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How To Make A Spoiler Text Or Image In Discord

Emojis, gifs, and photos are available for use as decoration in Send Email Discord messages, however some users are not aware of the Markdown formatting options available for creating more distinctive effects. On your computer or mobile device, using keyboard shortcuts can alter how viewers and readers experience the content you post.

Spoiler Text and Image Creation in Discord
Users can add all kinds of formatting to messages with this practical tool, including bold, italics, code formatting, and spoiler tags.

When you are about to reveal information about something that someone is not yet ready to see, spoiler tags let people know. Once you’ve added this tag, the content will only be visible to you and other users as a grey or black box.

Let’s examine how spoiler tags work in Discord messages.

Spoiler Tag Creation in Discord – Desktop
The creators of Discord have heeded the people’s pleas and made it exceedingly simple to add spoiler tags that hide any text the writer wishes to input.

In Discord, there are a couple different ways to add a spoiler tag. Look at both of the options below and choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Indicate spoilers

Fortunately, it’s now simpler than ever to add spoiler tags. What you should do is:

  1. Fill out the conversation box on Discord with your message.

2. To highlight your remark, click twice on the text or use the mouse.

3. To open the little pop-up window, select the eye icon.

4. Make sure the two vertical bars are still present in your content.

5. In order to send the message with a spoiler tag, press Enter on your computer’s keyboard.

Everyone in the conversation can view the message after you send it. However, the spoiler tag will make the text greyed out until one of your friends clicks it to expose the information.

Employing Markdown

Using markdown codes is another way to include spoiler tags in your Discord chats. Because your fingertips never have to leave the keyboard, we enjoy this choice. Here is how to use markdown codes to add spoiler tags to a message:

  1. By pressing the Shift + Back Slash keys, type two vertical bars before your content.

2. No space is necessary between the text and the bars as you type.

3. Put two vertical bars at the end of your paragraph once more.

4. To send the message with a spoiler tag, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

These bars will make sure that your message is concealed within a spoiler tag and that readers must click to reveal it.

A grey box known as a spoiler tag will be placed over the text in the space between the two pipes. The spoiler element hides the material from other users until they click it. Simply avoid clicking on the spoiler phrase if you don’t want the spoiler to be revealed.

How to Use Spoiler Tags to Hide Images and Attachments

You have the option to post a photo or video that you are aware that not everyone is ready to see. The good news is that both desktop computers and mobile devices allow you to add spoiler tags to attachments.

Spoiler Tags: How to Add Them to Images – Desktop
Follow these instructions to add spoiler tags to photographs if you use Discord’s desktop application, like the majority of users:

  1. Start Discord. To add an attachment, go to the server and channel you use and click the Add icon.

2. Select the file or image from your device that you want to upload. Before you hit the transmit button in Discord, the Mark as Spoiler option will now appear.

3. Once you’ve tapped the eye icon, a spoiler tag will be added to your image.

The other user simply needs to click it when they’re ready to reveal the content.

Spoiler Tags: How to Add Them to Images – Mobile

You can submit an image from your mobile device while simultaneously hiding it behind a spoiler tag if necessary. Take these actions:

  1. On your mobile device, launch Discord, then navigate to the channel where you wish to send the image. Select the image from your phone’s gallery by tapping the Plus symbol.

2. Long-press the image after allowing it to upload.

3. Users of iOS can select Mark as a spoiler.

4. For Android users, the Mark as Spoiler option will appear as follows:

Spoiler Tags on Discord Mobile: How to Add Them

When communicating with others on Discord, we don’t always have to be at our computers. Thankfully, the mobile edition shares many features with the desktop version. We’ll cover both in this part because the techniques differ slightly depending on whether you’re using iOS or Android.

Spoiler Tags on Android: How to Add Them

Compared to iOS users, adding spoiler tags will be a little more challenging for Android users. On Android smartphones, it is yet feasible to hide your messages before transmitting them. This is how:

Note: By tapping on the number symbol in the left-hand corner of any Android keyboard, you can locate the two vertical bars. In order to find the two vertical bars, keep hitting that key. Gboard is being used as a reference.

  1. Open the Discord app on your phone, then tap the chat box where you want to send messages. To bring up your phone’s keyboard, tap the chat box. The two vertical bars should be typed just as we did on the desktop.

2. You can send text to the conversation by typing it. Add two more vertical bars after that.

3. The send button is located to the right of the text field.

Anyone who reads your message will now have to tap it in order to read what’s within.

On iOS, how to Add a Spoiler Tag

There are two ways for Apple users to add spoiler tags. To send a hidden message, use markdown or the in-chat option on Discord. Let’s discuss both.

Follow these steps to add a spoiler tag using Discord markdown:

  1. The iPhone keyboard will appear when you tap the chatbox. Tap the ABC key in the lower-left corner. Next, press the 123 key.

2. On your keyboard, look for the vertical bar. Next, enter it twice.

3. After entering your message, add two additional vertical bars. In order to send your message to the conversation, simply tap the send arrow.

Much though this approach may be simpler for certain people, there is a Discord-specific approach that is even simpler. This is how:

  1. Open the Discord chat and start writing your message (omit the vertical bars).

2. Double-tap the text to make it stand out (or you can long-press the text). You can hide any portion of the message by dragging the cursor over it. Then select Mark from the pop-up option as a spoiler.

3. In order to submit your spoiler to everyone in the discussion, tap the send arrow one last time.

How to Disable Spoiler Tags

Users and administrators can both manage spoilers (to some extent). Whatever your preference, let’s talk about how to turn off spoilers.

We will go to your user preferences to access the spoiler tag menu rather than the server you want to oversee. What you should do is:

  1. Click the Settings cog next to your username in the lower-left corner of Discord once it has opened.

2. In the left menu, select Text & Images.

3. The spoiler tag options are available when you scroll to the bottom of this page.

There are three choices available in this menu. What each choice does is as follows:

  • When you click, every spoiler in every channel—even ones you don’t moderate—is hidden for you.
  • This will disable spoiler tags on the servers I moderate (meaning servers you own or moderate).
  • Always – This stops your account’s use of spoiler tags. A spoiler tag will never be seen.
  • As you can see, if spoiler tags upset you, it’s rather simple to disable them. Just take care—you might see something you’re not ready to see.

Markdown Text Effects Adder

The following Markdown tags are provided on the Discord platform to assist you in formatting your text now that you know how to create a spoiler tag:

Italics: *phrase* or _phrase_

Bold: **phrase**

Bold Italics: ***phrase***

Underline: _phrase_

Underline Italics: _*phrase*_

Underline Bold: _**phrase**_

Underline Bold Italics: _***phrase***_

Strikethrough: ~~phrase~~

Additionally, if you want to include symbols in your text but do not want to employ Markdown effects, start the phrase with a backslash. Asterisks and other Markdown symbols can therefore be used without adding any additional effects. This backslash functionality, however, is ineffective in messages that contain changes or underscores.

Questions and Answers

Here are some further responses to your queries about Spoiler Tags in Discord.

Can a Spoiler be re-hidden?

Yes. However, what you have already seen cannot be undone. After clicking on a spoiler, you must leave the channel and return in order to hide it. Unfortunately, it won’t work to click on a spoiler after you’ve already exposed it. Return to the channel by selecting a different server or channel from one of the menus on the left. You’ll notice that the spoiler is once more hidden when you enter the chat.

Can I stop other users from using spoiler tags?

No. Only your own account’s spoilers can be turned off. Spoilers cannot be turned off for everyone, not even by admins or moderators.

Keep in mind that the Discord desktop app and browser version are the only places where spoilers can be turned off.

Is it possible to link a spoiler tag to a URL?

Yes! The same procedures can be used to flag a link as a spoiler if you’re sharing the conclusion of your favourite TV show or a scene from your preferred video game.

Do you have any other Discord advice? Share them in the comments section below, please!

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