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iMovie Alternatives For Windows – Best Windows Movie Maker Online

Video editing is gradually becoming one of the most significant skillsets for a content creator. From short 15 sec, Instagram reels to videos all over YouTube attract audiences all over the world. The time and effort that goes behind a single video are tremendous. So what is the secret of a significant transition or a smooth compilation? A share of a video editor’s credit will go to the Video Editing Software he/she will be using. The go-to software for any iOS user would be iMovies, but what about the Windows users. So iMovie Alternatives For Windows and Best Windows Movie Maker Online in 2021.

20 Best iMovie Alternatives For Windows in 2021

With multiple options, the video’s integrity increases, and the editor has a choice to choose the best according to needs and demands. So, here’s the list of best iMovie alternatives for Windows.



At times, people find it very difficult to edit their videos as they do not have technical knowledge of this field and search for better options. Their research might end after using Avidemux, a free, open-source video editing tool ranging from the basic cut-crop to some filters and transitions.

Since it’s open-source, if a user wants to add a new feature, they need to tweak it into the code and include the change. With constant updates, you should not worry about the lack of a particular component for an extended period.

A perfect solution for those who are looking for subtle enhancement and quick edits for their videos. This application’s core features will be resizing tools depending on your video format, video and audio filters, audio and video splitting tool, and custom filters to design original filters for that extra personal touch.

Corel VideoStudio


The video editing program available for Windows is Corel VideoStudio. When it comes to using audio for your images, it is among the best editing tools to make them more appealing. The explanation behind this is that a free music library owned by Video Studio is available for you to use. Thus, the use of your favourite music in the clips becomes more straightforward for you.

Any of the characteristics that imaginative minds can use to create something fantastic are features such as Stop Motion Animation, attractive filters, split screens, track transparency, etc. When you want to add dialogues to the video, you can match the audio. It’s also much easier to balance the audio in the clip with this app.

PowerDirector Deluxe


Power Director empowers you with the best quality video editing features. Every good thing has a price to it. Similarly, for Power Director, you need a minimum sum of $70. That might sound like a considerable amount for a video editing application, but it’s completely worth it.

While other applications provide you around 50-100 templates at max, with Power Director, you can have more than 500 impressive options for templates and effects.

It must sound like one of those sophisticated video editors, but it’s an excellent option for the newbies. The primary modes will walk you through all the different features and program instructions to yield accurate results.



Openshot a simple video editor that won’t impress you with a smart guy, but it should suffice for most basic operations. It enables you to cut and combine the video files with multiple tracks easily, add audio, create template-based titles, and even animate (although extra software needs to be installed to work with 3D animation). Drag-drop is easy to apply filters, effects and transitions.

We like it the most because it’s intuitive but powerful for beginners, who are prepared to tinker a bit. Take titles and models for transformation. Also, if you have no experience, you can introduce ready-made options with a few clicks, and the result is decent. However, you can also play with the properties and adapt the work to your taste. Overall, if you’re a beginner, Openshot is the best option. It provides a minimal learning curve and even pop-up windows to go through the application for the first time. 

NCH Video Pad


This is one of the editors that are also equivalent to Sony Vegas, one of the advanced video editing tools. The editor uses advanced level effects and filters that can be used for editing your clips and images. It supports different clip formats and can be compared easily to iMovie for the degree of accuracy and the level of artistic scope it offers you to work on.

This platform also creates direct YouTube and Facebook uploads. For the more advanced option and edit option, you can go for the paid version. The app is available for all Windows models, from Windows XP to Windows 10. 

Lightworks Free


This is also available through Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. For a better artistic experience, it’s better to opt for the paid version. It also won the 2017 Non-linear Editing System Emmy Awards. The free ones

It won the 2017 Non-linear Editing System Emmy Awards as well. The free edition falls short of some significant changes, so it is easier to opt for a better artistic experience with the paid version. 

Davinci Resolve


For a free application, Davinci Resolve 12 comes with top-notch power capabilities. It’s the pro version of this application that Hollywood uses, so you can imagine how advanced and preferable it is.

The USP for this application is its advanced colour correction technology, which allows you to enhance your videos’ quality. It works as a great tool to take you through to journey from your movie’s set to its post-production requirements.

It allows for real-time collaborations, a unique and advantageous feature when you’re working in a team. Also, it has other exciting features such as context-sensitive trimming, multi-layer and mixed-format timelines, and remote grading, which can truly transform an ordinary video into an impactful movie.



Often, along with your video clip, the text allows you to communicate a far bigger message. One such editing program that can be used to edit and insert text is Typito. By using photos and brand templates, you can use this program to design a marketing plan.

The app easily supports full HD videos, but free versions prevent you from using some of the features for uploading your videos, such as easy access to social media sites. You can also enjoy models for free motion graphics and preview your videos at the time of editing them. The app is available for all Windows versions.



Ever thought of editing videos with just a couple of keyboard shortcuts? What if this was possible and you didn’t know? Shotcut is yet another open-source video editor that allows you to edit your clips with simple keyboard shortcuts. The interface is specially designed for efficiency and speed as it does not allow import native editing.

Like all other software, you get a wide variety of video and audio filters, which will work just fine with any file type and multiple format timelines. It will take you a short while to get acquainted with the application properly. Even though the website isn’t that polished, the user-experience is entirely satisfactory.



For many Linux users over the last few years, Kdenlive has been a successful video editor. However, it also operates on Windows, and you can regard it as an alternative to iMovie. Kdenlive is as light as VSDC and works on low-end computers. The installation is a little tricky, but the interface is simple. You can trim your video, mute or delete audio, adjust speed, volume and add widespread video effects even without searching for video tutorials.

Kdenlive provides only two video tracks and allows you to overwrite files (sufficient to the average user. Kdenlive was very popular, a handy feature called “Add color clip,” which adds a colour screen to the schedule. This screen can be used as a toggle from video chapters or as an internal and outer backdrop. Kdenlive does not have built-in title templates, but you’ll find loads of animated title templates, Fx, and export profile pre-definitions on visiting Kdenlive user forums and KDE Shop. 

Windows 10 Movie Maker


You can now download this application from the Microsoft App Store and use it to edit and make videos if you are using Windows 10. Almost all the major video file formats are supported and are identical to the other applications above.

When you use the free edition, you can miss out on some functionality and quickly switch to the premium version to enjoy the advanced features. You can download Windows Movie Maker for the lower versions of windows as needed.

HitFilm Express


For lovers of special effects, HitFilm Express is a godsend. It comes after Resolve in our list because it is also directed at filmmakers. Express is the free version of the Video Editor from HitFilm, which gives you a taste of the Pro edition. But the free feature set is also appropriate for those on the budget. Moreover, you can buy it as a standalone add-on without upgrading to Pro if you want to use a specific filter or impact, not in the free version.

HitFilm Express does not have integrated effects and animation. You can now add stylish title transitions and spice stuff after you have placed your files on the timeline and cut out the undesirable images by making a “Composite shot.” Inside the composite menu, you can use several spectacular effects such as fire, explosion, glitch and a few special scientific-fiction effects, such as the HUD Iron Man, muzzle flash or sky substitutes. You can quickly delete a green, blue or red background from a functional Chroma critical tool. You pay extra costs to range between $19.99 and $49.99, with exceptional results, such as white Throne Walker’s eyes being the case. 



Olive is an open-source, macOS-based, Windows and Linux video editor. This tool is currently in beta and the alpha version available, but it works well and looks promising. Olive is the best iMovie alternatives for Windows, according to the video editing forum on Reddit.

Olive is more straightforward in several respects than most video editors in this list: it’s focused on shortcuts, barely efficient or transient, and overall it’s clean and comfortable design. You can downsize, rotate, and move files in the preview window – again, a handy function for split-screen and image-in-picture effects. You can do some of the operations right now. Furthermore, there is an integrated voice recorder, an audio effect and an essential title maker.

Note that Olive is an undertaking that will lead to more functionality in the future. Even now, though, it’s an appropriate choice for someone who often needs a couple of friends and family videos, soundtracks and subtitles to fuse quickly. 

MAGIX Video Easy


If you have ever felt that video editing is complex and not your cup of tea, then you have to try this application. It’s specially designed for first-timers, and the user-friendly interface will not disappoint you at any step. MAGIX Video Easy is the best iMovie alternatives for Windows 10.

You can work with their video tutorials to learn more about their interface and features. So get yourself a cuppa because video-editing is going to be made easy with Magix Video. Although Magix Video Easy is another brilliant editor, to avail of its services, you will need to pay $50.



VirtualDub is the best option if you search for a video editing application with full but straightforward features. No doubt, as with the above video editing tools, it does not have many choices, but it is the program on which you can rely on fast fixes. This program’s easy functionality helps you to trim, edit, reorder and add effects with great ease. Suppose you are new to video editing and are looking for a video editing program that is free, easy to use, and quick to use, then VirtualDub might be a good option.

The biggest downside of this tool is that it only provides basic features. Thus, if you are looking for advanced features, it is not acceptable. 


Nero Video

This application is one of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows that can work with Windows and Android, iOS, iPad, and even Kindle. You can use it for commercial and recreational purposes.

With some features similar to the other editors, it also includes some of its unique features. Like a sound library to insert various sound clips and 2D-3D stereoscopic conversion, people choose it.

Nero Video


Nero Video stands out as an excellent solution for storing, backing up, and organizing videos with an extremely pleasing user interface. Its home screen provides an excellent overview of everything you can do with the application, making it extremely easy for users to access different facilities easily. 

Nero Video is easy to learn and great for streaming and to store videos with its essential editing tools, making it easy to share your creations with your family and friends. It bridges your computer to other devices such as a mobile phone or TV, allowing you to watch your videos on different mediums easily.

The application allows you to choose from many creative effects and export your video in your preferred format. Nero Video is extremely user-friendly with its simple drag-and-drop feature and will enhance your videos from an amateur level to professional quality.

YouTube Editor


Watching videos is very much equivalent to directing our eyeballs to the YouTube website or application. It’s a well-known fact that YouTube allows you to watch and upload numerable videos. But did you know that YouTube also provides you with the services of video editing?

It comes with free editing tools that you can use before uploading your video on YouTube. So YouTuber need not wander from platform to platform and scavenge editing software. Add transitions, texts, audio, and clips with ease and for free.

Although you won’t have the powerful tools that other applications might provide you, a go-to option for simple edits.



WeVideo is a fantastic and straightforward video editor that enables you to edit videos on the go. If content creation is your hobby, then it’s the perfect option for you. It doesn’t even cost you a lot considering the features you get.

This platform’s unique feature is that it’s a complete cloud-based system—so no need to worry about losing your videos ever again. You will always find it stored in their video library. The starting price for this software is $11, but it can also go up as you subscribe to more features.

VSDC Free Video Editor


It is a powerful editor, yet free to its users with a massive load of effects, filters, and transitions, some of which are colour correction and object transformation. You can also restore some low-quality videos and enhance their quality on a more advanced level than earlier.

Also, you can contribute to your efforts toward the improvisation in the soundtrack and background. So if the location or the sound is going well with the video’s theme, we can alter that, thus giving a more muscular and positive impression.

Although packed with customizable features, you might be disappointed with the complex interface. Nevertheless, a great option over which empowers you more after Windows Movie Maker.

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Final Thought:

Switching to a different Video Editing Software requires a learning curve if used to particular software. Still, each software has its unique specifications and is opted for by users for its distinctive capacities. These 20 best iMovie Alternatives for Windows can bring you the features of iMovie and other elements that professionals across the globe widely use. 

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