Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iOS

Based on their performance in the previous round, amateur golfers’ potential is measured by their handicap. You might need to download the top golf handicap apps because figuring out your handicap in golf might be confusing.

When it comes to golf handicap applications for iOS and Android, you have a wide range of choices. You can select an app that suits your preferences because they all offer a variety of functions. Find your preferred app below, whether you require a GPS tracker or just want a handicap calculator.

Best golf handicap applications for iOS and Android

Thanks to helpful tools made specifically for amateur players, calculating a handicap in golf has never been so simple. The apps listed below will help you improve your golf game and determine your golf handicap.

1. GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile

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The GHIN, a specific service provided by the United States Golf Association (USGA), gives thorough information regarding golf handicap. GHIN Mobile is an official mobile app that makes managing your game on the go simpler and more personalised.

The target audience for this app is golfers at clubs that make use of the GHIN services. Score history and golfer lookup are only a couple of the important functions it has. You may also upload your score to keep track of both your overall and hole-by-hole performance.

Furthermore, GHIN Mobile has a stats tracking feature that records driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putts made. Of course, the big star you’re searching for is the handicap calculator. With GHIN Mobile, calculating your golf handicap is simple.

2. Diablo


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Diablo is a well-liked handicap tracker that can assist you in creating a handicap index. This free app is convenient for posting your scores, ratings, reviews, and keeping track of friends because it fully integrates with Facebook. Even better, you can directly add new members from the contact list.

You can do so many different things with Diablo. In addition to submitting your scores on social media, you can upload 5 scores to get a Handicap Index. You can also examine your score history and sign up for golf clubs that are authorised by the USGA.

Additionally, Diablo’s GPS capability makes it a terrific app for finding nearby golf courses. Its database has 18,000 golf courses, and you can select one to view detailed information about it.

The best thing is that since your scores are kept on their website, you may forego using a handicap card. You may still access Diablo and display your handicap scores on your smartphone even if you misplace your handicap card or leave it at home.

3. TheGrint


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TheGrint is a comprehensive golf app made for all types of players. This equipment is USGA certified and has a tonne of capabilities, including a GPS rangefinder and golf statistics. TheGrint was created especially for you if you’re looking for a mobile application that can serve as a substitute caddie.

You can have access to a sizable golfing community after you sign up. When you connect with your other golfers, you may compete in live scoring tournaments, view their scores and stats, share eye-catching images of the game, and boast about your own performance. Everything you need is there to improve your golfing experience.

This software is fantastic because it offers simpler point calculation and now saves your scorecard on your phone. This app offers everything you need to assess your game or get a reliable handicap index.

4. mScorecard


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The top golf handicap calculator app, mScorecard, offers a wealth of options to enhance your game. You can keep track of scores, greens in regulation, and up-and-downs for five players, among other things. Enjoy quickly entering information for goals and shots.

Based on the rounds you’ve played, this app can automatically compute and track your golf handicap. Additionally, it supports a number of handicap schemes that have been widely implemented.

In addition to keeping track of your scores and handicaps, mScorecard also saves the complete game history on your phone. Advanced round statistics, an infinite number of courses, players, and game rounds are also available. To make them easier to access on any device, just upload them to the server.

This capable software uses the GPS on your phone to show you how far you are from golf courses. You can also play well-known side games like Skins, Stableford, Eagles, and Birdies, among others. Share your score with your friends if you’re satisfied with it.

5. SwingU


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SwingU is a terrific GPS rangefinder and scoring tool for golfers of all skill levels and is trusted by millions. This app, which boasts astounding accuracy and battery efficiency, was created with your delight in mind.

Once downloaded, you can use a GPS rangefinder that is effective on the majority of golf courses across the world. A digital scorecard that keeps track of your score and putts is also included. It’s helpful to know that after posting scores for three rounds, you’ll receive a free handicap.

Are you a golf novice? Then you may utilise the app’s daily golf lesson suggestions to your full advantage. Improve your golfing abilities by receiving daily advice from professional coaches.

SwingU is fantastic because it is dependable and simple to use. The creator continuously enhances new features, giving you a highly useful app to go along with your games.

6. Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

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Do you want the top golf handicap applications that have a straightforward layout and user-friendly interfaces? Then Simple Handicap might become your go-to smartphone application.

You can easily determine your golf handicap with this calculator, which employs the World Handicap System. It has been carefully created for amateur golfers who need to independently study and record their handicap index.

Simple Handicap is totally simple to use and is available for free download. Just enter your preferred course, your 18-hole score, and the additional round. Your golf handicap will be automatically determined by the app.

7. Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Calculator

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The most complete golf app for calculating your handicap is this one. Millions of recreational golfers have relied on this mobile app to calculate their handicaps thanks to sophisticated highlights. Even though USGA has neither licenced nor endorsed it, it might be a smart wager.

You can determine your handicap using the new rules with the help of the golf handicap calculator. It offers hundreds of courses and allows 9-hole scoring combinations. Not to mention that for various courses, you can manually input rating and slope.

Never before has handicap calculation been so simple. With the help of this tool, you can determine the maximum stroke and handicap for a specific course. It also allows you to maintain all of your limitations throughout time. As you are permitted to disclose your disabilities to pals, things are only getting better.

The Golf Handicap Calculator also enables you to communicate with pals. You can keep track of their scores and handicaps and get push notifications when they submit new results.



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MOGC is a straightforward yet effective function that can enhance your golfing experience. It features everything you need to submit an unlimited number of scorecards, measure your improvement, and track your golf handicap at the majority of courses across the world.

It performs the functions of both a score tracker and a handicap calculator. You can track scorecards from all golf courses with the app, which also allows side games and penalties. And if you want to keep track of your greatest accomplishments, this app has you covered.

Another aspect in MOGC is statistics related to golf. You may see progress graphs, statistics for par 3 through par 5, rounds, and even weather data using this functionality.

Why not get in touch with your friends? With MOGC, you may check friends’ handicaps and share scorecards, statistics, and other information. Create friendly rivalry with your pals and keep an eye on the live leaderboard as you play to make your game more difficult.

9. Golf Handicap Group & League

Golf Handicap Group & League

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To manage handicaps for a golf group, download the top free golf handicap app. Although not designed for individual golfers, the software might be a fantastic tool for league managers. It supports the new handicap regulations and guarantees USGA compliance for your team.

This platform, from the same creator as the Golf Handicap Calculator app , lets you manage the golf handicaps of an unlimited number of golfers. You may also use it to compute golf handicaps that adhere to the new regulations. Thousands of courses with rating and slope are also supported.

All of your handicaps are recorded in this group handicap app throughout time. You may readily retrieve the information anywhere, at any time, because it is saved on your phone. To avoid data loss, you can also backup and restore the scores.

Having a straightforward and appealing user interface, this app is easy to use. Additionally, the tools are user-friendly and effective enough to qualify as a free app.

10. Handicap Tracker

Handicap Tracker

Download on the App Store

The next item on the list is Handicap Tracker, which makes it simple to keep track of and determine your golf handicap. This is a minimalist software with a straightforward layout to encourage a better user experience. Upgrade your game by using this app on your iPhone.

You can accomplish a lot of things with Handicap Tracker. The main attraction is the handicap calculator, which makes it simple to determine your golf handicap using the USGA WHS method. It supports the majority of golf courses around the world so you can push the bounds and improve your skills.

Additionally, Handicap Tracker is designed to make your tracking task simpler. This app keeps track of your advancement over time and stores information about the course, including the name, date, rating, slope, score, and differential, on your phone. Launch the app whenever you need it to display the data.

For iPhone users, Handicap Tracker is free. You can use it to find out approximations of your golf handicaps for personal purposes even though it is not associated with the USGA.

11. MyScoreCard


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The best app for keeping tabs on your golf handicap and scores online is called MyScoreCard. From performance reports to USGA certified handicap indexes, it has everything you need for game tracking.

You’ll adore the features that MyScoreCard offers. It keeps score totals, hole-by-hole stats, and stroke-by-stroke stats. You may even view your golf handicap and the target score for the next round thanks to it. Additionally, this useful application allows you to track more than 40 professional stats.

Try entering your score hole by hole, and MyScoreCard will figure out your numbers for you. This software does the trick whenever you need to keep tabs on your club buddies. View their most recent successes and results and make a comparison to yours.

MyScoreCard also offers a round history, a database of thousands of courses, and simple account access, among many other features. The best part is that you can get this golf software for free.

The top golf handicap apps are designed to improve your game. Enjoy these apps for automatic handicaps computation instead of the hassle of manual calculations.

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