Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2022

Relying on your PC to polish your vlogs makes sense. Since your PC is equipped with accommodating storage, dependable RAM, and, of course, a tonne of spectacular features to spruce up the videos, it is the only device that is capable of chiselling your videos with eye-catching edits and the gifted creativity. On the other hand, if you want all the essential features, there is a respectable selection of video editing apps for your smartphone that you may use.You won’t need to rush to the PC to tweak simple Instagram-worthy posts thanks to these apps. The 9 greatest video editing apps for Android in 2021 have been gathered in this section, and they unquestionably offer everything you could possibly need for a flawless video edit on your smartphone. Let’s go down to each one and see which one meets your requirements.

The Top Android Video Editing Apps You Should Try

Here are the top Android smartphone video editing apps that you can use to give your video one last polish. Although the majority of these apps are free to download and check out, there is still opportunity for a pro edition to shake up editing with greater refinement. Let’s start keeping score.

1. ActionDirector


Free with in-app purchases

The greatest video editing app for Android is Action Director, just like it is on PC. You may rely on this simple video editing tool for good fundamentals. You can edit and chop a video, as well as finish it to the music of your choice, using the features available. Additionally, you may add text to your videos with this software . Not to mention, if you choose, you may slow down the motion of your videos.

Aside from these significant features, you may appreciate this app for its 4K video support, and the fact that it is constantly updated to keep users interested in new offers may encourage you to give it a try right away. The majority of the features in this software are free to use, and there is a full version to enable you explore them all.

Download App: Android

2. FillmoraGo


Free with in-app purchases

If you come across additional choices for the finest video editing app for your device, select this one. One of the top Android video editing apps is FilmoraGo, which transforms your videos into instagrammable masterpieces. To start, it provides you with the most crucial features, such as clipping and trimming, adding themes and music, etc. In this software , you may add texts and the slo-mo effect in addition to the video reversal capability. With the help of this app, you may make videos that are 1:1 square in size so that they would fit as Instagram posts. You can save your videos to your camera roll or post them on social media sites once you have produced the greatest professional results with this software .

Download App: Android

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Clip


Free with in-app purchases

Another top video editing software for Android devices is Adobe Premiere Rush, which enables you to quickly edit your videos without any problem. You can use this app’s automatic video creation ability to use it to let it produce videos for you. In addition, this software offers crucial video editing features like the ability to crop and trim videos, apply transitions, and add music. You can use the straight sharing feature at the top to post your masterpiece to social media sites. Looking for a creative method to make videos? Attempt this.

Download App: Android

4. VideoShow


Free with in-app purchases

VideoShow shines more when it comes to relying on one of the most well-known and widely used video editing apps. It is without a doubt one of the greatest free video editing apps for Android, and it boasts a user-friendly layout. To put it mildly, it does offer a ton of features that are too crucial to overlook when editing videos, such the ability to add effects, text, and music, sprinkle sound effects, and double the fun with dubbing.

With this app, you gain access to a wide variety of themes and enhancing features. Additionally, it enables you to compress videos in order to minimise their size. This software is unquestionably a must-try if you want to utilise a feature-rich video editing one without time constraints.

Download App: Android

5. PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector Video Editor App

Free with in-app purchases

PowerDirector Video Editor Program can be the ideal video editing app for you if you want to give your videos a professional polish. The UI of this software is straightforward, however some of its features may require your permission to use. This software features several effects in addition to transition options (afterall, everybody loves slo-mo).

You can use it to create green screen videos for video purposes, and you can look for tutorials in this software to improve your editing skills. The majority of its features are available without charge, but if you want to remove watermarks and extract videos in 4K resolution, you might want to try the complete version.

Download App: Android

6. KineMaster


Free with in-app purchases

Along with an amazing user interface, KineMaster offers you a feature set that is jam-packed with capability that you might want to check out. It facilitates simple file importation using a drag-and-drop function and makes video editing entertaining with a variety of transition effects. Additionally, it supports details like text or subtitle boxes, multi-layered videos, stickers, etc. One of the greatest free video editing apps for Android currently available, you may try the full version to get a ton of other features you won’t want to miss if the watermark irritates you.

Download App: Android

7. Quik


Price: Free

Best Android Video Player Apps, Continue Reading

Here’s another method for finishing your videos off beautifully. Quik is among the best free video editing apps, and for the best of reasons, it’s worth a shot. You may play with this video editing app’s capacity to automatically make videos as well as construct narrative by adding photos or video clips. This finest video editing tool for Android allows you to cut videos, add messages and effects, and include music whenever you want.

In addition to these crucial features, Quik allows you to import your creation in camera roll with your preferred 1080p or 720p resolution. The option to post them on your social networking account is also available. You should download this software since it won’t irritate you with intrusive advertisements.

Download App: Android

8. VivaVideo Editor


Free with in-app purchases

Okay. Although you may have used it, it isn’t a good enough excuse to leave it off the list of the top video editing apps for Android devices. The most well-known software to include on your list for perfectly glorifying such videos is VivaVideo, and you may want to praise it for the variety of editing possibilities it provides. With filters and stickers, this software offers a wide variety of effects. In addition, it has a built-in slo-mo video producer and slideshow creation tools. Then there are the functions that are too essential to overlook, like trimming, the possibility to cut and paste, merging several clips, etc. After you’ve finished editing your videos, you can post them to social media platforms.

Download App: Android

9. Funimate



Free with in-app purchases

Use Funimate if you don’t really want to embark on a major video editing project. There is no disputing the fact that this is one of the most widely used Android video editing apps, but the features it offers are limited to your cute little Instagram posts. You may make music videos with this software, along with using a variety of filters and video effects while you’re on the road. The editing procedure is surely quick and uncomplicated, so it’s safe to assume that you won’t find this software eating too much of your time aside from that.

On top of that, this software is available for free download, so if you’re searching for quick video editing that doesn’t use too many resources, you might want to give Funimate a shot.

Download App: Android

One final time, perfect your videos.

Since there are many options and editing possibilities available, your videos can be well prepared for a post. You were checking over the top Android video editor apps to make sure you had enough filters, effects, and soundtrack. We hope you benefit the most from this and that you will share your opinions and tell us about your preferred video editing app in the comment section.

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