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Facebook Alternatives That You Can Use in 2021

This article is regarding Facebook and Facebook Alternatives that you can use. Facebook or FB took the internet by storm when it went global in 2006, and it’s the biggest social network now. When it gets to social media, Facebook is the leader. That’s why, despite numerous privacy concerns, it is not showing any signs of slowing down. There is nothing that can match Facebook or FB right now. Some people might claim Twitter is better, but it’s not an alternative, and it’s unquestionably not aimed at people who want to be in touch with families and friends.

Well, now that we’ve established that there are no true Facebook alternatives, let’s cut to the chase that we have various other social networks that aim at specific users. For example, there are networks aimed at photographers, startups, apps for designers, investors, etc. Well, if you’ve been looking to delete Facebook and replace it with a good alternative, here are options that you should look at.

Best Facebook Alternatives for Different Users

We have distributed this article in sections for different use-cases.

Why we need a Facebook alternative?

Everything has its pros & cons, and so does Facebook. While Facebook or FB has become a part of our lives and is loved by millions, it has its share of criticisms. It has been criticized across the globe for its ever changing privacy settings, which gives Facebook or FB total control over the information that we provide on our accounts.

Then there are significant privacy scandals such as Cambridge Analytica. Facebook’s experiments with the News Feed have likewise not gone down too well with users. Also, The company’s Internet.org initiative has made sure to irk net neutrality enthusiasts. To sum it up, these are great enough reasons to need Facebook alternatives.

  • Facebook Alternative for Professionals/Career oriented needs:


Facebook Alternatives

It has been a popular platform for professionals, and it continues to remain so. LinkedIn provides you the ability to interact with other professionals, recruit employees and find jobs. Also, It’s great if you want to be up to date on the latest business and industry news. There’s also LinkedIn Pulse if you desire to share new ideas with other big names of the industry.


Facebook Alternatives

If LinkedIn claims to be the excellent FaceBook alternative for professionals and career-oriented requirements, CareerBuilder is not behind in the race either. When it gets to providing attractive job listings, career advice, and resume posting, it’s 2nd to none. That’s not all. Unlike Facebook, CareerBuilder also offers handy resources for job seekers.

Not only that, It is far more reliable than Facebook as the former sources job listings directly from companies. Even better, also it has collaborated with several companies to expand local listings.

  • Discussion Forums:


Facebook Alternatives

It’s a public forum where people post and comment on staff they are interested in. Usually, Reddit users share questions, images, stories, or anything that may be interesting. Then, people interact with each other through comments. The excellent community Reddit has built over the years makes it a great social platform.


Facebook Alternatives

You’ve got a question, and you want to ask others? Visit Quora. It’s a great place for all the questions and some impressive answers. The question can be on any topic & you can also post personal doubts as anonymous. You can re-ask questions that are previously posted and upvote answers that you think are great.

  • Facebook Alternative for Photographers and Artists:


Facebook Alternatives

Well, If you are a professional photographer or even a budding one, 500px is the place you should visit more frequently instead of Facebook. 500 px is a pretty strong photography community, and along with interaction with other photographers, you’ll get to see some amazing pictures. The website also brings several tools and features for photographers.


Facebook Alternatives

Whether you’re an ambitious photographer or a pro with years of expertise, Flickr can go a long way in providing your stunning shots the needed exposure. What makes it an excellent Facebook alternative for photographers is a huge community where you can explore top-notch images.

With some beneficial organizing tools, you can create your selection of fascinating photos and keep them organized. Not only that, but Flickr mobile app also comes with some great filters and editing tools to permit you to fine-tune your images and blast them on the image hosting website so that they can get plenty of traction.


Facebook Alternatives

It is the perfect platform for artists who want to showcase their art galleries to the world. It has an excellent community of artists you can interact with, and along with that, you get to see some great art. There are plenty of features that aim at making life easier for artists, and it also makes sure the artists get their due credit.

  • Facebook Alternative for Media Sharing:


Facebook Alternatives

Instagram, owned by Facebook or FB, has grown over the past few years by leaps and bounds. It is an all-around social network, as it permits you to upload photos, short videos, and even exchange texts with others.

The excellent thing is you can set Instagram to post your updates on your Facebook or FB, Twitter, and other profiles as well. People like Instagram so much that in the future, it might end-up replacing Facebook.


Facebook Alternatives

Chances are you already utilize it, and although YouTube is not a Facebook alternative, it’s a famous video-sharing platform. It’s the home for some excellent videos and original content, which makes up for a marvelous community. Along with YouTube, there are plenty of great video-sharing platforms like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and more.


Facebook Alternatives

Going by the freshest trend, TikTok has become the go-to platform for sharing lip-syncing videos. And if you’re after a Facebook substitute that can make you share and explore fun-loving bite-sized videos, look no further than ByteDance’s offering.

Like Facebook, this video-sharing site further creates a fully personalized video feed so that you can swiftly access the sort of videos that appeal to your fancy. Courtesy of a large community of creators, you’ll always have various videos – from comedy to gaming to memes – to watch. You get plenty of eye-catching filters and insanely crazy music to add some glam quotient to your clips as a creator.

  • Facebook Alternative for Designers:


Facebook Alternatives

It is a great community for designers to showcase their creative designs and discover some great work. Simultaneously with the community, Behance permits you to follow and like other designers or their work. Also, You can get in touch with people to discuss designs.

Adobe Portfolio

Facebook Alternatives

I guess you did not expect me to give Adobe Portfolio a miss, did you? Well, if you’re willing to create a good-looking site where you can showcase your masterpiece, you should keep Portfolio in thought. The site comes with plenty of layouts and offers a wide range of customization to create a website that can appeal to your audience.

Another notable trait of Portfolio is that it automatically optimizes your site for any device to ensure it can operate smoothly. That’s not all; the Portfolio pro version can offer access to the whole collection of Adobe creative applications that can enhance your creativity.


Facebook Alternatives

It is another great platform for designers to upload a shot of their application or design to showcase it to others. If you’re a designer, you should give Dribbble a shot, as it’s completely design oriented. It’s excellent whether you’re into animation, web design, typography, illustration, product design, or anything else. Dribbble has categories for all kinds of designers, which makes it an excellent Facebook alternative.

  • Facebook Alternative for Programmers/Developers:


Facebook Alternatives

It is a network for programmers, where developers can take help to develop their projects better. It gives tools for your programming needs along with codes you can fork for your project. Also, You can choose not to make your code public, but that requires a paid subscription.

Stack Overflow

Facebook Alternatives

Well, If you’re a developer or an aspiring programmer, you’ve likely heard of or visited Stack Overflow. The platform’s best Q&A section will help you out if you run into issues during your coding sessions. Simply put, It is a programmer’s best friend and is something developers worldwide use daily. Furthermore, you can also make use of its jobs portal to land your dream job.

  • Microblogging:


Facebook Alternatives

There’s no requirement to introduce Twitter, as it’s almost growing as fast as Facebook and is 1 of the biggest Facebook competitors. While it’s the home for smaller tweets/posts, it is an excellent medium, and it has made sure some problems worldwide come forward to everyone. Twitter is arguably the most fun and straightforward to use social network among all.

  • Facebook Alternative for User reviews:


Facebook Alternatives

Earlier known as Angie’s List, this Facebook alternative for consumer reviews has been renamed Angi. It’s excellent for anyone having trouble picking the best shops around the neighborhood and a lot more. Angi is a website where you can see reviews of local businesses by users. Along with reviews, you can see ratings and deals around your neighborhood. The website lists U.S.-based businesses for now, though.

  • Facebook Alternative for Dating:


Facebook Alternatives

There are plenty of cupid apps, but Tinder is most certainly the best among them. For people uninformed about Tinder, it’s a famous dating app that matches 2 people when they have both swiped right, that is “like”.

  • Facebook Alternative for Movie lovers:


Facebook Alternatives

It is the go-to website for movie lovers, and deservedly so. It’s a famous website where you can read reviews of a movie from multiple users and rate movies you’ve just watched. You can also discuss various movies on the “Message Board” with the very cool community. There’s also IMDbPro if you desire to get in touch with an actor or artist.

Rotten Tomatoes

Facebook Alternatives

It is another website every movie lover visits to take an opinion on a movie. The famous movie rating website collects ratings from users and critics. It gives the ratings in a cool Tomatometer feature, and if the movie is fresh, it’s great, and if rotten, not so much.

  • Miscellaneous Facebook Alternatives:


Facebook Alternatives

Well, If you’re looking for a Facebook alternative for simple voice conversations with people from worldwide, Clubhouse is the place to be. The application offers groups where you can join in on discussions with other people interested in similar topics, and you can build your room to start talking about something you’re interested in as well.

The application is pretty much like a Podcast that’s always running and has tonnes of different topics to explore. Whether you want to talk regarding Apple’s latest software updates, or stand-up comedy, or even theoretical physics, you can get it all on Clubhouse.


Facebook Alternatives

If you required a social network to connect you to your neighborhood, NextDoor is the ideal platform for you. It is a social network to socialize among the people in your locality. You can utilize it to set up a neighborhood get-together, get local help, get tips, and more.


Facebook Alternatives

It is a social network for physicians and doctors. Physicians and Doctors have their profiles on their network, and they can connect with each other. Also, They can find job openings at leading hospitals and other such opportunities.


Facebook Alternatives

It is a social platform to engage with communities. Discord has topic-based channels within servers to facilitate better communication on niche topics. You can utilize it for staying close to the communities you care about. In addition, you can use the application to share your screen with friends and family. You can build new Discord servers, add Discord soundboards to have some fun, and more. Moreover, some amazing Discord bots can enhance your server.


Facebook Alternatives

It is a rising Facebook alternative that calls itself the ‘next-gen social network’. The platform’s UI and features closely resemble Facebook, and it is unquestionably designed to replicate Facebook. What makes MeWe different is that it does not offer ads. Plus, MeWe claims that it does not share or sell your personal information to advertisers or marketers. Nevertheless, the platform’s loose content moderation policies make it a breeding ground for misinformation.

  • Facebook Alternative for Live Streaming:


Facebook Alternatives

It is a live-streaming platform with a special focus on gaming. Gamers can utilize the platform to stream games and interact with the community. Aside from gaming-centric channels, also Twitch has a ‘Just Chatting’ for casual conversations. So, If you’re a gamer, Twitch is a viable alternative to Facebook Gaming.

  • Facebook alternative for Startup enthusiasts/Investors:


Facebook Alternatives

AngelList is an excellent platform for startups and people looking to invest in a startup. It’s an excellent way for investors to connect with startups. Also, there are options to find a startup job, post jobs, and raise money for your company online. To sum it up, it’s an outstanding community of the best seed investors worldwide.


Facebook Alternatives

It is another great platform if you’ve got a budding company or a startup. It’s a community of various companies, VC, startups, and other investment groups. Every 1 of them has profiles, and startups can connect with seed investors. Also, Various companies can get in touch and collaborate on a project.

  • Facebook Alternative for Music Lovers:


Facebook Alternatives

I don’t think Spotify requires any introduction here. Possessing more than 250 million subscribers, the world’s most famous music-streaming service has all sorts of ingredients to give a great music-listening experience. Packed with a large library of music, the app is designed to cater to every taste. Moreover, it’s got a pretty intuitive user interface and comes with personalized recommendations so that discovering great songs for streamings remains easy-picking.

That’s not all; It is also home to a ton of podcasts so that you can tune into your favorite podcasts. Long story short, if you’re hunting for a Facebook alternative to spice up your music listening, chances are much high that Spotify will win you over right away!


Facebook Alternatives

SoundCloud is 1 of the largest music community and social networks on the internet. If you’re an independent music producer and want to showcase your music to the world, SoundCloud should be the perfect place. It grants you market your tracks, and thanks to the likes & repost feature, you should see the traction you deserve.

Apple Music

Facebook Alternatives

Apple Music, as the name implies, is a music streaming service from Apple. With over Seventy million songs and curated playlists, you should not miss out on the service if you love streaming music. Although the platform does not offer a free ad-supported tier, Apple Music is a compelling option, especially if you’re an iPhone consumer or someone invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Best Facebook Alternatives Conclusion:

That concludes our article on the best Facebook alternatives that you can utilize the replace the social media giant. I hope you find the ideal alternative for you. If we missed anything, mention it in the comments below, along with your preferred replacement Facebook apps.

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