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How To Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x8000ffff?


It is wise to update your Windows on time. However, many users are facing Error Code 0x8000ffff when they update the PC. This error could have many causes; some of these causes are catastrophic means they could harm your PC and personal data.

Error Code 0x8000ffff is usually seen after the update of Windows. This error can lock the Windows Store. Also, due to this error, you’ll find your PC running slower than before. These are possibly some causes that can lead to this error.

Causes of Update Error Code 0x8000ffff 

1. Malware Infection

This particular reason is the most common reason for this error. Malware is the unwanted elements that can get into your PC from the web or some infected drive (e.g., Pendrive, Harddisk, etc.).

Once the Malware gets in the system, it starts to put the load on the CPU. It takes high usage of CPU, and It also interferes with other applications in the PC. It can even corrupt system files, which can lead to Windows Failure.

Malware is deadly for the system, and it should be removed as quickly as possible. Since it also can create its restore point. Sometimes Antivirus / Windows Defender won’t be able to find it without a deep scan.

2. Outdated or Faulty Drivers

Drivers are a set of command that is used by the Windows to interact with hardware. If your PC Drivers gets corrupted somehow, then it will not work in as it is meant to be. Due to these faulty drivers, your PC can crash, overheat, and even lead to deleting personal data. If your system drivers are fine but outdated, they’ll reduce the CPU speed and other hardware with time. So it highly recommended that you keep your drivers updated.

3. Incorrect Date and Time settings

Incorrect Date and Time are rare, and it could happen by mistake. If your PC date and time are wrong, your PC won’t interact with the Internet and updates. The solution to this problem is straightforward.

In most cases, the user changes the date and time settings by himself because there is a meagre chance that your PC itself is set on the wrong date or time. Always match your PC time with other devices.

4. Corrupted Windows Store Cache

Like any other application Windows Store also stores cache to load Faster, but if the cache gets corrupted by any means. It will be problematic because it will block the user from loading Windows Store or downloading any update.

It could crash the Windows applications that were downloaded by Windows Store. Many features of Windows that are connected with the Windows Store will not work either.

How to Fix Error Code 0x8000ffff in Windows 10

There are several solutions to fix Error Code 0x8000ffff, and each of the solutions is for a different cause of the error. You can try all of these solutions to fix your error since none of these errors won’t lead to your data deletion. Here are the best solutions to remove this error.

Solution 1: Scan your PC for Malware with Antivirus or Windows Defender

The most common cause of error 0x8000ffff is the presence of Malware or virus. Malware is pretty deadly; they can harm your PC in every way. Many times an Antivirus or Windows Defender can’t detect the Malware automatically. Hence, you need to perform a manual scan (Deep Scan) to check for Malware’s presence in the system. Kindly follow the steps below to scan your PC.

Step 1: Click on the Notification icon in the corner.
Step 2: Click on Windows Defender and scroll down to the Windows Defender Offline section.
Step 3: Now click on Scan offline.

Now the Scan will begin, and Windows Defender will notify you if it encounters any Malware, and then you can remove it.

If you have a Licensed Antivirus, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your Antivirus by clicking its icon.
Step 2: Now go to the Scan section and click on Deep Scan.
Step 3: On completion of the Scan, you will see the malware files that antivirus found, then you can remove them by choosing appropriate options.

Having an Antivirus in your PC is very helpful since it can stop the invasion of viruses and Malware on your system. Suppose this solution doesn’t work for you. You can try other solutions below.

Solution 2: Check File integrity with SFC tool

SFC stands for “System File Checker” it is a handy feature of Windows as it can scan for corrupted system files. System File corruption is pretty rare, but it can occur for many reasons; hence we use the SFC scan tool to scan for corrupted files. Kindly follow the steps below to use the SFC tool.

Step 1: Click the Windows key and type ‘cmd’.
Step 2: Now right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.
Step 3: Type the following command SFC /scannow and hit Enter.

Now the tool will scan and repair the corrupted files if found any. This Scan will take more time (about 20 minutes). If the error code 0x8000ffff is not removed by now, you can find other solutions down below.

Solution 3: Set Correct Date And Time And Login As Admin

As I mentioned above, if you mistakenly changed the system’s date or time, it can lead to many problems. The resolution to this issue is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is set the date and time correctly. You can match your time with Google. Now kindly follow the steps below to set date and time.

Step 1: Move the cursor to the very bottom of the screen and right-click on it.
Step 2: Now choose to Adjust the date and time from the pop-up menu.
Step 3: Select the Set time automatically option and wait for 5-7 seconds and click on it again.

Your PC time and date should be updated by now. In any case, if they didn’t follow the steps below to update Time and Date manually.

Step 1: Disable the Set time automatically function by clicking on it.
Step 2: Scroll down to Set time manually and click on change.
Step 3: Now put in the correct date and time and click on change.

If the error is not removed by now, you can try other solutions below.

Solution 4: Reset Windows Store Cache

As you’ve read above, if the Windows Store cache gets corrupted, it could lead to many problems, and one of them is this error. To fix this error, we are going to reset the Windows Store cache. Kindly follow the steps below to reset the Store cache.

Step 1: Open Windows Run by clicking Windows key + R.
Step 2: Type “WSReset.exe” and hit Enter.

Now the Windows Store cache has been cleared up. Suppose you are still facing the error, you should try other solutions too.

Solution 5: Boot With Safe Mode And Networking and Try Again

This error could result from some faulty application or driver to confirm that we will boot in safe mode with Networking as it will disable all other unwanted applications and drivers. By booting into the safe mode, you can only use system applications. Booting into the safe mode is very easy and fast. Kindly follow the steps below to boot into the safe mode.

Step 1: Hold the shift key and click on Restart.
Step 2: Now, on the Restart, you will find a menu. Click on Troubleshoot.
Step 3: Then click on Advanced options.
Step 4: If you can’t find the Advanced options in the menu, click on more recovery options.
Step 5: Then click on Start-up settings and click on the Restart option.
Step 6: Now, on the Restart, you will see boot options. Just tap on F5 to boot in Safe mode with Networking.

After booting into the safe mode now, you can try to Update your PC. If the error is still not removed, you should try other solutions below.

Solution 6: Remove Problematic Applications

As I mentioned about any problematic application can interfere with the updating process. We can find by checking the Installation Log of applications. It is a little complicated so try to keep focused on the steps. Now kindly follow the steps below to check the installation log.

Step 1: Go to My PC and open the Windows drive (on which the Windows is installed).
Step 2: Now go to the top left menu and select the Show hidden files option.
Step 3: Then locate C:$Windows.~BTSourcesPanther, you can find its location by typing it in the search bar.
Step 4: Now, in this folder, select the file <array_of_symbols>_APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml and open it with Notepad.
Step 5: Finally, search for the applications with BlockingApplication=True is associated and uninstall them one by one.

Check if the error is removed; if not, you should check out other solutions.

Solution 7: Create a new Administrator Account

Sometimes your user account on your PC gets corrupted and the. You lose Administrator privileges, and you won’t be able to update your PC. To overcome this problem, we can create a new Administrator Account with which you can regain Administrator privileges, and you’ll be able to update your PC. Kindly follow these steps below to create a new Administrator Account.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to the Accounts section.
Step 2: Now click on the family & other people select add someone else to this PC.
Step 3: Then follow up the procedure to create the account.
Step 4: Finally, you will convert your account into an administrator account.
Step 5: Go to your newly created account and select the Change account type.
Step 6: Select the account type as Administrator and hit Enter.

Then sign out from your old account and sign in to the new one. Check if the error still there; you should try other solutions too.

Solution 8: Perform An in-place Upgrade

This particular solution is the panacea for this error. In this solution, we will forcefully upgrade Windows 10. All the applications and personal data will not be touched. To upgrade Windows, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: You need to download the Microsoft Creation tool from their website.
Step 2: Now run this tool and select Download and install the latest updates.
Step 3: Now, follow-up the process (it is the same as installing new Windows).
Step 4: Choose the option Keep the File and settings and complete the installation.

Now your updated Windows is ready.

[Warning: Do not interfere with the installation or you might lose all of your data]

Final Words

There is always a solution to every error. At the end of the article, I hope you have found your solution for the error code 0x8000ffff. Keep your PC clean and Healthy

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 267? Easy Guide

Roblox Error Code 267

Suppose you are a gaming enthusiast, you must have heard of Roblox. For those who are new to the world of gaming, Roblox is a multiplayer online gaming platform, which was developed and published by Roblox Corporation. It allows gamers to play games developed by several developers and even create games of their own. Roblox is available across all operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS, and many more. Roblox Error Code 267 is a widespread glitch that regular users of Roblox might have encountered on multiple occasions.

Some gamers on Roblox might have come across an error message which reads:

“You were kicked out of the game.”

Roblox Error Code 267 can be understood from the error message itself, kicks the user out of the game and denies them any further access to it. The user may also encounter a different version of the error message, like:

“You have been banned for cheating suspicion.”

Error messages like these can be annoying and frustrating to gamers, especially when they are busy playing games.

Why Roblox Error Code 267 is Occurring?

Roblox Error Code 267 may pop up out of nowhere because of many reasons which are listed below:

  • Problems related to Windows Firewall may cause such a disruption. A low bandwidth connection may be the culprit behind issues related to Windows Firewall due to which users may be kicked out of a game.
  • Often your anti-virus software may cause the error.
  • A slow internet connection is another reason behind the error message.
  • A developer’s illegal insertion of a malicious or invalid script may also cause the error to pop up.

Steps To Fix Roblox Error Code 267

So, it is not a fault of Roblox. However, Roblox Error Code 267 is a pervasive error, and it is easy to fix. The following section deals with how to troubleshoot the issue:

Using Google Chrome as the default browser

This can help prevent the occurrence of the error. Chrome provides users with the best gaming experience on Roblox. Users should not use an outdated version of a browser. Besides, all the apps and drivers installed on a device should be regularly updated.

Check the internet connection.

You must check for network errors. If necessary, you should reset the router by switching it off and then using it again after about 5 minutes.

  1.     Verify the browser security settings.
  2.      Reset internet settings.

In doing so, all the corrupt temporary files which might have caused the error will be deleted. The following steps explain how to reset internet settings:

  •     Open your browser
  •     Go to Settings
  •     Go to Internet options.
  •     Select Advanced options
  •     Select the Reset tab
  •     Restart your Browser
  •     Disable Ad-blockers

This can also help because some websites open the game in a pop-up instead of a new tab.

Download a Good Quality VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Downloading and connecting it to a more robust network connection zone is recommended. An Ethernet connection will be of help too.

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Reinstall Roblox

In case nothing works, Roblox has to be reinstalled. In doing so, the corrupt files will be deleted, and the issue will be fixed.

Error messages can be frustrating, but thankfully Roblox Error Code 267 is not very difficult to fix.

Google Digital Wellbeing Alternatives – Best Screen Time Trackers

Digital Wellbeing

Google’s Digital Wellbeing, developed & built, is an excellent application to beat addiction to smartphones & social media. The Android app works brilliantly to help you wisely manage your time, concentrate on work, improve efficiency, and help you reconnect with real life.

Google Digital Wellbeing, intuitively built, helps you to monitor the use of real-time apps so that you can keep track of time spent on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The app allows you to limit phones to practice your hobbies and spend more time with your loved ones. In addition, Digital Wellbeing provides Bedtime mode that reminds you to switch off and modify settings to schedule a dim screen. Keeping track of your digital activities involves many modules, such as how much you use apps, updates you have got, lock / unlock logs, and so on. In the Google Play Store, Google Digital Wellbeing is available for download.

But if you wonder if there are more such apps in the “Best Apps To Stop Smartphone Addiction” category, here’s a full list for you. 

Google Digital Wellbeing Alternatives – Apps To Stop Smartphone Addiction For Android

The best apps to assist you to curb your addiction to smartphones & social media are listed. To boost your productivity & reconnect with real life, install any of these Google Digital Wellbeing alternatives!

Digital Detox 

Digital Detox is an intuitive application without many hassles to avoid smartphone addiction. Digital Detox marks your accomplishment & leader board at Play Games to enhance concentration and restricting access to your mobile phone during work time. So, you can question your friends and dramatically curb phone use. This identical app must be downloaded like today’s Digital Wellbeing!

Stay Focused 

Stay Oriented, the simple but effective Social Media detox app, helps its users understand and control their use of smartphones in a wise way. It also allows individuals for a fixed period of time to block intrusive applications, so that you can concentrate on more important things and decrease screen time. In addition, for your children, you can allow Strict Mode & set lock mode, so that they do not use your phone for wrongful purposes.


The moment is one of the most common and easy-to-use phone usage trackers and helps to reliably keep a tab on your app usage. It has several modules to help you concentrate on spending quality time, enhancing sleep, relationships & work. Moment also includes features to minimize anxiety & improve mood, unlike other screen time trackers. To make the day happier & positive, it also shows motivational quotes, making it a great alternative to Google Welling.


Trusted as the perfect cure for social media addiction by millions of users from all over the world, YourHour brings several features to help you boost your concentration and be more efficient. It focuses intuitively on the time spent using a phone and includes a list of guidelines to beat mobile phone addiction that you need to obey. Every day, give yourself challenges & beat your success, surely a great feature you can expect from apps such as Digital Wellbeing.


Unplug yourself from the world of digital & work with Offtime effectively. To help you control your intense phone use behaviors, it’s a dedicated Social Media addiction cure. When you need to shut down the phone for a while, you can set up reminders. Additionally, when you focus on spending quality time with your family or friends, you can block calls, texts & other updates.


If you are constantly starting your day on your smartphone, then StayFree-Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage is a solution for you. StayFree, designed with advanced algorithms, provides a full overview of your everyday phone use, can set overuse reminders, compare your digital detox journey with other users, and use an easy access widget to get comprehensive reports. This is something that should be provided by any app like Google Digital Wellbeing. 


If you eat all your day on TikTok or Instagram, then you need to install Independence, the successful phone use tracker. For a start, it temporarily blocks distracting applications and websites so that you can concentrate on work and remain productive. It has several essential tools, all bundled in a beautiful UI for scheduling timers, locking applications for social media, and more.

Usage Time

Another excellent app to avoid mobile addiction is User Time. As the name suggests, with all the user information such as alerts, lock / unlock times & so on, it accurately monitors total time spent on your phone. For each program you use, you can set time limits & get regular reminders when your time is over. Time to escape the world of digital & reconnect with your surroundings.

Detox Procrastination Blocker

Detox Procrastination Blocker is a strong Android screen time tracker, as the name suggests, and offers lots of features to start your social detox journey. You can stop overusing your phone, set timers, so that you get locked out of your system when the time frame exceeds, using this Social Media addiction solution. It also provides the option to uninstall apps that are unwanted & distracting.

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Which One Is Your Favourite Google Digital Wellbeing Alternative?

Mobile phone addiction is on the rise (best-known as Nomophobia). It can be very hard to pull yourself away from the phone screen everywhere you look, whether it’s young people or adults. But it can be of great help to start your virtual world detox journey using Digital Wellbeing or its related apps to break Social Media & Smartphone addiction!

Share your experience with us in the comments section below if you are using or have come across such a similar Social Media detox app! 

10 Best Skype Alternatives For Windows PC


Although Skype comes up with some of the most helpful features to improve user experience, one can look for the best alternative to Skype for PC. Skype, being the most used communication tool for making video and audio calls, is quite famous. So, One always gets more options as the technology proceeds in making personalized apps and platforms for users.

Though it is one of the best in sharing screen on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, if you have decided on permanently deleting your Skype account, go ahead and have a look at these Skype alternatives for PC. 

The Best Alternative Of Skype For Computer

This is the list of the Skype Alternatives for PC 2020. Now, Remember these tips for being in video conferencing calls.



The Zoom is an excellent Skype alternative as it provides you with more of the support, which is required in a video conferencing call. It is a cross-platform video and audio calling service. One can join the market as a phone call too, with excellent audio and video quality.

So, All the participants are visible at the same time for the group calls. Must feature like hand raising, which is helpful while discussions and let it be a professional tool. Well, screen sharing is also available for improved understanding during the meetings. 

Tox Chat


This Tox chat is an option to go for making the conversation in your group safer. So, As digital surveillance is prevalent with many big names, you can turn to Tox Chat as an alternative for Skype. Now, Use it for instant messaging, making calls, or sharing documents; it can do it all for you.

This simple interface makes it relatively easy for users of any field. Here, One can connect with family, friends, and co-workers over this chatting and video calling app from the desktops. Well, Screen sharing option is also available to provide help or to share something from your PC without having to send it. 

Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is an attractive messaging app from Google, which came to life in 2013. This is a cross-platform chat app, which makes the experience very interesting and serves as the best Skype alternative for PC. Now, One can text, make voice and video calls, integrate the contacts from the phone number, or the Gmail account.

So, With the app constituting the inbuilt stickers, media support, and combined with many features become a favorite for Google users. This is also one of the encrypted chatting apps, which does not require any backup as all of the conversations are saved in the Google account.

Well, To use it, all one needs to have is a Gmail account, and you can get the app on your Android, iOS devices quickly. This is also quite famous as a Chrome extension for PC support, as well as available exclusively as an app for Windows PC.



The line is a Skype alternative for PC when you need a good audio video and texting option. This is again a cross-platform chatting app, which is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This is more of personal use for keeping in touch with your friends.

Well, One can create groups and use these features to enjoy texting app. So, There are multiple colorful screensavers available for Windows/ Mac app. Now, You can send and receive screenshots, view pictures on a large screen. Besides, View numerous images at once; the complete list of photos posted can also be checked. 

Cisco Webex Meetings


This Cisco Webex meeting is a fantastic Skype alternative for PC. This comes with your personalized meeting room, where you can add your employees. Now, With the screen sharing option, one can easily continue to explain while in the call. Well, Different enterprises have been using it for a long time now, as it delivers good quality audio and video calls.

So, One can also find out other features such as integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Further, features such as remote control, recording the market, sending notifications for meetings are beneficial. Here, Extensive support for the platform is always available for bettering service.

Google Hangouts Meet


Google Hangouts Meet is the best alternatives to Skype for PC. It is because it is primarily focused on enterprises. This comes as a part of the GSuite, which is used by the organizations. It has to be the best to date as you can keep all your group members meeting at the same place for video conferencing. This supports voice and video calls.

So, One can schedule meetings and send emails to all the participants individually. It is an excellent platform for making professional life easier while connecting with the people of your company in one place. This is available as an app for Android, iOS as well as Windows PC.



It is a simple Messenger app, which is why it can be another best Skype alternative for PC. ICQ has encryption for all the calls along with the group chats. The messaging app supports file transfer of up to 4GB of files and hence is very helpful.

Here, Live chat is another feature to look for if you have a specific theme like travel on your mind. Well, Voice transcript is available for the voice messages you receive on this app. Now, Enjoy the free app without any disruption right from your PC. 



Discord is the best Skype alternative for PC as it gives you multiple useful features. This Famous among the gaming community Discord has made its name for a while. Well, there are several features of Discord which make it fun to use. This app can be available on your devices – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

This is even known to be used on any web browser. So, Communication is made easy with texting, voice, and video calling. Now, Used by the school communities, art fans, or gamers, this is a fun app to connect with fellow members. 



This Talky– is the best alternative to Skype for PC as it has been a great competition to the former communications platform over the years. Well, Talky- comes as a desktop application for Windows users, and it works on the website too. This does require you to create any account plus it is a free video calling app.

Now, One can add up to 15 users in the group for making voice and video calls. Here, go to the website and create a nickname, and then a web link will be available. So, You can share the link with participating users, and this will be your chat room for the time being. This is one of the best online video calling app websites.



As well, Jami, previously known as GNU Ring, is one of the best Skype alternatives for PCs. The app is again, cross-platform, which makes it easier to communicate. Now, The user can get an app on their Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux devices.

This is excellent for creating audio and video calls, which is why it can be used for video conferencing. It can be used as a simple texting app too for smart devices. Well, One can use the screen share option to make others on the call view their desktop screen. 

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Final Words:

Though, We think these alternatives to Skype for PC are going to be of great help. So, This list includes something for everyone as it covers the video calling apps for your computer for personal and professional both usage. 

As well, we conclude the post, and we would like to know your views. Now, Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Here, Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

How to Solve Media Player Error 0xc00d36cb in Windows PC


Did you later find the 0xc00d36cb error while running Media files on your computer? As well, this bug may arise because of the following reasons – unnecessarily stored cache, and you don’t have required file permissions, third-party software interfering with video playback functionalities, or Corrupted User Profile.

Aside from this, you may also face this trouble when the media files themselves are broken or bears an extension that Windows Media Player doesn’t support. So, Whatever is the reason in your case, following our four different approaches should address this issue on your computer. Let’s explore the solutions in detail –

Ways to Fix Error Code 0xc00d36cb 

First, you need to confirm whether this is indeed an error or that the media files that are trying to play are corrupt. Well, Sometimes, this bug may also arise when the media file has an extension that the default media player doesn’t support. So, To confirm this, try using some other media player like – VLC, KM Player, etc. Suppose the issue doesn’t occur in these players, you may go through the below list of solutions –

1. Use Video Playback Troubleshooter

Windows 10 combines a powerful tool that can find and repair the underlying causes behind this 0xc00d36cb bug. Here is a troubleshooting method, and you can run this following the below guideline –

  • Firstly, navigate to the location – Win + I > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Then, switch to the right pane and click Additional troubleshooters.
  • Here, On the next screen, scroll down to Video Playback.
  • Next, When found, click to expand to its pane and hit Run the troubleshooter.


  • So, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the remaining process. 
  • Well, The troubleshooter will initiate a scan, and if it finds any issue is found, this will automatically apply to a fix.
  • Finally, After this completes the scanning/repairing process, Restart Windows to implement the recent changes. 

2. Reset Windows Store Cache to Solve 0xc00d36cb 

If Windows components have become corrupted, this could prevent playing any media files on your device. So, As a workaround, you should then try clearing the stored cache of the Microsoft Store. Now, here are the essential steps to work upon –

  • Move to the Start Menu and type “cmd” in the text field.
  • Then, Right-click on the top result and choose to “Run as administrator. “
  • Suppose the UAC window comes into the display, hit Yes.
  • Now, Copy or paste the below command in the immediate area and hit Enter Wait for a few seconds to execute this code successfully. 


  • Here, When you see a blinking cursor in the next line of the Command prompt, type exit & press Enter again. 
  • Lastly, Do Restart your device so that any remaining cache gets cleared.

Log in to your device and check if the 0xc00d36cb error still occurs or gets resolved. Suppose yes. You may either modify the file permission or start using a different Media Player. 

3. Modify Media File’s Permission

Well, Sometimes, you may encounter this bug simply because the media file is not set for everyone to use. Suppose that’s the case. It will prompt an error every time you attempt to run the file. So, To address this possibility, you must modify the file’s permissions using these steps –

  • Now, Press Win + E to invoke the File Explorer.
  • Here, open the folder containing the file that is causing the 0xc00d36cb trouble.
  • Then, right-click on this file and hit the Properties option on its context menu. 
  • Finally, go to the Security tab and click the Advanced button. See the Snapshot below –


  • So, On the Advanced Security Settings window, click Change available next to that of Owner name. 


Now, do the following changes –

  1. First, Put Everyone under the Enter the object name to select section.
  2. Then, click Check Names; after that, press OK to confirm this setting.


Whether following the above trick works, you may perform similar changes to other files as well.

4. Create a new User Profile  

Suppose even changing the file’s permission doesn’t resolve this issue. Here, Your current user profile might have become corrupt. Thus, it would be best if you tried creating a new user account or try the last workaround. Here’s how to perform this task –

  • Now, Click Win + I to launch the Settings window.
  • Choose Accounts followed by Family and other users on the left pane.
  • Then, head over to the right side and click “Add someone else to this PC.”


  • This system will then prompt a Microsoft Account window to use an existing user id and password to create a new user profile.

Note that: If you don’t have another Microsoft account, click “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.”  


  • First, click “Add a user without a Microsoft account. “


  • Then, enter a username under the “Who’s going to use this PC” section and fill in the password to make this secured. 
  • Now, Microsoft may prompt to select a few questions & answers to be used if you forget the lately created password. So, Do the same, and your new user profile is all set to play the media files that were earlier causing issues. 


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Now, Restart your PC and this time, use the newly created user profile’s information to sign in to your device. Well, I hope you are now able to play media files without getting into the 0xc00d36cb error.

MangaStream – Best Alternatives to Read Manga Online For Free


Let’s talk about Manga, shall we? Because I love mangas, and I know you do too. They have a long and complicated history in Japanese art. This has gradually made a way to everyone’s heart, including ours, all around the world with time. So, Almost all of us wanted to be a’ mangaka’ (a manga artist) once in our lives.

Suppose someone is appalled by the fact that you love mangas. Well, Tell them that Manga is our solace in this cruel, cruel world. However, Its global domination is nothing new. We are all aware of its popularity. So those of you who have no idea that what on earth Manga is, it is a graphic novel created in Japan.

What is Mangastream?

MangaStream is a top-rated website to quench your thirst for Manga in a go. This Site has been in business for a decade now. That’s popularity for years is that it is a straightforward interface, which made it very user-friendly. This manga content it provides is crisp and has quite some array of a genre that includes everything from sci-fi to action, romance, and much more. Each of them was delivered in different languages as well. This also provided you with an option to search for your loved Manga. 

Why Did It Go Down?

MangaStream elected to put a full stop to their services to promote the legal reading of content. So, Another reason was to help services like MangaPlus grow and thrive into a site that puts out free content. People wanted the readers to read the content only from legal sources. This the most famous manga scanlation site that has gone off the internet as of now.

Well, Comics have been an escape for everyone for a long time now, a way to live your fantasy. Also, we won’t let anyone take that away from you. Therefore, here we are with some of the very best alternatives to MangaStream to let you have your share of joyful reading. So, We have left links to the Website to speed up your search. Beyond, there! Your favorite Manga is waiting for you. 

Best MangaStream Alternatives to Read Manga Online

Accordingly, If are you doing wasting your time? Start reading. Here are 15 Sites like MangaStream to Read Manga Online For Free in 2020.



KissManga is an alternative to the MangaStream. This has got a limited collection but provides you with quality content. This comic collection has regular updates to bring you the latest chapters of your favorite Manga. This notifies you of the recently added chapters.

So, The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. The Website could be easily browsed by children and is safe. Well, there are no ads and hence no interruption while you read. Moreover, it can be accessed through any platform.



MangaPanda is a pleasant alternative for MangaStream. This Website is very straightforward with a considerable collection of manga comics that includes mangas from various comedy, romance, action, etc. This Website updates its collection regularly. MangaPanda also has an option where you can watch anime and Chinese movies as well.

The MangaPanda comes with an unfussy and user-friendly interface. This Website is good, but I won’t recommend it for children because of the adult content and no option. MangaPanda is accessible by almost all the platforms and comes with the app. Although the Site is free, the frequent popping of ads can annoy you.



MangaEden gets up next among the alternatives of MangaStream. So, MangaEden is a good website for your manga cravings but has a minimal array of genres to choose from. This collection is updated frequently for the latest content. Well, The interface is genuine, which makes it easy to use. 

While this Website is free but has got some features that are accessible only when you register. So, No annoying ads and can be reached through any platform.



This Mangago is the best alternative among all. This Website has pretty good features in its beta version. The Website has a jumbo database with all the best-loved Manga that includes Naruto, Astro Boy, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and many more. The Website won’t let anyone down and has content for all age groups. 

Well, The interface is unambiguous and user-friendly. Mangago has a unique feed section for updates. Mangago has an area where you can post your queries. This has no pop-ads to disturb you and is accessible on any platform. This is highly recommendable. 



TenManga is an attractive alternative to MangaStream. This has got loads of Manga for you to read and many more to discover. So, You can search for your favorite manga comic from the search tab provided. This Website has an extensive database that includes cartoons from different genres. This Website brings you a unique feature called ‘Surprise,’ which you can use if you’re unsure what to read or want to read something new.

TenManga has a user-friendly interface. The one big pros of TenManga are that no ads are popping up to interrupt you while reading. That’s a great site and worth a visit.



This MangaReborn, another enjoyable alternative for MangaStream. This Website is straightforward but has got some pretty good stuff for your love of reading. Well, The interface of this Site has been kept very simple and is easy to navigate. MangaReborn has got a news section that keeps you updated with the manga world’s latest buzz. This may ask you to register at some time. MangaReborn is free and no annoying ads at all and accessible through any platform.



This Site Packed with manga comics. This Site is simple and fascinating. This is another best alternative to MangaStream. Those with comes with a great collection of comics, including some of the very famous Manga.

Mangapark comes with some outstanding features; it allows you to change themes between light and dark mode. Then, You can turn off the adult content, bookmark your favorite Manga, gives you an option to choose the number of images you want to see on one page, an image zoom mode, and some more. Here, You can find them under the setting option. So, The interface is relaxed and comfortable to handle. No pop-up ads. This can be accessed on any platform.



MangaHere is yet another great alternative to MangaStream. This Website has quite a good collection of comics organized under different genres: romance, action, comedy, supernatural, and more. This updates its database regularly. This Website has a very catchy look.

This has a search tab to make it easy to look for your Manga, and also you can find a charge ‘Manga spoilers and News, ‘which provides you updates and info about the manga world. So, The interface is easy to use. No ads are popping up to annoy you while you read your comic. MangaHere is accessible by any platform. Well, MangaHere has an app for its android users also.



The MangaOwl is an excellent alternative to MangaStream. So, MangaOwl comes with a decent database for manga comics, including all the famous Manga. This Website frequently updates the database to bring you the latest chapters. This Site gives you the option to search for the Manga of your choice.

MangaOwl comes with a friendly and easy interface. This has a discussion forum where you can share information or update with your co-readers. This Website is ad-less to make your visit enjoyable. Now, You can access the Site through any platform and all of this without spending a single penny. 



This Site Manganelo is very similar to the above mention site MangaKakalot. Manganelo comes with a substantial collection for your reading and is kept under different genres for your facility. So, Manganelo updates its comic collection regularly.

Well, The interface is pretty much the same as that of MangaKakalot, which is trouble-free and straightforward. Manganelo has no ads popping up. So, there is no disturbance. This can be accessed through multiple platforms.



Chia-Anime is a website where you can read Manga and watch anime and cartoon shows of your choice. This Website has a limited and updated collection of Manga. This Website provides a search option to ease your search.

Well, The interface is simple. The Site provides free content. So, there are no pop-up ads, and the Website is accessible on any platform. 



So, AnimePlanet is another alternative to read your favorite manga comics. The has a good range of manga collection, and the Website regularly updates the content. AnimePlanet, along with Manga it also gives an option to watch your favorite anime shows.

AnimePlanet has an easy to use interface. So, No sign up required for reading your loved Manga or watching an anime you like. This Website provides free content with no pop-up ads. The AnimePlanet is accessible through any platform. This would be best if you gave it a go.



MangaDex is a website where you can get a decent manga collection for your reading. This Website provides average reading content. However, the content is intermediate MangaDex updates it frequently. This offers you an option to search for the Manga you are looking for.

Well, The interface is elementary, and you can browse it easily. This Website does not annoy you with the ads popping up. The MangaDex is readily available on any platform. 



ToonGet gives you a lot of great content. This brings you a nice collection of Manga. Some content is kept up-to-date. The ToonGet, along with Manga, gives you a chance to watch all your favorite anime & cartoon shows. 

Well, The interface is simple and can be easily browsed. ToonGet does not require you to sign-up for all of its free content. ToonGet can be easily accessed through any platform.



This MangaReader is another alternative for you to read your favorite Manga. MnagaReader is similar to MangaPanda look-wise. This has a classic collection of manga comics, which is regularly updated. This also provides you with an option to watch your loved anime shows.

Well, Since the Site is similar to MangaPanda, the interface is identical to that of it. MangaReader is not recommended for children due to some adult content. MangaReader can be annoying due to the frequent pop-up ads. This Website has an application for an android user, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The MangaReader is accessible through some platforms.

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Final Words:

If you read, you enter a world that is entirely yours. So, Don’t waste your time doing things that do not give you pleasure. Although I swear on my life, mangas are something you wouldn’t regret laying your eyes on. That’s the best, trust me. Wonders happened on this earth a long time ago, and Manga was born. Zero can inspire you more than experiences. Then, Manga IS that experience. Suppose you’ve been feeling a little low lately. Now, You’ll connect to the characters. People encourage you that it is, and it will always be you to help yourself out of a crisis. This your feelings are still valid, Plus no matter what, you are not allowed to give up on yourself. So That these beautiful things still exist in this chaotic world of ours. 

Best Kodi Addons for Movies in 2020

Kodi Addons for Movies

As we know, our universe is revolving around entertainment, and we are pretty sure that you desire to be a part of it. However, Kodi is the best solution for streaming popular movies across a large number of devices. Thanks to the most famous Kodi addons right now, you are always only a few clicks away from a massive library of content. It is why we’ve decided to bring you our list of the very best Kodi Addons for Movies in 2020.

Before anything else, we would like to highlight that the following add-ons suggested after an extended period of testing. We desire to make sure that we are providing you merely the most functional movie addons out there, and we think we have succeeded in that mission. However, our suggestions bring you a library of thousands of movie titles, in addition to other kinds of content. Thus, no matter what kinds of movies you like to watch, you will most definitely find something entertaining.

Lastly, let’s take a glance at some of the essential movie addons for Kodi that you have to try. All of the following recommendations come with vast media libraries, and we’re sure they’ll keep you busy for a long time.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies in 2020

So, here are the 10 Best Kodi Addons for Movies.

  1. Netflix
  2. Crackle
  3.  iPlayer WWW
  4. YouTube
  5. Popcornflix
  6. FilmRise
  7. SnagFilms
  8. Pluto.TV
  9. Shout Factory TV
  10. Classic Cinema


Kodi Addons for Movies

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can combine this media streaming service with Kodi. Though, make sure to use Kodi 18 Leia for this purpose, as only this version supports this integration type. Once you set everything up, you can approach your Netflix library and stream pretty much any title available on the platform.

The Netflix Kodi addon supports more than one user accounts and comes with countless content categories. There are even some curated classifications created by this addon’s developer, which might help you find new types of movies. All in all, we firmly believe this to be one of the best Kodi Addons for Movies, and we suggest you try it out.

  • Where to Find This Addon? – Download from GitHub (CastagnaIT Repository).
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi addon for Movies? – Accessible worldwide. Suppose you would like to access the US version of Netflix, make sure to check the best VPNs right now.
  • What Can You Stream via Netflix? – You can browse movies and TV shows, including thousands of genuine names.


Kodi Addons for Movies

Once an independent film browsing service, Crackle, is now maintained by Sony. The best news is that not much has become different, and this still is a free-of-charge platform. Although, what is surprising is that you can find a fully-working Kodi addon that provides you all the satisfaction of Crackle to your large-screen television.

As you can imagine, you will not find the latest blockbusters here. Though, since Sony took over this platform, we have started to see a large number of relatively new titles. Considering that it comes free of cost, we strongly suggest trying it out. The addon works without any matters and streams movies in up to HD.

  • Where to Find This Addon? – The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – Crackle is obtainable in the USA only. Although, to avoid this obstacle, learn how to watch Crackle outside the USA.
  • What Can You Stream via Crackle? – It offers an excellent choice of movies and TV shows, including some currently released titles also.

iPlayer WWW

Kodi Addons for Movies

You are probably amazed to see us recommending an addon that comes from the BBC. Though, this broadcaster provides more than just award-winning TV shows and documentaries. It comes with an online policy named iPlayer, obtainable for everyone in the UK – and free of cost. Of course, you only want an authentic VPN to overcome this obstacle.

As you know, we are talking about the best Kodi movie addons in this article. With this said, see that iPlayer WWW comes with the best collection of currently released movies. We are talking about titles like Revolutionary Road, Birdman, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Romeo & Juliet, The Water Diviner, and plenty more.

  • Where to Find This Addon? The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – BBC’s iPlayer is accessible for those in the UK only. Although, anyone can stream – so check out the best VPN for iPlayer.
  • What Can You browse via iPlayer WWW? – The BBC is home to award-winning movies, documentaries, and much more.


Kodi Addons for Movies

YouTube is not just about funny cat videos, which can be a compelling platform if you know how to use it accurately. It is considered a fully-functional Kodi addon; you can take benefit from it to find full-length movies. As you can imagine, we are talking about older titles and independent films. Combined, these provide thousands of titles that are handy worldwide.

It can say that the YouTube addon is one of the most popular addons among Kodi users. So, you can expect sufficient updates that improve playback performance and bring new features as well. The addon works excellent even on older versions of Kodi, and it’s undoubtedly one of the must-haves.

  • Where to Find This Addon? The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – YouTube is available globally, except for a small group of countries. To approach the US version, make sure to check the good YouTube VPNs.
  • What Can You Stream via YouTube? – Plenty of free movies, in addition to exclusive videos by YouTube creators, music, cartoons, live-streaming.


Kodi Addons for Movies

Organized nearly a decade ago, Popcornflix is an OTT service that comes completely free of charge. Ads support it, and it is obtainable on many platforms, Kodi included. Using this addon, you get an approach to a new vault of movie titles, many of which are considered the first-rate.

We must say that Popcornflix has been working securely on improving its movie library lately. Today, newer movies also have an excellent choice, like Drinking Buddies, The Double, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Europa Report, and much more. And in case you like past films, this is the place to be.

  • Where to Find This Addon? – The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – Popconflix is obtainable for the USA and Canada, although there is a way to watch Popcornflix from anywhere.
  • What Can You browse via Popcornflix? – A large list of both older and newer movies; and enough blockbusters.


Kodi Addons for Movies

FilmRise is a movie and television distribution company, which provides its browsing service also. It gives its content via numerous media streaming services but also has its distribution channel. When it comes to its Kodi channel, it works as a gateway to FilmRise’s YouTube channel.

For the most significant part, these are independent films but also find some blockbuster gems here. Some of the most famous titles are Dahmer, Seventeen Again, Broken, An American Crime, The Proposition, and much more. All of those are accessible globally, and many of these titles stream in HD.

  • Where to Find This Addon? The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – FilmRise is obtainable globally and comes free of cost.
  • What Can You browse via FilmRise? – A choice of movies from the past decades, in addition to a variety of TV shows also.


Kodi Addons for Movies

In case you are in the movies, we have a suggestion for you. Same as FilmRise, SnagFilms is a platform dedicated to promoting the independent film and intriguing documentaries. It offers an exciting combination of previous and new movies, and this platform is not afraid to dig into taboo topics. As such, we are sure that many of you are going to appreciate it.

We considered SnagFilms a top Kodi movie addon due to its limitless library. However, it comes free of cost, and it’s continually growing. Just currently, it added numerous National Geographic titles, in addition to sufficient sports documentaries. The addon works perfectly, and many of its recent titles come in HD.

  • Where to Find This Addon? – The official Kodi repository.
  •  From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – Obtainable globally. Although some titles can be limited to the USA only so, we suggest using a VPN for streaming.
  • What Can You browse via SnagFilms? – A list of over 5,000 independent movies and documentaries.


Kodi Addons for Movies

It’s true that Pluto. A TV is, first and foremost, a TV streaming platform. Aside from providing a selection of free TV channels, it comes with its own ‘themed’ options as well. It means that you can use this addon like a cable TV plan. You switch between various channels and see if anything is exciting to watch. As such, this is also the right solution for cord-cutters who’d like to rely on Kodi only.

Aside from offering live TV channels, Pluto. The TV comes with on-demand movies and TV shows as well. It isn’t the most significant movie list out there, but let’s not forget that it comes free of cost.

  • Where to Find This Addon? The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – Pluto. A TV is obtainable in the USA only. In case you are in some other country, here’s how to watch Pluto.TV from anywhere.
  • What You Can Stream via Pluto.TV? – It is a live TV streaming service with several custom-made channels. Plenty of movies await.

Shout Factory TV

Kodi Addons for Movies

Shout Factory has an indie DVD label in the earlier, prosperous transitioning into a browsing service. We can say that this is still an indie company, as it lives on the outskirts of today’s media browsing industry. Though, we would like to draw your attention to this platform as we believe it comes with sufficient benefits.

If you want to try the Shout Factory TV addon, you can expect an excellent library of diversified movie titles. The addon comes with many categories to explore, with more than 500 titles on offer. Plus, to stay on top of what is happening to the platform, we recommend checking this platform’s YouTube account, which contains monthly overviews.

  • Where to Find This Addon? – The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – It’s available globally (free of charge).
  • What Can You browse via Shout Factory TV? – A selection of older films.

Classic Cinema

Kodi Addons for Movies

We will end our list of recommendations for the best Kodi movie addons with an option that comes with old and classic movies. Called ‘Classic Cinema,’ this addon brings a massive vault of classic Hollywood movies – all of which are legal to browse and watch.

What we most like about the Classic Cinema addon is its uncomplicated and effortless navigation. You get to explore close to 40 different lists, with thousands of movies combined. Though know that this addon is in the process of adding new films right now, so you can expect a significant number of additions in the future.

  • Where to Find This Addon? The official Kodi repository.
  • From Where You Can Access This Kodi Addons for Movies? – It’s available globally (free of charge).
  • What Can You browse via Classic Cinema? – Old movies.

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Torrent Search Engine

Final Words :

Dear readers, we try to provide you the best Kodi Addons for Movies in 2020. We wish that you have found this article to be helpful – and that you’ll try at least a few of our recommendations. Happy streaming!

10 Best Free Torrent Search Engine Sites

Torrent Search Engine

Ever had a problem got something online for free? Questioned where all of your friends download all of those free games, movies, and anime? So, We have the list of Best Torrent Search Engines to set for 2020.

Ere we start, I have to warn you. We are not condoning pirating, and the free torrent was downloading. Suppose you do this. Now, You are doing it at your own risk. There are several reasons to use Torrent Sites to download various things. A few of them are expensive. Well, Others are unavailable in the country you live in, and some of them, like some movies, you missed because you had a busy week or a family issue that You had to solve.

Several countries do not have any laws that forbid free torrenting, purchasing many digital items redundant. Whatever reason you have, there are always many options for your best Torrent Search Engine, and we have the top 10 list of them. Among these torrenting sites, you are sure not to miss anything if you are looking hard enough.

10 Best Free Torrent Search Engine Sites

So, These torrenting sites are also the safest out there, so you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware when browsing the internet for your favorite series newest episode!

Lime Torrents

Torrent Search Engine

The Lime torrents are a reliable and verified torrent search site where users can upload and download movies, video games, software, and music. So, After testing this search engine for a couple of weeks now, I can say that I do not have anything wrong to say about Lime Torrents.

Well, there is no requirement to register, such as some other software on this list, which is a plus in my book. These downloads feel a bit slower than some of the more popular software on the list, but that might be due to the lower amount of people seeding the software so you can download faster, but still, a quick download is possible.

The Pirate Bay

Torrent Search Engine

Ahhh, the Pirate Bay. This old king of BitTorrent search engines. So, I can’t describe how many hours I have spent on this website. Now, You can find anything there. Here, Movies, TV shows, video games, you name it.

The Pirate Bay has it all! If something is on the internet, it is on the pirate bay. Everywhere the years, the pirate bay had its fair share of issues. This has fallen and risen more times than anyone could count, but it still comes back. This only problem is, you can’t search other torrent engines using pirate bay, but it makes up for the vast number of files you can see here.


Torrent Search Engine

So, Torrentz2 is one of the best Torrent Search Engines out there. Now, This software’s download speed, paired with the popularity and friendly layout, makes this torrent engine the unique site in my list. Well, Torrentz2 is the meta-search engine that combines searches from other machines, making it the most versatile torrent site out there.

This option to search from other torrent engine sites using this one is the most convenient option I have seen many times, but Torrentz2 takes this option to the point where there is no need to bother searching through other torrent search engines! Suppose something is online, you will find it!

Utorrent Search

Torrent Search Engine

That is a torrenting software you use together with the torrent search engine, and this is one software you HAVE TO HAVE on your PC.

So, No matter which Torrent Search Engine you use, this software is the torrenting business’s bread and butter and money-saving. It Depending on the number of seeders on the search engine, the downloads can be extremely fast, but it can be downright impossible, but that is up to the search engine you chose as your favorite!


Torrent Search Engine

This reliable Torrent search engine with regular updates and fantastic staff members, 1337X, is tested and graded as one of the best search engines out there. So, I started using 1337X for lots of stuff: legitimate games, movies, series, and much more data I needed for my pc.

Plus, I prefer this one over the Pirate Bay because of the software’s stability, unlike many other torrent engines out there, such as Pirate Bay. And, I know that with 1337X, I no longer worry if the Engine is down or not. So, That’s how secure this software is.


Torrent Search Engine

Here, Torrents.me is a specialized torrent search engine that, similar to Torrentz2, searches other quality torrent search websites, compares the popularity, and gives you different options for downloading your content on the internet.

This is relatively simple to use but still more problematic than the torrentz2 search engine, which is why this software ended up on the second place on our list. Repeatedly, the search engines might differ in these two, so they are both worth checking out for the broadest possible search and the ultimate torrent result. So, I suggest you check them out.


Torrent Search Engine

Now the Torrent search engine is a site that allows peer-to-peer file sharing using the bit torrent protocol. This is a reliable software founded in 2008, and it is amicable and safe to work with. So, Files you can share using RARBG include but are not limited to movies, tv shows, software, anime, video games, music, and many more records.

This is a very reliable alternative for any torrent search site that uses BitTorrent protocols, like all of the other search engines on this list. Suppose you are sick of the same old same old and want to try a driver with a bit different design. Try RARBG, and it will be worth the shot!


Torrent Search Engine

Recently arrives, Picktorrent is a humongous torrent search engine with a couple of millions of data, including movies, music, video games, and many more! Here the search engine is very reliable, and it is used by millions of people every month. Some updates are often and decidedly, and the staff is giving their best to make this one of the best legitimate search engines BitTorrent has ever seen.

So, I have only used this specific torrent engine a few times, but I never complained. Some search engine does not require registration, which is already a plus in my book, and it contains some unique data that could be found in no other site but this one.


Torrent Search Engine

The YTS.AM torrent search engine, formerly known by the name of YFIY, is my go-to torrent site when it comes to downloading quality movies. Now, You can’t download a movie as soon as it hits the cinema, but if you are willing to wait for a little while, possibly two months, you will be able to get a high-quality movie using this site.

So, YTS also has a torrent branch for all subtitles, usually accurate and well made. Yeah, you can get a quality subtitle that will fit the movie without the need to tweak the timing! Plus, there are plenty of languages to choose from. Well, I often download English sub for English movie, just because it is easier to follow (My laptop sound is not the best)


Torrent Search Engine

A t the Last Demonoid is a BitTorrent Search Website created by an anonymous Serb. This is a search engine designed to be a software that would replace ever- falling Pirate Bay. This has similar search options, and it has proven to be one of the best BitTorrent Engines in the world.

This was prevalent during the previous 2018 year, and the popularity of this fantastic torrent software is just growing and growing. This software is stable and easy to use. That only hiccup would be that you have to register to use it, and many people hate that!


This was our list for the Top 10 Free Torrent Search Engines. Once again, some of the countries do not allow these sites or free torrenting under the pirating law. Now that I have said that, please do not blame us if you get an enormous internet bill from your provider company. To those willing to take a chance, any of these torrent search websites are legitimate and working.

As with all websites of this type, you still have to be careful when it comes to downloading data off the internet if you want to preserve the good health of your computer system. So, Right as they are, these search engines are nowhere near perfect, and you do need to pay attention. Suppose you are careful, nothing will happen.

Best Primewire Alternatives To Watch Movies Online For Free


As well, there was a time where you couldn’t just click a couple of times & enter a library of tens of thousands of instantly watchable movies. Luckily, that time is behind us, and now you are living in a completely different one.

With the rise of streaming services, you can play a movie or a TV show from any device and sit back and enjoy it. Suppose you don’t know what you want – scroll for a while. Think, but you can do it for free!

Primewire was an excellent free movie streaming website where you could neatly and efficiently watch all the new releases as soon as they hit the paid services and blue-rays. This ripped versions, and sometimes even the DvdScr and CamRip versions, were available too if you were impatient.

Well, Official PrimeWire website: PrimeWire.ag (Primewire has shut down!)

Primewire proxy and Mirror Websites

Sadly, Primewire doesn’t exist anymore, but – like a hydra, you cut off one head, and two more will arise.

Presently countless websites will try to produce similar services. Now, Some will be even better, some worse.

Thus, This list will try to pick apart and try to fit the ten best sites to replace your Primewire addiction, where you can watch movies for free.

Best Primewire Alternatives To Watch Movies Online For Free

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites similar to Primewire. Ag For Watching Latest Blockbuster!



Putlocker is often mentioned as an excellent Primewire alternative, just like the other top free streaming sites. This has a large fanbase, and new users are continuously coming and staying on this site.

Here, New movies are always added on time and pretty frequently. Now, the TV show base is also absolutely enormous, and the search filters will bring joy to many perfectionists.

Putlocker not only provides you a chance to watch HD movies completely free, but you can also download them without any problems. You will be capable of saving every piece of content on this site on your hard drive and making sure that it doesn’t disappear from the aether. Just be careful with the legal issues!



Movie 4k is a great site that shows you everything needed on its home page. This will show you the various streaming links of the most popular movies with a quality rating for each stream.

This is maybe a bit slower in uploading, and new releases sometimes vary, but it is reliable and fast, and you will find a lot of different content here. So, You can find adult content movies and TV shows too, so it’s a great website to check out.



Many users online are saying that Cinebloom is probably the best alternative for Primewire at the moment.

The point is that the new movies that are released on Blue-Ray or any streaming website are speedy to be uploaded and had various links, so there is always a sense of security when one of the links is broken.

You will be amazed by the content uploaded, the feeling of smoothness while you browse the website, and the rapid loading of every link.



The Afdah is another Primewire alternative that has a decent pedigree of online streaming. This is also on the air for many years and has some distinct features from other websites on the list.

So, The search bar of Afdah can make you browse by different categories, but some of the notable ones are browsing by language and browsing by country. You can search for movies by genre, popularity, the first letter, the most recent uploads, etc. Therefore, movies are sorted by some factors that are missing on Primewire so that it may suit you even more.

The movies that are uploaded on this site are all in high quality and are uploaded quickly. Now, You will be impressed by the number of new uploads every day, and if you are a constant visitor, you will appreciate the people working behind this website even more.



The GoMovies HD is a phoenix of free movie streaming platforms. This is an old-timer that rose from the ashes many times since its controversial nature makes the website prone to taking down relatively often.

This site will give you all the movies you ever looked for. So, Old, new, blockbusters, indie flicks, European, Asian, African cinematography. Everything is here. You can also find fantastic TV shows here.

There is also an option to search for movies by country or genre, and there is also a list of the most popular and most-watched movies. You will find all the qualities here. The latest movies (that are still airing in cinema) will have their Cam or SCR version here.



Pretty similar in functionality to many other streaming websites and a bit more minimal compared to some on this list. This site all the newest movies and all categorized by genre.

All categories are starved of some useful functions. Still, the content is excellent and offers all the new movie releases in high quality. Suppose that quality is not available anywhere else, you can watch it in the best available. Well, Sometimes it is a screener; sometimes, it is a camera rip. This is for the impatient ones.

Now, You will have a great added information when you scroll over any movie thumbnail – a summary, IMDB rating, and length – everything needed to know before you venture into a movie-watching experience.



YTS is placed on the number 7 just because it is not a streaming site, but instead the best movie torrent site that you will probably find on the internet.

This sophistication of this website is out of this world. You can now search the movies by various categories, and new movies are released at an unbelievable speed. It is probably an epitome – when the movie is uploaded here, it is officially downloadable & streamable everywhere in HQ.

Here, You can download in various qualities – 1080p and 720p, sometimes even in 3D when it is available. So, You will get the best version of the currently online movie, especially with the new movies – if it’s on Yts, then no way it is Scr or Cam. Plus, you’ll always have adequate and correct English subtitles added. An excellent torrent site altogether.



Vumoo is a Chinese-based streaming website with all the new top movie hits available to watch immediately but lacks any real search filters or advanced search options. Thus, if you’re not a straightforward person who will know what to watch right away, you may be disappointed.

Well, The home page is pretty nice and shows you a lovely mosaic of brilliant new movies, so you will have a big choice just by landing on this site. So, A search bar makes no mistakes, and the website is generally smooth and neat.



Two-Movies is also a streaming site that is based on third-party streams from various sources. This has a colossal database of movies ranging from the beginning of the 21st century to the newest releases worldwide.

This doesn’t limit itself to well-known Hollywood movies or indie movies streaming from English-speaking places with some notable foreign cinematography. The site instead has everything. Bollywood, Eastern European, Asian. Everything.

This also has a social hub where you can meet other cinephiles, upload some news, and discuss different topics. A lively site.


There it is a list of the best movie and tv-show watching Primewire alternatives. Probably, this is enough to stop your binge-watching appetite for a while. So, May you have some great experiences with some other sites? Suppose you did – feel free to leave a comment!