Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android & iOS

There are several things you may do to irritate your buddies. The greatest fake broken screen prank applications can work the best when you want to give them a mild panic attack. So that your peers won’t suspect a scam, these apps are designed to show shattered screens that look authentic.

Good news! Prank apps that simulate a broken screen are now accessible on the App Store and Play Store. The majority of them let you prank your friends with a ton of features and are free to download. Are you impatient for the top apps? Continue to scroll down this page!

9 Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android and iOS

The following applications provide a variety of cracks to give your buddies an adrenaline rush, whether you’re looking for mild to extreme cracks. The majority of them can replicate a shattered screen convincingly, and nobody can tell it’s false. Here’s a closer look at some iOS and Android apps for shattered screen pranks.

1. Crack & Break It!

Crack & Break It!

Download On Google Play     Download On The App Store

Essentially, this software is a joke and fun for iOS and Android users. It became one of the most widely used apps to imitate broken screens with more than 500 thousand downloads on Play Store. It also includes several fun activities in addition to the fake damaged screen trick. Along with breaking windows, you can also damage fluorescent lamps and light bulbs.

When the prank is over and you want to pass the time with a fun game, Crack & Break It! is a great option. You can damage objects with this app without actually doing any harm. You may easily shatter a photo of your boss or boyfriend with the Image Breaker feature. Of course, keep it a secret from your lover and your employer. You can also play the game Glass Blocks, which only requires a tap to smash glass blocks.

This software offers both entertainment and relaxation. Some highlights are the excellent graphics and realism of the sound effects. Not to add that it enables numerous touches, which lets you break at various places. The fact that it can be downloaded for free is the nicest part. However, you can acquire additional content by choosing the Pro edition if you need to enhance the features.

2. Broken Screen Prank by Eijoy Entertainment

Broken Screen Prank by Eijoy Entertainment

Download On Google Play

To our astonishment, the Play Store has seen more than 50 million downloads of this joke software. Although it simulates a damaged screen realistically for entertainment purposes, it won’t harm your phone. See how your friends or family respond to your timeless practical joke by using this app on your Android.

How does the app function? No one will realise that you have installed Broken Screen Prank on the phone because it operates without a hitch. When you touch the phone after the software is installed, a cracked screen is simulated. It goes further than that. It will sound considerably more realistic thanks to a loud cracking sound that you will also hear. Naturally, your friend will believe the screen cracks are genuine.

What else is so great about this app? You can shake an object to produce cracked effects in addition to touching it to produce genuine cracking and breaking sounds. Try various effects, such as electric screen and fire screen, to produce panic attacks that are more acute. Simply tap on the notice to eliminate the crack effect and resume normal use of the phone.

3. Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen Prank

Download On Google Play

Another cracked screen simulator that can be used to have a lot of fun is this one. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has received positive reviews on the Play Store. Crack Your Screen Prank displays a damaged screen on the phone without really damaging the device, like other similar apps. It differs from other products because it can display a broken LCD effect rather than just a cracked screen.

There are three ways to mimic a broken screen with this software. First, the device’s crack-on-shake feature enables you to simulate a shattered screen by simply shaking it. When touched, a screen with crack on touch will display a broken image. Alternately, you can prank your loved ones by setting an automatic crack timer that simulates cracking after a predetermined period of time.

Not to worry! Even though the screen appears bad, the phone still functions properly. When finished, just close the app to resume regular device use. Crack Your Screen Prank is fortunately accessible via the Play Store. Despite being totally free, you can purchase more material in-app.

4. Fake Broken Screen

Fake Broken Screen

Download On Google Play

One of the top fake broken screen prank applications for Android was created by Kingtools. This tool works best whenever you want to joke around or prank your buddies. On the screen, it mimics a cracked and fractured effect. No one will realise that it’s a joke because of the convincing graphics. Can you envision putting this application on a friend’s brand-new smartphone? Try it out and gauge the response.

The application is brimming with features, including a shattered glass sound and a genuine visual of broken glass. Additionally, it is able to deliver numerous crack screenshots that can be used as a background. The broken image always appears before other apps, adding realism.

Since Fake Broken Screen is entirely free, downloading it to an Android smartphone is simple. Thanks to its modest size, it won’t use up a lot of your device’s resources. Are routine pranks becoming old to you? Do you want to up the ante on your joke? Whatever your motivation, installing Fake Broken Screen can be a great tool.

5. Broken Glass Live Wallpaper

Broken Glass Live Wallpaper

Download On Google Play

This software may be what you’re looking for if you want a damaged screen simulator with dynamic wallpaper. You may design your own broken screen with this amusing prank tool, and you can select from a variety of live wallpaper options. Additionally, it provides four backgrounds with cracked screen effects so you can surprise friends and family.

You must choose a background if you want to make your own broken screen. Pick a backdrop colour, then select the size and type of cracks. You can hear the sound of breaking glass if you touch the display. The crack you’ve made will show up on the screen at the same time. How is it removed? You may fix the crack by just double clicking on them.

Ask your friend to use your phone after setting up the app. Watch their reaction when they tap the screen and it starts to fracture. This is the safest method for playing practical jokes. Both your companion and the object will be secure. Broken Glass Live Wallpaper is available for free download, but there are in-app purchases available for more fun.

6. Broken Screen Theme

Broken Screen Theme

Download On Google Play

One of the top prank apps for Android smartphones, this software has been downloaded over 100,000 times from the Play Store. This utility is useful despite being a little different from other fake damaged screen hoax apps. All you have to do to use this software is apply the shattered screen theme and startle your friends when they first see the phone.

Broken Screen Theme is a great option if you’re seeking for a distinctive theme for an Android device. The software shows a static theme rather than simulating a cracked screen. This theme can be an excellent option if you don’t have the time to set the phone up for another prank app. Unless you alter the theme, the cracks on your screen will remain there.

This software is worthwhile to install, regardless of whether your goal is to make fun of friends or simply make your phone stand out. Install the launcher to get started, then apply. The best aspect is that it has a modest download size, so your phone’s performance won’t be affected.

7. Cracked Screen Prank

Cracked Screen Prank

Download On Google Play

Cracked Screen Prank should be on your list of amusing apps to deceive your pals with. The realistic cracked screen provided by this app makes it appear as though your phone has actually shattered. Watch as members of your family or friends experience a panic attack and then laugh when they do.

This software has a lot of standout features that will give your practical jokes a realistic sense. Thanks to the realistic graphics, your screen appears to be seriously damaged. Additionally, 4 crackle effects are available for selection. You can also touch, shake, or set a timer to crack with this app. Don’t forget to demonstrate how the crackle fixes itself on its own.

The Android app also provides prank games, such as phone destruction and fire screen. With the first, you may use your finger to start a fire on the screen. While playing the second game, you can smash phone screens with a hammer, knife, or pistol.

8. Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank

Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank

Download On The App Store

This fake damaged screen software can be downloaded and installed by iPhone and iPad users to trick people. This app has a lot more features than usual hoax apps, which just serve to fake a cracked screen. In addition to simulating a broken screen, it also includes the addictive game of bubble pop that you can play whenever you want.

What else? You may play the satisfying brake lamps game on the Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank app. You may pick between glass breaking, gunshot holes, and vibrant finger painting when it comes to screen effects.

This app isn’t free, though. It costs $0.99 and offers in-app purchases for additional features. The good thing is that there are no ads, so you can enjoy all the features without any interruption. It is no surprise that Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank receives high ratings on the App Store.

9. Crack and Break Screen

Crack and Break Screen

Download On The App Store

This app lets you crack your screen in the safest way. It simulates a broken screen within seconds, so you can trick anyone around you. Or if you want to feel the satisfaction of breaking light bulbs or glass blocks and cracking windows, this is a great app to install.

Crack and Break Screen comes with several categories. For instance, the Glass Blocks category lets you break glass blocks only by tapping on it. You can also break as many bulbs as you can with the Light Bulb category. But the best of all is the Crack Screen Prank category that allows you to make fun of your family. In this app, your friends and family will think your screen is cracked.

For your best experience, this app comes with several features. Amazing graphics make the cracks look realistic and so does the sound. Interestingly, this app comes with a user manual. If you don’t know how to use the feature, simply read the user manual and you are ready to go. This prank app is completely free on the App Store.

Are you ready to make your parents and friends freaked out? Install one of the best fake broken screen prank apps above and see how they react to your cracked screen.

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