Best Apps for Teenage Girls [Android & iOS]

Smartphones not only aid in communication but also life navigation. You might want to think about downloading these top applications for adolescent girls in the beginning if your teenagers start using this smartphone as well.

You’ll discover a number of apps in this post that can assist your teenage princess in navigating life. Some of the apps even encourage her to unwind and practise mindfulness. However, picking the appropriate apps will significantly impact your princess’ life.

The Best Teenage Girls Apps You Should Download

For the most part, there is no precise formula to determine which app is appropriate for a particular age range. If you’re a parent, all you want is for your children to enjoy life to the fullest.

Of course, they are just like adults who need fun and amusement, so their smartphones won’t always be about studying. You can offer these important apps to your girls, however some limitations can be in place.

Some of the apps on this list will help kids have fun while others will help them improve their skills. So, have a look at the list of the top applications that every adolescent girl needs below.

1. AppLock


One of the top iPhone apps for teenage girls is AppLock. It’s fantastic that it functions flawlessly on Android phones as well.

All smartphone users can use this app to lock data, documents, apps, and even Wi-Fi on their devices. In addition, you can create a password to keep everything safe and secure.

Maintaining security and safety over your valuables is essential. This makes installing AppLock necessary.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Duolingo


Duolingo belongs on the list of apps that every female should have. After all, it’s hardly a girl-only app. To begin with, both boys and grownups should enjoy using this software.

In general, Duolingo is an app that makes it possible for everyone to learn any language for free. This software forces you to utter the word or even a complete sentence in addition to reading and expanding your vocabulary.

You will study languages today in a more enjoyable manner. You must fill in the blanks in a storybook created by Duolingo. Overall, Duolingo is a fantastic software that everyone should have. You will gain access to a new skill in addition to existing one.

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3. The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

It may sound nice to always have the same hairdo, but it can cause problems. The good news is that using this software will make it easier for you to maintain your hairdo.

You can choose from a variety of hairstyles with this app, and you’ll get easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. For people with long hair, it will be quite helpful. You will be the school’s best at hairstyles other from that.

This app is undoubtedly among the most entertaining ones for teen girls. This app is currently only accessible through the Play Store.

Download on Google Play

4. Color Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect

Nothing else on your smartphone can compare to a decent photo editing app. And Color Splash Effect is one of those useful apps for adolescent girls to have if you enjoy taking images and selfies.

With the help of this software, you may easily and seamlessly alter photos to meet your needs. With Color Splash Effect, you can modify your photos with a tonne of helpful features. Contrarily, everything is simple to understand and beginner-friendly in many aspects.

So why don’t you try out this app? You would think that girls would adore having beautiful images on their Instagram feed.

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5. Period Tracker

Period Tracker

An app to track your menstruation is undoubtedly one of the apps that every female needs. Everyone should have Flo, a reliable period tracker app, on their phone.

It has a number of helpful features. You will receive basic health information in addition to tracking your cycle. You can enter any ailment, mood, and many other things into the app.

Additionally, Flo is the ideal tool for tracking your sleep cycle if you wish to do so. Get this software right away from the Play Store or the App Store.

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6. Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Makeup Videos Tutorial App

As long as you know how to utilise it, applying makeup may be enjoyable. Although your mother may offer assistance, it frequently doesn’t fit your preferences.

You should install this software on your phone for this reason. The app includes a tonne of helpful video tutorials, as its name would imply. Those will aid in your preparation.

You will be shown many looks and taught how to use each makeup item. Never before has learning makeup been so simple!

Download on the App Store

7. Wattpad


One of the free girl applications available on the Play Store and the App Store is unquestionably Wattpad. People who enjoy reading novels will be thrilled that everything is available on their phones.

This app contains a wide variety of stories in many genres. In addition, you can use this platform to upload your narrative.

This site is perfect for young authors who want to study while having fun because many of the stories have been adapted for the big screen.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Webtoon


What applications ought an adolescent to have, then? According to reports, Webtoon is one of those apps that would fascinate all teenagers in the world.

Those who enjoy reading short stories, comics, manga, and many other similar items on their cellphones will be spoiled by this software. You will read both the written plot and the graphic illustration, much as in comics.

Additionally, it explains why Webtoon is so well-liked by users. More than 60 million individuals have downloaded this app worldwide as of today. Overall, it is reasonable to state that everyone needs the Webtoon app.

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9. TimeTune


One of the best apps available for teenagers is TimeTune. You may manage and keep track of your routines using this software.

The main benefit of using this software is that it improves your time management abilities in the event that you need to conduct several errands in one day. TimeTune also functions as a virtual secretary, informing and prompting you to do tasks.

It includes alarms and warnings in a variety of formats, including voice, vibration, sound, and private messaging, to help you successfully manage your activities. TimeTune is now only accessible on Android-based smartphones.

Download on Google Play

10. Candy Crush

Candy Crush

On the internet, you may find a ton of games that every teen girl should play. But nothing is as thrilling and spooky as Candy Crush.

Worldwide, millions of individuals have downloaded this game. Gameplay is also straightforward. You should download and play Candy Crush since it is free to do so.

Candy Crush is at your service if you need something to keep you company or a fun game to relax with. Both the App Store and the Play Store have it for sale.

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11. Awoken


The top game applications for teenage girls may not include Awoken. However, it aids in your learning of lucid dreaming.

On the other hand, lucid dreaming is something you can learn. You can use this software to keep a journal, record your experiences, and turn them into something more significant.

Even tactics and understanding regarding this dreaming stuff will be provided to you. Additionally, the app will send you reminders to assess your surroundings if you frequently lucid dream. For those persons, the app Awoken is useful.

Download on Google Play

12. Pinterest


Whether you are a boy or a girl, Pinterest is another essential app to have on your smartphone. This platform is comparable to the location of the treasures you are seeking.

This software will inundate you with ideas if you are having a creative block. If nothing else could provide you inspiration for your present work, all of the collections on Pinterest might.

In addition, Pinterest is a great resource for tutorials, do-it-yourself projects, classroom tricks, entertainment advice, health insights, and other articles. You might be able to find what you need on this site, it seems. So it’s safe to say that one of the girl apps you should download is Pinterest.

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13. Spotify


In general, everyone should have the Spotify app. It features a ton of excellent musical stuff across many genres. Other than that, there are a ton of helpful podcasts available.

Thus, Spotify is the ideal app to select if you’re looking for one for leisure, education, or just to unwind with a friend. Although you can download and use this app for free, there are a number of advantages to purchasing a premium subscription.

Additionally, it is safe to assume that Spotify is one of the apps any female needs. Teenagers can discover new information, listen to historical accounts in a more enjoyable way, and so forth.

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14. Motivation, Daily Quotes

Motivation, Daily Quotes

Do you like to quote? This software will make you happy if you are. Motivation Daily Quotes, as its name implies, will display a variety of motivational and occasionally humorous quotes.

Even better, you may choose the category of those quotes using a filter. The app will deliver you inspirational quotes for those hours after you set the reminder.

You may save quotes with this app as well. By doing so, you can share it with friends or upload it again to another social media site. On both iOS and Android, there is a free app called Motivation Daily Quotes. So why not give it a shot?

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15. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Smartphones will enable you to manage a variety of duties at once. It also implies that your adolescent girl can use her phone to assist herself with schoolwork.

Khan Academy is among the top apps for teenage girls, especially if you’re looking for something educational. It’s like having a virtual tutor when using this software.

Your daughter will enjoy working on her assignments while learning new things. Additionally, this app has assignments that award badges for each accomplishment. Test it out!

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16. SketchBook


Does your daughter enjoy drawing? In that case, you ought to suggest SketchBook to her. This app functions similarly to a traditional sketchbook, but since it runs on a phone, anyone can bring it anywhere with them.

In general, there are a number of apps that provide comparable services. On the other hand, SketchBook is one of those apps that works really well and is accessible on both iOS and Android.

After all, using a stylus pen is quite simple. It wouldn’t hurt to try SketchBook as it has a free version as well.

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17. combyne


Downloading Combyne is recommended for teenage females who like fashion and clothes. You can legitimately test out every style with this software. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your fashion venture failing.

On the other hand, combyne is one of the apps that every teenage girl ought to have because it offers a lot of advantages. You have the option to choose the actual outfits you saw on the app in addition to mixing and matching the look.

Combyne thus integrates its technology with the internet retailer as well. “I have nothing to wear” is no longer a valid excuse. Everything you require is available and reachable in Combyne. Both the iOS and Android operating systems are supported by this software.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Final Reflections

Using a smartphone has become commonplace in modern society. Kids and teenagers will eventually need this item, in addition to adults.

Teenagers can benefit from using smartphones, even though some users may only use them for entertainment. As a result, you must first download the appropriate apps.

Boys can also benefit from the apps mentioned above, which are only a few must-install items for teenagers. If you’re seeking for apps exclusively for homework assistance, have a look at this list of the Best Apps Like Brainly.

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