Best Free File Managers For Windows

Although Windows comes with a built-in file manager, it falls short of professional and tech-savvy customers’ expectations. In these situations, you require a robust file manager for Windows 10 that is stocked with a wide range of practical features and functionalities.

A third-party file manager for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista offers all the sophisticated features that a tech nerd would value instead of the built-in utility. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most functional, well regarded, top-notch, and cost-free file manager programs for Windows 10.

A thorough list of features, including advanced file search, bookmarks, keyboard shortcuts, and a history of both free and paid file manager software alternatives, is covered in the section that follows.

What Free File Managers For Windows 10 Are the Best in 2023?

Here are a few of the most potent and effective Windows 10 file managers you may choose in 2023.

1. Explore Max


Explore Max

This simple and effective programs is our top choice on the list of the best free file managers for Windows 10. With a tonne of cutting-edge features, Explore Max guarantees unequalled outcomes.

It has a very plain and easy-to-use interface. The timeline and tab browsing are two of this Windows 10 file manager’s key features.

What we adore about Explore Max is as follows:

It offers an adaptable interface and a contemporary design.

Explore Max is well known for its innovative working style, which is supported by a fast search engine that provides well-organized results.

Additionally, it aids in group results and thoroughly supports both fair and dark skin.

Additionally, you may use it to rename batch files and zip/unzip files.

Another characteristic that increases the efficiency of its operation is the dual-pane.


Interface with two panels

Straightforward interface

Dark mode is accessible

quicker search outcomes

Five different languages are supported by the software.


needs to be subscribed to

Download Here


2. ++ Explorer

Explorer ++

Explorer++ is the next programs on our list of the best free file browsers for Windows 10. Explorer ++ is what you need if you want to experience Windows to the fullest. The multitude of features and completely customizable interface of this open-source and cost-free file management utility are its best qualities.


This small software is simple to download to both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows devices.


What we adore about Explorer ++ is as follows:

It includes moving, sorting, filtering, splitting, and all other fundamental file operations.

It has a straightforward interface that is effective.

The best free file manager for Windows 10 offers modern features like a dual-pane interface, folder tabs, and One Drive integration.

Additionally, it helps you store directory listings, lets you edit the characteristics and dates of your files, and lets you save bookmarks.


Using free software

No formal installation is required.

replaces the default Files Explorer


lacks access to updates

The search feature might be improved.

Obtain Here

Download Here



3. Free Commander

Free Commander file manager


Free Commander is the next programs on our list of the top file managers for Windows 10. Free commander is noted for its straightforward aesthetic, but it has a lot to offer. Free file management software can be used to rename batches, merge or split different files, archive data, zip or unzip files, and generate and validate checksum files.

What we adore about Free Commander is as follows:

The user-friendly interface of this top-rated free file manager for Windows 10 offers quick navigational options.

You can access and browse two folders simultaneously with its dual-pane interface, which also makes copying and moving folders simple.

You can add folder tabs to each pane using this feature.

It is absolutely cost-free.

The fact that One Drive and cloud services are not supported by this fantastic file manager for Windows 10 is its lone drawback.


Easy to use interface that is simple

efficient keyboard shortcuts for job efficiency

Backup and restore options are provided.


only targeted towards tech-savvy users

Unreliable updates

Download Here


4.Directory Opus

Directory Opus


Another excellent free file manager for Windows 10 is Directory Opus. It is one of the strangest file manager solutions available right now and gives you the option of single or double pane.

What we adore about Directory Opus is as follows:

The user interface of this fantastic file manager for Windows 10 is simple and understandable.

Users can simply search for particular files and directories using the program’s robust search tools.

In addition, you may effortlessly switch between different files using its file tree method.

You can also add tags and descriptions to various files for more convenient working. To make things easier to identify, you can also add ratings, colours, and icons.

In addition to this, you can choose it to take use of a few cutting-edge features like:

FTP support is built-in.

File renaming in batches is supported.

Additionally, it functions as a built-in picture converter and uploader.

Additionally, it supports a variety of metadata and file archive types.


A simple interface

The software provides both double-pane and single-pane displays.

With the software, opening numerous directories is simple.

Utilize the search option to look for files.


Costly software

users’ limited access to support

Download Here


5. One Commander


One Commander


Once Commander is the next programs on our list of the top file managers for Windows 10. The gadget has an outstanding design and a simple interface. Get an integrated view of all your video, text, and audio assets with this amazing tool.


What we adore about One Commander is as follows:

The finest free file manager for Windows 10 is what we appreciate the most because it offers multi-column and double window viewing.

Its folder bar allows you to easily navigate by checking the sub-folders in the folder tree design.

The icon menu is the tool’s foundation.

You also have access to a history panel in addition to this.

In addition, you have the option of selecting from white, dark, or light themes.

For Windows 10, it is a free file manager programs.


Simple software user interface

Supported with cutting-edge features and shortcuts

Compatible with most Windows operating systems


The software appears to be incomplete.

Subscription required to access other features

Download Here


6. Total Commander

Total Commander


Total Commander is the file manager you need if you want to get Windows 10 for free. This time-tested utility has evolved over the years and now has a lot to offer, with cloud storage services being a standout feature.


What we adore about Total Commander is as follows:

The tool has a traditional layout and is loaded with numerous fundamental and sophisticated features.

You get to check the status of your file transfer, and it offers a simple way to organise and move your files. You can pause and resume file transfer using the programs as desired.

Other features include completely integrated file archiving options, adjustable keyboards, and quick navigation.

You can choose it as one of the top free file managers for Windows 10.



It accommodates numerous plugins.

The software provides several sophisticated choices.

no fees are assessed for use

files are compared to demonstrate differences



not supported by Linux and Mac OS

Customization requires time.

Download Here


7. Multi-Commander

File managers with multiple commands


Multi-Commander will meet your needs if you’re seeking for a file manager for Windows that provides a huge selection of plug-ins and tools. The following features make it one of the best file explorers for Windows 10.




What we adore about Multi-Commander is as follows:

The tool features a lot of easily modifiable buttons for a better user experience.

Additionally, this top-rated file manager for Windows 10 is free, and it comes with drive shortcuts that make it simple to access a variety of files.

Another important feature that you can use is filter-based file colouring.

It is a portable version that is also offered for free.

The only drawback is the complexity of the parameters.



Two-Panel view

provides a variety of tools for photographs and videos.

Incredibly flexible software



Ineffective interface

complicated to operate

Download Here


8. Q-Dir-The Quad Explorer

Q-Dir - The Quad Explorer

This outstanding and top file manager for Windows 10 offers a four-pane view. There is no better solution than Q-Dir if you wish to manage your files without fuss.


Here are the aspects of Q-Dir – The Quad Explorer that we adore.

It allows you to make and configure folder tabs for convenient working.

It enables you to arrange your files in a predetermined manner.

You can choose it as your free file management programs for 2021.


Provides many functional windows

For convenience, Windows can have more tabs.

Utilize free software

fully adaptable


The users occasionally notice bugs

Having no search option

Download Here


9. WinDirStat



WinDirStat, which has an easy-to-use interface, is our next choice. It is a free and open-source file manager application for Windows 10.


What we like best about WinDirStat is this:

By applying color-coding, it facilitates quick identification of multiple files.

In addition, it employs different file colours depending on how much space each one takes up; for example, the blue file is the largest.

Additionally, it provides you with daily information on the space used by various files.


Check the disc space situation.

The software also provides usage statistics.

there is also a cleanup tool available

no fees are assessed for use


Files are automatically deleted

Download Here


10. XYplorer

XYplorer is the next program on our list of the top file managers for Windows 10. Enjoy easy navigation thanks to the folder tree structure, and use the dual pane to view your files.

What we adore about XYplorer is as follows:


You may quickly go between several directories and locate your desired file thanks to its tiny tree feature.

Additionally, it uses advanced patterns, supports standard expressions, content search, and fuzzy matching.

You can find duplicate files using its search tool.

Additionally, it tags different files to improve organisation.


Small-sized software with minimal RAM requirements

Versatile with modes

various tabs for simple switching


After the trial, a premium account holder may utilise it.

Download Here

Final Verdict: Free Download of File Manager for Windows 10

We sincerely hope that the finest and free file manager for Windows 10 that we have listed above has been a great help to you. You may handle several files easily and without fuss with the aid of a robust and feature-rich file manager. So carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each piece of software before selecting the best file manager for Windows 10, 11, 8 or 7 devices.

Choose the tool that is most appropriate for you by consulting our list.

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