Best Websites to Create Fake Magazine Covers with Your Own Photo

Everybody is worthy of being a star on their own magazine cover! Giving your loved ones a personalised magazine cover can be a fun, amusing, and original gesture. Additionally, there are several websites that allow you to submit a photo, select a magazine cover template, and instantly make your own fake magazine cover. Although some of them are paid, the most are free!


Create awesome fake magazine covers with Fotor- no design experience required!

We are aware that designing magazine covers may be quite difficult, particularly if you have little to no design knowledge. Do not fret. The magazine cover maker on Fotor will be a fantastic choice for you.

In addition to a library of ready-to-use magazine cover templates, it provides a drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, you’ll receive a ton of design resources to help you elevate your fake magazine cover, such as fonts, text combinations, icons, stickers, stock photographs, and more.

fotor magazine cover maker

Simply pick a template for a magazine cover that you like, drop your own photo within, change the text and colour, and you’re done! The best thing is that Fotor provides a variety of expert image editing tools, making it simple to alter your portrait photos to achieve the ideal appearance.

Making a unique magazine cover is simple with Fotor. If you use this magazine cover maker, you’ll be astounded by the results.

15 Websites to Create Fake Magazine Covers Online

1. Mag My Pic

2. Fake Magazine Cover

3. Fake Magazines

4. Write On It

5. On Cover Page

6. Maga Fake

7. Pimp Pic

8. Me On Mag

9. Paparazzied

10. My Picture on Magazine

11. Your Cover

12. Silly Webcam

13. Front Page You

14. My Cover Pics

15. Mock Magazine

16. MagoFun

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