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Here’s How Apex Legends Ranked Works

The ranked ladder was added with Apex Legends season 2, and it serves as a venue for gamers to compete against other players of comparable skill levels. There are a few noticeable changes between the ordinary game lines and the ranking queue. Before entering the realm of competitive gaming, it is advised for newer players to polish their gunplay, understand the maps, and become familiar with all the game’s components.

How the Apex Legends Rankings Work

Here is a breakdown of what you need to know to get started if you believe you are prepared to play Apex Legends ranked.

How Does Apex Legends With Rankings Work?
Ranked matches operate very similarly to the regular Trios game mode overall. You can play on a map against 19 other teams by joining the queue by yourself or with up to two other players in a party (typically). But that is the extent of their commonalities.

Based on their accrued RP, all players are tier-sorted in the ranked queue (ranked points). Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator are the eight tiers in total. Level 4 is the lowest division in each of the first five tiers’ four divisions. Only the top 750 players on each platform are counted in the Apex Predator tier. The RP prerequisite for each tier’s division IV (or Master) is as follows:

  • Rookie: 0 RP

  • Bronze: 1000 RP

  • Silver: 3000 RP

  • Gold: 5400 RP

  • Platinum: 8200 RP

  • Diamond: 11400 RP

  • Master: 15000 RP

  • Apex Predator: top 750 players with over 15000 RP


Usually, players are paired with opponents of the same rank. For placing parties, the highest tier attained is taken into account. Players over Platinum are not permitted to queue with people two ranks below them. This implies that in the ranked queue, Platinum players can only play against Diamond and Gold players.

Gaining or Losing RP: How?

Based on your current tier, you begin each match with a loss of RP. Players in Rookie don’t lose any RP for participating in the game, allowing them to gradually advance in rank after playing enough games. The amount of RP lost at the start of the match for all other tiers is as follows:

  • Rookie: 0 RP
  • Bronze: 10-19 RP
  • Silver: 22-31 RP
  • Gold: 34-43 RP
  • Platinum: 46-55 RP
  • Diamond: 58-67 RP
  • Master and Apex Predator: 70 RP, +5 for every 1000RP earned, maxing out at 175

You cannot be forced to drop a tier due to this RP loss. This practically means that you cannot drop down to Gold for that split if you reach Platinum, for instance, during a ranked split. If a player loses enough RP to fall below the division cutoff, they can drop divisions. In accordance with their RP, Apex Predators players can also lose their status if they fall outside of the top 750.

In-game RP can be obtained in two different methods. The first is to finish among the top 13 teams. The more RP you earn, the closer you are to the top position. If you win the match, you can only earn a total of 100 RP in this manner.

To earn RP, you can also get kills or assists. A kill is simple to accomplish. All you need to do to defeat an adversary is to deliver the decisive blow. At most 10 seconds after someone else kills an opponent, dealing damage to that opponent qualifies as an assist. Crypto can also receive assistance by using his drone to track down attackers. You will receive RP for each kill or assist, with a match limit of six takedowns. Based on their team’s position at the end of the match, players are awarded different amounts per kill, ranging from 10 RP for finishing worse than 10th to 25 RP for winning. After the game is over, your team’s total RP gains are determined.

The match winner will receive up to 250 RP as a result of the RP gained, less the entry fee for their current tier, if they record at least six takedowns during the match.

Players near the top of the ladder need to have a high kill/death ratio and survive long in their matches if they wish to ascend through the tiers due to the increasing RP expenses of joining the match and gradually higher standards for reaching higher divisions and tiers.

Penalties and Abandonment

In contrast to regular games, the ranked queue heavily emphasises players sticking around until the very end. Because of this, quitting a game while your teammates still have a chance to revive you will prevent you from joining any game queue. For consecutive abandonments within a short period, the penalty escalates and starts at 10 minutes for the first offence. If 150 seconds have passed since teammates have picked up their banner but have not respawned them, or if their banner timer has expired, players may exit the game without risk.

Any RP you would have accrued for that match is also lost if you quit the game.

Before the dropship phase begins, if a player disconnects from the game, their assigned (matchmade) teammates are free to quit without incurring a leaver penalty or losing RP for joining a match. Players that were in the same party as the disconnected player will receive a “abandon” penalty.

Listed Benefits

Players receive awards based on their best tier reached across any two splits at the conclusion of each ranking season. Every player receives a badge indicating their highest tier attained. Players that are Gold or higher receive a unique charm to mark their achievement. Players with a diamond or above level receive a unique dive trail to use the next season. When the owner exits the dropship, the dive trail is visible to all players and is coloured based on the tier reached.

Additional FAQ

Why do I continuously losing my position as an Apex Predator?

Due to the requirement that Apex Predators rank among the top 750 players on their platform, they risk losing their tier if another player accrues more total RP. Due to the expensive 60 RP entry fee for each match, you run the risk of gradually losing ranks if you finish games without earning a lot of RP.

How can one rank up in Apex Legends the quickest?

There isn’t a tried-and-true method for rising swiftly. You need to get a mix of both if you want to rank up because RP increases are linked to your participation in kills and survival. Some players like to drop in a crowded area in an effort to gain an early advantage through kills. Others would rather obtain useful knowledge and loot.

Avoiding battles at all costs and waiting for the top places are guaranteed ways to earn some RP. This is one of the simplest and most dependable ways to earn some RP each game, while it can be slow if players don’t knock down each other quickly and you miss out on a substantial portion of RP from takedowns.

What Apex Legends rank is considered to be good?

17.44% of players are in Silver and Bronze, another 41.50% are in Gold, and 32.57% are in Platinum, according to season 13 statistics. Only 8.5% of the player base is made up of diamond-level gamers.

In general, if you have the time to work on some of the fundamental abilities and continuously winning more RP than you’re losing, getting to Gold shouldn’t be too challenging. Master is the highest aim for a competitive player but unreachable for the majority of players because Master players only make up 0.45% of the total player base.

How is the ranking split implemented?

Every few hours, two maps are switched in unranked matches to mix up the gameplay and give players more options. But for the first half of each season, known as a split, all matches in ranked games use the same map. About halfway through a ranking season, splits take place. When a split occurs, every player’s RP is partially reset, lowering their rank by 1.5 tiers. This is an effective approach to move inactive players down the list of tiers and promote fresh potential.

The active map is altered for the duration of a ranked season when a split occurs.

Rise in Apex Legends ranks
You must put your skills to the test in the game’s ranked queue if you believe you have what it takes to be a top Apex Legends player. You and your two friends will be up against opponents with comparable skill levels according to the matchmaker, so it will be up to you to earn some takedowns, stay alive, and gain some RP.

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