13 Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

Tricks can become monotonous over time, but pranks never do. Whooping cushions might have been funny a few decades ago, but it isn’t funny anymore. The greatest prank call applications can make your family or friends laugh if you’re in the mood to trick them.

You can place a phone call using apps for prank phoning. Altering your voice or posing as someone else, such as a police officer or a famous person, are two options. This method is very simple to prepare and always succeeds in persuading your target.

Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are flooded with prank calling applications. In actuality, not all of them are suitable for comedy. Here we’ve compiled the greatest prank call applications to have fun with if you need help choosing the right one.

1. JokesPhone


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

The most popular prank call app worldwide may be JokesPhone. It has received over 10 million downloads and has a substantial library of tongue-in-cheek pranks.

You select a prank call scenario and a pal with this software. You have two minutes to get them to get your joke and start laughing. Additionally, there is an integrated share button that lets you post jokes to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

The amazing thing about JokesPhone is that it provides free practical jokes. With the download and when you connect in using Facebook, you will both receive free pranks.

2. MagicCall


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

You can infer what this app can do from its name: make magic calls. Thanks to special features that are presented to your table, it enables you to experience a new calling. The real-time voice changer offered by MagicCall lets you switch voices while on the phone. You can choose between male, child, or even cartoon voices.

MagicCall won’t allow you mess up your practical jokes. You can test your voice before making a call using the test option. You won’t be able to tell if your friends or family fell for your jokes.

This app’s ability to play sound emoticons during calls is another plus. To surprise someone, use sounds like kisses or claps.

This is a novel technique for practising pranks on people. You may rehearse a convincing call that your pals will find tough to avoid falling for with some simple and short preparation. Choose a companion, prepare your situation, and enjoy yourself!

3. Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

This prank call app, created by Ownage Labs, has become a popular tool for playing practical jokes. You can make a call while using a phone voice thanks to a voice changer tool. With this app , every call is believable, so no one will suspect your prank calls.

It’s easy to utilise this amusing prank caller software. Select a prank from the library once it has been installed on your device. Choose to transmit after choosing the contact you want to prank call. You can perform the magic trick using this software.

Ownage Pranks offers hundreds of pick-a-prank calls and jokes. All of the jokes in this app are recorded by professional voice actors, making it less likely that your relatives or friends will catch on. You will never run out of jokes thanks to the daily addition of fresh ones.

Do you wish to hear the joke call once more? The My Pranks feature in Ownage Prank allows you to preserve any prank recordings you’ve made. Simply use this tool to listen to your practical jokes wherever you are.

4. Fake Call by GameAndro

Fake Call by GameAndro

Download on Google Play

The purpose of this specific prank call app is to mimic an incoming call. This tool takes your daring and pranking skills to mislead someone, unlike most prank call apps that give you pre-loaded prank situations and voice changers.

It’s really simple to utilise Fake Call. To begin a call, just select call now, or to establish a timer, select schedule. For added credibility, you can also choose a caller photo, set a caller name, and dial a caller number.

Additionally, this top prank call app has a recorder. This option allows you to record a voicemail for the caller, which is extremely helpful if you’re too hesitant. As a result, you are not required to talk alone.

Fake Call is surely a fun prank call tool for practising jokes on your family or friends, with more than 50M downloads on the Google Play Store.

5. Fake Call

Fake Call

Download on Google Play

Use the fantastic app Fake Call to make a prank call to yourself. This software contains everything you need to complete the task, whether you need to prank friends or get out of a sticky situation.

The free app has a ton of features, like a scheduler that lets you plan when an incoming call will come in, a personalised incoming screen, and unique characters. Mom, the police, or even pizza can make a prank call to you.

Your phone call will be funnier if you include a caller image. Additionally, you can record a caller voice that will be automatically played whenever the call is disconnected. Additionally, this app supports different languages to assist you in removing communication obstacles.

Overall, Fake Call presents a fresh approach to crafting the ideal joke. Imagine the look on your relatives or friends’ faces when you receive the phone call from a famous person. There are countless options to explore.

6. Fake Call Police

Fake Call Police

Download on Google Play

Another fun prank call app you shouldn’t miss is Fake Call Police. When you receive a phone call from the police, watch how your loved ones or friends respond. It’s challenging to avoid falling for the ruse when caller number and caller identity can be set.

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This app mainly functions as a simulation tool that gives you a fake incoming call. Show everyone that you get a call from the cops and you’ll eventually laugh a lot. This practical joke never gets old and it always produces a visceral reaction.

Fake Call Police, one of the top prank call apps, contains a tonne of features that will help you level up your pranks. You may schedule the fake incoming call, choose a real voice, and personalise the character from your portfolio.

But do not fret. Because it can’t place actual calls, this app is absolutely secure and trouble-free.

7. BTS Call

BTS Call

Download on Google Play

The entire world is being ruled by BTS. BTS Call can be the ideal software to trick your pals if they are ardent Army (BTS supporters). With the help of this fake video call prank app, you may pretend that a member of the BTS is calling you.

Watch the expressions on your friends’ faces when RM, J-Hope, Suga, or V call. You can take a screenshot of the page’s exclusive images, share it with your friends, and make them envious. This awesome app elevates the pranking experience.

The nice thing about BTS Call is that you may select which BTS member to call. This app is simple to use and has a user-friendly UI.

Do you want to use this app better and have a better experience? Connect to a dependable Wi-Fi or internet connection to take advantage of smooth faux video calls.

8. Prank Caller

Prank Caller

Download on the App Store

Prank Caller, which offers a variety of scenarios, is a potent tool for making prank calls to your loved ones. Pick a pre-written prank, enter the target’s number, then place a phone call. You can listen to the call and your pals won’t realise it’s fake.

With different pals, you can have amusing experiences with this app. Given the abundance of possibilities accessible, picking the one that will serve the goal the best seems obvious. As you can now save the reactions, things are only getting better.

You can record the outcome while listening to the result live thanks to the built-in recorder. With your pals, discuss the results while laughing aloud.

9. PrankDial


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Millions of pranksters around the world have confidence in PrankDial. Thanks to the various scenarios it offers, this prank call app has generated a lot of laughter across the globe. The app’s library contains a ton of prank call scenarios, so you can choose one that suits the target.

Prank Dial now has new features like updated prank scenarios and a better user design. Keep a record of the prank calls you receive and forward them to your pals. On your favourite calls, you can leave a comment as well.

The amazing thing about PrankDial is that you can alter names, locations, and other particular details. Your buddies won’t be aware that the call they accept is a prank.

Like the majority of prank call apps, PrankDial is really simple to use. Make the prank call after picking a friend and a scenario. Record your live listening and share it with your friends.

10. Pranky


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

When someone calls him because of the sex noises your friend makes every night, how will he respond? Or will your friend be surprised when he gets a call from a five-star hotel that he never reserved? Before using this app , you won’t be able to predict the response.

Yes, Pranky is an app that uses prank calls to make fun of people. It includes a huge selection of unexpected prank call scenarios for your buddies. You only need to pick a scenario, pick a recipient, and send the prank call.

Additionally, Pranky gives you the option to share the amusing outcomes with your loved ones. Utilizing social media and WhatsApp, save and share reactions.

11. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer

Download on the App Store

A humorous app to make funny sound effects during a call is called Call Voice Changer. It has been extensively utilised to trick someone during prank calls; perhaps now it’s your chance.

It has never been so simple to have a good time with your loved ones while on the phone. With this programme, you may instantly change your voice or add absurd sound effects. All it takes is a push of a button to change your voice from high to deep to spooky.

12. Prank Call App

Prank Call App

Download on the App Store

Prank Call App, which was created for the iPhone and iPad, is an excellent tool for generating nonstop laughs. You can pretend to receive an incoming call from anyone, including presidents and famous people.

Just add recordings of various settings for a more realistic call. Lift the call in front of your family or friends to gauge their reactions.

You can choose the phone type, add a photo, and configure the caller’s name with this app. Additionally, it has a countdown timer to add credibility to your prank call.

13. FunCall


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Do you feel like having a good laugh? Say no more. To have a good time with your friends, download FunCall. You may switch your voice over the phone with this prank call app from amusing and high to deep and frightful.

FunCall is quite simple to use. Enter the recipient’s phone number and pick a nation. After the phone is answered, choose the voice you want to use, then alter it.

This app allows you to record calls and play them again at any time, so you won’t miss any humorous moments. Even your friends can download and share it.

The days of pepper shaker explosions and sticky notes have long since passed. The finest prank call apps define your technique to play practical jokes on people as pranks go online. What prank call software is your favourite?

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