14 Best Bookmark Managers You Should Use in 2022

It’s possible to find a lot of information on the Internet. Articles, blogs, videos, infographics, photographs and even white papers, all are acceptable forms of content. In this article, we’ll be going through a list of Best Bookmark Managers.

It is hard to absorb all of the knowledge available on the internet because of the sheer volume of content and the limited amount of time available. This is why it’s a good idea to bookmark pages and websites you might want to read later.

Managing bookmarks does not require you to use the bookmarking feature built into your browser. When you use a bookmark manager, you can easily keep track of the websites you’ve bookmarked. It also makes it easier to keep track of all of your bookmarks in one place.

Our Top Picks for Best Bookmark Managers

For those looking for the top bookmark managers, we’ve put together a list of the Best Bookmark Managers. Listed below are a selection of bookmark managers that make it easier to organise your bookmarks.

1. Pinalist

Best Bookmark Managers


The all-in-one bookmark manager, Pinalist is an excellent choice. You can access and manage your bookmarks, links, and notes from any computer or mobile device. Additionally, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can use it to search for keywords and tags, as well as to sort by other criteria.  The program’s user interface is simple and straightforward.

Plugins are available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, allowing it to be used with any one of these browsers. Hence, if you’re looking for a better way to organise your bookmarks, check out Pinalist. It can help you keep everything in order and save you time.


  • Ability to allow others to use your favourite bookmarks.
  • Web browser extensions are supported.
  • Ability to perform more in-depth searches, refine your results, and arrange them in different ways.


Best Bookmark Managers is our second-best choice on the list. Organize your bookmarks in style with this simple-to-use bookmark manager. Everything you’d expect from a top-notch bookmark manager app is included in this programme. Any type of web content can be saved with this application. This includes images and articles. Folders and subfolders can be used to organise your collection.

Organizing your bookmarks in this manner makes it much easier to find them later. It contains a tag-based search feature that makes it easy to find a certain bookmark.


  • Bookmarks are neatly organised and identified using a system of labels.
  • Assembles a collection of bookmarks
  • Create folders and directories


3. Pocket

Best Bookmark Managers

You may save web pages, articles, movies, and other stuff from the Internet using this superb bookmark manager. It also serves as a search engine, allowing you to come across interesting articles from well-known sources. It’s a great way to save links to articles you’d like to read at later.

Bookmarked pages and articles can be accessed on a mobile device. There are both browser extensions and applications for Pocket.


  • Articles of all kinds from the web can be saved and read offline.
  • Uses tags to categorise your bookmarks.


4. Evernote

Best Bookmark Managers

If you already use Evernote, there is no need to install a separate bookmark manager. You can store as many bookmarks as you want with the web clipper tools in this programme. It allows you to save URLs to websites you plan to visit in the future.

It’s possible to save bookmarks as HTML files, links, or entire articles as PDF files for later use.


  • Bookmarks are easy to acquire.
  • Documents can be saved as PDFs.
  • Makes various folders to keep track of all of your bookmarked pages.


5. OneNote Clip

Best Bookmark Managers

Similar to Evernote, this is an application for saving notes. A bookmark management software is unnecessary if you already have OneNote installed on your smartphone. To make it easier to return to previously saved web pages and material, it has a strong bookmarking feature.

You may organise your bookmarks into folders and subfolders in OneNote, much like in Evernote. Tags can also help you organise your collection even further.


  • Saves all forms of web content
  • Accessible in dark mode
  • Your bookmarks can use tags


6. Notion

With Notion, you can keep track of your bookmarks and organise your notes. More features than a conventional bookmark manager are available on this software. Documents can be linked together using its unique features. As a result, you can set up your own personal wiki of bookmarks. It can handle a large number of bookmarks with ease.

As a bonus, it can be used on any of the four major operating systems (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android).


  • A fast web clipper
  • Promoted by a wide range of influential platforms
  • Organizes documents by creating internal links


7. Diigo


Using Diigo, you can construct a collection of notes, links, websites, images, etc. in the cloud. It ensures that your collection will never be lost or misplaced. In terms of personal knowledge management, Diigo is a top-notch app.

A website can also be marked up with sticky notes and can be highlighted as well. Any time, any place, you can easily access your collection.


  • Keeps track of the URLs you’ve saved
  • Serves as a reminder by highlighting and attaching stickies
  • Send links to websites via social media


8. Toby

Best Bookmark Managers

Free premium features have helped Toby, a bookmark manager, grow in popularity. It lets you store and manage your bookmarks on your own computer. Your bookmarks can be accessed on several devices once the sync has been activated.

By dragging open tabs into a specific folder, you can create bookmarks. It helps you categorise and date your bookmarks.


  • Helps to organise bookmarks
  • Using multiple devices, you can access your bookmarks
  • Organize your bookmarks by date and kinds

9. Bookmark Ninja

You should use Bookmark Ninja because it is one of the best bookmark manager. It has various unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the pack. When you have a lot of bookmarks, this lets you keep track of them all in one place. It allows you to access your bookmarks on any device.

You can also let others know the ones you like most. In addition, you can import bookmarks from other devices with this application.


  • These bookmarks are saved on cloud
  • Ability to import external bookmarks
  • To organise your bookmarks, you can create a separate folder for each of them


10. Google Bookmarks

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have this bookmark manager installed. It’s one of the most widely used bookmark management apps out there. To be fair, it is a Google product, so you’d expect the bookmark management features to be top-notch as well. As a Chrome browser extension, it’s easy to use.

Mozilla Firefox is also supported. Your bookmarks can be uploaded to a cloud server with this bookmarking tool. Use the bookmarklet tool to add notes and labels while browsing the internet.


  • Each and every bookmark stored on cloud
  • Bookmarks can have notes and tags added
  • Easy to use

Update: On September 30th, Google Bookmarks will be deactivated. The best solution is to use Google Chrome’s bookmarking features.


11. iCloud Bookmarks


iCloud Bookmarks is the next best solution for you. You can easily sync all of your bookmarks between Apple devices using this bookmark manager.

Bookmarks saved in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer can now be synced with those saved in Safari.


  • All Apple-registered devices are synchronised
  • Keeps Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer bookmarks in sync


12. Lasso

The goal of this bookmark organiser is to streamline the process of bookmarking. For knowledge management and internet research, it’s a good choice. A cloud-based bookmark organiser like Lasso allows you to safely store all of your bookmarks, making it it’s finest feature.

In addition, it has an easy-to-use dashboard. In the eyes of many, it is one of the best ways to organise and share content.


  • Bookmarks, both personal and public, are kept separately
  • Sorting, sifting, and looking for information
  • Uses social media to share about bookmarks


13. Flipboard

Despite the fact that Flipboard is not technically a bookmark manager, it does allow you to store a central repository of website links. As you can include photos, articles, and videos, it lets you create a magazine that is uniquely yours.

We’ve included it on the list because of its wide range of unique features. You also have the option of making your magazine open or closed to contributors.


  • Publish your own personalised magazines
  • Collect photos, videos, and accounts
  • You’re curation can have contributions once you’ll invite others


14. WebCull

Traditional bookmark management features like tagging, notes, and limitless folder topologies are all preserved in WebCull. Additionally, you may use any browser or device to get to your files, share folders, and search within your content, through this app.

The best part of it is that it is one of the most privacy-conscious bookmark managers available, so there are no ads, unwanted emails, tracking, or following you around in it at all.


  • Each and every bookmark is saved on the cloud
  • Any web browser or mobile device can use it
  • Contains sharable folders


From Editors Desk

You’ll be able to keep track of all of your favourite websites with the help of these Best Bookmark Managers discussed above. These apps may help you keep your bookmarks in order without making a jumbled mess of them.



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