15 Best Free VPN For Windows 10 In 2023

Are you seeking for a solution to protect your IP address and online data? Get the finest free VPN for Windows 10 then to protect your confidential information from hackers. However, there are dozens of free VPN programs available on the tech market, making it challenging for average users to select and download the finest free VPN for their everyday needs.

Additionally, VPNs might aid in accessing a number of websites that might not be accessible in your area because of geographical limitations imposed on them. In addition to hiding your identity, a VPN service stops websites from tracking your geographic location.

This post will walk you through the most promising VPN program for Windows 10 while highlighting its finest attributes. Let’s now explore the world of the finest VPN software for Windows without further ado.

List Of Best Free VPN for Windows PC 2022 Ranking

The PC VPN products listed below can provide exceptional user protection and shield users from nefarious internet dangers.


1. Nord VPN


Nord VPN


5202+ servers total.

There are 62+ server locations.

6 devices are supported in total.

This cross-platform VPN service is really simple to use and is one of the best VPN services to obtain online privacy. A Netflix account can be supported by NordVPN, and membership can be acquired using fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

With a military-grade encryption facility, it can offer end-to-end security. No personal information is tracked, recorded, or stored by the VPN.

All forms of information are transmitted using the 256 bit encryption provided by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Your data is still protected by the automatic kill switch even if internet connectivity is suddenly lost.


Multi hop connections and Tor

large server network.

Both easy to set up and utilise.

You can purchase premium features like Nord Locker and Nord Password Manager.

24/7 client assistance.


The VPN tool is a premium one.


2. Express VPN

Express VPN

2000+ servers in total

There are 148+ server locations.

3 devices are supported in total.

Despite not being a free VPN for Windows 10, it is a fantastic option because of its user-friendly features and bilingual design. This program is compatible with desktop and mobile versions.

This is the best tool for getting over geographic restrictions and accessing any content with the best possible encryption and total data security. The ability to choose which apps need to access the VPN and which apps can be excluded from the list of choices because they don’t require VPN protection is provided by the split tunnelling function.

It offers superior capabilities for all types of enterprises to safeguard their privacy and delivers a government-grade encryption facility. Having a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour technical support, this VPN for Windows 10 is unquestionably the best. Therefore, Express vpn is the ideal option if you’re seeking for the finest VPN software for your Windows PC and don’t mind spending a few money.


Government-grade encryption and a VPN connection with many features.

Ensure total user privacy.

Instant setup and incredibly simple operation.

Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and other well-known streaming services are compatible with it.

Powerful and ultra-secure VPN.

Audited zero-log policy.

24/7 client assistance.


fails on the Linux operating system.

It has a high price tag.

Get Express VPN

3. ClearVPN


19+ server locations total.

6 devices are supported in total.


With all the capabilities you could want in a VPN, ClearVPN from MacPaw is one of the best VPNs for Windows 10 and earlier versions. The company’s goods are tailored specifically for Mac and iOS gadgets. You can stream uninterruptedly from your favourite websites with the help of this software. It is compatible with all significant streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

This VPN uses cutting-edge technology to safeguard users and offer the most recent services. AES-256 encryption and DynamicFlow technologies are provided by the software. Most devices, including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, can use the app.


The program has a very user-friendly UI that requires no prior VPN experience.

It provides users with a fast, uninterrupted viewing experience.

You may effortlessly download any content with this VPN because it supports torrent.

If you are unhappy with the software, you can return it for a refund within 30 days.


Access to BBC iPlayer is not available everywhere.



4. Surf Shark


Surf Shark

2100+ servers total.

32+ server locations total.

7 devices are supported in total.


This is yet another top-notch VPN for Windows that offers limitless access. Even from your internet network provider, your identity is hidden when using the camouflage mode. Simply download it and use it right away to get started.

You can whitelist specific apps and web pages using this software so they can skip the VPN. Your actions are not tracked by it. For complete security, each server has a private DNS and IPV4 stack that prevents data leakage. Despite not being a free VPN for PC, it is very reasonably priced and has a lot to offer.


really safe and secure.

practically all streaming providers are supported.

simple to use

limitless servers are supported.

24/7 client assistance.


VPN connection with a fee.

Privacy Policy is unclear and lacking in specifics.

There is just a free trial option for Mac and mobile apps.

Get Surf Shark VPN


5. Windscribe

Windscribe VPN


Server count: above 300

55+ server locations total.

7 devices are supported in total.


Windscribe, one of the top free VPNs for Windows 10, offers 10 GB of data for use. For individuals who tweet about their app, an additional 5 GB is made available. For increased security, they also have a firewall and an ad blocker. This free limitless VPN for Windows 10 ensures users can experience great privacy by deleting all of their data within three minutes of logging out.

Your GPS location can be fooled using the Location Warp function. The Time Warp feature works similarly by adjusting your timezone to that of the nation you are connected to.


Simple and simple to use.

Support for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Firewall and ad-blocker built-in.

Free VPN software that is both functional and dependable for Windows 10.


difficulties with speed consistency.

does not offer technical help 24 hours a day.

Get Windscribe VPN


6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN


2500+ servers total.

25+ server locations total.

5 devices are supported in total.


Hotspot Shield is yet another top VPN provider. This VPN for Windows is the finest because it uses virtual tunnel technology to conceal users from well-known locations.

This program completely protects users’ privacy and anonymity by erasing all logs as soon as the browsing session ends. Additionally, you receive 500 Mb of data each day. You can test our free VPN download and basic plan to get started. However, you’ll need the premium version if you want to use the additional features.



efficient operation.

Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming websites with ease.

Confirm complete anonymity.

Rich in features and incredibly quick.


VPN connection with a fee.

unblocking Amazon Prime Video is not possible.

Ads on the free version are quite bothersome.

Get Hotspot Shield


7. VPNBook



There are 11 servers.

16 server locations are available.

Another quick and user-friendly free VPN for Windows 10 is now available. You can use an OpenVPN client or a PPTP connection to connect to a virtual private network using VPNBook. Choose and manually set up your favourite VPN type using this totally free, donation-based service.


Algorithm for 256-bit AES encryption

Able to work with the free OpenVPN client

Unrestricted capacity

gives you the option to unblock any website or online service


Fewer servers than other free VPN services

ad displays

The manual VPN setup method takes a little while.



8. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN


1100+ servers in total

60+ server locations total.

10 devices are supported in total.

The users may take advantage of uninterruptible service and quick connectivity with the best VPN for Windows 10 in the world, according to reviews. Users of IPVanish VPN can benefit from limitless bandwidth and a fast connection for both uploads and downloads.

Its 256-bit AES encryption provides a great browsing experience while preserving your privacy and protecting you from hackers.

Additionally, you have access to free torrenting, geographically restricted content, and a SOCKSS5 web proxy.


excellent for torrenting and anonymous streaming.

up to 10 devices can be supported at once.

Fast and simple working.

IP logs — 0.


Disney+ cannot be unblocked.

inconsistent Netflix support.

unclear privacy policies.

Unorganized interface.

No support for Bitcoin.

Get IPVanish VP


9. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN


3100+ servers in total

60+ server locations total.

7 devices are supported in total.

Users like to download this VPN for PC due to the great increase in internet speed it provides and the call or chat feature offered to solve any issues. The automatic kill switch, high DNS with IP leak prevention, unlimited bandwidth, and fast internet are some of this tool’s most notable characteristics. Additionally, they strictly enforce a log maintenance ban.

It is equipped with OpenVPN technology, 256-bit AES encryption, and the L2TP-IPSec protocol, which enables the smooth operation of many connections. Although the Windows 10 VPN connection is not unlimitedly free, it does provide a 45-day money-back guarantee.


Quick download times and simple operation.

massive server network

There is no incompatibility.

zero IP leaks

24-hour technical assistance.


MacOS and mobile devices both have a small feature set.

unable to work with a Chromebook.


Get CyberGhost VPN


10. ProtonVPN



There are 628 servers.

44 server locations total

10 devices are supported in total.


The newest VPN, Proton VPN, has a no-logging policy and is one of the most effective options for Windows PC. This VPN service provider doesn’t engage in any data retention practises.

ProtonMail package powered by a straightforward UI and DNS leak prevention are some of its key features.


Flexible options and affordable plans.

VPN with Multihop and Tor connections.

audits of security.

Disney+, Amazon, Netflix, and iPlayer may all be unblocked with its premium subscription.


comparatively inexpensive compared to other possibilities.

difficulties with inconsistent performance

Get Proton VPN


11. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN


220 or more servers

20+ server locations total.

5 devices are supported in total.


This is the finest free VPN for Windows 10 for PC if you don’t need a lot of downloading power. The supplied bandwidth is 500MB for a month, with an extra 500MB if you can promote them once a month on Twitter.

With its potent server encryption facility, it can defend users against hackers. When there is a loss of connectivity, this app’s ghost bear mode stops data leakage.


No logging of data

With its free edition, you can use up to 500 MB of data.

Design that is simple and friendly.

Integrated ad blocker.

The finest free VPN programme for Windows 10 with the most features.


advanced features are absent.

only 23 locales are supported

Netflix and iPlayer cannot be unblocked.

Get TunnelBear VPN


12. SecurityKiss

SecurityKiss VPN


There are 61 servers.

16 server locations are available.

10 devices are supported in total.


This program provides three different services and is a genuine free VPN for Windows. The first one uses OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec technology and is referred to as “Smart and Simple.” Even registration is not necessary for this service that is ready to use.

The second deal is “Free for Lifetime,” which has no ads whatsoever but has a daily traffic cap.

The third option is the “Fast and Secure” service, which offers 1024-bit security, unlimited speed, and built-in unique tunnelling.


enables Bitcoin.

300MB of data each day on a free plan.

supports a variety of platforms

Firewall assistance


Paid plans have more features.

Netflix cannot be unblocked.

a meagre network infrastructure.

Get SecurityKiss VPN


13. VyprVPN



Server count: over 700

32+ server locations total.

5 devices are supported in total.

Easily get around restrictions with our top VPN for Windows 10. The given internet connection is fast, and it offers many encryption methods and chameleon technology to get against VPN blocking, among other endless features.

Its zero-knowledge DNS, NAT firewall, and round-the-clock customer assistance make it an excellent VPN service software.


With a certified no-log policy, there are no IP address leaks.

a reasonable cost for a two-year plan.

offers cutting-edge features including a kill switch.

Effective in China


restricting server networks.

not compatible with browser extensions.

irregular pace.

Get Vypr VPN


14. VPN Speedify

Speedify VPN

Server count: above 1000

28+ server locations total.

5 devices are supported in total.


You can get this reliable VPN program as well to protect your online privacy. Even skilled hackers are kept at bay by this program thanks to the Cha-cha encryption technique.

This top-rated free VPN program is built on a cutting-edge channel bonding technology that increases internet capacity by utilising several internet connections, including WIFI, cellular, and Ethernet.


not a user activity log.

User-friendly UI and intuitive design.

Offer bundled connections that handle both cellular and Wi-Fi.

Monthly data usage is 10GB on the free plan.


inadequate unblocking powers.

limited support for server networks.

sophisticated security features are absent.



15. Avira Phantom VPN Pro

Avira Phantom VPN for Windows


There are 50 servers.

36 different server locations.

5 devices are supported in total.

This VPN software for the PC is extremely excellent. Even on public Wi-Fi, the level of privacy and security provided to consumers is pretty laudable. The application’s user interface is appealing, and it allows you to browse different websites without being bothered by ad pop-ups.


transparent logging of data procedures.

Unlimited device support is available in the free version.

Netflix is unblocked.


just partial server support.

lacks the ability to disable ads.

Get Avira Phantom VPN

Common Questions Regarding VPN Software

Ques 1. Is using a free VPN on a PC secure?

Virtually all free VPN connections offer perfect security and are totally safe to use. There are a select few, nevertheless, who can download malware and bombard your computer with intrusive adverts. Before making a decision, we advise you to review the best free VPN services listed above.

Ques 2. What is the best free VPN application for Windows 10?

Two of the most well-liked and cost-free VPN connections for Windows 10 are Windscribe and TunnelBear.

Ques 3. Does Windows 10 make it simple to set up a free VPN?

Yes, all of the top free VPNs for Windows 10 listed above are quite simple to set up. Launching the VPN app, allowing it to modify the network settings, choosing the region you wish to connect to, and pressing the connect button are all that are required. You can set up and utilise any virtual private network you choose by following these simple instructions.

Ques 4. Is a free VPN compatible with numerous devices?

You can use the free VPN on as many devices as you like, yes. On a variety of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, you can download and install the VPN. Even smart TVs and other digital devices can use some VPN services. Some VPN services may even offer you a membership with unlimited devices.

Ques 5. How do free VPNs generate revenue?

The majority of companies who offer totally free VPN services generate money by adding pop-up adverts to their programmes or by selling users’ personal information and/or online activity to third parties and marketers.

Ques 6. How do VPN connections operate?

Instead of using the server used by your service provider, a VPN connection routes your internet connection through a private server. This guarantees that a VPN, rather than your computer system, is used to send your data. By concealing your IP address, this aids in maintaining user anonymity.

Ques 7. If you connect to a VPN, can you be tracked?

No, nobody can find you. A VPN connection makes it impossible for anyone to follow your digital footprints by obscuring your PC’s IP address and encrypting all of your online activity.

Ques 8. What are the advantages of utilising a free VPN on a computer?

A VPN connection offers many benefits, including maintaining user anonymity, offering a secure browsing environment, getting around filters and blocks, enhancing browsing speed, and promising a secure file-sharing environment.

Ques 9. Can Windows 11 be used with a VPN?

Yes, you can enable the built-in VPN that is available in Windows 11 even though it is not a suitable solution.

Ques 10. Is there a free VPN for Windows 11?

In any case, Windows 11 does come with built-in VPN capability. However, you may also test a number of third-party VPN services for free. The top free VPNs for Windows 11 include ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and TunnelBear.

Ques 11. I’m trying to set up a VPN with Windows 11.

To manually set up a VPN in Windows 11, adhere to these steps:

The Windows Settings page.

Then select Network and Internet.

After that, select VPN and then click Add VPN.

Following that, you must choose your VPN provider, connection name, server address or name, VPN type, and sign-in info type.

When finished, it will appear under VPN Connections.

Finally, select Connect.

Which free VPN services are the best for PCs?

You can select any VPN from the list above based on your needs. They are all the best in some manner. The ones we enjoy the best, though, are the following.

Secure VPN



Question 13: When and how should a PC user use a VPN?

To safeguard your online privacy and gain access to content that is blocked in your area, use a VPN. Using it is explained below.

Using the Windows+I keyboard shortcut, open Settings.

Click on Network & Internet.

Choose VPN from the list of choices.

Set up a connection to the VPN service you want to use.

Enter your login information to begin using the VPN.

A free VPN for Windows is question number 14.

Free VPNs are widely available for Windows. In this article, we’ve included some of our finest picks. Any of these VPNs may be used based on your choices.

Last Words

Choose one of the top-ranked VPN services from the ones given above after learning about the attractive characteristics of the 21 best and free VPN for Windows 10. Every person who uses the internet has a right to online privacy throughout their numerous browsing sessions.

As a result, customers of free VPN services for Windows can have this privacy. Because Windows users are susceptible to virus attacks and online dangers, VPNs can shield its users from the prying eyes of online criminals.

Through VPN connections, data is transported securely and un alteredly without being visible to external networks.

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