Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android & iPhone In 2022

Do you want to use your smartphone at a size that is larger than life? The greatest screen mirroring app for Android and iPhone that you have available can definitely be considered.

If you’re wondering what these apps can accomplish for you, allow me to enlighten you by telling you that they make it incredibly convenient for you to stream movies from your smartphone onto a larger screen. Some individuals also utilise it for technical support.

The top screen mirroring applications for Android and iPhones are discussed in this article. Before introducing you to the top screencasting apps on the Play Store or App Store, let us first give you a basic overview of the concept of screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring: What is it?

Using a screen mirroring app, you may project the information of your smartphone onto a larger monitor, such as a PC or television. Both gamers and binge-watchers may find it to be of great use.

It can also be helpful for getting to other files, pictures, and applications. In addition to being useful as screen recorders, these apps can also prove to be of great technical support for developers in conference rooms.

Screen mirroring software have some benefits over the laborious manual procedures. Because of this, getting a good app for your smartphone to transfer media files between your smartphone and PC is simple.

The best screen mirroring apps for iPhone and Android are:

Utilize the top screen mirroring applications listed below to extend your smartphone’s capabilities.

1. Google Home 

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Google Home

With this top screen mirroring app for Android and iOS devices, you can control your Chromecast from your smartphone or project the screen of your phone onto the TV.

If you’re wondering what more you can do with it, you might be surprised to learn that you can play music on it with relative ease. With this app, a wealth of music and videos are accessible.

With this screen mirroring app, you can simply control and modify Chromecast settings in addition to streaming a wide variety of media. If an unusual occurrence occurs in your home while you are away, this app can alert you.



2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Microsoft Remote Desktop

It makes it simple to connect your devices because it is a well-known screen mirroring programme. It is the greatest screen mirroring app for smart TVs because it streams videos in high resolution.

Your system and the Android or iOS device can connect in a secure manner. Additionally, secure data, media, etc., transfer is possible. Additionally, it features multi-touch capabilities.

3. ApowerMirror


Here is a great software to meet your demands and preferences if you’re looking for the best screen mirroring app for Android to Windows PC or iOS to Mac screencasting.

Using this software , you can remotely operate the Android device’s mouse and keyboard. The application is hence bidirectional. The Android screen can be controlled, mirrored, and recorded. You can even use your keyboard to create and send messages.

You can absolutely mirror your phone’s screen effortlessly with this app’s limitless and robust features, and you can accomplish much more with it. The Android notifications can now be viewed on the screen of your PC.

4. LetsView

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - LetsView

Installing this top screen mirroring app on your smartphone gives you access to a wide range of functions and choices. Curious as to what they are?

Well, your laptop and smartphone can reflect each other. To enable live streaming, it supports multi-mirroring protocols like Miracast and AirPlay. The screen mirroring of augmented reality, virtual reality, or drone applications is another intriguing feature.

Utilize this software to play PUBG and Clash Royale on your PC. Additionally, it enables live video broadcasting from a mobile device.

5. Team Viewer

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Team Viewer

An appropriate method of remote computer and mobile device control is provided by this app. It also has a chat option. You can send data securely using the session encoding feature of AES 256 bit.

Real-time HD video and high-quality sound transmission are available to you. As an open-source screen mirroring software , it is simple to access. The simultaneous connection of numerous monitors can also be facilitated by this app.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Chrome Remote Desktop

This is another another top screen mirroring app for both Android and iOS devices, developed and owned by Google LLC. You can use this app to access the files on your smartphone from a PC.

You can access other devices remotely by opening Chrome and going to the Chrome Remote Desktop website. It provides a completely quick, easy, and cost-free method of screen mirroring.

7. AnyDesk

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - AnyDesk

The greatest screen mirroring app for remote file and software control is AnyDesk. Access Windows, Linux, or Mac systems quickly and effortlessly using your Android or iOS mobile.

A distinctive Anydesk ID makes it simpler for your device to connect when using the ID and password.

Your data and communications can be protected with the Erlang Technology and the 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange.

8. Samsung Smart View

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Samsung Smart View

Without any difficulties, stream your favourite shows whenever you want on your smart TV. With the help of this top screen mirroring app, you can effortlessly access movies, music, sports, and games on your smartphone and cast them to your TV.

Additionally, using your smartphone and this app, you may put your TV instantly in standby mode.

9. Mirroring360 Sender 

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Mirroring360 Sender

With the top Android screen mirroring app, you have endless options. You may use it to mirror your phone’s screen to an Android device, an Amazon Fire TV, a Fire TV Stick, a Windows computer, or a Mac computer.

Presentations, educational apps, and entertainment apps may all be shared easily on your PC screen. With the help of this tool, many developers show demo versions of the software they are currently working on.

10. AirServer Connect

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - AirServer Connect

This is the greatest screen mirroring app for both Android and iOS devices, regardless of whether you work as a teacher, are in business, are a game or software developer, or are simply a normal user.

You can synchronise and simultaneously project to several AirPlay receivers. Even on a limited network, you may simply connect to AirServer using the integrated QR Code scanner.

11. Miracast (Wireless Display)

Best Screen Mirroring Apps - Miracast

With this top screen mirroring app, you can instantly project your Android screen onto your smart TV. The app also makes it simple to turn on the phone’s WiFi.

Using a media player, web browser, Chromecast, or other device on the same network, you can also share your live screen.


You learned about the top screen mirroring applications for Android and iOS from this article. These apps can be beneficial for regular users as well as instructors, business titans, and creative experts.

You might choose the best screen mirroring app to fulfil your everyday demands and stop suffering from the limitations of a smartphone’s small screen. Please share your ideas and opinions with us in the box below.

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