HRMS For Human Resource Management System 10 Best In 2022

Organizations of all sizes utilise human resource management systems, or HRMS for short, to support various HR responsibilities. To assist you in selecting the best HRMS for your organization’s needs, I’ll showcase a couple of the greatest HRMS in this post.

What Is An HRMS System?

Systems for managing human resources are pieces of software that rely on automation, improved teamwork, and data to support human resource management. HRMS often provide assistance with applicant tracking, managing employees, payroll, benefits, timesheets, and performance evaluation.

They are crucial tools, thus it is worthwhile to look around before selecting the finest option for your company.

Human Resources Software Comparison Criteria

What criteria are we using to decide which tools will be included in the final HRMS list? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Is it neat and appealing? Are all usual HR tasks simple to locate? Is personal information easy to understand, well-organized, and searchable?

Usability: Is it simple to use and learn? Does the business provide effective user support, technical help, training, and tutorials?

Features & Functionality: 

Scalability/Flexibility –Can you develop and extend with the software as your business and HR demands evolve over time?

Engagement Tools –Does your preferred HRMS go above and beyond “normal” HR capabilities to provide a way for staff engagement, satisfaction monitoring, and culture development? Is there an integrated learning management system?

Time, Payroll, Tax-Can the technology handle all the regular components of the HR process, including time, payroll, and tax?

Reporting and Analytics Using the information you give it, does the software generate real-time, actionable insights? Are reports flexible in terms of customization, exporting, and other features?

Integrations: Can you easily connect to other tools with this one? Exist any built-in integrations? Does it have a connection to any employment boards for convenient hiring?

Value for $: How in line with the features, capabilities, and use case is the price? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?

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Overviews Of The 10 Best HRMS Software

Each HR management system that is mentioned in our top 10 list is briefly described below.


best for designing unique HR routines and processes

Using drag-and-drop technology, the HRMS platform enables HR teams to personalise and manage all of their HR processes and workflows. Several HR-specific templates are also included in the software to help users get started.

The technology gives hiring managers the ability to monitor their applicant pools and track candidates thanks to embedded forms that automatically record all necessary contact information. Team members can update a candidate’s application status as they progress through the hiring process so that there is a live source of information for all open positions.

A pre-made onboarding template is also available on, and it contains all the sessions and reading material that new hires require during their first few weeks on the job. The onboarding template additionally makes use of no-code automations to inform concerned team members of their responsibilities for effectively acquainting the new hire. The vacation tracker, which enables staff to schedule vacation time, is another fantastic tool. starts at $8 per user every month. There is also a free trial period of 14 days.


Scalable and customizable workflows

Enterprise-grade security that complies with HIPAA regulations

Automatically updated custom dashboards


requires a small learning curve

Compared to the web, mobile apps are less functional.

Some features are exclusive to the enterprise package.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month


Check out

2. Eddy

Best for easy customized onboarding

Eddy is an all-in-one HR Suite designed for small enterprises that simplifies time-consuming HR procedures and enhances the working environment. Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur, founded Eddy in 2017. Since then, the company has expanded quickly thanks to its straightforward but effective product, stellar customer support, and emphasis on small, deskless businesses in the area.

Businesses can use Eddy’s user-friendly software to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees. A comprehensive application tracking system, candidate tracking, and job posting management are important elements (ATS). The onboarding system enables HR managers to effortlessly collect digital signatures, assign assignments, and build personalised onboarding packages.

People management is a key feature of Eddy; users have access to company directories and can store crucial employee files, performance notes, and training and certifications in employee profiles. Additionally, you may utilise their time tracking application to effortlessly clock employees in and out. You can also manage payroll procedures utilising Eddy’s internal, full-service system, which includes support for various pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution.

Starting at $8 per employee each month, Eddy provides a free demo.


Low per-employee entrance cost

Simple to use and perceptive

strong online help documentation


Costly payroll and ATS

There is no free trial or plan available.

Free trial

$8 per employee each month

Check out Eddy

3. Sage HRMS

A tiny business’s best HRMS

Sage is renowned for managing business systems, payments, assets, construction, and human resources. They provide on-premise, cloud, or combined solutions. Their highly adaptable solutions may be made for corporate, scale-up, and startup businesses equally.

Through its several wizards created to assist with each distinct HR function, such as entering new hires, training, pay increases, job changes, and more, this software shines in training.

Sage offers a thorough collection of first-party add-ons that may be used to include various products into your HRMS workflow.

Sage HRMS frequently favours first-party connector options, which may disadvantage users who require connections to additional project management or payroll systems. As a result, they received fewer points in the Integrations assessment.

Sage offers a sample and starts at $10 per user per month.


Excel sheets may be uploaded to the payroll module.

Wonderful new hire, Wizards

Simple reporting on salary history


Not designed for huge businesses

No access to self-service

manual export is necessary for some payroll systems.

Free trial

$10 per month per user

Check out Sage HRMS

4. PeopleStreme

PeopleStreme is a global human capital management and payroll software provider that Ascender created. It specialises in the creation of technology to support human resources efforts. It is employed by companies like the Movember Foundation and Audi.

PeopleStreme performed highly in the usability evaluation category because it is simple to use and has an intuitive dashboard interface. Additionally, they give extremely rapid troubleshooting and prompt assistance when required.

Other Ascender tools, GO1, the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), Broadbean, CT Management, Indeed, Intercheck, SEEK, and Workpro are among the integrations.

The data can be difficult to quickly analyse because internal candidates are a) only recognised by number rather than by name and b) are not indicated in the event of duplicates (ie, candidates that apply for multiple roles within the company).

PeopleStreme gives a free demo and offers pricing upon request.


The capacity to tailor responses to candidates in a group

Payroll for intricate configurations and specifications

able to handle a heavy recruiting workload


limited choices for bespoke branding

Top reporting options are only available in higher tiers.

being unable to recognise the same candidate twice

There is a free demo and available pricing.

Check out PeopleStreme

5. HR Cloud

Best HRMS solution for engagement and onboarding

Onboard, Workmates, and HR Suite are the three integrated software products offered by HR Cloud to help you better onboard, engage, and manage your employees. Their products are made to manage the complete employee lifecycle, improve employee experience, and automate tedious HR operations.

With features like self-service, employee profiles, customisable new hire portals, and customizable onboarding workflows, the Onboard system can automate manual onboarding operations and ensure that new hires are prepared for their first day on the job and throughout the onboarding process.

The Workmates solution from HR Cloud offers strong features to support remote teams in collaborating, communicating, and even recognising and rewarding one another. Employee feeds, announcements, a directory of employees, messaging and communication tools, and employee analytics are among the features offered here. Additionally, Workmates offers a fantastic function that enables staff members to promote your company to others.

In addition, HR Cloud’s HR Suite offers a number of strong, tested HR solutions, such as performance management, leave monitoring, and a mobile employee app, to help you better manage the whole employee lifecycle. The suite also has org charts, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and survey creation tools for gathering employee feedback.

Leading systems and applications including ADP, Quickbooks, UltiPro, Compass, TalentLyft, Checkr, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and many more may be easily integrated with HR Cloud.

All HR Cloud options are available with a free demo, with prices starting at $6 per person per month.


Onboarding routines and checklists that can be customised

platform that focuses on improving employee experience

Tools for intra-employee recognition and incentive that are effective


Payroll is not included in HR Cloud.

not designed from the ground up for large businesses

Integrations are scarce, however HR Cloud is still adding new ones.

monthly fee of $6 per customer

Check out HR Cloud

6. Built for Teams

optimum ORG charts

You can hire, manage, keep, and analyse your staff with the help of the straightforward, strong tools provided by Built for Teams. Among the features are application tracking automation, streamlined PTO tracking systems, and data-driven organisational charts for optimal presentation.

Even folks who are not especially tech-savvy should be able to use this tool to its full potential because of how easy it is to learn how to use. As a result, it received great marks for usability in the evaluation process.

Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, ADP, Slack, various payroll systems, and more are all integrated.

It should be noted that requests for things like paid time off cannot yet be cancelled once they have been entered into the system. The HR team can handle it, but it would be preferable if each user had this authority.

Built For Teams offers a free sample and has a $30 monthly price point.


Simple to create a unique hiring process

robust org chart tool that is data-driven

Flexible and precise PTO tracking software


fewer “away” statuses and no customizability

Full calendar not seen in the app

limited OT reporting and monitoring

Has a free demo and costs $30 per month.

Check out Built for Teams


Best HRMS with LMS augmentations

Cloud goods with certification tracking, online staff scheduling, personnel administration, e-Learning, HR, and more are available through the web-based, completely mobile workforce management and operations management platform known as VAIRKKO. A plan also includes free training.

With a reasonable monthly cost that may be altered based on the solutions your business requires and a sizable free trial, VAIRKKO excelled in the evaluation criteria’s Value for Price category.

Although VAIRKKO provides a selection of their own goods as add-ons to combine differing levels of service into your plan, their website provides no information about the potential for third party app integration (ie, with Slack and so on).

According to the aforementioned statement, one area where VAIRKKO may improve is by providing additional possibilities for add-ons and third-party apps. This is the software’s most notable criticism.

VAIRKKO offers a free 30-day trial and starts at $4.99 per user, each month.


Customized branding, a logo, and colours

great for keeping track of CEUs

You may quickly add unpaid breaks to your employees’ time cards.


incline learning curve

Compared to the web, mobile apps are less functional.

Using several add-ons will significantly raise the price.

thirty days of no cost

monthly user cost: $4.99

Check out VAIRKKO

8. Workday

Workday makes it simple to plan for, find, and develop talent. Features include the ability to activate business decisions based on contextual knowledge, engage your people on their preferred device, and build and manage business processes.

The software’s adaptability to handle user-input modification, including everything from the capacity to audit change logs to the capacity to mass retract changes, is one of its strongest points.

There are integrations with Salesforce, 10x Psychology, Accu-Time Systems, Accurate Background, Achievers, Adobe, ADP, Amazon Business, AON, Aptitude Software, Ascend Software, Automation Anywhere, Avalara, Box, BetterUp, BountyJobs, Checkr,, and more.

Although it is usual for software solutions to withhold information regarding price structures, Workday goes a step further by withholding details on plan tiers, any available free trials, and even live demos. In the area of Value for Cost, they were penalised for their lack of transparency.

Pricing for Workday is available upon request, and they provide a free video sample on their webpage.


Automating intelligent processes from attract to pay

Modeling and adaptable organisational architectures

Employee transactional data and benefits data in the same system


Complex objectives and a self-evaluation process

Pre-screening questions cannot be altered for each job posting.

On the Candidate Grid, only single entries may be dragged and dropped.

On demand pricing

Check out Workday

9. PeopleBookHR

An application-based method of managing your human resources is PeopleBookHR. It combines features for time, attendance, asset management, and more with a reporting system and a timely solution to update and modernise your HR workforce.

One of the things this software excels at is skillfully managing field sales. With the help of this tool, HR managers can quickly monitor the performance of every sales person and then generate insightful reports from the data provided.

The potential for third-party app connections was not mentioned by PeopleBookHR on their website.

As mentioned previously, PeopleBookHR’s lack of integration possibilities is a drawback. You should choose a different solution if you want to link your HRMS to other tools. As a result, they were penalised in the Integrations evaluation.

PeopleBookHR has a free trial and demo, and also offers pricing upon request.


includes tracking and recording of incidents

Time logging input can be manual or uploaded.

Make a panel for employee reviews that is personalised.


a little learning curve

There is no support for multiple languages

Unusually high price quotes

Free demo and test run

On demand pricing

Check out PeopleBookHR

10. ADP

Best for integrations with third-party HRMS

Simple templates and support lines are available as part of ADP HR services, as well as lengthy HR consulting contracts for mergers, acquisitions, and reorganisations. For those wishing to offload certain HR duties, they also provide outsourcing services and co-employment options.

The large range of integration possibilities, both with first-party and third-party software, is a distinguishing feature of this software . In the Integrations category of the evaluation criteria, ADP received a favourable rating.

The leading payroll, HR, and financial systems, including the majority of ERPs, as well as other popular business software softwares and ADP HCM solutions are all effortlessly integrated. Integration possibilities are available for Quickbooks, Wave, Xero, FinancialForce, Infor, Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, and more through their common APIs.

One drawback of the approach is that you might need to log into many websites or portals to access various HR information components (like vacation versus 404K versus time card, and so on). The ideal platform would be one that unifies smoothly.

ADP offers a sample and starts at $10 per user per month.


dependable mobile app

One portal for business, state, and federal forms

very simple to check the time


military time is entered for the time.

high minimal requirements for users

Slowdown while manually updating entries many times

Check out ADP

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