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Process of Checking Computer Specs in Windows 10

Computer Specs

The process of getting knowledge of checking the specifications of computer is helpful in various scenarios. By the help of which users can upgrade their computers or install a program by getting the system requirements. In this article, users can find the process of getting the knowledge of available Computer Specs like RAM, Motherboard and CPU type. 

Process of checking the Computer Specs

For checking the basic Computer Specs of installed Windows 10:

Click or tap on the Start Button of Windows and then clicking on the icon of gear for the Settings.mBy clicking on the Windows Settings option, click on the System.mSelect the About option by scrolling down. By clicking on the About option, users can see their Computer Specs  Computer Specs such as RAM, processor and other basic information of their system. 

  • Tap on the Start button of Windows. This button is available at the left bottom corner of the screen with the logo of Windows.
  • After that click on the Settings option. It is available above of the button of power and it has a shape of gear.

Computer Specs

  • In the next step, click on the System.

Computer Specs

  • Click on the option of About, available at the left side-bar by scrolling down. By doing this, users can see the specs of their RAM, processor and other related information.

Computer Specs

Process of Finding the Size of RAM 

The best and easiest process of finding the RAM is by searching the RAM in the Windows Search bar. This will show the option of View RAM Info. By clicking on this option, user can go to the option of System Settings of the window. Then user can see their installed RAM in the section of Device Specification. 

  • Tap on the icon of magnifying glass available at the left bottom corner shown in the screen.
  • After that, search for RAM in the search bar of Windows.
  • Click the Enter key on the keyboard or tap on View RAM Info’s option from the available results.

Computer Specs

  • By doing this, user can see the Installed RAM information. Here, window will show you the total and used RAM. User can find this below the section of Device Specifications.

Anyone looking for knowing the information about the RAM and the RAM needed, here you can check the article. 

Process of finding the available GPU type

For finding the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) type, search Device Manager in the search bar. After that, click on the arrow after the Display adaptors. 

  1. Write the Device Manager in the search bar of windows. Windows will show you the avaiable options before finishing the search option.
  2. Click the Enter key on the keyboard or tap on the available icon of Device Manager. The shape of this icon is like a camera with printer. Clicking on Enter key or icon will show the window of Device Manager.
  3. Finally, clicking on the arrow shown after the Display adapters option for seeing the GPU, the user has. Below the Display Adaptors option, user can see the type of GPU available in the system.

Note: For not showing of the manufacturer name, following steps should be performed:

  • By selecting the name of GPU, highlights it in the blue color.
  • Perform the right clicking on the GPU.
  • Click on the option of Properties which is appear on the menu. This will by default open the General Tab.

Computer Specs

  • Search for a Manufacturer of the label field in the tab of General.

Computer Specs

Process of finding the kind of Motherboard

For finding the type of Motherboard, search for the system information in the search bar of windows. After that, look for the option of System Manufacturer and System Model. By doing this, you can know the type and model of the Motherboard. 

  • Search for the system information in the search bar of the windows. This will show you the related results during the typing.
  • Click the Enter key on the keyboard or tap on the icon of the System Information. The shape of icon is like “i” character shown in the middle of the blue screen. Section of System Summary is open by default by pressing the Enter key or clicking on the app icon.

Computer Specs

  • Checking out the Version, Product, and Base-Board Manufacturer fields.

If the user is looking for the upgradation of Motherboard, it should check our article on choosing a motherboard for sure. 

Process of finding the type of CPU in the system

For finding the type of system’s CPU, pressing the buttons of Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard. Then press on the option of Task Manager and then press to the tab of Performance. By doing this, the user can see the details easily, shown on the right top side of the window above the charts of CPU utilization. 

  • Press the Right click on the taskbar available at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, selection of Task Manager opens the tab of processes that will contain running programs list.

Computer Specs

  • In the window of Task Manager, press the tab of the Performance. User can see this by clicking on the More Details option, if it is not showing.
  • Press on the CPU section at the left panel will make the blue color highlighted of the selection.
  • User can see the CPU type in the right top corner after the “CPU” word.

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 Final Thought:

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