Top 9 Best Facebook Ad Optimization Software To Try In 2022

Because Facebook has become a valuable platform for marketers and businesses to run advertising, it is critical to concentrate on Facebook ad optimization.

Social media has become a crucial component of the current digital marketing strategy. Facebook, being the world’s largest social media site, is also the preferred social medium for marketers to advertise their products and brands. There is no better alternative than to employ Facebook ad optimization tools to achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

In this article, we will discuss the necessity of running Facebook advertising in the current climate as well as the obstacles that may arise. This post will also go through campaign optimizers and the best tools for optimising Facebook advertising.

What are Facebook ads and why do businesses use them?

Facebook ads are the advertisements that appear on your newsfeed if you use Facebook. It is an effective and compelling method of introducing your brand or product to your target audience. Here are some instances of Facebook ads that you may have seen in your news feed. They may be identified by the word “sponsored” underneath their name.

What are Facebook ads

Social networking is an unavoidable element of our modern lives. So it’s no surprise that businesses and marketers use the hugely popular social network Facebook to reach the widest possible audience.

Facebook allows you to optimise Facebook advertising and make it noticeable to potential consumers. That is why every firm that does digital marketing budgets for Facebook advertisements.

The Difficulties of Running Facebook Ad Campaigns

Even if practically every firm runs advertisements on Facebook, it may be difficult for you. These are some challenges that you may encounter while running Facebook advertising, whether you do it yourself or engage a marketing firm to handle it for you.

#1. A scarcity of time

If you are running advertisements for your company while also managing other obligations, you may not devote enough time to it. As a result, organisations frequently undertake ineffective campaigns.

#2. Ignorance of Facebook Ad Guidelines

Running Facebook advertising entails adhering to Facebook policies. Many businesses fail to comprehend these guidelines, and as a result, Facebook rejects their advertising.

#3. Failure to do A/B testing

A/B testing is required to get the greatest results before launching ads on Facebook. These tests are challenging for businesses who manage their own Facebook marketing.

#4. Selecting the Incorrect Audience

The most difficult hurdle for marketers is getting their Facebook ads in front of the correct individuals. Setting the correct limits for the audience is essential, and this necessitates competence on the part of the companies.

#5. Failure to Track Ad Analytics

Many businesses underestimate the value of tracking ad response statistics such as conversion and click-through rates. It is tough to make decisions without current campaign analytics data.

What Is a Tool for Ad Optimization?

Facebook ad optimization tools are applications that assist you in managing your advertising and campaigns. They not only optimise Facebook advertising for you, but they also generate and evaluate the outcomes.

The Importance of Ad Optimization Tools

#1. Maintain a Balanced Cost and Budget

If you’re having trouble getting the required results while staying within your budget, Facebook optimization tools can assist. These keep your campaign costs modest while providing excellent outcomes.

#2. Ensure that the intended audience is reached.

You may use these tools to categorise clients based on their geography, age, behaviour, language, demographics, and other characteristics. As a result, it will be easier to target the correct audience.

#3. Obtain Analytics Reports

The success of your campaign has a big impact on the future campaign policy. These ad solutions also provide analytics data to help you visualise ad performance.

#4. Assist you in winning advertising bids

Facebook optimization tools use A/B testing to help you improve the relevance of your Facebook advertising. You can win a bidding auction by outbidding your opponents.

#5 Avoid People Getting Tired of Your Ads

Showing your advertisements too frequently can weary the viewers to the point that they will no longer notice them when they are presented. This problem may be avoided by optimising the campaign using these tools.

Let’s have a look at some of the greatest Facebook Ad Optimization tools.

1. Qwaya


Professional marketers want a complex tool to satisfy their needs, and Qwaya is a great option for optimising Facebook advertisements. Its ad planner function allows you to run advertisements at specific periods of the day or week.

You may also include performance-based constraints that allow you to halt the campaign at any moment. It provides a range of ad templates from which to pick, saving you time while making advertising.

The analytics report may be exported in XLSX or CSV format. Furthermore, Qwaya provides capabilities such as multi-testing and a URL builder to help with ad optimization.

2. AdEspresso


Finding the perfect demographic for your Facebook advertisements is now simple. Allow AdEspresso to run split testing on your behalf and optimise the advertisements as needed. You may use this platform to build and manage many sorts of ad campaigns.

Companies can study campaign data once they have completed the campaign. In addition to the online version, analytics reports are accessible in PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats. You may also quickly send them to stakeholders.

It also facilitates cooperation, allowing you to work with your team to manage successful ad campaigns.

3. Revealbot


Revealbot is recommended for businesses searching for time-efficient Facebook ad optimization. This programme assists you in managing the ad campaign and automating its techniques for improved ROI.

It has a more versatile automation function, Object () [native code], than Facebook’s native automation rule. Revealbot will now handle the deployment of your Facebook ad management tactics, allowing you to spend less time administering the campaign.

You may also enable notifications, which will notify you of any prompted actions or failures. The application also allows you to build mass advertising and use A/B testing to choose the winner.

4. Madgicx


Madgicx is a powerful Facebook ad optimization tool that employs AI-powered technologies. It is an omnichannel advertising platform that also supports Facebook ad automation.

Companies may design a customised advertising campaign for all phases of the funnel with its 100+ audience targeting choices. Using the creative intelligence tool, this platform assesses your ad’s effectiveness across several data points.

As a consequence, you may more effectively target the appropriate audience type. Furthermore, you may use this tool to optimise advertising to progressively boost your company’s ROI by paying less on Facebook ads.

5. SharpSpring


SharpSpring is a one-stop shop for all of your Facebook retargeting ad needs. This simple-to-use application allows you to manage all retargeting advertising from a single platform and get immediate results.

Companies may target potential clients across devices by utilising its Identity Graph function (desktop, tablet, and mobile). The platform refreshes critical analytics data every 2 hours, ensuring that you are constantly up-to-date on the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

It also offers dynamic remarketing, which boosts revenue and outperforms awareness commercials.

6. Driftrock


 Driftrock can assist you with optimising Facebook advertisements for lead generation for your business. It also allows you to expand your email marketing to Facebook by incorporating email CRM actions into social media campaigns. This strategy has the potential to significantly enhance conversion rates.

Using this platform, you can also follow a lead until it converts. Simply link your CRM and customise the conversion touchpoints. Other features include audience exclusion, look-alike audiences, and automated removal of unsubscribed audiences.

7. AdRoll


If you work in the eCommerce business,  AdRoll can help you improve Facebook advertisements. It allows you to run multiple social media advertising campaigns and emails from a single platform. This platform may be used by businesses to perform retargeting advertisements, brand awareness advertisements, and social campaigns.

AdRoll combines AI and machine learning to deliver your advertising to the correct people, resulting in a higher conversion rate. It allows you to import campaigns and historical data from Facebook for a comprehensive evaluation. Its campaign analytics and insights are also useful in determining where to invest.

8. TapClicks


TapClicks is a solution for automated marketing operations that enables you to make data-driven smart decisions. Using this solution for managing Facebook Ads can help you increase online sales and boost brand recognition.

TapOrders and TapWorkflow are two connectors for Facebook advertisements. By integrating Facebook Ads into the TapAnalytics dashboard, you can additionally monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns and gain important insights.

You may also see the data in groups or do elaborate visualisations as desired. You can examine all facets of your campaign’s performance with the granular data view.

9. Replug


Replug is a technology that allows you to increase conversions by running targeted remarketing advertising on several social sites, including Facebook. The tool drives more traffic to your social channels and website by utilising pop-up widgets and CTA links.

Companies may use this Facebook ad optimization tool to build branded short links for their company and its subsidiaries. It will let you avoid cumbersome spreadsheets and handle all of your links from a single point for brand promotion.

Replug also provides analytics data for Facebook ad retargeting campaigns, such as clicks, unique clicks, and conversion rates. You may use these to make educated business decisions.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ad optimization is critical for targeting the proper audience and achieving the desired company development. With the technologies outlined above, digital marketers may get the desired results from campaigns in less time and with less human effort.

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