Best Note Taking Apps for Android Smartphones in 2022

Since cellphones already exceed our standards for practicality, we no longer acknowledge how note-taking and list-making have gotten so much simpler. We can’t help but acknowledge that with the availability of numerous note-taking apps, completing daily tasks and increasing productivity don’t have to wait while you look for a notepad and a pen. The top 10 note-taking apps for Android devices that we have compiled are the solution to your search for the simplest way to take notes.

List of the Top Android Note-Taking Apps

There are fantastic note-taking apps to remove any barriers to taking notes with an accent on organising, writing, and security, whether it is a fleeting thought or a crucial checklist. Here are 10 note-taking apps for you to choose from.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is included in our list of the top note-taking apps for Android devices since Microsoft has long been a leader in productivity software. This software is well-liked and contains useful features that assist you in getting going. OneNote ensures that you have everything under control, whether you want to add a captured word or an Excel document.

You now have the option to handwrite your notes thanks to this software. Additionally, you are free to doodle and add clips to make things look better. OneNote gives you the option to organise your notes with tags and labels and keep track of your to-do lists. You can easily move things to the appropriate category in this app if it is important. In addition, you may work with others using this wonderful software, and others can remark on your notes and make follow-ups. You should without a doubt test out this cross-platform tool.

Download App: Android

2. Evernote


We want you to have a suspicion about Evernote because of its intuitive interface and wealth of tools for creating notes. Evernote, one of the most popular and effective note-taking apps, gives you the option to make your notes by hand or by typing them, and it helps you manage your digital stacks effectively. You can type and handwrite notes with this amazing productivity app, and you also have the option of securing your to-do lists.

This app allows you to scan your papers using your smartphone’s camera. You can easily use its features to include anything, including as images, audio, video, and PDFs, with the clips whenever you want. Additionally, it has a feature that allows you to sync your notes across various devices and interact with others. You should absolutely visit this page while researching the top note-taking apps for Android smartphones.

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3. Material Notes

Material Notes

If you enjoy using colour codes to organise your information and maintain a presentable appearance, take a moment to tap in here. If you enjoy a card-style design and think that color-coding your notes is the best way to access them quickly, Materials Notes, another of the finest note-taking apps, is a tool worth trying. You may easily make to-do lists and star the notes that are most significant to you. So, these messages automatically classify as urgent stuff.

Another helpful feature of this app is the search option, which enables you to locate your notes. You can also establish a four-digit pin to lock your notes and prevent them from being shared with anyone else by securing them with a pin. By adding widgets to your phone’s home screen, you can easily access your notes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this greatest free note-taking app with the variety of features it offers.

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4. Simplenote

Simple Note

Another top note-taking app with a ton of features that increase productivity is Simple Note. The quick and simple functionality of this note-taking tool makes it ideal for making to-do lists and recording essential notes. This app’s interface is fairly simple and won’t take up much of your time. You can fling open Simple Note and enter any last-minute, irrational ideas there.

You can just use its note-organizing capabilities to reduce clutter. You may organise your notes using pins and tags, making it simple for you to access them later on. By integrating the cloud, you may access the notes from other devices. You might find this straightforward note-taking tool useful due to its go-get-it capability.

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5. D Notes

D Notes

We have D Notes if you’re still looking for the top note-taking apps. This app’s gorgeous material design UI doesn’t require you to create an account in order to use it. In the simplest method possible, it enables you to make notes and list your to-dos and ideas. Additionally, it offers a crucial feature that enables you to categorise your notes to organise them.

Because this software offers a search feature that allows you to easily retrieve any note, you get to save time while accessing your crucial notes. Your notes can be simply shared and even made safe by adding a fingerprint lock. The D Notes’ ability to enable you configure your notes in many themes and colours makes it worthwhile to use. When you have to say “Take a note” before you can begin typing, the Google Now integration simplifies things. You can give D Notes a go because there aren’t any battles with adverts and the custom choices are available to make things simple and intriguing.

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6. BlackNote



BlackNote is yet another clear-cut and uncomplicated note-taking app for your smartphone, and it has all the capabilities you need to quickly record your shopping lists, ideas at random, to-do lists, and more. It offers widget options that make accessibility simple, and its user-friendly design maximises efficiency.

To quickly access a certain note on this app, just perform a search rather than scrolling through the full list. Additionally, you can simply favourite and set aside the notes that are significant to you. BlackNote is a powerful note-taking app for smartphones with a great feature to help you lock the notes.

Download App: Android

7. Google Keep

Google Keep

It is difficult to comprehend how Google Keep manages to satisfy your needs for writing notes while examining the top note-taking apps. With a mix of graphics and sounds, Google Keep ensures you make the most of your notes, whether you’re writing lists or crucial paragraphs.

Simply record memos to transcribe with this app if you don’t feel like typing. Additionally, you may quickly scan receipts, handwritten notes, bills, etc. into this app using the camera on your phone. With its ability to communicate and share notes, this productivity tool may be utilised in groups. Google Keep is a good choice for you because it has the useful function of letting you color-code significant notes.

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8. Keep My Notes

Keep My Note

Keep My Notes is another note-taking app on this list to take into consideration for easing your habit of writing notes and making lists because it offers a clean layout and tidy features. You can use the text-to-speech features of this app as well as handwrite your notes with this app. This software makes sure you may leave notes on your home screen if you like to be reminded by them.

In addition, this app gives you the option to share your notes with other apps, and its password-protection feature gives you the security you need for your papers. In this software, you can alternate between the light and dark settings based on your preferences. The fact that your notes are backed up to the cloud makes things more convenient.

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9. FairNote


FairNote is a must-try app if you care more about keeping your notes private and secure. You can assure the security of every notes you note here with its note encryption feature and use of AES-256 encryption. Fully the functionality you require are all included in FairNote.

This software has a clean, straightforward layout and employs material design. In addition, this app’s ability to identify your notes according to their importance is a key feature. The majority of the key functions are available in the free edition, while the pro version has access to more sophisticated capabilities.

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10. ColorNote


The last app on this list, ColorNote, may have the most features, but it definitely satisfies your need to quickly generate lists and notes. This software offers a variety of themes that you can customise to your preferences. Once you’re done composing your notes, they are instantly stored.

Another crucial function of this software is the ability to password-protect your notes. In addition, it offers features like calendar-based note organisation, memo widgets, and more. By creating an account on this app, you may sync your notes and get a backup of them online. Use the ColorNote app if you like to highlight your notes with colour codes and want an easy way to share them.

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Discover the Best Smartphone Note-Taking App.

With the help of these note-taking apps, making a quick grocery list and scribbling down ideas that come to you at the most inconvenient times of the day has gotten much simpler. Additionally, they save a significant amount of time by making searches simple. I hope this article has assisted you in locating the top smartphone note-taking app. Please share which one is your favourite in the comment section.

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