15 Best Football Games For Android In 2022

Are you looking for the best football games for Android that are both free and online? If so, you are in the proper location. Aside from the version played live on the field by actual players, these Android football games are adored all around the world.

Android phones are a fantastic platform for playing football because of their high screen resolution and cutting-edge visuals.

There are several football and soccer games available on the Google Play Store. While some people enjoy playing football games online, others would rather play them offline in order to avoid any network problems. Because of this, you can download the game to your device and play it later without worrying about slow or inconsistent internet.

The best football games for Android, both online and offline, have been compiled in this article while keeping both categories in mind. Let’s examine each of them individually.

List Of The best Football Games for Android in 2022,

The most well-known football video games for Android devices are listed below. Let’s browse our list to discover a live football game for you:

1. FIFA Soccer

Fifa Mobile Soccer - Best Football Game

The popular FIFA football game’s mobile adaptation, FIFA Mobile Soccer, is free to download for Android users on the Play Store.

It is one of the best online football games and has a sizable following all around the world. It has stunning graphics and jaw-dropping playability.

You are able to choose among 550 authentic teams and join one of the 33 participating countries.

All you need to play this intense game is a working internet connection. Use the link below to download one of the best 10 football games for Android, where you may participate in numerous challenges and receive amazing rewards.



2. Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer

One of the top football games for Android that can be played both online and offline is Dream League Soccer. It’s also one of the most addictive games. It has a huge amount of downloads and has excellent and realistic gameplay.

You can alter it to suit your needs, create your own team, manage it, improve the stadium, buy your favourite players, plan various practice sessions, and even create your team’s uniform.

DLS is a football game to latch onto because it has 606 frames per second and incredibly realistic animations. Play to win a variety of awards and competitions, such as the All-Stars Cup, Champions League, Global Challenge Cup, and many others.

3. Soccer Stars

Soccer StarsSoccer Stars is renowned for offering stunning graphics and features together with a realistic football experience. On the Play Store right now, it ranks among the best football games for Android devices that can be played offline.

You can participate in numerous international football championships, such as the UEFA League, Champions League, and many others, using this feature-rich game.

Beginners can practice in a variety of practice scenarios, such as free kicks, assist the striker, penalty shootouts, etc.

Despite having straightforward controls, this is one of the best offline football games since it takes a lot of effort to perfect.



4. eFootball PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021

We cannot possibly miss out on this incredible game. This challenging and feature-rich game is deserving of a place on the best online football games list.

Select your all-time football heroes, then enjoy playing soccer with your friends. You have a unique experience each time you play it thanks to its simple gameplay and beautiful appearance.

The best football players from the past and present are listed, and you can choose your squad from that list .This proud member of the best Android football games offers a real-time playing experience with accurate passin g, in-depth strategy, and organic player motions.


5. Score! Hero

Score! Hero

Hero is a good option if you’re seeking for the best football game that uses 3D gestures. It offers fantastic storytelling together with eye-catching graphics and animations.

The game currently has close to 580 various levels. You can also utilize the Google Play cloud to sync your progress across different devices and ask your Facebook friends to join you in the game.

On the scoreboard, you can also check your present standing and the circumstances of other players.

Hero is one of the best Football games overall. It is amazingly easy to play but can be difficult to master.



6. First Touch Soccer and the City

First Touch: Soccer & the City

First Touch Soccer and the City are the next soccer games on our list. Gain more points by competing and winning games so you can enhance your players. Together with individual success, more victories will increase your team’s effectiveness.

Being one of the best offline football games for Android, FTS 19’s modest size is one of its most noticeable qualities. It has a simple UI that is uncluttered. Along with an extensive overview of team rankings, you may view live ranking broadcasts.

Enjoy the feel of live football with its beautiful stadiums, players, boots, and team uniforms. buy phentermine online uk buy phentermine in kenya



7. Real Football

Real Football

One of the earliest football games for Android users is this one. This compact game doesn’t take up much room and runs fairly well.

With amazing graphics, it includes a number of licensed teams and well-known players. The training mode allows beginners to hone their abilities and put them into practice.

A wide variety of game modes, such as Leagues, International cups, and Exhibition matches, are included in Real Football. The stadium may be improved, your team can play in different formations, and you can use numerous game strategies to personalize this best football game for Android.



8. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2 is a good option if you’re looking for the best offline football game with lots of features. It features 3D graphics, unique Flick shot controls, and realistic gameplay.

There are several single-player game modes available, including practice, arcade, dribbling, not missing, challenge, time attack, and not missing.

It is available in a number of tongues, including Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, English, and Russian.




9. Top Eleven -Be a Soccer Manager

Top Eleven - Be a Soccer Manager



With the best online football games, you can create an unbeatable team and manage a soccer team. You can choose your squad, run practises, and build up formations in addition to designing your team’s uniform.

You can compete against many teams in this multiplayer game to hone your abilities and raise your level of play. In the extremely customizable game Top Eleven, you can design your stadium and choose the official shirt for your team.

Encourage other team managers to learn the game and become experts.



10. Ultimate Soccer-Football

Ultimate Soccer-Football

Ultimate Soccer is the following game on our list of the top Football apps for Android. Depending on the strength of your team, assemble your squad and test different defensive and offensive play games.

There are several game options available, including Leagues and the World Cup Tournament. To assemble your soccer club, you can buy and sell renowned players that are professionals.

Enjoy playing football in real time with Ultimate Soccer.



11. Head Soccer La Liga

Head Soccer La Liga

Head Soccer La Liga is the best option if you want to enjoy a light-hearted version of a fiercely competitive soccer football. This 2D game has a cartoony, humorous aesthetic.

The game is quite easy to play and revolves around the three categories of assault, defend, and protect. You can play it with your friends, join different leagues, and take part in international competitions.



12. Worldwide Soccer League

World Soccer League

This amazing game, created by Mobirix, is compact and allows you access to almost 2000 players, 60 clubs, and national teams.

You can choose from a variety of game types, including Cup, League, Training, and Exhibition, and it is accessible in 15 different languages.



13. Football Strike

Football Strike

One of the most popular single-player football games is Football Strike. Choose from a variety of modes to indulge in limitless football enjoyment.

Everyone’s favourite because to its quick and simple gameplay.



14.EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Companion

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Companion

Another well-known title on the list of the top football games for Android ever is FIFA 20 Companion. The application is quite easy to use, and it has an interface that can be accessed in nearly 20 different languages.

You’ll need a copy of FIFA Ultimate Team Club and FIFA 20 for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 in addition to an Electronic Arts (EA) account to play this really thrilling football game.




15. Futsal Football 2

Futsal Football 2

Users can download Futsal Football 2, which offers a variety of football-playing styles. Given the user’s access to modes that allow them to play in an indoor playing stadium, this is one of the best football games for Android. The gaming app provides a realistic gaming experience. In the game, the goal is smaller than the actual one, and there is less bounce. However, the overall impression is fantastic and resembles reality. Because it has so many modes, the user will never get bored.

Play a 40-minute basketball-style game in high definition with a 4-size ball. The controls are smooth and simple to use. Overall, watching the game will be a fantastic football experience.


Questions & Answers About Online and Offline Football Games

Here are a few of the most often asked queries from readers about the top Android football video games available. We anticipate that this will answer some of your questions.


Q1. Which offline football game for Android is the best?

The best offline mobile football games for Android, according to information gathered from numerous reliable sources, are:

Soccer Dream League

Football Stars

Result Hero

Q2. Which online football game for Android is the best?

The best soccer games to play online for free, according to several reliable web sources, are as follows:

FIFA football

PES 2021 for e-football

The Best Football Games For Android In 2022, in conclusion

Prepare to kick the ball and win with your favourite athletes. Pick a game from the list of the top football games for Android that was just mentioned (Online & Offline).

Download it right now to get competing.

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