Best Sites Like BestGore for Shocking Videos

BestGore is a Canadian website that was established in 2008 and offers users all around the world news, photographs, and videos of highly violent real-life events. Similar to YouTube, there are a tonne of videos available for streaming, watching, saving, and even sharing, however there are a lot more gory films and images. BestGore is thus also an illegal website for users under the age of 18. Despite the attention BestGore has received when it published a live murder video in 2012, the website was permanently shut down for a number of reasons. Check out this post on 10 of the top sites like BestGore for shocking videos if you’re still looking for such great gore websites.

 Part 1: What Became of BestGore? Why Is BestGore Failing?

BestGore has long been one of the internet’s most violent, brutal, racist, and gory websites. The best gore videos, including those showing child beheadings, rape aftermaths, horrific injuries, various forms of racist speech, and more, can be found and viewed with just a few clicks. The government has removed and banned from search engines images and videos on this website that contain extremely offensive language, gore, and violence in order to protect innocent people. Without a doubt, blocking such websites will make the Internet better and safer. However, there are still a lot of BestGore-like websites online.


Part 2: The Top 10 Horror Video Websites Similar to BestGore

However, if you are extremely addicted to such graphic videos, there are a few BestGore alternatives listed below.

1. Documenting Reality

One of the websites that most closely resembles BestGore these days is Documenting Reality . You can find several real-life photographs and videos of fatalities, suicides, homicides, and accidents on this uncensored website. Avoid it if you’re under 18 years old. However, there is a view cap unless you make a $20 one-time donation. Otherwise, every 4-6 weeks, the free views allotted are reset at random.


2. Deep Gore Tube

One of the top websites like BestGore that offers a big selection of uncut videos is Deep Gore Tube. It functions similarly to a news website and video sharing platform but emphasising explicit content. You can select any video category, such as accident, animal, CCTV, punishment, war, and more, from the site’s primary interface.


3. The YNC

In YNC, You may find all kind of gore-related videos on YNC. Everyone is welcome to upload videos to the website because it is a public video-sharing platform. You can watch a variety of startling videos in addition to the gory ones below. Each video has a thumbnail in addition to the title, allows viewers to like or dislike it, and may even be shared on external sites.


4. Hoodsite

One of the best websites, similar to BestGore, is Hoodsite . The films offered by Hoodsite are undoubtedly considerably “softer” than those from the sites mentioned above. For instance, you can discover footage of fights or news reports based on actual events here. Still, this site has a robust search engine where you can find some gory videos.


5. Scary for Kids

Scary for Kidss is the greatest website similar to BestGore if you visit BestGore for horror videos. It is made to frighten you and provides you with all things spooky, including terrifying tales, games, mazes, ghost photos, creepy videos, and horror films. To view more terrifying content on this website, choose the desired category from the menu.


6. Damage Corpse

Similar to other websites, Damage Corpse features a variety of categories you can browse, and each area has its own horrific videos, images, and written stories. Most of these documents haven’t been edited and aren’t suitable for news outlets. However, if you enjoy anything similar, simply have a look.


7. BME

Body Modification Ezine(BME), in contrast to BestGore, is an online publication devoted to body modification. BestGore doesn’t have as many violent films and images, but what it does have is disturbing enough. Images and films of body modifications, such as tattoos, scarifications, and piercings of the nose, ears, and even genitalia, can be found in BME.


8. eBaum’s World

The entertainment website  eBaum’s Worldwas established in 2001 and is run by Literally Media. This is a great BestGore substitute if you want amusing and outrageous content. It includes humorous material such as memes, trending videos, pictures, and other elements of online culture. With the monetary point system, users can trade points.


9. Daily Mail

A variety of videos, including news, sports, and visually stimulating content that has gone viral, are available on the Daily Mail website. It’s worth checking out if you’re seeking for a news source other than BestGore. In 1896, the Daily Mail made its debut and became an instant sensation. You won’t need to be concerned about it getting taken down as a result.


10. Veoh

Veoh , which was first introduced in 2005 as a virtual television network programme, later transformed into a video-sharing website in 2006. Although YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are gradually displacing it, it still contains a wide range of videos in various genres. Veoh is one of the top websites like BestGore if you’re looking for casual videos.


How to Download Terrifying Videos from Websites Like BestGore, Part 3

The aforementioned BestGore alternatives may be removed at any time for a number of known reasons. You can download these horrifying gore videos for offline playing if you don’t want to stop watching them on cellular or Wi-Fi. Literally, you can try a video downloader if you can’t find a direct download button beneath the video. CleverGet will be cited as one of the top video downloaders because it can download videos from more than 1000 websites, including YouTube, OnlyFans, Twitter, Netflix, Prime Video, and others. The steps that follow explain how to download graphic videos from websites like BestGore.

Install CleverGet Video Downloader first.


To download and set up CleverGet on your computer, click the link below.

Downloading videos with CleverGet

– Download MP4 videos with an 8K resolution or higher.

– Support 1000+ sites

– Support live video downloading from M3U8 links

– Download playlists and multi-tasking

– Player and browser built-in

– High-performance hardware acceleration

– User-friendly interface

Download     Download

Step 2: Look for videos on the BestGore substitute website

Enter the source video link into the address bar on the main interface to go to the desired page. CleverGet will automatically begin to identify and assess all downloadable sources on a page as soon as you land on the website.



Download videos from websites like BestGore in step three.

All available films and audios will be listed in the pop-up window upon parsing in a variety of qualities, sizes, codecs, resolutions, etc. To download videos from a website like BestGore, select the desired choice and click the “Download” button.



Step 4: Review downloaded and currently downloading videos

Under the “Library” sidebar, you can check and manage all downloading and downloaded videos. To switch between two tabs, click both the video and download icons. You can watch videos from websites like BestGore offline after downloading.


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