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How To Change Your Username On Reddit

One of the first things you’ll notice if you’re new to Reddit is that your account already has a default username. What happens if you try to switch it from Virtual-Image561 or Traditional Rate7196 to something less generic? This article explains how to change your Reddit name if that’s something you wish to do. Let’s get going!

Requirements for Changing Your Reddit Username

Reddit informed the Wall Street Journal in 2020 that it had 52 million daily users. 52 million usernames total! Who knows how it now stands!

If you used custom credentials to sign up for a Reddit account directly, you have already created a username and cannot modify it. But you may always open a fresh account.

Instead of creating one from scratch, many people registered using their Google or Apple accounts. One of the three prerequisites necessary to alter your username was met by those people, who were given names that Reddit randomly assigned.

You must make that adjustment on your own if you wish to stand out from the sea of usernames chosen at random. Fortunately, doing so just takes a short amount of time and requires a few simple steps. that does have the following conditions:

You need to create a new account (time limit to change username is unspecified).
You must sign up with a Google or Apple ID (auto-generates the username you can change).
A randomly generated username is required.
Remember: Your Reddit account’s custom name will be static after you’ve decided on it. Only names that were automatically produced are subject to change, and once you switch to a new name, you are no longer able to change it back under that account. Be wise in your choice as a result!

How to Modify Your Reddit Username on an iPhone

Follow these easy steps to modify your Reddit username if you use an iPhone:

  1. Logging into the Reddit app and selecting your “Profile icon” will show you whether you have the option to change your username.

2. Then select “My Profile” from the menu. The username must already exist and be an auto-generated one for the account to function.

3. If a box appears requesting that you update your username, select “Change Username.”

4. Enter the desired username here. Be aware that using this option only works once. Later, you won’t be able to change your mind. To save your new username, click “Next” in the top right corner.

5. Reddit will request confirmation that you want to keep using that username indefinitely. Click “Save Username.”

Your username has now been changed to your preference.

You cannot alter your username if you have already registered with one (not chosen by Reddit) or if it has been yours for some time. If you are stuck with a username you no longer like, you may always create a new account and select a different username. Keep be aware that this operation does not import all of your followers, history, or other information!

How Do You Change Your Reddit Username on an Android Device?

Follow the straightforward instructions below if you’re an Android user and want to modify your Reddit username.

  1. Launch the “Reddit” app to make sure you can alter your username.

2. After selecting your “avatar,” select “My Profile” from the menu.

3. If you have the option to change your Reddit username, a popup will ask you if you want to keep the one that was chosen at random or choose a different one. Press “Change Username” once.

4. Your desired name should be typed. Be aware that this is a one-time activity and that you cannot make changes later.

5. The “Next” button is located at the top right corner.

6. Reddit will ask you if you’re sure you want to keep using that username indefinitely. Click “Save Username.”

Please be aware that you won’t be able to alter your username if you have already registered with a username that was not chosen by Reddit or if it was previously chosen by Reddit. You can always create a new account and select a different username in its place.

How to Modify Your Web Browser Username

Instead of using the Reddit app on a mobile device, follow these steps to change your randomly allocated Reddit username if you prefer to use Windows, Mac, Linux, or even Chrome OS:

  1. Click on your “profile avatar” in the top right corner of the Reddit main page.

2. Select “Profile” from the drop-down menu.

3. You’ll get a pop-up requesting that you change your username. Simply select “Change Username.”

4. Enter the box with your preferred username. Click “Continue” after that. Look closely at the red writing that appears beneath your username. Reddit has requirements for names, and it will let you know if your choice is available or not.

In conclusion, Reddit is mostly about the community, conversation, and sharing of ideas. There, your name and age are meaningless. Additionally, just your profile page displays your username. Your “Display Name” is used for anything else you do on Reddit, but you have to create one in your profile settings. There are no restrictions on when you can modify the “Display Name.”

Maybe you wanted to alter your Reddit username from when you were a teenager, but you were upset to learn that you couldn’t? Maybe people are misinterpreting your profile? Perhaps you engaged in too many altercations with other users? Reddit’s method for fighting cybercrime is to only ever permit one username, regardless of your circumstances. Only when creating your account may you modify your username. Last but not least, pick a username carefully if you intend to utilise flairs.

FAQs for Reddit username

How Can My Username Be Corrected?

Unfortunately, Reddit does not permit username changes. You can only select one username that is permanent. You can accomplish this by making a new account with a different name. Even if you sign up with the same email, keep in mind that your old account activity won’t be transferred to the new one.

A flair next to the username is what?

Flare is a tag that appears next to a username (or post title) on particular subreddits that permit it. People from a given group frequently display the same flair as a recognition indicator, such as supporters of a particular sports club. Flairs are useful for removing material from your feed that you don’t want to display.

Can I use the same username after deactivating my account?

You might feel the need to delete your Reddit account and create a new one. Unfortunately, once you deactivate your Reddit account, you cannot use the same username again. You must make a new one and choose a different username. You may, however, create and utilise as many profiles as you choose.

How can I change my accounts?

You can make a second account and switch between the two if you can’t get the username you desire (or three, or more). On the mobile app, follow these simple steps to quickly switch between your Reddit accounts:

  1. Upon opening Reddit, click on your profile picture in the top left corner. Next, select Settings.

2. Click your username’s Account Settings link.

3. Click the downward pointing arrow next to Switch Accounts.

4. Decide which account to use.

A browser extension is required if you want to switch between accounts on a web browser without signing out. You can do the task with the aid of an installation such as RES.

Reddit Usernames: A Final Choice

Although it may not seem important, picking a Reddit username is since it is a permanent choice. Allow Reddit to automatically generate your name by signing up with a Google or Apple ID to buy yourself some extra time. Take your time when creating an account.

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