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3 Tools to Edit PNG Files Online

You may resize and edit photos in a variety of formats, including JPG, GIF, and PNG, using a variety of online image editing tools. Particularly useful for quickly editing an online image. However, the majority of these online tools don’t function properly with some PNG files when transparency is required.

Actually, when it comes to editing (or scaling) PNG files while maintaining transparency, the majority of desktop image editing programs also fall short. Always a coloured background is used in place of the translucent one. I never worked out how to use the option to resize PNG images AND maintain transparency, even though it is present in the most recent version of Irfan View. Using Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly a viable alternative, but not everyone has the money to purchase a licence. Even those who already own one will admit that resizing is a simple process that requires much more effort and difficulty.

So, to assist us, here are 3 free online PNG tools:

Tools to Edit/Resize PNG Files Online

1. Pixlr

Pixlr does more than just resize images. It is a complete picture editing application that enables online image creation, editing, and resizing. It is comparable to utilising online mini-photoshop. My preferred editing tool is Pixlr since it allows me to alter PNG images while maintaining the transparency.

2. FotoFlexer
A straightforward and cost-free online image editor called FotoFlexer supports editing transparent PNGs. Upload your photo, select the Resize option, enter the desired dimensions, and then click “Apply.” Then, to save the image to your computer, click the “Save” option and select PNG. Additionally, they include sophisticated editing features that you can employ if necessary.

3. Images.My-addr


I reviewed this tool about a year ago, and it is still functional. It is pretty simple to use, however it simply allows for image resizing and nothing else. They do have other, independent tools for convert images between different file formats.

The finest desktop program for editing and resizing transparent PNG files is Adobe Photoshop. Others include Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Fireworks, and GIMP.

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