Best Call Blocker Apps For Avoiding Unwanted Calls

Are the telemarketers and spammers’ obnoxious phone calls driving you crazy and sick? There are various things you can do on your end, though. One such method for preventing robocalls is to choose a call blocker app.

Although many modern cellphones have a built-in number blocking feature, the amount of spam calls is constantly rising, therefore this feature is insufficient. A competent call blocking app can undoubtedly help you prevent unsolicited calls despite the fact that many cell providers also provide comparable services.

There are a ton of third-party call blocker apps available for Android and iOS smartphones, but picking the best one from a long list of alternatives can be challenging. Refer to our article and look through the list of our calls for the best call blocking apps.

Top-Rated Call Blocking Apps:

1. Hiya – Spam Phone Call Blocker


One of the top call blocker applications available right now is called Hiya Hiya. It’s free. It makes use of a clever algorithm to recognise all beneficial calls and flag any that you might want to avoid.

It has a number of call management calls, including caller ID, reverse phone search, and automatic spam call blocking. It may be used to block calls from people, companies, and unknown numbers, and it sends alert alerts for all spam calls.

All-in-all One of the greatest spam detection and call blocking apps is Hiya, which can quickly recognise and block calls from marketing firms, debt collectors, and many other types of callers.

2. Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control

Another top call blocker, caller ID, and spam stopper app is called Call Control. With over 12 million users and a 4.4-star rating, it is well known for its excellent working standards.

To completely eliminate spam calls on your home and business phones, use this free, top-rated call blocker app for Android and iOS devices. You can add individual phone numbers to your blocklist to block calls from them.

In number, it enables you to examine the caller information for calls from unknown numbers.

3. Truecaller

Truecaller - Best Call Blocker Apps

On your Android and iOS phones, Truecaller is a fantastic app that filters all obtrusive and spam calls. It compiles a list of all the spam phone numbers that its users have entered.It recognises suspect numbers using a spam list maintained by the community and immediately blocks them.

It secures your communication by preventing all unauthorised calls from telemarketers and spammers. It can also be used to verify all unknown numbers’ information.

The app has a customer satisfaction rating of about 4.6/5 and is free for both Android and iOS users.

4. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking


Choose Nomorobo to restore serenity to your phone if you have been missing a quiet phone call and are sick of receiving spam calls.

It is renowned for offering continuous defence against all unsolicited calls from robocallers, debt collectors, telemarketers, etc. However, it doesn’t block any crucial robocalls, like those from your children’s schools. With this amazing app, you can quickly recognise and block any dubious calls.

5. Trapcall


Use Trapcall to reveal all masked calls. To protect you from the annoyance brought on by telemarketing and spam calls, it employs an automatic spam call filtering mechanism.

Additionally, according to its creators, it can reveal caller information for any blocked, restricted, private, and unknown numbers. It is available for free download and functions flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

6. Robokiller – Block Spam Calls


This one takes it a step further by using “digital traces” to recognise all spam calls. Such calls are not even displayed on your phone’s screen, and all it does is deliver a warning that a call has been stopped.

The “answer bot” feature of Robokiller, which enables an automated bot to take calls in your place, is another wonderful feature. On your smartphone, you can utilise it to view the information of every missed and blocked calls.

7. Mr.Number


With Mr. Number, you can recognise, block, and end any spam and fraud calls from your phone. In addition to calls, it has the ability to block texts from specified numbers and area codes.

You may also use it to transmit audio messages, look up information on unfamiliar numbers, or simply end calls. It is 100% free and was created by Hiya.

8. Sync.ME


This one has a ton of cutting-edge caller ID features and lets you see the caller’s name and photo in addition to their contact information.

With billions of phone numbers from all across the world, it claims to have the largest phone book. It uses a sophisticated matching process to recognise the numbers and match them to their owner’s social media profile.

9. YouMail Voicemail & Spam Call Blocker


YouMail allows you to send a “out of service” message to block all telemarketer and scammer calls. Aside from being a call blocker app, it also provides expert call handling services including auto-reply, call-routing, message routine, and recorded greetings.

Both iOS and Android mobile devices are compatible with it.

10. Numbo Call Protect & Blocker

Numbo Call Blocker

With Numbo Call blocker, you may avoid getting unexpected calls from spammers. Utilize it to learn more about the caller’s identity.

It will inform you whether the incoming call is from a known number or from a suspect source based on its database of banned numbers.

It can also be used to cross-reference any number’s information with its database. With the help of this top iPhone call blocker app, enjoy a simple phone experience.

Fial Words for Android

And that’s it. These are some of the top Android and iOS apps for preventing obnoxious calls.

Decide what you want to do to prevent hazardous spam calls.

Source of the image: the Google Play Store and App Store

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