How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you

Social networking is a fantastic tool for connecting with and meeting new people. You or another user might occasionally get “blocked” by another user. Anyone may use this feature for any purpose.

How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you

Facebook does not reveal who has blocked you in order to respect users’ privacy or the feelings of others. There is no list of users who have barred your account, and you are not notified when you are blocked.

You might be curious about how to determine if someone has blocked you. This article demonstrates several methods for determining whether someone has blocked you on Facebook.

What Separates Blocked and Unfriended Statuses?

You must first realise that being blocked and being unfriended are two very different things. You can still view a user’s profile, comments on shared pages, and any publicly available information they share even after they unfriend you. You could even extend another buddy request to them.

However, if someone blocks your account, you won’t be able to view their profile or any of their interactions, updates, or comments. Also, there is no way to get in touch with them.

In essence, if someone bans you on Facebook, they simply vanish. So, if you can still view them on the site but they aren’t listed in your Friends list, you weren’t blocked; you were simply unfriended.

How to Find Out if Someone on Facebook Has Blocked You

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to tell the difference between a blocked account and a deactivated one. They both no longer exist on Facebook, you cannot reach them, and you cannot view previous comments or likes, which are parallels between them.

There are a few things you can do even though Facebook won’t tell you if you were blocked, the other person cancelled their account, or their account was banned. Let’s begin straight away.

You were blocked, right?

To verify, go up their Facebook profile.
If a buddy has vanished from your Timeline or Friends list, you should first utilise Facebook’s user search feature to look up their profile. This method isn’t infallible, but you can check to be sure you weren’t unfriended if you think you were blocked because of a recent argument or debate. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to the top of the page to the Facebook “search bar.”
  2. Enter the name of the profile you’re looking for in the search box.

If you search for the correct name and the profile doesn’t come up, the individual might have blocked your account.

Check Your Facebook Comments and Posts to See If You’ve Been Blocked

If you recently lost a buddy, you can still see their activity on your wall. Do they ever make posts on your wall? Do they ever leave comments on your posts? What about articles from our common friends? You can rapidly check for particular postings by following these steps:

  1. “Settings and Privacy” can be found by selecting the arrow in the top right corner.
  2. Choosing “Activity Log.”
  3. Select “People” from the “Activity Log’s” list of filters.
  4. Do a name search for the person you’re looking for.
  5. They won’t have their posts and comments removed from your page. However, their name will show in bold black writing rather than as a clickable link; this could be a hint that you were barred.

Find Out if Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook Using Messenger

  1. Whether or not someone has blocked you on Facebook can be determined via Facebook Messenger. There are two useful techniques to find out if you were blocked on Messenger.
  2. Enter the person’s name into Messenger’s search field to find them.
  3. The fact that the user is missing from the list is a key sign that you have been blocked.

Recruit Help from a Friend to Verify if You Got Blocked on Facebook

Ask a friend or member of your family to access their Facebook profile. The best way to complete this process is via an impartial third party who they are unlikely to block. Their profile is not inactivated if the website loads.

In the end, the user has indeed blocked you if you are unable to view the profile but someone else can.

Be patient since it takes 48 hours after you unblock someone on Facebook before they can message you, friend you again, or access your profile.

How to get in touch with a Facebook blocker

Sometimes a Facebook user will block you for a specific reason and may not want to share it with you. That’s okay since it indicates that they had good justifications. However, if they unintentionally blocked you or decided to unblock you if it happened months or years ago, they are likely to reply to your message.

New Facebook Account Creation

To get in touch with the other user, you can make a new Facebook page. Your communications will, however, move to the Message Request folder if they reject your friend request.

You can use the following actions to get unblocked if someone mistakenly blocked you:

  1. Make a fresh Facebook account with special login information, like a fresh email address or username, etc.
  2. Find the individual person who might have unintentionally blocked you.
  3. Use Messenger to send them a message asking them. Try to be respectful and avoid pressuring them to respond.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned actions may irritate the user who blocked you to the point where they decide to report you, which will result in the warnings stated in the paragraph indicated below. Why? The other user is aware of your identity. They can quickly report you to Facebook, which links to your actual Facebook account.

Use the preceding steps at your own risk because they violate Facebook’s Terms of Service (one personal account per user). Possible repercussions include banning or deleting your primary Facebook account, adding you to a blacklist based on personally identifying information, preventing you from posting or leaving comments for up to 30 days, etc.

Use the Facebook Account of a Friend of a Friend to Send Messages

You can alternatively message the recipient using a different person’s Facebook account, but that approach might not always be successful. You come out as pushy or desperate if you do this in an attempt to learn why they blocked you. Additionally, there is a chance that the user will block the “sender’s” account. In addition, it can aggravate the individual who stopped you and result in worse repercussions.

Log out of Facebook first, then perform a guest search for the Facebook user.
This section was solely added to let you know how unlikely it is that you will find the information you require. Additionally, only mobile phones can use this technique.

Once you log out of Facebook, no one can identify you. To find the person who blocked you, you can quickly search the social media behemoth. You may still see a brief glance of their profile, albeit obviously information is restricted depending on their “Public” settings. Obtaining contact information, like a phone number or email address, is the goal of this mission. If you already know that, you can text, email, or contact them, however it’s possible that they’ve also blocked your phone number on Android and iOS.

  • If you are logged into “Facebook” through a browser, log out. You don’t have to log out of the app.
  • Search for their Facebook profile to find it. Fill in the search bar with “Facebook [name],” substituting “[name]” with their real name.
  • To view their Facebook profile, click the “search engine link.”
  • A portion of their profile page will be visible to you if it has been set to “Public.”

Send the Blocker an email

Google and other search engines have enormous power. Find the person who blocked you and get their email address by clicking on links to other social networking sites, the phone book, search engine-indexed websites like blogs and forums, etc.

  1. To learn more about the receiver who blocked you, use “Google Search” or another search engine.
  2. Obtain an email address, which is required for contact.
  3. Use the recipient’s email address to get in touch with them.

Refer to this page: Facebook Unblocking

By following the instructions below, you can assist someone who has blocked you in unblocking you. To make it easier for them, copy and paste the instructions into an email or text message. In the absence of such, they might believe it is not worthwhile or lack the time to figure out how to unblock you.

Make sure to hold off on assisting the blocker until you hear back from them. You don’t want to come across as pushy or desperate, or belittle the blocker. You can assist the person if they want to unblock you by giving them these instructions.

  1. In the top right corner, click the “arrow” and choose “Settings & Privacy.”
  2. Decide on “Settings.”
  3. Click or press on “Blocking” on the left.
  4. Find the problematic profile and select “Unblock.”
  5. You can reply to their messages or access their profile once more once 48 hours have passed since you unblocked them.

Remember that if you do this action, you will have to wait a short while before you may block them again. They will be able to see your profile as well while you wait to block them again if you unblock someone to look at their profile. See our article How To Unblock Someone On Facebook.

FAQs on Facebook blocking

We use Facebook for many crucial communications. To assist you with navigating being blocked on Facebook, here is some additional information.

Can I unblock a person who unblocks me?

Absolutely! Maybe someone else came up with the idea before you, and you don’t want them looking through your profile. Thankfully, you can still block someone who has previously blocked you. This is how:

How to unblock someone who unblocks you is as follows:

1. Click Blocking under Settings in Facebook.

2. Click Edit just underneath “Block Users.”

3.  choose Add to blocked list.

4. Look up the person you want to block. Next to the user’s name, click Block.

The Facebook person who blocked you cannot view your profile even after they unblock you.

Can I message someone who blocked me on Facebook Messenger?

Yes. though, just in a group conversation. You can still send messages in a group chat if you were in one before the user blocked you. The other user has the option to access the conversation, view your message, and respond.

Finally, even though you might assume that someone blocked you out of resentment or hatred, that is not always the case. This article spoke about how someone may become unsearchable because they updated their privacy settings and how someone could vanish from your friend list just because they unfriended you or was banned.

If you’ve been blocked online, there can be a valid cause for it, and it might be a good opportunity to assess your own online actions. You can always ask the person you’re friends with online if they’ve cancelled their account if you’re worried about it. Instead of fretting about it, the response—or lack of response—will inform you of what is actually happening.

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