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HR Onboarding Software 10 Best in 2022

It takes time and resources to onboard new staff properly, but the expense is well worth it. Why? A positive onboarding experience can boost productivity by 70% and employee retention by up to 82%.

To help you save money and create a successful onboarding process, the HR software on this list is focused on onboarding features, solutions, and procedures.

Learn more about the top onboarding software choices in the following paragraphs, along with the finest use cases, standout features, and even screenshots of the platform in use.

Comparison Criteria

What criteria do I use to choose the top employee onboarding apps? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

UI: The user interface of onboarding software needs to be customised for both administrative and employee users. Employee data fields, onboarding program development tools, and progress reports will all need to be accessible to HR staff. Employees require a user interface that puts software tutorials, program mapping, and help desk access first.

Usability: I search for HR onboarding software whose user interface cooperates with users rather than competes with them. These various products’ day one onboarding processes ought to be simple, enjoyable, comprehensible, and well-paced.

Integrations: It’s realistic to assume that you make use of widely used programs like Slack, Microsoft, and Google applications, to mention a few. How simple is it to integrate the following software packages with this kind of equipment?

Value for money: I’m seeking for an HR onboarding program with scalable, transparent pricing that can be used independently or as a component of a whole HR stack. Freemium or generous free trials are encouraged.

HR For Onboarding: Key Features

Company wiki:Any new employee who requires fundamental how-tos, ORG charts, and business culture notes will find well-organized information and FAQs to be of great value.

Automate workflows: I search for software that enables the user to define criteria and triggers in order to automate HR operations so that I don’t have to repeat actions over and again.

Communication with Liaison(s): New hire onboarding tools should introduce them to the names, images, and phone numbers of the liaisons who can assist them.

Training modules: Onboarding requires extensive process orientation and training; software can help plan, facilitate, and keep track of learning activities.

Contracts and e-signatures: For document management purposes, official papers can either be scanned into the system or made paperless through the onboarding system.

Self-service benefits: As part of onboarding, you could be required to register for business perks like health insurance, parking permits, and supply requests. All of this can be done online.

Employee feedback: It is essential to be able to get opinions and inquiries from new hires during the onboarding process to ensure that they are happy with the procedure’s pace and structure.

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HR Software For Onboarding: Platform Overviews

To help you decide which will work for you, I will introduce the finest HR software for onboarding in this part and describe what it does well.

1. Eddy

Best for small, local businesses with deskless workers

With Eddy, you can make individualised “New Hire Packets” that contain all the tasks employees must complete as well as documents they may electronically sign.
The all-in-one HR package designed for small firms is called Eddy. With Eddy, small firms with deskless workforces can hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees with just one simple piece of software.

The journey from applicant to new hire is simple to handle because to Eddy’s straightforward but effective onboarding process. Inform new hires of crucial details including the start date, starting salary, the identity of their manager, and what to wear on their first day of work. Create “New Hire Packets” that can be customised and contain the paperwork that new hires must sign.

The company admins will be updated on the new hire’s progress, and all documents may be electronically signed and given due dates. The internal team responsibilities assigned by Eddy’s onboarding to make sure the new hire has a desk, laptop, or other necessities helps your team stay in sync.

Eddy offers a free demo and prices start at $8 per employee each month plus a $49 base cost.

from $8 per worker

Visit Website


Best for collaborative onboarding workflows

Hiring managers may use to schedule every step of the new employee lifecycle, from candidate discovery through onboarding and training, and to keep track of progress.
Although primarily markets itself as a workflow solution for scaling a company, it also includes a number of HR capabilities, particularly ones for onboarding. Although it’s not a pure HR tool, it nevertheless contains many of the fundamentals.

Creating collaborative onboarding workflows with is a wonderful way to outline the hiring and interviewing process, keep everyone informed of new information and actions, and provide everyone the ability to assign tasks and make comments. To get you going, they provide a new employee onboarding template.

Project management tools including Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform, and many more are integrated with and are available through a paid Zapier subscription. offers a free trial and prices start at $8 per user every month. For a maximum of two users, they offer a freemium plan.

14-day no-risk trial

$8 per user each month

Visit Website

3. ClearCompany

Best for a adaptable paperless & mobile-friendly onboarding experience

In addition to providing new hires with a first-rate onboarding experience, ClearCompany assists you in managing compliance.
With automatic online delivery, tracking, collecting, and storage of all forms and documents, ClearCompany makes paperless onboarding simple. By using ClearCompany’s smart forms, which stop redundant data entering by pre-filling previously supplied information and evaluating data for formatting and accuracy, you may save time and money while removing errors.

Tools for background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits, and SSO are all integrated with ClearCompany.

On request, ClearCompany provides individualised pricing.

upon request for price

Visit Website

4. Leapsome

Best for closing the loop between learning, performance, and engagement

Employers and employees may both keep track of their learning, progress, and skill levels with the help of Leapsome’s learning module.
Leapsome is a solution for onboarding new employees that enables businesses to link learning, engagement, and productivity. Leapsome, a performance management and personalised learning platform preferred by businesses like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel, offers a continuous cycle that propels the development of both your employees and your company.

Leapsome makes it simple to schedule and adapt information for particular teams or job roles inside the organisation, making it ideal for bringing new hires up to speed. To ensure that workers devote the appropriate amount of time to each module, team leads can regulate the speed of learning routes. Additionally, you may specify checkpoints and milestones for how each path develops.

With the help of Leapsome, you can create and distribute tests that let people evaluate how well their learning paths are working. With the help of this, you can monitor the learning progress of your staff members and determine exactly what is working and what needs to be changed about the procedure.

HRIS systems, SSO, and other workflow tools are all integrated by Leapsome.

Leapsome offers a free trial and prices start at $8 per user per month.

Free test

$8 per user each month

Visit Website

5. Sapling

Best for mid-sized companies

Sapling enables you to create automated playbooks that manage the transformation of candidates into valuable team members.
Sapling is a people operations platform that links your people, tools, and data on a highly customizable platform for mid-sized businesses with a distributed workforce. Sapling has all the tools required to manage and save employee data, develop and share organisational charts, and generate employee profiles in rapidly expanding businesses. Sapling enables customers to create automated workflows for hiring and onboarding that allow team members to distribute duties based on geography, department, and employment status.

Through native interfaces with industry-leading software systems, such as applicant tracking systems, payroll software, time tracking software, and other workforce tools, Sapling effortlessly connects with your current systems. For all of your integration requirements, Sapling also offers an API and webhooks. With total visibility provided by Sapling, you can enhance the onboarding process for new employees.

The cost of Sapling’s onboarding module starts at $4.92 per user per month, or $6.99 per user per month depending on 100 users for the full core HRIS experience.

Free trial

starting at $4.92/user/month

Visit Website

6. intelliHR

Best HR software for onboarding workflows and automation

Customizable processes are available in intelliHR to streamline the onboarding procedure and monitor progress.
IntelliHR is a platform for people management and automation designed for businesses to centralise and enhance key HR functions including performance management and people analytics. For HR and managers to align, manage, and enable a people and culture plan inside a larger business strategy, intelliHR offers best-practice tools.

With its workflow and automation features, intelliHR adds value by streamlining onboarding from introduction through probation, accepting compliance and policy, and implementing paperless procedures.

With an award-winning customer service team skilled in HR and change management, intelliHR has an NPS that leads the market. In order to guarantee a seamless launch and a high acceptance rate for the product, the team uses design thinking workshops that are customised for each client.

The platform is simple to modify to meet unique demands and specifications. Additionally, intelliHR can interface with your application tracking system to make adding new hires to the onboarding process even simpler. Through tools like goals, comments, and frequent check-ins, managers may use the analytics feature to stay on top of their staff.

Starting at $3.60 per user each month, intelliHR (annual plan). The employee engagement product tier is also available for free demonstration and a 30-day free trial.

Free demo and trial period for 30 days

$3.60 per user each month (annual plan)

Visit Website

7. Absorb LMS

Best for intuitive UI & ease of use

The interface of the Absorb LMS is user-friendly and well-organized, and it is presented in a stylish, custom-branded manner.
The highly regarded learning management system Absorb LMS has clever administrative features, excellent learner engagement capabilities, and even e-commerce possibilities to allow you to sell your own specially created courses. Because of all of this, it’s a great option for providing new hires with flexible online training.

Employers may equip new hires with the knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced society by using the Absorb LMS. Delivering staff onboarding training using the Absorb LMS boosts productivity and employee confidence. It is not only one of the most user-friendly online employee training programs, but it is also one of the most accessible, as both the administrator and learner interfaces were created to comply with WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements.

The award-winning onboarding program Absorb LMS offers all the features and capabilities you’d expect, yet using it doesn’t call for a dedicated eLearning specialist. Absorb LMS scales learning at SMBs and multinational businesses alike using automation and artificial intelligence, whether you’re training 100 employees or 100,000, with everyone under one roof or several.

Through content library partners like BizLibrary, Skillsoft, and LinkedIn Learning, Absorb LMS offers access to thousands of ready-to-use courses and interfaces with ADP, Salesforce, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

absorb LMS fees starting at $10,000 annually.

from $10,000 per year

Visit Website

8. iSpring Learn LMS

Best onboarding for advanced knowledge testing like ORG charts & commitment to upskilling

Utilizing online and blended learning strategies, iSpring Learn enables you to manage preboarding and onboarding procedures.
You may run onboarding efficiently and improve training in your company with the help of iSpring Learn. All necessary documents can be scanned, PPT presentations can be converted to an online version, uploaded to the site, and given to new hires. Alternately, develop online training courses and arrange them into learning paths.

Additionally, you may designate department managers as administrators and provide them responsibility over both the training and onboarding procedures for their respective teams. On the portal, staff members can give feedback on courses and interact with managers.

Any training program can be automated so that iSpring Learn handles all the time-consuming duties, such as assigning courses to employees, reminding them of impending deadlines, and assessing their comprehension and ability.

iSpring Learn offers you the most thorough and informative learner progress reports on a specific person, a department, or the full team, in contrast to competing systems. Based on these, you can quickly determine a new hire’s strengths and areas for improvement, their dedication to upskilling, and other crucial details that aid in your decision regarding whether or not they should remain with the company after the probationary period and how to best develop them to reach their full potential.

Using an interactive organisational structure, you may introduce new hires to the entire team in addition to delivering training courses and evaluating how effectively they have learned crucial information about the firm and their role within it. It displays all of your company’s departments and the staff members who work in them, along with their contact information, allowing new hires to easily locate the required individual without bothering their coworkers.

Even individuals low on the tech savvy scale may utilise all of iSpring Learn’s numerous capabilities to handle training like a pro because to its user-friendly, cutting-edge, and thoughtfully designed interface.

Your HR system, corporate portal, ERP system, and other systems are all seamlessly integrated with iSpring Learn.

The cheapest iSpring Learn plan is $3.66 USD per active user per year (meaning, you pay only for those who train on the platform, not all registered users). A 30-day free trial is available.

thirty days of no cost

$3.66 for each active user per year

Visit Website

9. Rippling

Best for device & software management

Software for managing employees, Rippling has modules for payroll, benefits, time and attendance, onboarding, and offboarding.
In order to speed up the onboarding process for new team members, Rippling is an employee management platform with onboarding features for administrative data entry, payroll, benefits enrollment, and learning management modules. Rippling provides electronic documents to employees that may be electronically signed right away, eliminating the need for paper documents and handwritten signatures.

For managing employee device setup, configuration, security, and monitoring, Rippling offers a full feature set. Before the employee ever sits down at their desk, all office software and apps are installed and password-protected thanks to their IT onboarding solutions. With single sign-on and two-factor authentication, you can even manage team passwords to make sure that nobody uses the default passwords of “1234” or “password.”

More than 400 different apps, including Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, Asana, and Zendesk, are integrated with Rippling.

Rippling provides a free 30-minute sample and charges $8 per user per month.

free trial offered

$8 per user each month

Visit Website

10. Looop

Best learning management system (LMS) tools

Screenshot of Looop from the Top 10 Onboarding Tools for 2022
Looop integrates the top marketing automation techniques to an LMS environment.
The user experience of HR software can be rather dubious, especially for enterprise-level solutions. However, Looop uses contemporary user experience ideas to maximise the user experience and has done so by winning multiple UI and CX awards. In order to further enhance its customer-first approach to content distribution, Looop also offers iOS and Android mobile apps.

For online learning management systems, Looop offers no-code onboarding “course” creation in addition to training automation to ensure that new hires are exposed to the appropriate information at the appropriate time. New team members can jump right in and start working at their own pace because the platform is really intuitive and the training process is mostly self-service oriented.

Looop offers a 7-day free trial and has a starting monthly price of $299 for up to 50 users.

seven days of no cost

50 users for $299 per month starting price

Visit Website

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