pretty clean design, and loads quickly. But wait… there are a few ads here and there. Simply install adblocker software to remove the bothersome popups, and you’ll be able to stream for as long as you like.

6. AnimeFreak 


AnimeFreak is an excellent resource for seeing the most recent episodes of currently running series. The content library is more than enough for any anime fan. However, its user interface isn’t particularly appealing. Some advertisements are unsuitable for children; therefore, don’t allow them to access this website without supervision. However, the navigation is smooth, so there are no problems there. You may upgrade to the premium version to remove the advertisements. AnimeFreak is a great replacement to Kisscartoon.

7. AnimeLab 


AnimeLab has all of the current series as well as classics to keep you glued to the screen. All of the titles are available in either English or Japanese with suitable subtitles. The base plan is free, but it includes pre-and mid-roll advertising. You can enjoy HD streaming, complete access to the whole collection, and simulcasts with a premium Animeland subscription. Furthermore, there are no ads to interrupt your streaming. Animelab is a best alternative to Kisscartoon.

8. AnimePahe 


Another alternative to Kisscartoon. AnimePahe offers a sleek, simple layout that displays the most recent releases as well as subtitles. To see all the titles in alphabetical order, go to the “Anime” section at the top. You may also utilise the top-of-the-screen search tool to select your chosen alternative. While there is no sticky advertising on the site, certain explicit advertisements appear when you click a title.

9. AniWatcher 


Aniwatcher alterantive to Kisscartoon provides amazing anime stream customization, functionality, and resolution. This website has almost 2000 anime programmes and films. You may also view them for free. You may also talk to other enthusiasts. The sole disadvantage of this website is that you must register in order to stream your titles. There are also some improper commercial popups, making them unfit for children.

10. Cartoons On! 


Cartoons On is another popular Kisscartoon competitor, with over 5 million monthly visitors. It allows you to view cartoons in high definition on any device. There are no restrictions. Although their material catalogue is rather restricted, the accessible content is of exceptional quality. This website includes a fun navigation bar where you may watch material by studio, characters, shows, or series. There’s also a small blog area with useful information on animations.

11. Chia-Anime


Chia Anime provides a plethora of free cartoons to view in both Japanese and English. There are also subtitles available. The user interface is simple. The content is accessible in high definition. It does, however, have a lot of popup ads that obscure your watch display. You may also download your favourite shows to watch them later. To avoid copyright violations, it maintains many mirror sites. Chia-anime is a great substitute to Kisscartoon.

12. Crunchyroll 


Crunchyroll is a high-quality anime streaming service. Some of the material is ad-supported in the free edition. With a premium membership (which costs $9.99 a month), you get unlimited watch time on up to four devices, as well as the option to watch offline. Furthermore, it allows you to view subtitled anime as soon as one hour after it is published in Japan. It’s a great alterantive to Kisscartoon to watch cartoon online.

13. Fmovies 


FMovies alternative to Kisscartoon is unquestionably one of the top free movie websites available today. Most anime enthusiasts are unaware that it also features a great anime section. On one single platform, you can see all of the most recent 3D cartoons, Japanese anime, DC & Marvel animation flicks, and more. The ads are low, and you have access to many servers that host files. In this manner, even if a server fails, you can still watch the title via different connections.

14. Funimation 


Funimation is a high-quality anime site. It allows you to watch over 10,000 episodes as well as a movie from its enormous content catalogue. It charges a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 in exchange for an ad-free experience. Account login is required, which may deter some users. The good news is that it comes with a 14-day free trial. As a result, you may try out this service before investing money. It’s also a great alternative to Kisscartoon.

15. GoGo Anime 


GoGo Anime is mostly an anime movie portal. However, you can also view the most recent anime episodes from the United States, Japan, and China. To accommodate foreign viewers, all material is either dubbed in English or accessible with English subtitles. Although there are a few advertisements on this page, they are not at all obtrusive. If any of the titles on this website do not function for you due to geo-restriction, we recommend using a VPN.

16. Hulu Anime 


Disney also owns Hulu, a premium video streaming service. It also boasts a vast anime collection that includes both original and purchased content. You can effortlessly tailor your streaming experience with Hulu and stream it directly to your chosen device, whether it’s a Smart TV, Firestick, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. There are no advertisements for Hulu’s premium subscription. Hulu is also a great alternative to Kisscartoon.

17. KimCartoon 


KimCartoon, in addition to cartoons and animated series, allows you to read comics and request an episode. All the material is neatly arranged into categories such as New Cartoons, Top Day, Top Week, and Top Month. It boasts one of the world’s largest anime libraries. As a result, you may watch any cartoon show, new or old. The commercials are also limited to one side, which does not interfere with your watching experience.

18. Kiss Anime 


Kiss Anime is the most popular website on this list, with over 25 million monthly users. You may view all of the ancient animated cartoons as well as the most recent episodes of notable anime programmes here. While you may view all of the content for free, it does contain advertisements. To remove advertisements, you must subscribe to the premium version, which costs $6 per month.

19. KissAsian 


KissAsian is a website where you can view all of the East Asian TV series and movies. Hundreds of titles from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and Taiwan are included. This platform also allows you to view cartoons and anime. It has advertisements, but they are limited to the side of the media player. The website is simple to navigate, and all titles are accessible in HD definition.

20. MasterAni.me 


MasterAni is one of the quickest anime streaming services. It has a simple UI for easy navigation. You may begin viewing your favourite titles right away without having to register or sign up. It has a tremendously active fanbase, as seen by the number of comments each title receives. This platform has a lot of advertisements because it is a free website.

21. AnimeFrenzy


AnimeFrenzy is a website where you can view every subbed and dubbed anime in one location. It has a complete movie library in 1080p (HD) quality. The servers are quick. Buffering will not be an issue as long as you have a fast internet connection. While there is no need to sign up to view free movies, doing so grants you access to extra options such as adding favourites.

22. Movie4u 


Movie4U is mostly a free movie website. It quickly streams all of the most recent TV episodes and movies. As of the time of writing, it had 745 titles in its animation category. It features a really appealing interface, with the homepage presenting all of the most popular films. We didn’t detect any advertisements on its platform, which is unusual for a free streaming service.

23. AnimeTake


AnimeTake provides high-quality anime. You can easily navigate through its materials. The material inventory isn’t extensive, but it’s enough for a free website. There are several categories to accommodate all anime fans, including action, adventure, drama, comedy, and more. Notifications are an intriguing aspect of our website. You may sign up to receive early notice of upcoming film releases.

24. NovelPlanet 


NovelPlanet used to be a fantastic anime streaming service. It also had a novel area for manga book readers. Unfortunately, it was recently shut down owing to allegations of copyright infringement. We don’t know when or if this website will reopen. However, we included it in our list because of how popular it was just a few months ago.

25. Netflix


Netflix has been dubbed the “Father of Streaming Platforms.” It is the world’s top platform for watching original and purchased programmes. This service is accessible via all devices. Its original anime series, such as Love Sex and Robots, has achieved unprecedented success. Furthermore, this portal hosts over a hundred original anime series. Even the most ardent anime streamer will be satisfied by such a large repertoire.

26. OtakuStream 


OtakuStream is a website where you can view subtitled anime in high definition. It is completely free and requires no sign-up or membership. Almost every day, new comics and TV shows are posted on the site. Users may also download their favourite shows. From anywhere in the world, you can access its massive collection of movies and TV series. There are no limitations.

27. ToonJet 


ToonJet is a children’s television station. It’s a platform for oldies that allows you to relive your childhood golden days. From Popeye the Sailor to Tom and Jerry, this site has a wide range of vintage anime movies, cartoons, and TV episodes. It has been in operation since 2008 and has only improved with time. Because it is a premium service, you must subscribe to watch its feeds.

28. Watch Cartoon Online 


Watch Cartoon Online, as the name suggests, allows you to do just that. And it’s completely free. It provides an excellent selection of anime and cartoons. The site is also kid-friendly, with an easy-to-use UI and kid-friendly advertisements. Ratings, filters, and the Android App are available at the top of the navigation bar.

29. WatchAnimeDub 



Anime is a Japanese entertainment art form. It’s no surprise that the majority of anime is from Japan. This website offers dubbed versions of all major anime. If you dislike subtitles, try WatchAnimeDub to view all of your favourite anime in crystal-clear American English. However, owing to copyright breaches, the URL of this site is constantly changing.

30. WatchFree 


WatchFree, as the name implies, allows you to view everything you want for free. It is mostly a website dedicated to movies and TV shows, with hundreds of free channels. The complete anime series, however, can be found online here. Naruto Shippuden, Pokemon, Full Metal Jacket, and other shows are widely accessible. Expect some advertisements here and there because it’s a free website.

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