12 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Mac

Remote desktop software specifically for Mac is required if you want to connect to, control, or troubleshoot another computer from your Mac.

In order to access another computer from a remote location, a remote desktop application must be constructed. Work from home with coworkers, responding to customer complaints, and doing other tasks are all made easier with these programmes.

Our Top Picks for 12 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Mac

There are a plethora of remote desktop solutions for Mac users. Hence, we’ve put together a list of 12 best remote desktop apps for maOS.

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

As well as working on the Mac, this remote desktop software may be used with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It is possible to access files and apps on a distant computer even if you are not physically present, thanks to this software. Keep the applications open on your work computer, and you’ll be able to access them from your home computer in a matter of minutes. Remote Desktop from Microsoft is a completely free service.

2. Zoho Assist

Best Remote Desktop Mac

Our runner-up option is Zoho Assist, a cloud-based remote desktop solution designed for customer support. Most impotantly, it is possible to communicate with customers from any location with this application. This cloud-based programme is easy to use, safe, and secure. Along with that, confidentiality and security are two of its best features. An intuitive user interface makes it easier for people to utilise this application. Lastly, it’s suitable for small and medium-sized businesses because of the wide range of options and features it offers.

3. AnyDesk


Regardless of the size of your company, AnyDesk is an excellent remote desktop solution. For example, file transmission and remote printing are included in its clever features. Using this programme, users can compress and transmit their images quickly. Because both paid and free versions exist, it’s a positive thing compared to the free version. Additionally their premium version is superior.

4. TeamViewer


In terms of remote desktop software, TeamViewer is among the most popular Mac offerings. Windows and mobile platforms are supported by this app. Access to your server-based data is provided by this application. Mobile-to-mobile connections are also supported by this software. All of the features of TeamViewer are available, including the ability to talk and take screenshots.

5. LogMeIn

Remote desktop applications like LogMeIn are among the best. All of your professional needs can be met at one place. Regardless of the size of your group, you may use this app to communicate and work together. LogMeIn has a number of different pricing options, so you can find one that’s right for you. Password manager application ‘LastPass’ is included in it for free.

6. Splashtop

Sp;ashtop – a remote desktop application that is easy to use and it may be the ideal choice for you. This is a great software for those who want to play games. It is capable of transmitting audio, 3D images, and video to a wide range of devices simultaneously. Using remote access requires the paid version, which can only be obtained by upgrading the software. The free version can only be used for local purposes.

7. VNC Connect

Best Remote Desktop Mac

For secure remote support and access, VNC Connect is the best tool. For Mac, this is a well-known remote desktop programme. It is a remote desktop application that has been trusted by more than 250 million people worldwide. There are a lot of different apps out there, but this one is quick and easy to use. Different options are available on this application, allowing you to choose the best option depending on your situation. Additionally, it is a cross-platform compatible and supports two simultaneous connections.

8. Remote PC

Best Remote Desktop Mac

If you work from home and need to connect to another computer, Remote PC is your best option. Even from mapped drives, it allows seamless file management, printing, and data transfer. Tablets and mobile devices can now be shared securely via screen sharing. Besides Mac, it is also compatible with Linux and Windows.

9. Jump Desktop

Best Remote Desktop Mac

Virtual network and remote PC computing are supported by this Jump Desktop. As a bonus, Fluid Remote Desktop, the next generation of remote desktop protocol, is supported by this app as well. Along with that, you can use your Mac keyboard shortcuts on a Windows PC with the help of this software application. Lastly ,the most useful feature is perhaps the ability to share a screen with others.

10. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC makes it simple to transport files and data between computers that are connected via a network. You can access your files from a remote computer with this application. In order to see the whole displays of all connected PCs, it has support for multiple monitors.

11. NoMachine

All you need for work is this sleek remote desktop application. Installing it is a breeze, and there are no complicated options to configure. The wizard walks you through the process step-by-step. Additionally, you can be sure of a steady and speedy connection with this device. Lastly, help is available in the application’s help forum for those who need it.

12. Chrome Remote Desktop

Lastly, there’s Chrome Remote Desktop option available. Mac users are familiar with this well-known remote desktop software. It’s also compatible with Apple’s iOS. Computers can be accessed from afar with this application. To top it all off, you can utilise this programme for free.

From Editor’s Desk

With a reliable and secure remote desktop solution, you can access another computer from any location. Other than that, anyone looking for the best Mac remote desktop software can find it here. They’ve got all the features you need.

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