9 Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS

The finest auto-tune app for mobile devices is a necessity for anyone who wants to develop their singing ability. This particular type of smartphone application is made to automatically tune your voice, which will improve your singing ability. Thankfully, these apps are now widely available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Which app to download next is the question at hand. Choosing the finest selection from the plethora of possibilities available online can be difficult. Read on if you need a little assistance!

Top 9 Apps for Auto-Tuning on iOS and Android

These auto-tune apps frequently include pitch correction, automated tuning, presets, and many other features to support your singing abilities. Unless otherwise noted, you can download the majority of the apps below for free. The top auto-tuning applications for Android and iOS are detailed below.

1. Voloco


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Become one of Voloco’s millions of users and raise your singing ability. It’s one of the top auto-tuning apps for iOS and Android. This speech processing app brings together a number of features like harmony, vocoding, and automatic tuning. Simply select a song from your music library or the Voloco catalogue to begin using this app. The tool will adjust your voice and determine the track key.

You can choose a beat to sing to in Voloco’s beat collection. You can also listen to tracks created by other users that are of high quality thanks to the Top Tracks feature. Numerous presets are also available in this auto-tune app, including beginner, current rap, T Pain, 8 Bit Chip, and Daft Punk. Pick the most appropriate vocal effect preset for you.

For easy sharing on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, record your performance in audio or video if you want to share it with others. Alternatively, you can export your vocals and complete your mix in any other app if you wish to finish the record using another app. Both Google Play and the App Store provide Voloco for no cost. For extra functionality, the developer provides in-app purchases.

2. StarMaker


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StarMaker assists with identifying your singing talent. One of the most well-liked karaoke apps, it offers a tonne of tools to improve your singing ability. Whether you enjoy pop, rock, folk, or other genres, you can choose your favourite songs from its huge repertoire and sing along. Enjoy the stunning backing music, and choose your favourite voice effects.

You can find a tonne of options in this app , including the ability to sing the greatest parts of your songs and record karaoke with a variety of effects. You shouldn’t neglect the pitch adjustment option either for better sound quality. Alternatively, StarMaker has a Live mode that enables you to broadcast your performance if you’d want to duet with famous singers.

Additionally, you can share with others who enjoy the same kinds of music as you do. Join the global StarMaker community, meet new people, and share whatever interests you. Do you want to take advantage of the features? On iOS and Android, you can get the app for nothing.

3. RapChat


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Do you prefer hip-hop? You should use this auto-tune app. In essence, RapChat is a content-creation tool that lets you write and record your own rhymes. But if you can’t come up with excellent lyrics, just use the one that’s already there. A large range of tracks and an auto vocal tune tool that makes you sound like a pro rapper make recording your own hip-hop song more thrilling.

RapChat provides a number of entertaining features. It also provides more than 20,000 free beats in addition to auto voice tune. The mobile recording studio feature of the app makes it very convenient for you to record your own tunes. Not to mention that it hosts special competitions with tempting rewards. Discover yourself to receive the reward!

What does RapChat offer further? This app offers a Near Me feature that allows you to look for excellent rappers nearby. Furthermore, it enables the sharing of rap tracks on a variety of social media channels, including Soundcloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. Would you like to have a T Pain, Cardi B, or Eminem-like voice? This is the ideal app to download if you want to become a top rapper of any kind.

4. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

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Smule’s AutoRap allows you to enjoy the music. This software is a must-have for hip-hop fans because it offers a tonne of features that make rapping more entertaining. Not only does AutoRap provide auto-tuning, but it also allows for song recording and community interaction. Whether Kendrick, Drake, or Dr. Dre are among your favourite rappers, this app offers more than 100 of their tunes.

Consider switching to speak mode. Talk mode in AutoRap is a lot of fun since it lets you speak into the microphone as you observe how the app turns your voice into rap. Thanks to its beat matching and auto-tuning capabilities. To hone your skills, you can also practise rapping over various tracks. You won’t get bored with this app because there are three new beats available every week.

It goes further than that. You can enjoy AutoRap’s rap mode and practise your freestyle rhymes in it. Or, if you’re confident enough in your abilities, rap battle is a fantastic tool to demonstrate them. Be the best rapper in your town by challenging it. If not, just make some new acquaintances and talk about your musical preferences.

5. Tune Me

Tune Me

Download On Google Play

Take your R&B and hip-hop recordings to the next level. Tune Me contains hundreds of auto-pitch effects that enable you to record tracks with high-quality audio. There are several features included in this software, including quick processing for an enjoyable sound recording experience. Additionally, it has calibration that boasts seamless beat and vocal synchronisation.

With Tune Me, you may customise the auto-pitch effect to make rap voices that are similar to those of professional rappers. But the clip light feature will let you know when you are singing too loud! This useful software gives you more on your table whether you want to set it to full strength or lower.

Do you enjoy sharing with your friends? You may upload tracks to Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other social media sites using this top auto-tune tool. The best part is that you may download this software for nothing at all. You can locate multitrack recording and other audio effects by upgrading to the Pro version if you’d want to take use of more capabilities.

6. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor

Download On Google Play

Soul Apps Studio is the provider of this app. A fantastic app, Super Voice Editor provides a variety of sound effects to brighten your day. You may easily transform your voice into that of an alien, a child, a superhero, and many more. This voice changer is quite exciting, whether you want to amuse yourself or prank your friends.

You can record voice using this app at any time and from any location. Additionally, it has an audio editor that lets you freely modify any genre of music in a variety of formats. One of the nicest features is the ability to design your own ringtones with the ringtone maker. Your very own ringtone is ready to use once it has been cut from any voice and combined with a pleasant track.

Audio tuner is also included with Super Voice Editor. With this feature, you can employ a variety of engaging sceneries to enhance your voice. Last but not least, you can send humorous voices to your friends using the messenger voice changer tool. With this capable and clever app, you can now trick your loved ones or pals.

7. Auto-Tune Mobile

Auto-Tune Mobile

Download On The App Store

An expert auto-tuning application called Auto-Tune Mobile is created by Antares Audio Technologies. This app allows you to adjust the pitch of your voice for improved vocal performance. This software redefines the mobile recording studio with Antares’ top-notch auto-tune technology. This software is undoubtedly for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, a local performer, or even an experienced singer.

How does it function? This capable app for auto-tuning recognises your voice and adjusts your pitch in accordance with the notes you choose from the screen. It’s as if you had a personal vocal coach because you can hear your voice corrected through the speakers. If you want to hear the feedback, make sure to connect the app to your sound system.

Additional characteristics that Auto-Tune Mobile promises include being compatible with Audiobus apps, being created especially for musicians, and having been tried out with high-end microphone audio interfaces. You can also take advantage of the auto-tune feature to assist you adjust your pitch. Simply download it from the App Store if you enjoy what it has to offer. The cost of this app is $4.99.

8. VocaLive


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For iOS users who want to uncover their singing potential, this is yet another excellent app. VocaLive’s 12 real-time voice effects enable you to practise and advance. You can combine these effects to make your own presets. But this app gives 55 other options to improve your voice if you choose to use the default defaults.

The capabilities of VocaLive are extensive. You can enjoy microphone emulation, which allows you more control over your tone, in addition to singing along to any of your favourite songs. Additionally, this software offers a Live Mode that can be used for a live concert if you are a talented singer. It also has Core MIDi support, which enables compatibility with external interfaces.

The feature set of VocaLive is extensive and includes a recording app, a real-time vocal processor, vocal effects, and a metronome. Not to mention that it features multi-track recording and auto-freeze. Install VocaLive on your iPhone and make in-app purchases for the greatest experience.

9. Voice Synth

Voice Synth

Download On The App Store

Are you trying to find a good music synthesiser? The best voice processing app is called Voice Synth, and it is highly recommended. This software comes with a collection of utilities like auto pitch, vocoder, and speed-shift sampling. You are able to sing in the style of Daft Punk or T-Pain with these tools.

This auto-tune app offers a variety of humorous voice options, including animal voices, wicked voices, odd voices, and more. It’s also interesting that Voice Synth lets you play vocally. For instance, playing rock guitar or church organ requires screaming or humming.

This is a vital app for anyone who works as a voice actor, sound engineer, or musician. You must pay $11.99 to use all the features.

Sound-related games are a lot of fun! Additionally, you may perform other tasks, like auto-tuning, experimenting with voice effects, and much more, if you can locate the finest auto-tune apps that suit your preferences. Choosing the best auto tune app is much simpler now that you are aware of the Google Play and App Store’s recommended apps.

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