Board Meeting Software 10 Best in 2022

This is the definitive ranking of the top board meeting applications for 2022. Along with some extra free digital board meeting apps, it includes the top 10 electronic board meeting software. I also address a few frequently asked questions about the board meeting software online.

Board meetings are crucial for a company’s employment practises, operational guidelines, and growth strategies. To do this properly, you need high-quality digital board meeting software that enables you to address all the aforementioned business requirements, collaborate with teams remotely, and approve papers. I’ll discuss the top ten board meeting applications in this article to help you run productive remote board meetings.

Board Meeting Software Comparison Criteria

What criteria do I use to choose the finest meeting management software online? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing? Is it devoid of perplexing choices that can make it difficult for a business owner to start and run a meeting?

Usability: : How intuitive is the tool to use? Is it simple to understand and learn? Does the business provide competent user support, tutorials, and training on workflow?

Integrations: Can you easily connect to other tools with this one? Exist any built-in integrations? Does it automatically sync with the best calendar programs to help organise the scheduling of board meetings? How do you easily exchange papers on the move using document storage/file storage apps? Does it integrate with technologies for team collaboration to promote quicker communication?

Value for $: What proportion of the price is reasonable given the features, abilities, and use case? Is the pricing transparent, clear, and flexible? Does the price match the features?

Key Elements of Board Meeting Management

A board meeting software should offer the following essential scheduling features:

Document management

Does the software for virtual board meetings provide sophisticated document management features? Does the board meeting app allow you to track document uploads, make notes, and add and update documents?

Agenda building

Can you prepare a meeting agenda using the online board meeting software? Does it allow for collaborative agenda editing? The creation of an agenda is a crucial component of productive and useful meetings.


Does the digital board meeting software allow you to digitally sign documents? Physical document approval might be a challenge for a remote team. This issue is resolved by e-signing documents, which also validate them for subsequent use.

Role-based permissions

Does the software for virtual board meetings allow for permission-based access control? There are many team members working on boards at different levels of the organisation. A crucial consideration when choosing board meeting software is to choose solutions with role-based permission capabilities to keep communication for the many stakeholders simplified.


Does the board meeting software have voting/polling tools to reach a decision on governance guidelines, team member recruiting, and other board-related tasks? With the help of online voting and polling capabilities, you may weigh the opinions of all participants and reach a consensus.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Board Meeting Software

Here’s a quick summary of each of the online meeting management tools on my list, highlighting some of the features with screenshots to show what it does best.

1. Zeck

Best board meeting software for increasing engagement with your board members

Your board deck may be converted into a quick, interactive website that works on any mobile device using Zeck.
Zeck provides a cutting-edge board meeting software solution to help firms get more value out of their board meetings since virtual and hybrid board meetings are here to stay. Zeck puts an end to the pain of board meetings by converting your conventional board deck into a fun and time-saving interactive website.

Traditional board games sometimes need hours to prepare and are generally difficult to read on a mobile device. Zeck’s mobile-friendly, adaptable framework, which automatically surfaces the important insights that result in relevant, engaging board meetings, offers a solution to those issues.

“Zecks” are attractively designed, fully interactive websites that are jam-packed with contemporary communication capabilities in place of a conventional board deck. You’ll gain more value from your board meetings if you make them more enjoyable for your board members, turning them from dull presentations into strategic conversations with lots of banter and active debate.

A new generation of board governance features are also incorporated into Zeck’s software, including the automatic creation and approval of meeting minutes, the ability to conduct secure votes, and the ability to sign documents all inside a single digital governance system. Zeck also offers board members piece of mind when it comes to your company’s end-to-end compliance because everything is recorded in one dynamic digital area.

On request, Zeck offers personalised pricing. On their website, you can also request a free demo.

free trial offered

On demand pricing

Visit Website

2. BoardTrac

Best board meeting agenda software

Boardtrac is a solution created by corporate governance and legal specialists that includes board portal software and board book applications.
Boardtrac is an online board meeting tool with video conferencing and document management tools. You can add and edit documents while a meeting is going on, as well as highlight content, in terms of document management. Multiple “boards” (online meeting spaces used to communicate and cooperate with board members) can all be accessed using a single login, removing the hassle of having different passwords for various workspaces. While taking meeting notes, you can instantly share the presenter’s PowerPoint slides and view them as well.

Boardtrac is available via a native app on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone and supports offline use (provided you download the documents while being online). There is also a plugin for the available video conferencing and webinar services.

On its website, Boardtrac does not list any integrations. Live chat and written materials are available for support.

Upon request, Boardtrac provides personalised pricing.

On demand pricing

Visit Website

3. BoardPro

Best board meeting annotation software

BoardPro keeps track of your forthcoming board meetings and gives you the option to create a draught minutes or accept the ones that are already there.
You may plan online board meetings with the help of a plethora of tools in BoardPro. It enables you to group meeting topics according to themes or departments for well-structured discussion. The flexibility of boards allows users to easily add word processing files, make edits, and disseminate content on the board with just one click. Your board papers can also be collaboratively annotated. You can access every meeting’s digital recording and storage from any computer or other device. Additionally, BoardPro provides features like interactive board voting and automated email reminders.

A drag-and-drop agenda maker is included in BoardPro. You can define rules to evaluate action items while using it to keep records, minutes, and documents. Slack and Trello are both seamlessly integrated into BoardPro. It provides step-by-step instructions and live chat support in its huge knowledge base.

With a 30-day free trial option, BoardProHub has a price starting at $150 per board each month.

thirty days of no cost

from $150/month/board

Visit Website

BoardEye by Axar Digital

Best board meeting software for approval access management

BoardEye allows you to vote on board meeting resolutions and will first ask an absentee user to respond.
Axar Digital’s BoardEye is a board management system for conducting electronic meetings. It has tools for managing documents, creating agendas, controlling data access, and issuing RSVPs. You can upload and share files, annotate papers, highlight text, and engage with team members using the capabilities for comments and tagging in document management. You may electronically sign and approve documents while you’re on the go. You can add minutes and ask team members to amend the agenda while creating it.

With rights control for company data and app settings, you can decide what level of access each team member has.

On its website, BoardEye does not list any integrations. Email and chat are available for customer service. Additionally, there is documentation available for the entire product.

On request, BoardEye provides personalised pricing.

On demand pricing

Visit Website

5. Wrike

Best board meeting software for integrations

Wrike provides a straightforward meeting interface with information about the venue, invitees, and meeting materials.
Role-based access to boards is available through Wrike, where you may share files, arrange meetings, and work with board members. You may manage your agenda by keeping track of the items on it, setting reminders, and delegating work. You can use its annotation feature to draw attention to a document’s most important points. You can work with your team and obtain real-time input from them using its whiteboard feature.

Wrike is compatible with 400+ apps out of the box, including Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and other similar programmes. Wrike provides customer service via email, live chat, and a help centre with step-by-step instructions for frequently asked questions.

Wrike offers a free everlasting plan with limited functionality restrictions for $9.80/user/month.

14-day no-risk trial

With a free forever plan with some functionality restrictions, starting at $9.80 per user each month.

Visit Website

6. Boardable

Best board meeting for taking minutes

You can utilise a multi-screen view on Boardable to view meeting agendas or other documents on one side and face cameras on the other.

SaaS subscription service Boardable is offered on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Since it is entirely web-based, you may easily access it from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Without the need for emails or phone conversations, you may suggest meeting times directly in the app and receive a summary of responses. There are tools for keeping track of forthcoming meetings, viewing agendas, and participating in relevant surveys. The minutes feature allows you to capture meeting information. Additionally, tasks can be added and assigned directly from the minutes records.

With popular calendaring programmes like iCalendar, Outlook, and Google Calendar, Boardable functions right out of the box. For a head start, Boardable offers agenda creation templates. Your agendas are exportable to the team as PDF files.

Support is offered via a proactive live chat feature as well as a knowledge base with detailed documentation.

Pricing for their entry-level subscription, which comes with 10 users and offers a 14-day free trial, starts at $49 per month.

14-day no-risk trial

Starting at $49/month for their entry-level package.

Visit Website

7. BoardEffect

Best board meeting scheduling software

You may access workspace files, view upcoming meetings, and even join a peer collaboration space with BoardEffect.
A board meeting software called BoardEffect makes arranging meetings easier. Your board members can easily confirm their presence at forthcoming board meetings by clicking a single button when you select the date. To approve the minutes of board meetings, new members, and policies, there is a voting mechanism.

You can annotate board meeting materials on your mobile device with Boardeffect. To keep everyone informed of any last-minute alterations, add them and push them to the board. Members of the board can create email reminders to do particular tasks, and then tick the box when they have. Additionally, you may plan post-meeting follow-ups to reach out to different team members and re-involve them in the discussion.

With tools like Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Atlassian, among others, BoardEffect enables connectors. A welcome bot, live chat, and thorough documentation with step-by-step instructions are all accessible for support.

Upon request, BoardEffect provides personalised pricing. Also available is a free demo request.

On demand pricing

Visit Website

8. CGS Boardworks

Best board meeting software for enterprises

You may schedule board meetings, start board votes, conduct pulse surveys, and gather signatures with the aid of CGS Boardworks.
A well-known tool for board meetings is CGS Boardworks. From within the platform, you may rapidly add annotations to a document. This promotes collaboration in either an online or offline setting and speeds up any review process. Through the specialised voting and survey modules of CGS Boardworks, you may influence the opinions of your board. E-signature approvals are another option for your paperwork.

You can quickly access the app on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. It is a good option for large businesses with numerous divisions because it provides the same straightforward navigating experience across devices. Both iOS and Android have access to the mobile version. Apple Calendar is integrated with CGS Boardworks. Its website does not list any additional integrations.

Customized pricing is available from CGS Boardworks upon request.

Pricing determined by request

Visit Website

9. Parabol

Best free board meeting software

You can collaborate on aspects to start, halt, or continue during retrospective meetings using the free Parabol board management software.
Small businesses can use the free, open-source Parabol board meeting software. In order to improve as a team, it enables your team to provide anonymous comments on the work. To keep everyone interested, you can use multiplayer grouping, which involves assembling various team members to reflect, discuss issues, and resolve disagreements as a group. By using icebreakers, you may highlight new employees and persuade them to join. Additionally, you can write meeting recaps to keep everyone updated.

Before or during the meeting, anyone may submit agenda items to voice their concerns. Actionable next steps can then be added to the agenda and posted straight to programmes like Jira and GitHub. In contrast to them, Parabol already integrates with Slack.

Use of Parabol is cost-free. Paid plans start at $9 per user per month.

$9 per user each month

Visit Website

10. Boardvantage

Best board meeting software for collaboration

Nasdaq A cross-platform solution for virtual board meetings, including the creation and distribution of agendas, is Boardvantage.
A board portal programme from the well-known stock market index platform is called Nasdaq Boardvantage. You may easily create one- or multi-day meetings using its meeting management capabilities. You may initiate remote meetings, add information, track board member attendance, attach files, and do other things.

They have a document management system that allows you to view all of your files and projects at once. Its search capability makes it simple to locate pertinent papers. Along with the ability to write comments, send notes, and tag particular people or groups, there are many collaborative capabilities available. Additionally, you can create questions and surveys.

On its website, Nasdaq Boardvantage does not list any integrations. Support is available by chat, email, and phone.

On request, Nasdaq Boardvantage provides customizable pricing.

On request, pricing is provided.

Visit Website

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