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14 Best Certification Courses for HR Professionals

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Staffing, remuneration, development, and compliance are only a few areas of professional knowledge under the umbrella term of human resources (HR). HR-related certifications give professionals the opportunity to advance their careers and show off their qualifications to both current and potential employers. In this post, we outline the advantages of HR certifications and provide a list of the best HR certification programs.

What are human resources certifications?

Human resources certificates are accolades obtained through exams that attest to understanding of HR procedures, laws, and policies. Specialized certifications applicable to various HR roles are provided by numerous professional organisations within the human resources sector.

Most certifications need for degrees in related fields as well as prior HR-related employment experience. The duration and type of the exam depends on the candidate’s skill in human resources.

Why should you get certified in human resources?

Obtaining human resources certificates can offer professionals a number of advantages:

  • Employment Prospects: Specific certifications may be requested by employers in job advertising, making you a more likely candidate if you possess the distinction.
  • Salary prospects: Certifications demonstrate expertise in a field and might result in higher pay.
  • Networking: HR credentials put you in touch with groups and networks of professionals who provide resources to members.
  • Development: Gaining a certification could also give you the continuing education credits you need to take classes or study for exams.
  • Employee relations: HR certifications give professionals the skills they need to explain critical job elements like pay and benefits to staff members.
  • Contribution to the workplace: By continuing their education, certified human resources representatives can benefit their company.

List of HR certifications

The most important HR certificates available are listed here, organised by the organisation that grants them. Please be aware that Indeed is not a partner with any of the businesses mentioned in this article. Visit the certifying organization’s website for the most recent information on requirements, prices, and fees.

Programs from the Human Resources Certification Institute

The Human Resources Certification Institute offers the following certifications:

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

For people who are joining the human resources area, there is the aPHR certification. Those without professional experience are urged to start their professions with this distinction and demonstrate their core understanding of HR because the certification exam is based on fundamental knowledge.

For additional information on the aPHR accreditation, see:

  • No prior HR experience is required for this exam.
  • Exam duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • There are 100 questions.
  • Question types: multiple-choice
  • HR operations, employee relations, hiring and vetting, pay and benefits, human resource development and retention, and health, safety, and security are some of the subjects covered.
  • examen cost: $300
  • $100 application fee

Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

Professionals in human resources who report to an HR director are eligible for this qualification. PHR concentrates on specialists that operate primarily within the HR department’s mandates to ensure that the company complies with all laws and regulations. They manage program implementation and operational orientation as well.

For additional information about the PHR certification, see:

  • Qualifications: Complete one to four years of HR work experience depending on your level of education (high school diploma to master’s degree).

  • Exam length: Three hours

  • Number of questions: 150

  • Type of questions: Multiple-choice

  • Topics covered: Employee and labor relations, business management, talent planning and acquisition, learning and development, total rewards

  • Exam fee: $395

  • Application fee: $100

Global Professional in Human Resources

To demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of multinational obligations and policies, HR professionals that operate in the global economy can earn this certification. The requirements to obtain this certification are as follows:

  • Qualifications: Hold a high school diploma or equivalent and have completed two to four years of HR job experience.
  • Three hours total for the test.
  • There are 140 questions.
  • Question types: multiple-choice
  • Covered subjects include workplace culture, total rewards, risk management, and compliance, as well as strategic global human resources, global talent management, and global mobility.
  • $495 for an exam
  • $100 application fee

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

HR management expertise is demonstrated by the SPHR certification. For HR leaders who develop strategic plans for human resource requirements and have a broader perspective on business operations, this certification is advised. This certification can help HR professionals demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of the HR area while also assisting their departments in achieving goals and inspiring a clear vision.

For further information on the SPHR certification, see:

  • Qualifications: Hold a high school diploma or equivalent and have completed four to seven years of HR job experience.
  • Three hours total for the test.
  • 150 questions total.
  • Question types: multiple-choice
  • Leadership and strategy, employee relations and engagement, talent planning and scouting, learning and development, and overall rewards are some of the subjects covered.
  • $495 for an exam
  • $100 application fee

Certifications offered by the American Staffing Association (ASA)

The ASA offers the following certifications, among others:

Certified Staffing Professional

For HR staffing specialists, this certificate focuses on federal and state labour and employment legislation. The ASA advises this prescription pharmacy certification for anyone who works as a staffing professional to validate their understanding of key workplace regulations.

The following details are crucial to understanding the exam for this credential:

  • Exam duration: two hours.
  • There are 100 questions.
  • Multiple-choice, true or false questions
  • Covered subjects include state- and federal-specific legislation and rules.
  • $250 for members and $500 for non-members for the exam fee

Certified Search Consultant

Professionals in search and placement who want to advance their education should pursue this certification. The course covers direct hire company registration rules as well as federal employment laws that are relevant to recruiters. The ASA encourages this qualification for talent acquisition managers, search consultants, HR professionals, and recruiters.

The exam’s specifics are as follows:

  • Exam duration: an hour
  • 50 questions total.
  • Multiple-choice, true or false questions
  • Laws governing search and placement are among the subjects discussed.
  • $250 for members and $500 for non-members for the exam fee

Certified Health Care Staffing Professional

Health care staffing experts can validate their understanding of health care staffing legislation and procedures with the help of this specific certification. With this designation, staffing experts are authorised to deal with both clients and employees in the healthcare sector. One of the few credentials of its kind in the staffing industry, this thorough exam was developed in partnership with legal, healthcare, and development specialists.

These are the foundational concepts for this test:

  • Exam duration: two hours.
  • There are 120 questions.
  • Multiple-choice, true or false questions
  • Laws governing health care staffing are among the subjects discussed.
  • $250 for members and $500 for non-members for the exam fee

Certifications offered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The following are the certifications that SHRM offers:

SHRM CP Certified Professional

Professionals that offer HR services to a firm can obtain this certification from the Society for Human Resource Management. Representatives from HR can confirm that they are familiar with operating procedures, regulations, and tactics.

Additional details for obtaining this certification are provided below:

  • Qualifications: Possess a PhD in human resources and have completed one to four years of HR job experience, depending on your level of study (high school diploma to master’s degree).
  • Four hours for the examination
  • There are 160 questions.
  • Multiple-choice inquiries that test knowledge and situational judgement
  • Leadership, business, interpersonal communication, people, organisational procedures, and workplace knowledge are some of the subjects covered.
  • $300 for members; $400 for non-members for the exam fee.

SHRM CP Senior Certified Professional

This certification can be obtained by HR professionals in leadership positions to attest to their abilities as strategic thinkers and community leaders. This designation can be added to the expertise and credentials of senior HR representatives in top HR departments.

Here are some details about obtaining this credential:

  • Depending on your academic level, you must have three to seven years of HR job experience (high school diploma to graduate degree).
  • Four hours for the examination
  • There are 160 questions.
  • Multiple-choice inquiries that test knowledge and situational judgement
  • Leadership, business, interpersonal communication, people, organisations, and the workplace are covered topics.
  • $300 for members; $400 for non-members for the exam fee.

Other HR certifications

Several specialised HR organisations provide the following certifications:

Specialist in Employee Benefits Certification (CEBS)

This five-course certification program is provided by the International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans. While completing the curriculum to obtain a CEBS, HR professionals who are interested in specialising in employee benefits can also obtain their Group Benefits Associate and Retirement Plans Associate designations. Professionals in HR may use credits earned toward a CEBS certification to fulfil continuing education requirements.

Certified Learning and Performance Specialist (CPLP)

The largest organisation devoted to training and professional development, the Association for Talent Development (ATD), is the provider of this accreditation. The main body of the talent development industry, the ATD, establishes standards and awards certifications through its ATD Certification Institute. The certification assesses proficiency in ten areas, including coaching and integrated talent management.

You need five years of experience in talent development to be eligible to take the exam. An examination of knowledge and skill application makes up the two parts of the assessment. For ATD members, certification testing costs $900; for non-members, it costs $1250.

Payroll Certification Professional (CPP)

This accreditation is given to HR personnel in control of payroll accounts by the American Payroll Association. Before taking the CPP, candidates must pass a demanding set of prerequisite courses and complete three out of the five years of payroll employment. Payroll professionals must first obtain their FPC certification before enrolling in the last set of courses.

Professional in Compensation Certification

World at Work, a Total Rewards Association, offers certification as a Compensation Professional. A professional’s proficiency in compensation is recognised by this certificate program . The certification consists of 10 tests, from business savvy for compensation professionals to overall rewards management.

Information Professional in Human Resources

The professional understanding of information management in human resources is evaluated by this qualification. Every three years, the exam is remotely proctored by the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), which also provides continuing education for certification.

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