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How to Add Links to Instagram Stories and Gain Traffic

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual blogger, real-time communication is efficient and in high demand. Because of this, Instagram Stories will be a great marketing tool in 2022 for promoting your goods and services.

add link to instagram storyConnecting your Instagram Stories to your website or blog can significantly increase engagement. Using the appropriate link, you can drive interested users to your blog, YouTube channel, landing page, or any other website. This tactic can help you increase visitors and leads. You’ll want to know precisely how to post links to Instagram Stories if you’re ready to put some time into creating the ideal connection.

Who can add links to Instagram Stories?

Instagram has made it possible for anyone, regardless of the number of followers they have on the platform, to post a link to an Instagram Story.

Until recently, adding a connection to Instagram Stories required having an Instagram Business profile with at least 10,000 followers.

Although it’s a nice departure from the social media behemoth, there was some misunderstanding on how to post a link to an Instagram Story because it’s a new feature.

You need not fear, though, as adding links to Instagram stories is rather easy. Let’s take a look.

Steps to Add a Link on Instagram Story

  • Utilizing Instagram’s well-liked sticker area, we will include a link to an Instagram story. Let’s get started.
  • Open Instagram on your smartphone, then swipe right to see the stories tab.
  • link sticker instagram
  • Look for the sticker that says “link” by swiping up.
  • adding link in instagram
  • Instagram link sticker
  • Click Done after entering the URL you want to add to the article and tapping the link sticker.
  • link in instagram story
  • instagram link adding

Wait, so that swipe-up feature is now gone?

The “swipe-up” feature has been replaced with the new clickable link sticker. Additionally, only well-known influencers or publications with more than 10,000 platform followers could use the swipe-up feature.

However, the swipe-up feature was adored by many people, so why was it removed? The firm may introduce the swipe-up feature to switch between Stories, much like it does with reels on the app, despite the fact that there is no concrete evidence as to why Instagram dropped the feature.

The default link sticker is ugly. How can I change that?

The new link sticker is undoubtedly unsightly and unappealing, but you can easily change it by following the instructions below.

  • Open Instagram and start a new story that you want to include your new link in. According to us, a lot of people find beautiful photographs to be appealing and might click on your link more often.
  • We’ll now make a unique graphic to overlay the Instagram link sticker icon. Do not be concerned; it will still function as a clickable link and safely direct users to the desired URL.
  • Create a sticker with a clever headline like TAP HEREĀ using your favorite app (you can use Picsart).
  • On your device, save it with a transparent background.
  • Reopen Instagram and choose your story draught. Swipe up and place the image you just made in Picsart on top of the link sticker.
  • In contrast to other people’s Instagram stories, it will now post the Story with the link, but it will be more interesting and appealing. While you’re there, you might want to click here to follow us on Instagram for the most recent tech advice.

Add a link on Instagram story facilely.

You can add links to Stories, share them with your followers, and increase visibility by following the steps above. If you found this tutorial useful and were able to effectively add links to Instagram Stories, let us know in the comments section below.

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