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How to Uninstall Latest Cumulative Update in Windows 10


The Microsoft releases latest security patches every second Tuesday of a month to address the underlying Bugs and Errors. Although, at times, such updates run into some trouble resulting in new computer issues. As well, There are different ways to restore Windows to its previous state, such as rollback Windows, use system backup, etc. That’s why the best way to avoid new errors is to uninstall the lately applied Cumulative Update. In the guide, we will discuss two different ways to uninstall Windows 10 cumulative update on the computer. They are –

Uninstall Windows 10 Cumulative Update

Here, To uninstall the Latest Cumulative Update in Windows 10, use or of the following ways

  1. Via Control Panel
  2. Using Command Prompt

1:- Remove Windows 10 Updates via Control Panel

Simply like regular programs, users may remove the lately installed Windows 10 patch via the Control Panel. So, Todo, use the following guideline –

  • First, press Win + I to start the Settings app.
  • Choose Update and Security, followed by Windows Update.
  • Now, Scroll down to “View Update history” on the right pane.

  • So, Once found, hit the same.
  • Then, click “Uninstall updates. “

  • This system will then redirect you to the Control Panel.
  • Now, Locate and right-click on the lately installed “KB” & hit Uninstall.


  • Well, There appears a pop-up asking to confirm this “deletion,” tap Yes.
  • This system restarts automatically after uninstalling the latest cumulative update.

As well, If not, Restart Windows to incorporate the recent changes. 

2:- Uninstall Latest Cumulative update to using Command Prompt

Additionally, you may also remove the latest cumulative updates via Command Prompt. Here is how to perform this task –

  • Firstly, Launch Command Prompt having Admin rights.
  • Now, On the elevated console, copy or paste the below code and press Enter

wmic qfe list brief /format: table

  • Then, Running the above command will display Windows 10 update history in a tabulated form. 

Note this: The table enlists the lately installed updates along with their date of installation.


  • Now, Look for the HotFixID column and note down the first entry. For example, “KB4565627 “in the above snapshot. So, You may scroll to the right to see its date of installation under the “InstalledOn” section.
  •  Then, execute the below code –

wusa /uninstall /kb:4565627

Note this: Make sure to replace “4565627” with the appropriate cumulative update number.

  • Well, There appears a pop-up asking to confirm this action, hit Yes.


  • Then, Command Prompt will then run a script removing this update and Restart your device.

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Now That’s it. That you know two different methods to Uninstall the Newest Cumulative Update, tell us whichever way suits you the most in the below comment section. 


How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts 2020


Facebook is the most unusual place for entertainment, socializing, and business on the Internet. We all know Facebook has always been following the concept of “one name, one account.” Supporting such circumstances, it is difficult for people to use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android.

Meanwhile, there are ample reasons why users may want to use Multiple Facebook Accounts on FB, keep their personal and professional lives separate or any other. The primary factor is how to access or use two Facebook accounts on one phone.

Since there is no direct way to do this, we present to you some of the hacks using which you can use two FB accounts on Android.

Different Ways To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts:

Though many apps let you run two FB accounts on your Android phone, there are some more straightforward ways too. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Using Facebook Lite To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android:


The first and easiest way to use two FB accounts on your Android phone is to use Facebook Lite. To achieve this, you should first have the standard FB App on your Android phone and log in.

I was once done download Facebook Lite and logged in using the same credentials as the primary account. Voila, that’s it!

Using Facebook Lite is the easiest way to use Multiple Facebook Accounts on your phone.

One significant advantage of using Facebook Lite is that it uses less space and resources.

One limitation of using Facebook Lite is that you can use only two Facebook accounts on Android. But, if you wish to use more than two, continue reading the article. Suppose you need to remain continuously active on other FB accounts, then you can install a third-party application on your device.

Using Parallel Space


Whether you do not want to use Facebook Lite to use two Facebook Accounts on Android, you can use this fantastic tool called Parallel Space. As well, With Parallel Space, you can use Multiple Facebook Accounts on your mobile phones without any intervention or clashes between the different accounts.

How can you Start Using Parallel Space?

  • Install Parallel Space from Play Store.
  • Once done, Choose FB from the list mentioning the apps available.
  • Configure it with the Choose Facebook account, and you are done.
  • Users can shuffle between the different FB accounts as per ease.

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Final Words :

That is it. So, We tried to show you two different ways to use two FB accounts on Android phones. One was using Facebook Lite, a lighter version of FB, and the other is using a third-party app that allows you to use Multiple Facebook Accounts on mobile phones.


GoMovies Alternatives and Proxy – Online Streaming Sites

GoMovies Alternative

As GoMovies moved online, watching movies without paying has become a lot easier. Of action movies to comedy to drama to sci-fi and more, GoMovies allows such an extensive collection of movies and TV shows that it would take years to see everything.

This might then surprise you that GoMovies isn’t the only Online Streaming Site that never fails to supply something worth watching. As well, there are thousands, if not hundreds of online streaming sites that are just like GoMovies, and we have selected ten such sites we think you should know about.

Meanwhile, it is not too difficult to find long lists of Online Streaming Sites. Clicking on random sites from such listings isn’t the wisest thing you can do. The one reason why GoMovies has become so popular is that the site is safe. Indifference, most other online streaming sites are full of annoying or even downright malicious ads and intrusive pop-up windows.


Gomovies Proxy and 100% Working Mirror Sites:

gomovies.scon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
gomovies.ltdon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
gomovies.mnon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
gomovies.veton OnlineVery Fastssl on On

Top 10 Best Gomovies Alternatives Sites:

Suppose you have ever used GoMovies, and now you are looking forward to some Gomovies Alternatives, then here some of the options are considered, which you can consider.



The marketplace is flooded with lots of streaming websites like Gomovies, but only a few can be thought-about reputable as well as safe. One hundred twenty-three movies focus on amusement, together with individual safety and security, as well as ease.

Well, that’s all you could ask from a good movie streaming site. It is understood to use a large index listing of movies and Tv series and never fall short of selections.

This also contains well- categorized sections with which you can easily search for brand-new content. You can limit your search based upon different requirements, including last added, Release year. Many Viewed as well as Call.

Based on your movie’s history, it will likewise recommend appropriate films and also shows for you. All-in-all this 123 Films can function as a single choice to Gomovies sites for all your streaming requirements. Delight in more than you require with this stunning application. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



An additional renowned name in the checklist of ideal free Sites streaming websites like Gomovies is Fmovies. It’s modern and sleek user interface makes it different from its rivals.

You can quickly navigate through its numerous groups and categories while surfing for your favored movies and also programs. If you are dealing with some top quality problems, think about utilizing a VPN link to enjoy uninterrupted quality solutions.

Given that it’s free, you might have a few ads occasionally before playing your film. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



SolarMovie is among the best, if not the most effective choice to Gomovies sites. Its enormous collection of movies and also tv shows is frequently expanding.

Its efficiency is superior, is easy to use, and has an extremely responsive user interface that makes it the appropriate selection. SolarMovie functions fine on both computer systems and mobile phones. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



Popcorn Time appreciates a similar level of appeal with various other well-known streaming web sites like Netflix and Prime Video. You get a huge collection of TV shows and also movies in its library.

You can likewise utilize it to download your favorite films and TV series to watch them in the future. It features an easy to use interface and also navigation mechanism.

You can quickly access its correctly categorized sections to look for choices like freshly included, upcoming movies, and so on. Furthermore, you can likewise binge-watch your preferred series on its app. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.

CMovies HD


When it involves streaming sites like Gomovies, Cmovies is the best place for each sort of film and also tv show enthusiasts.

The website brings all the current released movies and unabridged episodes of preferred tv programs at one place that you can browse online for free without any hassle.

The website consists of a substantial data source of film web content with lots of different genres, consisting of activity, love, secret, horror, funny, bio, dream, as well as a lot more. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



The considerable highlights of Moviewatcher are its tough collection together with a well-organized playlist. So, You can categorize your search based on the sort of movies, its appeal, launch years, as well as genre.

The primary page, in addition to the search food selection, is properly organized, which sustains uncomplicated navigating. It also hosts a completely various section for the current movies. A lot of checked out films and movie shows still in theatre. The website is fully compatible with desktops and also mobile phones. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.

Yes Movies


YesMovies are another fantastic Gomovies different website to see complimentary movies online. With greater than 9000 complimentary HD movies, tv Series, & docudramas, Yes Movies is the very best location to satisfy your entertainment food cravings. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



Although the website is available in English, it has a selection of subtitle choices in numerous languages to provide. From Swedish as well as for Albanian to Croatian, captions are offered in several styles.

Almost all the shows remain in HD, and also the most recent and most seen programs are readily available on the major page of the site.

Whether you have an ad-blocker active on your system, it may block the integrated video gamer of Los Movies. Keep aside from this particular point, and the website works reasonably well. The homepage of the web site has a beautifully-designed user interface that is categorized into various areas like Category, Country, Movies, tv Collection, and Leading IMDb. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.



Enjoy your preferred film with Popcornflix. It has actually been in the marketplace for rather time now and also is taken into consideration as an efficient option to Gomovies.

Its library mostly includes old and traditional movies, but that does not mean you can’t view the most up to date video clips on it. Well, there is no need to sign up and also create an account to use Popcornflix, which means you can quickly get to business.

It functions remarkably well on smart devices as well as computer systems and is fully compatible with iPhone as well as Android platforms. This site is considered in the list of the best Best Gomovies Alternative Sites in 2020.

Final Words :

These are the Alternatives sites which are known to be the best Alternative for GoMovies. This is necessary now to get available within the online streaming site so that users can easily enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies.

So, Within you have any queries for you feel like something is missing, then do let us know in the comment section below. As well, will try to get back to you as soon as possible and resolve all the queries you are having.

How to Fix Sleep Mode Issues on Windows 10?


Today we Discuss that How to Fix Sleep Mode Issues on Windows 10? When the system enters the low power state, it automatically goes under the Sleep Mode phase. Or, sometimes, we deliberately use this feature to get a break from our Desktop. However, as per reports, Sept 2020 Optional update has bugged this feature making the computer always awake.

An application called “MoUsoCoreWorker.exe,” and it has to ensure optional updates get installed on the device. It is this process that is causing Sleep Mode issues on Windows 10 version 2004. The situation is -“When you close the lid, PC doesn’t enter the Sleep mode rather it starts looking for any pending optional updates.” 

The Sleep Mode issues on Windows 10 first starts in 2004, May 2020 feature update. Although Microsoft had fixed this bug with KB4568831, this resurfaced with the security patch – KB4571756. 

Fix: Sleep Mode Issues on Windows 10 

The operating system (if not restricted) downloads and installs the latest version automatically. After finishing the installation, a prompt at the notification panel asks to “Restart the device. “

Performing odd hours update may cause the Sleep Mode issues on Windows 10 computers. To avoid such troubles, one should reschedule the update settings. After knowing all the bugs and issues that may appear after installing recent parches, move forward to download and apply the latest cumulative update. Here’s how to reschedule Windows Update –

  •     Use Win+S to start the Windows Search UI.
  •     Type “services” in the text field and click the top result.
  •     On the succeeding wizard, scroll down and locate Windows Update.
  •     Once found, right-click on Windows Update service and hit “Stop. “
  •     Click again on the same entry and choose to “Start. “
  •     Now, head over to the below path and click “Check for updates” –

Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

Sleep Mode issues on Windows 10


  •     If this reports any pending updates, download and install the same.

After upgrading your device successfully, MoUsoCoreWorker.exe won’t prevent the sleep mode from working effectively on your device.

Uninstall Latest Cumulative Update

If the bug remains, you need to uninstall the lately applied cumulative update on the computer. Here’s how to perform this task –

  •     First of all, launch Command prompt as an Administrator. 
  •     Next, execute the code – which qfe list brief /format: table.

Sleep Mode issues on Windows 10

  •     There appears a list of all updates (cumulative as well as featured) on the elevated console.
  •     Note down the latest patch number leaving aside “KB.”
  •     Now, run the code – wusa /uninstall /kb:4571756.

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Tip: If the latest cumulative update differs on your device, replace “4571756” with the actual KB number. 


Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies For Free


Putlocker is one of the most excellent online movie streaming sites on the internet. This site Putlocker is so renowned that it has prompted several major internet service providers to block access to it, depriving many of its long-term fans of enjoying convenient access to movies and TV shows.

So, In Putlocker Online movies, streaming is very handy and convenient as one no more needs to extract a particular time for watching entertainment. Here, everyone can get entertained whenever and wherever he or she wants. Well, Putlockers is one such Entertainment Platform for the online movie streamers.

What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a popular site mostly used to watch movies and TV Shows online, specifically for films, and it’s free. This website was launched in 2012 under the domain www.putlocker.com, and the site has its different follower base. This website’s popularity is a lot that it has made several ISPs to block the official Putlocker site from accessing.


Putlocker Proxy and Mirror Sites


Best Putlocker or Putlockers Alternatives

1. Fmovies
2. 123Movies
3. SolarMovie
4. CMovies
5. GoMovies
6. YesMovies
7. Primewire
8. Los Movies
9. Movie4k



FMovies is not merely a solitary web site yet is a collection of internet sites that hold links and also embedded videos (mainly movies, TV Shows, and also Web Series), allowing the individual to stream Movies online for free. This website is much like any other movie streaming site with a great deal of content for the individual to watch online.

It has a dark color and easy to use appearance with many devices to filter for the movies. So, there are many movie genres for different tastes of different individuals and movies from various nations. FMovies has the biggest list of country-wise movies choice. You can anticipate the most up-to-date Movies and TV Shows to be readily available on FMovies. This is among the leading online free streaming websites in the sector—the best Alternative to Putlocker.



123Movies is one of the great online streaming sites. Aside from movies and TV shows, 123Movies also has an ample selection of cartoons, Asian dramas, and anime, which sets it beside other online streaming sites on this list and makes it the best Alternative to Putlocker.

As well, Similar to all other online streaming sites featured in this article, 123Movies doesn’t host any content on its servers. Most Preferably, all content is provided by non-affiliated third parties, making 123Movies at least somewhat legal. So, we suggest you hide your identity using a VPN service, such as the one recommended in this post’s first section.



So, What has made SolarMovie one of the top online streaming sites on the internet is not merely the site’s stunning selection of movies but also its polished design. Now, When you open SolarMovie in your web browser, you can see which films are the latest, which have been viewed the most during that day, and which have the top rating.

Well, Registered users can also create lists of their favorites, make requests, and enjoy various other perks. Here, All movies on SolarMovie are excellently presented, featuring monumental cover art, IMDb rating, description, keywords, etc. Well, What we admire about SolarMovie is the fact that you can browse movies in the country where they were made. Hence, it’s easy to explore what the broader world of cinema has to offer. This is the Best Putlocker Alternative site.



CMovies is just one of the most impressive web sites that work as a streaming platform where you can enjoy TV Series and Movies free (generally by creating an account on the website) or charging a symbolic fee. Well, One of the reasons this CMovies site is prominent is that it contains a vast array of different categories, and it is lawful! Here, The CMovies site does not have its storage space; instead, it sends its users to third-party Streaming sites. Though something might make you look for a Different Movie streaming website, whether it might be the user interface, selection of TV Shows and Movies, and Its Best Alternative to Putlocker.



As well, Since GoMovies went on the internet, watching movies and TV Shows without paying has come to be trouble-free. From activity movies to funny and from dramatization to Scary and a lot more, GoMovies uses such an extensive collection of Movies, and TV Series reveal episodes that it would undoubtedly take years to see everything. Its Best Putlockers Alternative.



Yesmovies will undoubtedly feel you like a new residence. This website allows users to rate movies, and ratings are likewise presented precisely on the front web page, so you can conveniently enjoy which Movies are worth looking into and which are most rated just a colossal waste of precious time. Most movies are obtainable in HD, but you can run into the occasional CAM rip or SD high-quality release. All movies and TV Series on Yesmovies are obtainable from numerous sources, which comes in handy because it doesn’t host anything on its servers. This is additionally very comparable to Putlockers.



All online streaming site has particular positives and negatives. This main image of Primewire is its uninspired design and the old layout. But suppose you can look past its uninviting exterior. In that case, you will discover a cherish trove filled to the brim with all types and budgets, from fiercely successful Hollywood blockbusters to indie movies with a restricted budget but a big heart. Every movie on Primewire is obtainable in at least one possible video quality: low, medium, or high.

Choosing from several different attributes lets you enjoy Primewire even when you are not on Wi-Fi without anxious too much about your monthly data allocation. Its an Old but Good Alternative to Putlockers.

Los Movies


The Los Movies has a vast, 2000-page-long catalog of movies and TV shows of all types. Now, You can search movies by name, see which films are latest and trending at the moment, or have Los Movies display only movies with subtitles. This site is, unluckily, a pop-up hell, and it sometimes takes just one misplaced click to trigger an onslaught of pop-ups leading to all genres of suspicious websites. Finally, install an ad-block before you go through the site, but a dedicated pop-up blocker would be even better.



Movie4K is an internet streaming site that accumulates movies and TV shows from numerous free resources and makes them obtainable for its individuals. This was made in 2013, after the shutdown of Movie2K. So, To Movie4k, yet another online streaming website, from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to copyright infringement issues. This site is very similar to Putlocker.  

How to watch movies online Safely and Anonymously?

VPN (a virtual private network) allows you to safely and anonymously watch Putlocker or any other online movie streaming site by extending a private network across a public network. So, In other words, a VPN lets you create a kind of secret tunnel between you and a website Putlockers.

As well, Everyone that does not have access to this tunnel can’t see what you are doing, monitor your activity, or control which sites like Putlockers you can access, not even your internet service provider. Usually, VPN services are most famous among people who use online streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows.

Final Words :

As you can view, Putlocker is merely an online streaming site that you can use to watch movies and TV shows without paying. Although of which online streaming site you will end up using, we highly recommend you protect your safety and anonymity with a VPN service.

Outlook Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 – Solved


Got Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 is an Outlook Error, and it happens for a number of different reasons. In the post, we are providing the option to this Error, which will help you get this Error fixed whenever it happens.

As well, Microsoft Outlook is an essential aspect of correspondence, And you will be the most popular & the most significant source of email services. Now, You can get or send email from your pals, or in other places, utilizing this app. So, Maybe notably, this is among the world’s perhaps trusted email systems.

Here, Since this Error, this frequently reveals some mistakes, and you may be frustrated. So, Don’t worry, we’re offering the most popular service to the Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426, & we know that this is the irritating Error. Well, When we transfer to an option, we should learn this first.

Why does pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 Error Take Place?

Common likely, your outlook is crashed or lots of not supported by your PC any longer. So, You can use its web app.

Well, More potentially, the outlook has crashed, or the PC no longer supports others.

3 Techniques to Solve Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 in 2020

In the post, we have actually shared 3 methods on how to fix the pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 Error Code.

Techniques 1: Clear Cache and Cookies

  1.     Clearing cache and cookies will clear your previous strings and delete all browser data. This deletes unattended details.
  2. Lock Microsoft Outlook & Resume it.
  3. In case you used both of them, close numerous accounts or windows.
  4. Now, Check for updates to Workplace 365. (Latest edition update).
  5. In case an upgrade is required, upgrade all brand-new come and reboot your pc. Now open outlook and find if the Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426 is fixed.
  6. Try Formula 2 if it continues.


Techniques 2: Use Auto Repair Tool

Suppose the above treatment fails, utilizing the tool for auto repair work software & the type control board functionality to automatically remedy this Error. Do Some actions:

  1. First, Go the Control Panel and check Program & functions (you can also check for programs and features in the windows tab straight from the checkbox).
  2. Now, Use workplace 365 now for features and services or select an application from Office.
  3. Here, Click on edit from the top of the functions and programs & choose “Repair work,” then follow the guidelines on the screen.


This tool vehicle diagnoses the problem and fixes it immediately too. Next, you can follow more techniques if this method likewise not works.

 Techniques 3: Uninstall Outlook program

This Error remains and hasn’t yet been fixed. So, Use the Microsoft Outlook customer web-based edition or uninstall the newest software application & reinstall it.

Follow these actions to uninstall the Program:

  1. First, Go to Control Panel.
  2. Now, Select “Program and Functions.”
  3. Here, Check Microsoft Workplace 365 (Outlook is the part of Microsoft Workplace 365).
  4. Click on Workplace 365 of Microsoft.
  5. Now, Follow these instructions on the screen to finish the removal of the Program.
  6. So, When the Microsoft Outlook 365 has been deleted, set up the brand-new edition of Microsoft Outlook once again. 
  7. Finally, create a new account & test if the mistake has been corrected.

Also, Check :

Final Words :

Now We will direct you, or our readers will permanently assist you in getting rid of this Error pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426. You will likewise discover other Outlook errors. Plus, if you have any mistakes, let us all understand in the comment area, then we will all make the guide to the option.


YouTube App Download For Windows PC And Mac


Using a web browser similar to Google Chrome is the easiest way of accessing YouTube on a desktop or laptop. So, While using the YouTube website, you get access to all the essential features like creator studio, picture-in-picture video, and the fantastic dark mode. So, YouTube App Download For Windows PC And Mac.

Unhappily, the YouTube website is not very well optimized for touch-screen Windows 10 devices. Well, As a result, many users lookout for ways to download the YouTube app for PC.

Here is now how you can download and install YouTube on PC.

How To Download YouTube App For PC?

As well, you might know, there is no native YouTube application available for Windows 10 & macOS Big Sur.

This YouTube app available on the Microsoft Store can only be installed on Xbox One. Therefore, there’s only one method of installing the official Android APK file of YouTube and, i.e., through using an Android emulator.

While our tests, we derived the conclusion that Bluestacks 4 is possibly the most reliable and well-optimized Android emulator that functions similarly to an Android smartphone.

Accordingly, here’s how you can download and Install YouTube in PC using BlueStacks App Player.

YouTube App

  • First, Download the Bluestacks 4 emulator & install the .exe file on your computer.
  • Now, Once installed, sign-in with your Google account on Bluestacks 4
  • Here Next up, open Playstore and search “YouTube.”
  • So, Download YouTube & the application will automatically install on your desktop.

As well, Upon launching the YouTube app for the first time, you will be either prompted to sign-in using your Google account or Bluestacks will automatically complete this step. Utilizing Bluestacks 4, you can even create a shortcut to launch the YouTube application quickly.

Aside from downloading the YouTube app from the Google Play store, you can manually install a PC’s YouTube APK file. Some similar process can be followed while installing YouTube on a macOS Big Sur desktop or laptop.

How To Use YouTube App For PC Without Bluestacks

Surely, Bluestacks 4 is a feature-rich Android emulator. This said, it is not the most optimized emulator, and it consumes a considerable amount of system resources. Besides, it offers poor performance coupled with laggy experience on low-powered laptops and aging desktops.

Therefore, if you want to use YouTube on a Windows or macOS PC without Bluestacks, you can check out these alternate Android Emulators.

1. MEmu Play

YouTube App

The MEmu Play is an Android 5.1 Lolipop based Android emulator for Windows PC. Some installation is quick and straightforward, with no bloatware or third-party apps. Well, One of the significant highlights of MEmu Play is Key-Mapping.

2. KO Player

YouTube App

So, KO Player is another reliable emulator for using the YouTube app on PC. As well, this emulator is ideal for playing games and running resource-intensive apps. Although YouTube is not a resource-intensive application, you will still have a lag-free experience.

3. Nox App Player

YouTube App

The best emulator to run YouTube apk on PC and a perfect alternative to Blustacks is Nox App Player. Similar blue stacks, you can use the Nox App Player on both a Windows and macOS PC. The emulator offers one-click installation without any bloatware or third party apps.

Download YouTube For Smartphones And Xbox

You can utilize these links to download or update the YouTube App on your devices directly.

Final Words :

Hence, this was a simple guide on how to download and install YouTube App for PC. Well, If you face any problem while installing YouTube on your PC, let us know in the comments section below.

How to Get Rid of pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc Error?


Scanning and pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc Error Message? Therefore, Here you will discover a few guidelines that will presumably take care of your concern.

As well, When you find pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc Error, you‘re not operating well on your Outlook. So, In Reviews, what should you do to make Outlook work efficiently? Now, here are a few simple directions:

If you utilize various records & a program running on Windows, attempt to log out everything being equal, apparent reserve, & login back in.

Now, This misleading method may cause Outlook to clash with other email accounts or other programming on your PC. Then, pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc This means you have to delete a damaged version of Outlook from your Computer & install Outlook‘s new implementation from Microsoft Outlook’s official site.

As well, Attempt to utilize an electronic variant of utilization Microsoft Outlook Web-Version.

Now, Fix your Microsoft Outlook adaptation to a real one.

Thus, Suppose you utilize Windows 10, attempt to use Microsoft Outlook on different Windows forms, for example, 7 or 8. So, Contact Microsoft support for additional guidelines. 

Technique 1: Clear Cache & Cookies.

  • Clearing cache and cookies will clear your previous strings and delete all browser data. It removes unattended info.
  • Now, Lock Microsoft Outlook and Reopen it.
  • In case if you use both of them, close multiple accounts or windows.
  • Now, Check for updates to Office 365. (Latest edition update)
  • So, If an update is required, update all new come and restart your pc. Here, open Outlook and see if the Error  pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc is solved.

    If it continues, try Method 2.

Technique 2: Use Auto Repair Tool.

Suppose the above procedure fails, using the auto repair software tool and then type control panel functionality, automatically correct this error pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc. To Obey steps:

  • First, Go the Control Panel and check Program and features (you can also check for programs and features in the windows tab directly from the checkbox)
  • Now, Use office 365 now for services and features or pick an app from Office.
  • Here, Click on edit from the top of the programs and features and select “Repair” then follow the instructions on the screen.

 pii_email_e6af9796c02919183edc Helpful Articles & Trusted Resources

We trust that our guidelines and straightforward advances take care of your concern with a blunder. However, that the issue has not been settled, So if it’s not too much trouble, compose a letter to our email [email protected] with the mistake code, Plus we will attempt to discover an answer that will assist you with fixing the issue.

Best Websites To Download Music For Free

Music For Free

Online Music Streaming services are so much in hype these days To Download Music For Free, but in the end, it all comes down to a stable Internet connection. Externally a proper data connection, you can’t avail of the benefits of online streaming services. Suppose you are traveling to some remote location. Plus, as soon as you pull out your Smartphone to listen to your favorite tracks, there are no signals, you’ll be super disappointed, right?

In such matters, it’s always better than we have a bunch of songs downloaded on our device so that even if offline, one can still get a dose of our favorite music. Saving this into consideration, here are the seven best music download sites from where you can get access to all your favorite song Music For Free & that too legally!

Best Sites For Download Music For Free

1. Jamendo
2. YouTube
3. SoundClick
4. The Audio Archive
5. BeSonic
6. PureVolume


Music For Free

Whether you like listening to new and upcoming artists, then Jamendo Music is your destination. So, You can apply some filters based on popularity and genre and find your favorite tracks faster. The Jamendo serves a lot of royalty-free music, which you can use for jamming and customize soundtracks.


Music For Free

YouTube is one of the highest websites to Download Music For Free. Non-many of us are aware of it, but YouTube allows us to be offline, save our favorite videos and music tracks. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip or house party this weekend, download all your favorite tracks over WiFi to easily access offline streaming without any network trouble interference.


Music For Free

Including over more than 5 million tracks, SoundClick is the only place where every music freak will indeed find something of their taste. This is a purely independent music platform where you can easily download your favorite Music For Free. This collection is organized and sorted based on artists, genres, top charts, and more.

The Audio Archive

Music For Free

Well, Next on our list of free mp3 download sites is the Audio Archive, which is a mixed bag where you will find a little something of everything. Of classic rock to vintage radio to Indie tracks, here you can find all you’re looking for. As well there are many audiobooks and radio programs which you can download or listen to for free. So, You can apply some filters to refine your music search criteria like a year, media type, language, genre, etc.


Music For Free

From rock & alternative to pop and electro, BeSonic can surely be your ultimate jamming destination. In case if you are into classic rock and metal, then BeSonic can indeed serve your music buds. Well, You cannot only search by genre, but also by famous artists and keywords. Now, Sign up on BeSonic and download your favorite Music For Free tracks in an instant.


Music For Free

Of Fall out boys to Bon Jovi, PureVolume can surely give you a dose of nostalgia for your all-time favorite music artists and bands. This is excellent for offline listening. Though, some tracks are only available for online streaming.

Final Words :

Such peoples here were the seven best music download sites where you can download Music For Free. So let us know which option you find the best. We would be more than happy to hear from you!

Fortnite Now Available On Google Play Store


Well, After a long wait, Android users will be able to get Fortnite apps on their devices. So, With the long battle of trying to get to this game on Google Play Store. Now, People with Android have been trying to get this trending game application on their devices in multiple ways. As well, Epic Games, the owner of Fortnite, has been reluctant to give the game on Google Play Store Meanwhile, it is available on AppStore.

However, Epic CEO has always been vocally critical about the percentage share of the amount earned to Google Play Store and AppStore. So, As they previously found, it very unfair to give so much to the app stores. These Android users were allowed to get the Fortnite Battle Royale application directly from the official website. Among the game’s initial release in 2017, the application was made available on iOS devices only in 2018.


Though, it took much more time for Google, and only now can it be seen on its official Play Store. The Epic Games is the creator of many games like Unreal, Gears of War, which are available for Xbox. The Epic Games also own the recently controversial application Houseparty.

Well, Users who were getting it from the other sources were prone to get affected by malicious activity as there was no security for the device. As well, the security measures Google Play Store provides with its download is high for such apps. Virtually the Epic games, which was not the game with the app downloaded on Android via the Epic game store.

This will often be seen with scary pop-ups to warm users of using the app outside of Google Play Store. Besides the hope of Google changing its policies for making it a bit more favorable for the developers, Epic Games have released the Fortnite application for Android.


Get the Fortnite app on Google Play Store from the link beneath for your Android device.

We are assured it is a sign of relief for many Android gamers as they were resisting themselves all this time to get the application on their phones and tablets. Therefore all the players hurry up and get the game from Google Play Store now. Meanwhile, the game on Chapter 2 Fortnite Battle Royale of Season 2 can find termed so far the best season.