14 Best Face Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

Your images can be greatly enhanced by using photo morphing. You can mix up to three photographs, so you’ll never know what the final result of your face will look like. If you’re adept at sharing adorable and lovely images on social media, having fun with the top face morphing applications is certain.

Face morphing apps are useful for editing and morphing faces in images with various filters. The majority of them have face recognition technology, which helps identify faces before morphing, and this is how these applications give you believable and fluid results.

Best Face Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

There are a tonne of face morphing apps on the market. We’ve already done the difficult job of searching the internet for you if you can’t be bothered. Our list of suggested apps will make your pictures surprisingly hilarious. You may find the list here.

1. Banuba


With only one click, Banuba can transform your face into that of a well-known celebrity or pop star. This iOS and Android app is the best for taking humorous selfies and offers a tonne of carefully curated sets of filters to make fun of your face.

Face swap is one of the main benefits of this face-morphing app ; it enables you to trade faces with a Hollywood actor or celebrity. Additionally, it contains a voice changer that enables you to alter your voice on camera so that you sound like a humorous animal or superhero.

Feeling underwhelmed by the face swap? With Banuba, you may edit images and videos with amazing effects to suit your needs. You are welcome to post the outcome on your social media platforms if you are happy with it.

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2. FaceApp


FaceApp is an impressive tool to change your face that boasts AI technology. With millions of active users worldwide, this is one of the most popular photo-editing apps, allowing you immediate access to a huge community to get inspiration and share amusing pictures.

FaceApp is a useful app. It includes a variety of filters, carefully chosen backgrounds, and effects to help you create photorealistic photographs. With only a few touches, you can easily upgrade your photo with the use of user-friendly options that have been provided for you.

Additionally, this excellent face morphing app enables both photo and video editing. You may enhance your portrait recording by adding your preferred filters to any video you edit. Share your adjustments on social media if you’re satisfied with them.

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3. Reface


You might wish to join the millions of individuals who have used Reface to improve their pictures and videos. With the help of this highly regarded photo morph tool, you can turn your commonplace stuff into humorous images or movies to share with friends and family.

With only a few easy clicks, you can quickly transform faces using this application. Additionally, it contains a face changer that lets you view your face in popular videos or classic films. This is made possible by AI technology.

With Reface, you can accomplish a tonne of different things. While face switching is a given in photos and videos, it also gives you ideas from the daily updates on GIFs and videos. Additionally, this photo morphing tool has integrated share and filter controls to improve your material.

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4. FacePlay


FacePlay is a fantastic app to change faces and enhance your content, and it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. You’ll have immediate access to a variety of video editing templates after joining. Just select a template, pick an image, and let the software handle the rest.

FacePlay offers a variety of customization options for your creation. This app has you covered whether you want to look stunning with urban beauty or try a different style with minority attire.

Because of its straightforward design, this particular software won’t overwhelm you when utilising it. Pick your finest image and discover how FacePlay can elevate it.

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5. Jiggy


Jiggy was created for you if you’re wanting to create new and original stuff with your photos. With the help of this face-swapping tool, you can animate photographs and swap faces to produce amusing films, stickers, and GIFs. This app will only recognise your face from a photograph and swap your faces.

You don’t need to be a skilled photo or video editor to use Jiggy. It offers dozens of elements, like stickers, emoji, and dances, to immediately produce funny content. Even better, animation can bring ancient photos to life.

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6. Face Swap

Face Swap

To change the faces in pictures and videos, use the Face Swap face merge software. Face changer filters can be applied to cameras or faces can be switched in real time to produce photographs and records that have never been seen before.

It has a collection of live masks that may be added to your films or selfie photos for a more entertaining experience. Face Swap has you covered whether you want to take fresh pictures or edit ones from the gallery.

This app has three primary features: a live camera for swapping faces and using masks; a picture editor for applying filters and face swap to your image collections; and a video editor for helping you cut a clip and use face swap filters on recorded videos.

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7. Faces


Faces, which bills itself as a humorous face changer, is deserving of your attention. You can use the top face morphing tool to amusely enhance pictures and videos for any event. Feel free to take fun films and selfies with your phone’s selfie camera.

Faces offers a variety of humorous frames, hats, hairstyles, glasses, and even masks to let you personalise your selfie video. Additionally, it includes a GIF creator for sharing with your loved ones.

Faces is quite simple to use. Start up your selfie camera and take a picture of yourself. Make a live face swap with your favourite celebs or even pets in a video clip of your choosing. When finished, save GIFs or videos and post them on social media.

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8. Face Morph

Face Morph

You will like the Face Morph software for your Android device if you are a fan of face morphs. With the help of this application’s helpful features and straightforward UI, morphing your face is made simple.

You can transform faces with the greatest free face morphing app to become a celebrity, a buddy, or even an animal. Additionally, it has automatic facial detection for outcomes that are photorealistic. Additionally, it offers face mixing to mix faces for an unexpected face.

Face Morph has been used by millions of users to add interesting effects to their selfies and images. This app will improve your portraits if you are tired of seeing the same old pictures.

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9. Celebrity Face Morph

Celebrity Face Morph

Hollywood Face Morph
This app is designed specifically for people who want to morph their faces into famous people. This app’s major attraction is a celebrity face morph that is supported by AI technology to provide photorealistic results. It doesn’t call for editing expertise because of automatic work.

One of the greatest celebrity face morph apps, it can change your photograph into entertaining scenes. You can now see what you would look like in a different face.

It’s intriguing that Celebrity Face Morph lets you choose your preferred celebrity. Once you’ve made your decision, the rest will be handled automatically by the app. Watch the outcome and enjoy a hearty chuckle with your loved ones.

This software offers automatic face identification and face expression algorithms for enhanced performance in terms of features and functionality. Face warping, face mixing, and many other things are also included.

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10. Multi Face Blender

Multi Face Blender

You can infer what this app can do just from the name. It can combine many faces from different images, allowing you to mix various looks and be astonished by the outcome. If you’re used to using regular face morphing apps, Multi Face Blender is something to consider.

Multi Face Blender is a simple to use app that is somewhat similar to other face morphing apps. Select the desired faces to begin, then decide who you want to change. If necessary, use the eraser. Additionally, you can change the skin tone, as well as the brightness and saturation.

You no longer have to manually detect faces thanks to automatic facial recognition. Additionally, you can provide an artificial point for the desired face blending.

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11. Pic Morph

Pic Morph

One of the best face morphing app for making amazing GIFs and face swaps is Pic Morph. It gives the greatest approach to morph the faces of friends, relatives, celebrities, or even oneself, and has an appealing design.

You must choose which faces to swap when using this app . With its sophisticated features, you can choose the greatest photographs and the ideal size for the best outcome. You don’t need to worry; the app will handle the challenging portion for you. Then, be ready for the surprise by selecting a GIF or a movie from the photographs.

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12. Face Story

Face Story

Changing faces bring so much pleasure with the proper app. And Face Story is a good option if you’re seeking for an app to accomplish the job. It works beautifully to transform you into well-known celebrities or beloved animals and is available for iOS-based devices.

Face Story has automatic face recognition technology that aids in identifying human faces. This software uses clever facial feature extraction to quickly synthesise your photos for photorealistic results. The Face Story app makes face morphing incredibly simple.

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13. Morph


Looking for the most video-friendly face morphing app? If the answer is yes, Morph is a pleasant app to use. The process is as simple as adding photographs, adding music and a filter, then sharing to your preferred social networks.

Morph has a tonne of features, such as a timer, a simple photo selection process, and a seamless morph transition. Additionally, it provides configurable cropping so you may select the greatest musical passages and artificial intelligence, both of which contribute to high-quality outcomes.

What’s amazing is that you can move photographs around to reorder them. Save your work, then export it and post it on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media site.

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14. Facebrity


Not to mention, Facebrity is a fantastic software for changing and combining faces for amusement. Thanks to the many capabilities this app offers, face changing is made simple.

One selfie is all it takes with Facebrity. You can alter your appearance and experience what it’s like to be in a well-known film. Use the share feature and let your friends know to improve your experience.

This no-cost morphing app is regularly updated to give you the best possible experience. You can be anything you desire with a range of clip catalogues, including a superhero, a terrifying lunatic, and even a lovely dancer.

Download on the App Store

Have fun with your images and your greatest face morphing apps. Use these apps sensibly as they are solely intended for entertainment purposes.

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