Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

We can assist if you are having trouble choosing the best GPS tracking apps. For a detailed explanation of everything, read on!

The quick-paced digital system is continually improving and easing our lives. You must have heard of GPS tracking in between all the other discoveries. It is a sophisticated sort of technology that enables you to find any location instantly, whether it’s a friend’s location, a specific location, or somewhere else you want to go. Just switch on your device’s GPS is all that is required! You can also use GPS to track the location of your stolen smartphone in addition to this. Sounds incredible, no? Without a shadow of a doubt, yes!

There are numerous GPS tracking apps accessible on the Google Play Store and the App Store in the modern digital age. However, choosing one of the top GPS tracking apps can be challenging. We can assist you if you are having the same problems. The top 12 GPS tracking apps for both Android and iPhone devices are listed below. Therefore, let’s get started without wasting a single second.

12 Highly Recommended GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android in 2022

navigating something in an unfamiliar area One of the most practical methods is using GPS tracking software. We are able to track any unknown location with the aid of such software. Knowing that selecting the finest application might be challenging, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 GPS tracking apps below. Look at them for a moment!

1. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Navigation

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Navigation

Want a ride-sharing partner? We have WAZE, the ideal app for getting you to your location quickly and comfortably. The finest travel app available is WAZE, which is crammed with plenty of features made specifically with the needs of its customers in mind. This software is excellent since it provides real-time ETA information and easy route changes. The live warnings for traffic, hazards, police, etc. are the main feature of this app.

Download App: Android and iPhone

2. FollowMee GPS Tracker

FollowMee GPS Tracker

Ever considered being a detective who wants to follow leads and track down suspects? But even while maintaining tabs on our family and employees is absurd and time-consuming, it is a necessary task. You may track folks with the unique GPS tracker called FollowMee. This app is designed to track users who have downloaded and installed it on their individual mobile devices. Then, all you need to do is log in to the website, enter your information, and begin tracking. The greatest GPS tracker apps are available in the App Store and Play Store, and FollowMee is one of them.

Download App: Android and iPhone

3. Glympse – Share GPS Location

Glympse - Share GPS Location

With Glympse, sharing location has never been simpler. One of the top location sharing and tracking apps for smartphones is Glympse. This app was created just to benefit and please its users. Glympse may be used anywhere there is GPS and internet access, and this software offers features like no sign-up for quick processing, auto-deleting prior location histories, background running, live ETA updates, and more. It is one of the best GPS tracking apps for Android and iPhone.

Download App: Android and iPhone

4. Safe365


Safe365 is the first mobile telecare software specifically designed for senior citizens. It is also a real-time GPS tracking app. Users of this software can learn everything there is to know about their loved ones or close friends. Safe365 is the best option for people who just wish to be aware of their parents’ and grandparents’ daily activities in order to ensure their wellbeing. Additionally, this app has a built-in Emergency button that notifies you whenever one of your loved ones is in danger. Isn’t it wonderful? Of course, click the link below to acquire Safe365 right away!

Download App: Android and iPhone

5. Life 360 – Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Life 360 - Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Life 360 is one of the top GPS tracking apps available for both iOS and Android. among the most popular applications for safety. Numerous powerful yet useful features are included with it, like real-time location tracking and sharing, a personal chat function, complete location information, the ability to find the location of a lost or stolen mobile phone, and many more. In addition, you can improve your driving style with the help of this safety and tracking application, which also distributes emergency notifications.

Download App: Android and iPhone

6. Parental Control App & Live Location Tracker – FamiSafe

Parental Control App & Live Location Tracker - FamiSafe


What could be better than a multi-cross platform that enables you to perform several tasks at once. The application that utterly disproved the aforementioned line-up is called FamiSafe. FamiSafe combines a family software with location tracking functionality. It is among the top GPS tracking apps for iPhone and Android.

Additionally, you can use this application to watch over your children around-the-clock. Many essential features, including an app locker, a web content filter, screen time limits, and many more. You can track and block unwanted online content thanks to this tool.

Download App: Android and iPhone

7. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

Next on the list is Mobile Tracker, one of the top apps for location tracking that enables you to track even the location of a lost or stolen phone. With the introduction of Mobile Tracker, keeping track of and quickly connecting with loved ones anywhere in the world has become possible. It enables you to follow the whereabouts of your loved ones in real time.

Additionally, this app enables you to continuously monitor the traffic conditions on the streets, which is even more useful when you learn when it is best to visit the markets. What you can and cannot afford is unknown to us. However, we are aware that you cannot afford to stop using Mobile Tracker. Get it now, then!

Download App: Android

8. GEO Tracker – GPS Tracker

GEO Tracker - GPS Tracker

We must state that if you were looking for the top Android GPS tracking apps, you’ve come to the correct place. Yeah! Yes, you read that correctly. The Geo Tracker app enables you to share real-location whereabouts, track lost or stolen mobile devices, and do much more.

Your friends will benefit from Geo Tracker’s instructions on how to follow your routes or directions. In essence, it helps you mark the significant or fascinating parts of your journey. The all-in-one app Geo Tracker will assist you in the best ways to arrive at your desired location.

Download App: Android

9. Family Locator – GPS Tracker App

Family Locator - GPS Tracker App

Family Locator is yet another GPS phone tracker that is listed on this list. You can be in constant contact with your family members thanks to the app. Through connection, Family Locator protects you and your family secure. Additionally, it has chatbox features integrated right in. This application displays the past week or seven days’ worth of location history. To keep in touch with your family and friends, you can set up accounts or various channels. Is it not very useful? Without a doubt, of course, so download it right away!

Download App: Android

10. A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS Tracker

Do you go hiking? If so, this app was created with you in mind. The top GPS tracking apps for smartphones include A-GPS Tracker. The best location application is essential when tracking or trekking because you always need to keep track of the trails. Even if you only want to measure the distance you’ve travelled, this app is quite cool. Additionally, it demonstrates that your latitude and longitude coordinates are also available in degrees.

Download App: Android

11. MapQuest


The excellent GPS tracking app MapQuest is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. For users, it is nothing more than a huge treat. This cutting-edge location tracking application transforms your mobile devices into virtual travel companions. Provides a wide range of interesting and useful features, such as live traffic updates, multi-point routes, weather forecast updates, rapid navigation, an intuitive user interface, and many more. In essence, this application facilitates users’ quick and simple arrival at their locations.

Download App: Android and iPhone

12. Google Maps

Google Maps 

No one can overlook including Google Maps while talking about the finest GPS tracking apps. Most likely, this app’s final solutions are what have won it the praise of millions of users worldwide. Google Maps is the best option if you want to track the location. Additionally, it offers the tools you need to simplify your journey. It provides immediate real-time updates, offline map functionality, locates neighbouring maps, and displays reviews and ratings in addition.

Download App: Android and iPhone

Which is the best GPS tracking apps for Android and iPhone?

You are already knowledgeable about the top GPS tracking software . Consequently, you are actually aware of the best GPS match to find the spots. However, if you’re looking for professional help, we’d like to suggest Google Maps and Family Locator as the two top GPS tracking apps for smartphones. For both Android and iPhone devices, these two apps have the highest ratings. With all of this in mind, it is time to close the note; we assume that you liked the post and got what you wanted. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below; we would be happy to hear them. We’ll be back soon with yet another entertaining yet educational technological bluff.

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