Best Free Stock Photo Sites To Use in 2022

The use of stock pictures has grown and is continuing expanding since they first gained popularity. The best candidates for it are those who love photography and are looking for some amazing images.

There are, however, a few considerations that one should make before setting out on their journey. Websites that sell stock photos offer a great platform for showing your skills and originality to the world.

Choosing a stock photo website that can provide your talent a fantastic platform might be challenging. Numerous websites that provide free stock pictures have a wide range of features and benefits to offer.

To make your duty easier, we carefully considered image quality, legal security, licensure kind, and other minute criteria before developing our list.

Let’s have a look at some of the best stock photo websites that you can use for free to showcase your creativity and photographic talent.

The top websites with free stock photography:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay - Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Pixabay offers a big collection of beautiful visuals and cost-free stock images. In addition to photos, you can access some videos and vector graphics.

It is famous for having a sizable collection of landscape pictures. Pixabay usage is easy and secure. To avoid any undesirable results, use the “SafeSearch” browsing option at all times.

Finding the ideal image from Pixabay, selecting a suitable resolution, and entering the captcha to download it are all very simple steps.

2. Unsplash 

Unsplash - Stock photo website

With Unsplash, you can quickly say goodbye to Google Photos. It is recognised for having a beautifully kept collection of top-notch images. Even though it has a smaller collection of images than Pixabay, it maintains a high standard.

It has a comprehensive range of picture themes and a useful search feature. Additionally, it provides iOS users with a wonderful platform for creating and showcasing their collections.

With this fantastic application, you also get credit for your work and have the option to design a special profile, which is one of its most attractive aspects.

3. Pexels 

Pexels - Stock photo website

The best images are chosen by the website designers, who then add them to their domain repository. If you’re seeking for images from a specific genre, you can use its search feature to view pictures of a specific group.

Pexels offers a fantastic UI mockup interface for app designers. There is a section devoted to space photos to heighten your wonder.

4. Navigate Space

Another website that offers free stock photographs is Navigate Space. It handles any copyright restrictions, so you’re free to utilise the photos.

It offers a significant collection of photographs in several categories, including technology and architecture. Another advantage of Navigate Space is the built-in filter and navigation system.

You may discover and choose pictures from its easily navigable image library.

5. Picjumbo

Picjumbo - Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Are you looking for some outstanding, cost-free pictures for a project you have in the works? You are now in the proper place.

At Picjumbo, you may get top-notch images in a range of categories. It has a sizable, regularly updated photo library.

6. Gratisography

Gratisography - Free Stock Photos

We always like seeing interesting, odd, and alien images. Because of their odd nature, these amusing photos are excellent for rejuvenating your exhausted brain. Ryan McGuire, one of the most well-known photographers, is known to have images on Gratisography.

This stock photo website’s image directory is not very extensive, but it is frequently updated to keep it current.

Reliability and superiority are prioritised in gratisography.

7. Pikwizard

Free Stock Photo Website - Pikwizard

If you want images that truly look authentic, Pikwizard is the website for you. PikWizard offers a big collection of superb images for a free stock image website. Pikwizard is devoid of any cheesiness, and all content uploaded there is genuine.

There might be the best pictures of landscapes and cities. Along with stunning images, you also get access to an online picture editing option that you can use to rapidly create excellent designs.

8. Canva

Canva -Stock Photo Website

Canva is yet another popular and reliable source for free stock images. With Canva, you get access to millions of photos in a variety of categories.

You also get a useful search engine with the ability to sort photos. Both paid and unpaid photographs have listings that are well defined and separated.

9. Kaboompics

Kaboompics - Free Stock Photo Website

Karolina, a web designer of Polish descent, is mostly responsible for this excellent collection of photos. The outdoors and cuisine are only two of the many settings on Kaboompics.

Although users are free to use these pictures, they must provide a brief citation giving credit to Karolina for the pictures.

10. Life of Pix 

Life of Pix - Free Stock Photo Websites

If you wish to have a strong sense of creativity, Life of Pix is the finest option for you to consider. It is owned by LEEROY, a reputable Canadian marketing company.

It has a sizable collection of extraordinarily artistic photos covering a variety of topics and categories. On its website, all images are completely free to use.

11. Death To Stock

Stock Picture Website - Death To Stock

For businesses and bloggers, finding images has always been a struggle. This is where stock image websites come into play.

Allie and David, who recognised the need for help for struggling bloggers, created Death to Stock, a beautiful photo platform that caters to all “vibes and tribes.”

You only need to send an email outlining your requirements to get access to a superb selection of images. Your email will be forwarded with the specified pictures. You may also choose its paying membership for particular needs.

To meet all current and future needs, its collection is updated on a regular basis.

12. Flickr

Flickr - Free Stock Photos Site

Flickr can meet your needs if you’re looking for a reliable photo streaming service with ton and millions of images.

It provides a lively and interesting platform where users may upload and share photos. It serves as a sharing platform more so than a professional stock photo website, therefore the photographs offered here might not be the most beautiful but they guarantee uniqueness.

13. Morguefile


If you enjoy taking pictures, you’ve probably heard of Morguefile. One of the best and oldest stock photo websites is this one.

For professionals and educators looking for free images, it is a fantastic internet exchange platform. Despite being launched back in 1996, the website continues to work very effectively and meet a variety of demands.

Morguefile accepts photos from all levels of photographers, including amateurs and pros.

14. Libreshot


Do you require free photos to meet your needs for marketing and sales images? Martin Vorel is the owner of the free fine art stock photography website Libreshot.

It has more than 1,000 images and is most recognised for its gallery of images showcasing Buddhism and Mongolian culture. The photographs on Libreshot are unattributed and without watermarks.

15. Moose

Moose - Best Website For Stock Photos

Moose is the last site on our list of free stock photo websites. Icons8 is the owner and operator of this fantastic online photo gallery. It is quite well-liked by the general public because to its simplistic design and aesthetic.

If necessary, you can also modify the images to meet your unique needs; just be cautious when it comes to the website’s restrictions.

Final Words

These are some of the top galleries and websites for free stock photos. These sites include everything from corny to natural, landscape to vintage black and white photos.


Today, select beneficial stock image websites for yourself by consulting our list.

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