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How to Install Different Waze Voices Packs

Some people adore seeing new places and taking in the splendour of nature. They enjoy travelling to different places and using their cars to take in the landscape. But not everyone is familiar with every person’s destiny.

They have to rely on maps or GPS in order to be familiar with the instructions or roads. Drivers would benefit more from using the Best Waze Voices app, especially the Waze voices download.

With the use of this gadget, they could easily determine the fastest route to their intended location. It aids in finding routes and reducing traffic congestion. Both private and public drivers can benefit greatly from the Waze Voices app.

Waze Voices Download: What Is It?

You can use Waze, a free GPS navigation tool, to locate the shortest route while you’re driving. Additionally, it provides real-time guidance to help avoid a variety of potential mishaps when travelling. It functions on all tablets and smartphones that support GPS. It is compatible with smartphones running Windows, Linux, iOS, and Windows Phone. However, customers use it to download the most recent maps and information when they are connected to the internet. You might also supply the necessary information and solely utilise the offline maps.

All of the crucial information that its users contribute is what Waze Voices depends on. Wazers enables the app to alert you to a variety of dangers along the journey, including houses, crashes, police activity, potholes, and even disabled vehicles. You can use the data to accurately reach your location and safely and quickly cross urban and rural roadways. Additionally, this app allows for a ton of customization.

You can select from hundreds of voices in a variety of widely spoken languages and 2D or 3D displays. Additionally, if you disagree with the results, you can submit your own vote. These recorded voices serve lateral replay functions well. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you adjusted your driving expectations.

Downloading Waze Voices Packs

Waze may be downloaded on any iOS or Android smartphone. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both offer the ability to download the app. But the computer you’re using will determine whether the software runs without a hitch. It works with iOS 11.

in the case of iOS. It works with Android versions up to and including 4.4. However, Waze voices download needs connectivity to GPS, GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G for it to work correctly.

What Are Waze Voices?

The voice on Waze is one of its best features. It serves as a driving aid during the voyage. There are numerous downloadable agents included. The Waze voices might also be improved and modified.

You can choose from a variety of voices that are offered to guide you while you are driving.

There is a cast of characters at hand. Victor, Bernice, Thrax, Jean Pierre, Zoe, Rivka, Angelo, and Rivka are all present. Each personality may be heard in each voice. Angelo is from Brooklyn and is familiar with all the streets. He converses like a typical New Yorker. He absolutely detests getting lost.

  • This young girl, Zoe, is in charge of giving the kids instructions. She enjoys singing and laughing, and she is aware of the directions. You are a Jewish mother who gives you instructions, Rivka.
  • You’ll be a prisoner in your car, Victor. Bernice: She may not be able to remember how to go to World War II.
  • One fantastic stereotype is Jean Pierre!

Waze Voices Change Procedure You should alter the Waze app’s default voice if it annoys you. The steps to change the Waze voices are listed below.

Enable your device’s Waze app

In the lower right corner, select the sound options (the speaker icon). then press the Waze voice button. You can examine a list of possible voices from there and choose one.

  • Select the preferred voice.
  • You can choose from a variety of voices in addition to different languages.
  • If you want the voice to read the street names, only select the “Including street names” option.
  • To get back to the map, tap the X in the top-right corner.

How To Create Your Own Waze Voices

waze voices

If you grow tired of the artificial tone that the Waze Voice Generator’s default navigation has, you can still change it. You might record the voices of your loved ones, friends, fans, or even you. In this manner, you will constantly be able to hear your voice or the voice of a powerful person. Here are the steps to creating your own Waze voice generator.

Enable the Waze app on your smartphone. In the lower right corner, select the sound options (the speaker icon).

  • Press the Waze voice button.
  • The “Record new voice” option can be found at the top of the list.
  • It will display the entire list of words.
  • Tap on your preferred word to start recording.
  • Say the word, tap the large “Record” button, then tap the “Stop” button.
  • the video’s “Play” button to verify it.
  • After checking the recording, you ought to save it. Only select “Save.”
  • Once all of the sentences have been saved, select “Done” in the top-right corner.

    Waze Celebrity Voices

Waze offers Waze Celebrity Voices, which are temporary additions to the roster of default voices that can be used, changed, or customised. Additionally, they are included to support upcoming songs or albums, television shows, movies, and programs. Here are a few of the well-known voices used for navigation:

  • Colonel Sanders (actor) Arnold Schwarzenegger (KFC)
  • Viktor Divac (Ex-NBA Player)
  • Tony Fernandes of AirAsia and Elvis Presley
  • J.K. Hill (Music Producer)
  • Actor Liam Neeson as C-3PO (Star Wars)
  • Kevin Hart and actor Morgan Freeman (Comedian)
  • O’Neal Shaquille (Ex-NBA Player)
  • Timothy Crews (Actor)
  • T-Pain (Singer)
  • Robert Colbert (Talk Show Host)
  • Gronkowski, Rob (American Football Player)
  • Patrick Harris, Neil (Actor)
  • Leno Jay (Talk Show Host)

How To Upload the Waze Celebrity Voices Pack

waze voices

Open the Waze app on your smartphone.

  • Visit Setup.
  • To access the “English (US)-Randy bundle,” select “Sound” first. The device will immediately download the “English (US)-Randy pack”.
  • You need have a reliable Wi-Fi connection or choose to utilise your mobile data if you want the download to start correctly.
  • Download the celebrity of your choice.
  • Delete the requested files.
  • Connect a mobile device to a laptop.
  • Get the System Manager going.
  • Tap “Sound” and “eng randy” after opening Waze. Remove every file from the folder.
  • Open the “eng (name of the artist)” folder, then select each of the files inside.
  • Drag each file into the corresponding System Manager window. By doing this, you will copy and paste every file.
  • Save all the files, then copy and paste them into the restarted mobile device.
  • Launch Waze to hear your favourite musician’s voice.

    How to download Celebrity’s Voice As GPS Navigation Waze Voice

    Make an effort to keep the Waze app downloaded on your iOS or Android device at all times. You must have the most recent version of the software for it to work correctly.

For iOS

Go to “Settings”

  • In the lower-left area of the app, tap the Waze icon.
  • A brand-new slide-out screen will be shown. Then, a gear icon will appear in the top left corner.
  • You must click that.
  • Select “Sound,” “Voice Language,” and then “eng” (the name of your favourite musician).

For Android

Go to “Settings.”

  • After choosing “Sound,” choose “Voice Language.”
  • Pick the name of your favourite musician.
  • After choosing the voice of your chosen musician, you may begin navigating. They will accompany you around every bend and detour. With the voice of your favourite musician, enjoy every step of the journey!

Waze App: Languages Supported Now

European languages

Bulgarian \sDanish
German \sDutch \sUK English \sGreek \sFrench
Croatian \sItalian
Lithuanian \sLatvian \sHungarian \sPortuguês
Russian Spanish Latin Serbian Slovak Swedish

language groups in America

US Spanish English (Latin American)
Português (Brazilian)

Asian language groups

Cantonese \sFilipino
Voice features, some of which can only be used for menu navigation, are not available in all languages, though.

You Can Experience the Rides with Waze Voices

waze voices

There are several things that can happen when driving or travelling that we cannot control. We will soon be bothered by traffic, uncharted highways, marches, and a number of other things.
We’re grateful for the Waze app. It offers the shortest distance and real-time directions. This app makes us feel less frustrated even when we’re travelling.

This incorporates a variety of voices that we can appreciate along the way. We can add or change the voices to suit our tastes. Additionally, this app features some celebrity voices that are entertaining to listen to. We shall enjoy the journey thanks to the satisfying voices that Waze provides. But for some people, it makes little difference whose voices we hear as long as we get to where we’re going without incident.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Best Waze voices 2021 app, check out our review of Waze and a comparison of Waze VS. Google Maps. If you’re seeking for an alternative, check out this article on the top navigation apps available right now.


The Funny Waze voices software works on both smartphones and tablets, and it is convenient and easy to use. This article will discuss the Waze Voices software and all the information you require on the Funny Waze Voices download.

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