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How to Skip Hulu Ads

The internet has made many parts of life, including entertainment, much more convenient. You may watch your favourite TV show practically anywhere in our modern day. We are grateful for the various online streaming services that enable this. Hulu has gained popularity as a streaming website among Americans and Japanese users. However, Hulu adverts prevent you from watching the show in peace. So, how can you stop Hulu ads?

Blocking or skipping Hulu advertising is the only way to get rid of them. There are numerous ways to avoid the intrusive adverts. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of how to avoid or prevent commercials on the streaming service Hulu. View the techniques listed below to disable commercials so you may watch your favourite TV show uninterrupted.

How to Block Hulu Ads

If you’re a big Hulu user, you know how aggravating it is when adverts appear while you’re watching your favourite show. Do you consistently look for efficient strategies to get rid of advertisements? You won’t have any irritating issues in the future when accessing Hulu. You will be able to stream without being bothered by Hulu adverts after reading this. Here are 5 game-changing strategies for blocking Hulu advertising that you need to be aware of:

1. AdBlock Plus

Ad Block Plus

The use of a browser plugin is the first way to fix your Hulu advertisements issue. The browser add-on Adblock Plus aids in blocking the advertisement. However, Adblock Plus only replaces the ad with a blank screen rather than truly removing it. AdBlock Plus can be a decent option if you don’t mind your computer or smartphone having a blank screen.

If you don’t want to view a Hulu ad, Adblock Plus is a good option. Unfortunately, using this plugin may prevent some movies or videos from playing. Simply temporarily disable the plugin if you encounter this issue. As a result, when watching your favourite show, you can still see some adverts.

2. Blokada


You may watch films or movies on your phone if your phone is your life. In addition to being useful, this also gives you more options for ad blocking. Apps can be used to remove Hulu adverts on smartphones in an efficient manner. A third-party Android app called Blokada allows you to remove adverts while using Hulu.

download and install the app to use its functionality. Tap Blacklist after launching the downloaded application. Hulu ads will immediately be banned after you tap Goodbye commercials. Some advertisements function well with Blokada, but not all of them. If you are familiar with Ad Block Plus, utilising this software shouldn’t present any problems.

3. Enounce MySpeed

Using the software is a different technique to prevent Hulu advertisements. You can choose the software Enounce MySpeed to remove Hulu advertising. Technically, the software speeds up the advertisement rather than blocking it. Yes, fast forward it if you can’t block it. You won’t have to wait long since Enounce MySpeed does a terrific job of speeding up advertising on Hulu.

There are no free meals in this world, though. You must pay $29.99 for this outstanding and versatile software. Get a free trial for seven days to see how effective it is before making your own decision. You’ll be astonished at how useful this software is at skipping the adverts. After acquiring the software, you may watch your favourite show with just tiny interruptions, thus the price is actually fairly fair.

4. Refresh the page

Do you require something more useful? This method is a good one to use if you don’t want to install any plugins or buy any apps to remove Hulu commercials. You can shorten the advertisement by simply refreshing the software page. True, the solution doesn’t really get rid of the advertisements. Instead, it makes the length shorter.

You are aware that the length of Hulu advertising varies with the length of the video. While you wait for the streaming video or movie, you may find it annoying because there is a higher likelihood of advertising after 4 minutes. You can avoid having to see the complete set of advertising by refreshing the page.

5. Skip when opening two tabs

You may find this to be a little challenging. You can watch the same show in two tabs to avoid Hulu advertisements. Start by launching Hulu in two tabs. Forward the show to the first ad marker while muting the second tab (it usually comes in a different colour on stream bar). Watch your movie in the first tab by opening it. Mute the first tab’s advertisement when it begins to play, then switch to the second tab.

Start watching again from where you left off after being stopped. This method for avoiding advertisements on Hulu is fairly successful if you don’t mind the difficult processes. You might be watching from the moment where the advertisement ended because the second tab may have already shown the advertising.

6. Go Premium

Hulu Plus

The last, but certainly not least, way to stop Hulu commercials is to buy a Premium subscription to the service. As you are aware, when using the premium version, add popups are removed. Additionally, this version offers a huge selection of services to let you personalise your experience.

The monthly price for Hulu Premium starts at $11.99 USD. Given that the premium version effectively removes lengthy adverts from your Hulu, this price is fair and worthwhile. If you don’t have access to the Hulu premium version, you can’t claim to be the show’s biggest fan.

Which option from the list above do you prefer? In essence, the apps are similar in that they work to block bothersome apps or at the very least speed them up so you don’t waste time watching them. The choice is yours as to whether you want to upgrade to a premium plan or decide to save money by downloading a free plugin or third-party software.

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