Best Location Tracking Apps For Android and iOS In 2022

The ability to locate a loved one from your couch is a reality in the location we live in. You can now locate where your child is thanks to the ever-evolving technology, and guess what? Installing a single location-tracking app on your Android or iOS device is all that is required. Since it is normal to occasionally become plagued by worry about the welfare of your loved ones. In this situation, you can scroll down this post to get a list of the top location tracking applications for Android and iOS, all of which you ought to download and use.

You may utilise the 11 top location tracking apps listed in this area to find out where your loved ones are at any given location. A gadget or people who own such devices can be physically located and their movements electronically recorded using the 24 satellites of the GPS location tracking technology. Even if there are a lot of these apps available, picking the best one for your smartphone might not be a good idea. For that reason, we advise you to check our list and make the discovery for yourself.

List of 11 Best Location Tracking Apps to Track Real-Time Location

In the segment that follows, we’ll look at the apps that are accessible for iOS and Android smartphones.

1. FamiSafe – Location Tracker

FamiSafe - Location Tracker

This app is great for keeping location of your child’s whereabouts in real time. Apart from serving as a location tracking app, it is essentially a parental control app with a tonne of fascinating features. Three days are allotted for the app’s trial period.

Positive Qualities:

An account can be made. Next, download the app from the Play Store or the App Store to both your child’s phone and your own. Additionally, you can link to your own device to monitor your child’s phone.

This app offers a geofencing feature that can assist you in setting up secure virtual limits for your kids in places like the playground, the school, or any other location they frequently visit. Your child’s phone app will keep track of the designated zone, and you will be notified every time your youngster approaches the borders. This will enable you to make a connection with them or someone nearby and keep them from leaving the safe area.

Additionally, you can view your child’s movement history as it was recorded. The app also provides intelligent parental control settings, app blockers, web filters, screen time management, and an emergency alert generator.

Download App: Android and iOS

2. mSpy: Find Family, Track Phone

mSpy: Find Family, Track Phone

This is not just another phone location tracking app. It is actually a family control app that uses a map to keep you virtually linked to your loved ones. The packages, which start at $19.99 and are automatically renewed, are available for a variety of devices.

Positive Qualities:

You can use this app to locate your kids, elderly parents, or any other loved one in real-time.

The complete location history is accessible.

You can design a personalised virtual safety zone using geo-fencing to prevent your loved ones from travelling down perilous routes.

The apps that are loaded on the tracked phone can also be watched.

What also you can do is add an alarm button so your youngster can tap it to alert you with just one press in the event of any emergency or difficult scenario.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS

Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS

This fantastic GPS tracking app is accessible on Windows, MAC, and Linux-powered laptops and tablets in addition to Android and iOS devices. With 7 million downloads to date, this app is well-liked.

Positive Qualities:

One account can be set up by users to control several devices.

With the aid of GPS geolocation, this app can serve as a device locator.

It allows users to see device location histories and supports the geofencing feature.

Other features include the anti-mute warning that sounds when any suspicious movement is detected.

The app is quite effective at creating an accurate and thorough report on Prey lost devices. With the app’s capacity to identify nearby Wi-Fi connections and determine the current location of the lost device, it can be used as an anti-theft tool.

There is a remote locking capability in the app.

You can remotely erase your child’s personal info from their misplaced smartphone. Additionally, until the lost device is found, data can be encrypted.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. Life360 – Find Family & Friends

Life360 - Find Family & Friends

You can keep tabs on the whereabouts of every member of your family using this location-tracking app. It offers excellent membership plan options, ranging from a free edition that enables location sharing and lets you view device movement history to the more comprehensive Plus and Driver Protect memberships.

Positive Qualities:

You can make an own family circle with the app.

In location to let your family know where you are in real-time, you can share your positions and receive smart notifications.

This app’s sophisticated sensors can recognise auto crashes. Additionally, the Life360 executives can make an ambulance call and inform the circle members of the accident on your behalf.

In the event that a car’s engine malfunctions or there are any other problems, the app can also be utilised to get roadside help.

A Driver report allows you to keep tabs on a vehicle’s speed within your circle.

Download App: Android and iOS

5. Kids App Qustodio

Kids App Qustodio

The Editor’s Choice rating for this GPS location tracker app was given by PC Mag. Daily activity statistics and the activity dashboard are both accessible through this app for free.

Positive Qualities:

While the premium edition allows you to monitor several devices, the free version only allows you to keep an eye on one of your child’s devices.

You may restrict access to adult content, keep tabs on web and YouTube usage, etc.

On the map, you can also find where your child is. The Panic button can also be used by children to request assistance.

Download App: Android and iOS

6. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

With the aid of an iCloud account, one can access this built-in app on all Apple devices. This app may be used to track the locations of your friends and family members and is available on the App Store for free.

Positive Qualities:

With the help of the “family sharing” feature enabled on their iPhones, this app may locate members of your family.

People, Devices, and Me are the three tabs that are displayed in this app.

Additionally, even when the phone is offline, it aids in tracking and finding missing devices.

With the help of this app, you can remotely delete data and lock the device with a passcode.

It can also be used to get driving-related navigation instructions.

Download App: iOS

7. Google Maps

Google Maps


This is a free web mapping tool that Google created and makes available on the Play Store and App Store to help with navigation and location detection. This app goes much beyond the capabilities of a straightforward location-detecting app.

Positive Qualities:

Sharing your present location in real-time is made easier with the “share location” feature. Additionally, you can use the ride-sharing feature to share real-time transit information.

You can manage sharing options via the app.

Receiving an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for cars is also helpful.

The app may be used for a variety of things, including finding alternate routes and getting real-time traffic reports.

Download App: Android and iOS

8. FollowMee – GPS Location Tracker

FollowMee - GPS Location Tracker

This excellent app for free location location lets you keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts and protect their safety. This app’s unique feature allows you to watch your child’s actions without them knowing because it can be used in stealth mode.

Positive Qualities:

This app can assist in simultaneously tracking many devices.

It offers a three-day location history.

The fact that this app does not always require an online connection is another appealing feature. It keeps logging and tracking information even when there is no internet connection. However, all of the data is uploaded as soon as the connection is made again. Thus, it can be helpful even when your children travel to far-off places.

Download App: Android and iOS

9. Glympse


This app belongs to the genre of location-tracking apps and is also quite well-liked. Through a dynamic map, this app enables users to share their current location with friends, family, and coworkers.

Positive Qualities:

You don’t need to register.

Anywhere in the world where there is internet availability, this app can operate in the background.

Even if they don’t have the same app on their phones, you may still share your location with everyone.

Download App: Android and iOS


10. Location Tracker

Location Tracker

A good app for location and tracking locations is this one. The Play Store for Android applications has this available. This software has a graphical user interface and is free.

Positive Qualities:

You can use this app to track your location, which is then saved on your Google account connected to the Google Maps app.

You can also see a chronological location of your past locations.

Download App: Android

11. Spyzie


Here is another fantastic tool for you if you are still looking for the finest approach to keep tabs on your loved ones. Another top location tracking app, Spyzie, is available for iOS and Android devices and offers a variety of useful features, including geo-fencing, remote access, social media integration, and real-time location tracking.

Positive Qualities:

You may remotely manipulate device settings and content with Spyzie.

The battery charge indicator feature on this tool is included.

Using this app, you can remotely lock your device.

Your location to the device is indicated by this tool.

Download App: Android

Apps for Android and iOS that tracking Your Location: One Final Word

These days, smartphones and tablets come equipped with built-in location tracking software. In addition, you can come across a dog collar or a piece of jewellery that has this useful object embedded in it. Location tracking is now eminently helpful in all contexts and is something we can rely on at any time of the day.

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