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How to fix Steam not opening

In addition to managing your game library, Steam is a fantastic gaming platform. It offers the Steam Workshop for mods and sells, supports, and updates games of all genres. Steam is undoubtedly the best games platform available right now, despite the fact that it has several drawbacks. But if Steam won’t launch, what should you do? Without Steam, how can you play?

Steam Won't Open - Here's How to Fix

The Solution for Steam Not Opening
Almost fifteen years ago, when Steam first started selling games through its user-friendly platform, I started using it. The only game launcher I truly enjoy having on my system is this one because it doesn’t waste resources, snoop on me excessively, or do anything else but enforce DRM.

Troubleshooting Steam startup issues

Even though Steam is unquestionably more dependable and stable than ever, mistakes do happen. One frequent problem is when you click the Steam icon and nothing occurs, or when the Bootstrapper launches, closes, and then restarts without launching the application. Both can be annoying because they waste a few valuable game minutes attempting to make them function.

Therefore, read this instead of searching the internet or Reddit to figure out what to do if Steam won’t open. I have gathered the majority of the solutions I am aware of for this issue in one location. Since I use Windows, they are all based on Windows 10, though many of them may be modified to work with other operating systems. Try them in that order, and we’ll have you playing right away!

Restart the computer

Restarting your computer is the first thing to try if Steam won’t launch. It ought to be among the first things you attempt on any computer when an application is having problems. Reboot and try again.

Verify any steam processes.

Check running processes if that doesn’t resolve the issue or if you don’t want to reboot just yet. A Steam process that is already active can prevent a new Steam instance from functioning properly.

  1. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc, or right-click an empty area of the Windows Task Bar and choose Task Manager.

Windows task bar menu

2. Task bar menu in Windows
3. Look for Steam Client Service and Steam Client Bootstrapper. If you notice that they are running, right-click and choose End Task.
4. Try Steam again.

Look for system updates

What modifications have you made since you last used your computer, if there are no active processes and Steam still won’t launch? Do you have any new antivirus? a fresh firewall Any other security software? Roll it back or uninstall it, then retest if anything has changed or if you have added new software that could conflict with Steam.

For a retest, turn off your firewall or antivirus software.

Your firewall or antivirus software may have updated itself in the background even if you haven’t made any changes and be interfering with Steam. Try again after stopping the antivirus. Stop the firewall after that, and try again. It’s the security software interfering if Steam functions. If nothing alters, continue on.

Verify Your VPN

Although not always, VPNs with Steam generally get along. Steam simply did not function when I originally installed mine. I believe it was caused by the fact that I had been logging in for years in one place before abruptly logging in elsewhere. Possibly a security feature, possibly not. In either case, if you use a VPN or have just set one up, turn it off for a moment and try again.

Attempt Steam Offline.

Offline When you don’t have internet access or don’t want to be visible online, you can use Steam. If Steam loads up to the UI before crashing out, you might be able to play your games by logging in and using it locally. If you’re organising a clan raid or other social event, it won’t be much help, but it does help to focus the issue.

Try this, assuming Steam loads the UI before crashing:

  1. Select Steam from the top menu after starting Steam.
  2. Select Restart Steam in Offline Mode after choosing Go Offline.
  3. Retest.

Replacing Steam

Reinstalling Windows or Steam are really your only remaining options if the techniques listed above don’t work. Let’s try Steam first as Windows isn’t the issue; Steam is. We’re hoping that if we download and replace the current client with a new one, we’ll still have access to all of your games without having to reinstall them.

  1. Visit the Steam website to get a new client.
  2. Install it in the same spot where your current installation is.
  3. Wait for the procedure to finish before attempting to log in.

Hopefully the fresh install files will have replaced whatever the problem was, and Steam will function normally once more.

Verify any system updates

If your OS is outdated, you could occasionally experience problems opening Steam.

  1. Select Settings from the Start menu by clicking on it in Windows 10. Computer Start MenuWindows Start Menu
  2. After that, select Update & Security. Menu of Windows SettingsWindows Settings Menu
  3. Now select Check for updates from the menu at the top of the screen. Windows Update Menu Powered by SteamWindows Update Menu


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