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Best People Search Engines & Sites to Find People Easily

Looking for People Search Engines & Sites? Then this article is for you. Some circumstances make us say, “It’s a small world”, like when you meet someone at an unexpected place. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a long lost friend or for that one person you met at the airport, you might agree when I state that the world isn’t that small after all. Thankfully, as we all understand, the web is a spot where you can get most of your answers.

Well, there are many people finder services that let you search for people and get details around them. Aside from finding people that you are looking for, the people search websites can come in handy when you’re looking for a roommate or starting to work with someone. Here is the listing of the 10 best people search engines you can use.

Note: Some search engines discussed on this list work better in some countries like the USA, UK, and more. Do check if your country is approved or not before purchasing a paid subscription.

Why You Should Use People Search Engines ?

Every time we hear the term people search engine, our brains mostly find people with whom we were connected in the past. While people finder services will assist you in finding those people too, there are myriad of real-life scenarios where they come in convenient and might even save you a ton of headache and regret in the future.

For instance, if you own a business and work with several remote workers, it is always good to find out info on them before you give them important business details. You might be a university student who is looking for a flatmate to share the rent. One thing that you should make assured is that the person is trustworthy.

You might be someone who is seeing to purchase a property and wants to make sure that the seller has a good record. In hundreds of situations like this, the people search websites we have mentioned below can help you a lot.

Not just can they help you find people’s social profiles, but they also let you know if they have any criminal or arrest records. In the lighter terms, these People search engines can assist you in finding email addresses and phone numbers so that you can communicate with someone who is hard to find. When used correctly, the people search websites stated on this list can help you a lot. Now that you know why one should utilize People Search Engines let us look at the best of them.

List of People Search Websites You Can Use

Here are the best people search engines you can use in 2021

Truecaller – Find People Using Phone Numbers

If you received a missed call from someone and are questioning how to find them, Truecaller is your best bet. With Truecaller, you can search mobile phone numbers to know the name of the person.


  • Works on web
  • Free to use
  • Can get the name, approximate location of a person using a phone number


  • Requires phone number

LinkedIn – Professional Profiles and Work History

If you’re looking to search for people through their professional details, LinkedIn is the best choice there is. The Microsoft-owned service highlights some great search capabilities, not everyone is informed of. You can search for particular keywords with names and locations, use Boolean searches, and more.

The search page in LinkedIn also highlights a very handy sidebar, which lets you use filters to refine your search. So, if you’re looking for a person you met at a professional meet, LinkedIn should help you find him/her with ease.


  • Handy Sidebar for filtering
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Excellent platform for employers
  • Get professional details


  • Premium subscription required to get the best out of it

Whitepages – Find People, Addresses, Phone Numbers, & More

Whitepages is much more than simply a person finder service. It’s an excellent tool for users who want to get more than just social or professional information. The website delivers you detailed background reports on a person that includes information like contact, properties, addresses, court & criminal records, liens & judgments, and more.

If you’re just looking to find a person, Whitepages is still a great service, as it gives details around family members and associates, current contact details, etc. You can find a person using name and location, address, phone number, or business. So, yeah, it’s a very powerful tool. You also get both Android and iOS apps to search on the go.

While details like address, phone number, family members, locations, etc., are possible for free, you will have to get the premium subscription if you want a full background report.

Additionally, the premium service of the website is exclusively available in the US as the service works best there.


  • Basic info for free users
  • Global search available
  • Best for hiring employees
  • Accurate contact information


  • Limited dataset
  • Expensive

Instant Checkmate – Background Check

Instant Checkmate is more than a public records search service, but it’s still helpful if you want to know about important details of a person. The US-only people search engine allows you easily check a person’s criminal records, related court documents, addresses, age, phone numbers, etc.

It delivers you data from online profiles, federal data sources, and state & country data sources. The results are much great, thanks to Instant Checkmate’s advanced search tech. All the details around a search are arranged in a neat report which is helpful.

Instant Checkmate is 1 powerful service, and while it seems a bit overwhelming with all the details around background reports, it can be used as a people finder service too. Nevertheless, you can only get the reports after you’ve bought one of the subscriptions.


  • Advanced search filters
  • Access property data
  • Search through publicly available data
  • Best for criminal and background checks


  • Premium price for detailed data

PeekYou – Find Family, Classmates, Old Friends, & More

PeekYou is 1 of the few free people search engines that bring you details around a person based on their social media accounts, web profiles, email addresses, contact details, and other public records. It also utilizes its patented technology to bring you results from over 60 websites, news sources, homepages, blog platforms, and several other sources.

You can search for people using location, names, web username, or phone reverse search. While the website works best when you’re searching for someone residing in the USA, it also works decently when you’re doing a global search.

I have experimented with this with a few searches, and while the results were not as excellent as I would have hoped, they were not bad either. Also, you’re getting all the details for free, so I don’t think we have a right to complain. Simply use this people search website and see if it’s for you or not.


  • Global search available
  • No sign-up required
  • Proprietary algorithm to offer accurate results
  • Phone reverse search


  • Results are limited

Pipl – People Search and Identity Verification

Pipl is arguably the most famous people search engine and deservedly so, considering it works in almost all the countries and offers very accurate results. The platform allows you easily get professional, social, and contact info.

You can find people using their username, email, name, or phone number. When we experimented with the service when it was available for free, it worked much well, and the results were fairly accurate. I searched using the names of ten different people and found nine of them in the results.

7 of them were in the top 5 search results. I’m shocked as to how accurate this search is. Note that I’ve not connected any social media account to this, used my work email, and went incognito.

While Pipl Search was possible in a free tier before, that is no longer the case. Furthermore, Pipl is now limited to professional users. The company further makes it clear on its website that the service is not meant for personal, non-commercial purposes.


  • Minimal information required
  • Available worldwide
  • Accurate information
  • Free search for 5 days
  • Social media linking


  • Not intended for personal use
  • Very Expensive

Note: You require to create a paid account to see the results.

US Search

US Search is a popular website for finding people across the US. It has a simple user interface where you just need to enter the first and last name, and you will get results within a few seconds. If you want, you can give additional information so that it can filter the results much faster. In my short usage, the website was able to locate individuals for whom I was looking.

Again, exactly like other people search engines, it only gives age, places where one has lived, and possible relatives for free users. If you want complete info like recent addresses, phone numbers, then you’ll have to pay for a basic report.

And if you require to do a full background check, then the pricing goes even higher. To sum up, US Search has a huge amount of data, and it’s one of the oldest people search engines out there.


  • Oldest database
  • Automatic filter
  • Affordable service
  • Pretty fast
  • Best for US-based searches


  • Limited information for free users


Another choice worth checking out is Quora. Although Quora is a question-and-answer website where you can write and ask for answers, you can make a quick Quora lookup to find who you are looking for, especially if the person is interested in reading or writing. All you have to perform is open Quora and search for the person’s name.

You can narrow-down the results by switching to ‘Profiles’ from the left-side menu. If the person has filled-in all the basic details, you can simply find the profile. Simply put, you can use Quora to get a person, but the chances of finding them extremely depends on their interests. For what it’s deserving, you can give it a try if you can’t see them in other people’s finder services we’ve listed above.


  • Free to use
  • Available globally
  • Sidebar for basic filtering
  • Great for finding friends with reading and writing interests


  • No advanced filter options
  • Not suitable for everyone


Truthfinder is a people search engine that gives accurate information, and its results are almost comparable to Pipl. While Pipl operates across the globe, Truthfinder is a US-only website. You can hunt for police records of an individual, contact information, photos from social media, check court records, and much more.

More than joining with people, Truthfinder is about background checks. For instance, if you’re moving to a new location or hiring a potential employee, then Truthfinder will be a better pick than Pipl. It utilizes information from Federal, State, and County data sources.

Truthfinder likewise has some great tools like reverse phone, address lookup, family tree, dark web scan, and more. If you’re in the US, then Truthfinder seems to be the best option for background checks. Having stated that, keep in mind, the service is not completely free. For free users, you can just see basic info like age and possible location. In addition, the search takes much time to show the results.


  • Huge database of criminal and court orders
  • Multiple tools including reverse phone
  • Best for background checks
  • Accurate US-only results


  • Takes considerable time to show results
  • Basic information for free users

Facebook – People Search via Social Profiles

Now, who is not informed of Facebook? Chances are, you’re looking for people search services after you failed to get a person on Facebook. Well, there’s a lot more to Facebook search than you might know of. For example, you can search for people based on the place they work, interests, location, places they’ve been to, etc., all thanks to the Graph Search feature.

Graph Search in Facebook is designed to give results to natural language queries. You can also search for people through the “Find Friends” feature, which allows you to filter searches through various options. All in all, Facebook is a really good people finder and 1 of the great options to search for people globally.


  • Free to use
  • Available globally
  • Unmatched social graph
  • Good for connecting with old buddies and relatives
  • Search based on interests, place, college


  • Not for background checks

Find People with These People Search Engines

Those were some of the great People Search Engines that you can use in 2021. Some of them work best in the US, while some work globally, so you can choose accordingly. Furthermore, we are positive that you will be able to find the person you’re looking for with one of these websites, considering all of them are pretty capable and give advanced features. Well, try them out and let us understand if they managed to help you out. Sound off in the comments section below.

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