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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Easily

An intriguing social networking site is YouTube. Anything can be shared by using video-based content. That explains why YouTube has a variety of videos. You are free to watch the video repeatedly. But one day you’ll probably be unable to locate your preferred video. Despite the fact that you marked it for “Watch later,” it is indicated that it has been erased. Be happy because we’ll show you how to watch YouTube videos that have been erased.

You don’t need to panic, in actuality. because other users frequently repost or re-upload videos Consequently, a video may occasionally be discovered on a separate channel. But because of YouTube’s rigorous and rigid rules, a particular video will vanish entirely. You cannot locate it by using the search bar to enter the title or author. But if you know how to watch deleted YouTube videos, it won’t happen.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Through Easy Ways

Before we talk about how to watch deleted YouTube videos, you should know that there areĀ lots of various videos on YouTube. It is not surprising given the rapid increase in YouTube channels. In 2019, there will be more over 31 million channels, which is a 25% growth from 2018. Additionally, 500 hours’ worth of video are created on YouTube every minute by its users. Whether it originates from a large channel or a small one.

YouTube groups the content into categories since it is so distinctive. All videos that were thought to have a problem or offensive content were removed. The trademark and original copyright are the most frequent problems. A video will be removed from YouTube if the original owner submits a “full legal request” to do so. While the YouTube trademark policy is related to the trademark issue.

Additionally, improper content means disregarding YouTube’s rules. Your video has been rejected because it violates YouTube’s Terms of Use if you see the phrase “Video removed: Inappropriate material” on your result. Speaking of the offensive material, this might also occur with the reported videos. In accordance with its rules and age-restricted policies, YouTube will review any videos or channels that users flag and report.

The YouTube team is accessible to analyse each report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will respond to complaints about content that contains nudity or sexual content, content that is harmful or dangerous, content that is hateful or violent, content that is harassing or cyberbullying, content that threatens children, content that impersonates someone else, or content that is harmful or dangerous.

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Without giving the viewers any notice, YouTube removes a video. So, if you enter your watch list or favourites and the video disappears, don’t panic. Follow the instructions below to watch deleted YouTube videos if that’s all you can find. Do you still recall the account’s name or its title? That would make solving this issue simpler.

1. Go to YouTube

Liked Videos Playlist

You should visit YouTube first, of course. The video is not to be watched there because it is not present at all. Simply log in as you normally would and navigate to the video you want to watch. You can find deleted videos in your watch history or on your “Liked Videos” playlist if you don’t know the URL. While you open the new tab next to it, keep the page open on that tab.

2. Go to

Now, assuming the new tab is already open, type “” into the address bar. Pressing “enter” or clicking “go to” will take you to the main page. Along with a search box and the “go” button, there are other icons.

3. Enter the URL

Enter the URL

It’s time to reclaim your preferred video. You should return to the previous tab in this step. View the YouTube website that we advised you to stick with. Copy the URL from the address field, then click the archive tab and paste it into the search field there.

4. Click Browse History

The Wayback Machine is next to the search bar. Make sure you copied and entered the correct URL into the box, then press the Enter key on your keyboard or the “browse history” button. Use this website to find the video you wish to rewatch.

5. Enjoy It!

Watching deleted Youtube video

You might have to wait a while, but after a few minutes, shows you the video’s results. You can find the deleted video in the history, which is what it will display. You can recover it or download it once again if you want it back. After that, watch it normally and take it all in.


There are several years listed on the Wayback Machine page as helpful hints. Choose the oldest year instead than one that has recently been archived because you will also see a warning that the page has been erased.

The simplest way to watch deleted YouTube videos is by using this method. However, you are unable to circumvent YouTube’s policy, which pledges to forbid some contents. Even if you adore and support the author wholeheartedly, if the content violates the “Community Guidelines,” it will be taken down.

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