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How to Download Spotify Songs to Local Storage on Android

Only Spotify premium subscribers have the option to download tracks, and they can only access those songs via the Spotify app. On the other hand, you may now immediately download Spotify tracks to local storage with the aid of a new open-source programme that is accessible for Android. This solution works for Spotify users who are not Premium members, allowing you to listen to the tracks from any music player (free users).

How to Download Spotify Songs to Local Storage

How to Download Songs and Playlists on Spotify

Prior to considering the ability to save songs to local storage, premium users can really download songs directly from Spotify. Not only is it simple to download music directly from Spotify, but doing so also rewards the musicians behind the downloaded albums and songs. So if all you want is offline listening, I urge you to stick with the native option.

To download songs from the Spotify app:

Downloading Songs from Spotify

Open the song you wish to download first.
Next, click or tap the three-dot menu next to the music.
If you are on the player, you can access the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
The Download option can be found on the resulting menu.
To begin downloading, tap it.
Playlist downloader for Spotify: Spotify playlists can be downloaded.
Open the playlist you want to download, then switch on the Download option’s toggle. That’s it; the playlist will begin downloading and even download any later-added music automatically.

Spotify Playlist Downloader: Download Playlists from the Spotify app

The downloaded music and playlists can be found in Spotify’s Your Library section after being downloaded. Even while you are offline, you may still access and play them.

Downloading Spotify Playlist

How to Download Songs on Spotify on Android Local Storage

Song downloads to local storage have their own advantages. You can download songs to listen to offline on any music player of your choice, even if you are not a premium customer. You can even access your downloaded songs if you decide to stop paying for the premium service.

To download Spotify Songs and Playlists to local storage:

1. To start, openĀ in your browser and click the Download F-Droid icon to download the F-droid app (the App Store for open source apps).

2. Next, press the APK file you just downloaded to bring up a pop-up prompt. To install the F-droid app, tap Install.
Fdroid app installation on Android

Installing Fdroid app on Android

3. Your browser lacked authorization to install apps if it displays the Settings option rather than the Install option. Simply touch Settings and turn on the switch next to Allow from this source. You can now return and complete the previous step by installing the F-droid app. enabling Chrome to set up applications on Android

Allowing Chrome to install apps on Android

4. Open the F-droid app, then press on the bottom-most floating search button. Next, look for the SpotiFlyer app and select Install.

Installing SpotiFlyer from Fdroid


5. Once downloaded, a prompt will appear; select Settings and turn on the switch next to Allow from this source. By doing this, you’ll provide the F-droid app access to your phone’s app store. enabling Fdroid to set up applications on Android

Allowing Fdroid to install apps on Android

6. Return to the Fdroid app now, and select Install to add the SpotiFlyer app.

7. Launch the SpotiFlyer app that was just loaded, and give it permission to access your storage so it can save the music and run in the background to download tunes.

Installing and Granting Permission to SpotiFlyer app

Installing the SpotiFlyer app and granting it permission

8. Open Spotify now and navigate to the song or playlist you want to download. After that, tap the three-dot menu next to the playlist or that song.

9. Choose the Share option on the menu, then click the Copy link option.

Copying link of Spotify Playlist

10. After pasting the copied link into the SpotiFlyer app, select Search. using the SpotiFlyer app to search

Searching from the SpotiFlyer app
11. With the option to download, this will look for the song or playlist. If it’s a playlist, you can tap the Download All button to get the playlist’s entire collection of music.

Downloading songs and playlists using SpotiFlyer app

utilising the SpotiFlyer app to download music and playlists
By using the SpotiFlyer app, you may effortlessly download songs or song playlists to your local storage.

Download Spotify Songs to Local Storage

You can download as many songs and playlists as you want to your local storage with the SpotiFlyer app. In addition, you can download entire albums. The programme performs a good job of downloading not just the mp3 files but also all the related information, like album art, the artist, the album it belongs to, etc. Regardless, it doesn’t download the lyrics with it. Also keep in mind that playlists will just download their entire contents when you download them. Therefore, you must manually build playlists in your music player app once more.

The main drawback is that the software is only accessible through the F-Droid store for Android. In other words, you can’t rely on it to download music and playlists from other services.

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