12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS

Be cautious! You never know who might have installed a covert camera in a public restroom, a locker room, or a hotel room. Fortunately, there are apps that can assist stop you from being watched. Get some peace of mind by simply downloading apps on your Android or iOS device.

The majority of camera detector applications come with a scanner that searches any rooms or locations for covert cameras. Some apps also have magnetometers, which work with the phone’s magnetic sensor to find any cameras.

12 Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS

The Google Play Store and App Store each have a huge selection of apps. We’ve gathered the top hidden camera detectors that work reliably to identify hidden cameras wherever you go if you only require a quick search. Look at this!

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Download on Google Play

This excellent camera finder functions flawlessly on Android. It immediately scans any rooms after being installed on your device to make sure no one is seeing you. Thanks to the lens detector, a spy camera may be easily found at any location in the room.

The effectiveness of an all-in-one network scanner for finding Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected GPS trackers, listening devices, and hidden cameras is astounding. Simply click the IP link on any questionable devices to determine if they are spying on you.

With a simple UI and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanners among its many capabilities, Hidden Spy Camera Detector has a lot to offer. It includes everything you need to keep secret everywhere you go, so there is no need to purchase expensive detectors. With in-app purchases, you can upgrade to the Premium edition of this app for free.

2. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Download on Google Play

This software has earned the trust of more than 5 million users by scanning for and finding concealed cameras. The software is quite simple to use and has a lovely look. Move your smartphone close to any questionable objects, such as paintings or flower pots.

It has a magnetometer that analyses any magnetic activities using the magnetic sensor of your mobile device. The app won’t bother you because it only beeps when it recognises magnetic activity as coming from a camera.

Additionally, the app has an infrared camera detector that enables you to find infrared cameras. Swipe your device to look for any white light that appears. You might need to conduct a more thorough study since the white light suggests infrared.

3. Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder

Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder

Download on Google Play

This additional detector for hidden cameras shields you against unintentional exposure. For your privacy, it makes it easier to locate hidden cameras in hotels, locker rooms, or restrooms. The ability to recognise espionage devices like microphones, transparent spy cameras, hidden cameras, and more is made possible by improved technology.

You must move the camera close to the potential objects for it to function best. Up to 15 cm distant is the ideal range for detection of cameras. Thanks to magnetometers, which can find magnetic objects like speakers and cameras.

Additionally, it has an infrared detector that quickly scans objects for cameras that seem like they are infrared and a radiation metre to find hidden cameras. All things considered, this app turns your smartphone into a practical camera detector.

4. Hidden Camera Finder 2020

Hidden Camera Finder 2020

Download on Google Play

If you’re looking for a handy app to find concealed cameras, try this one. It contains a built-in magnetic metre and radiation metre that make it possible to locate speakers or cameras immediately from your smartphone. Not to mention that it has infrared to find infrared cameras.

When you are not at home, you don’t need to be concerned about privacy. Use this app to check that no one is spying on you before changing clothes or using a public restroom. This is how to safeguard your privacy in the age of technologically advanced criminals.

It analyses magnetic activity to find any cameras, much like other hidden camera detector apps. Camera differs from other metals due to its magnetic activity, which has a defined length and temperature. Because of this, this software can only beep when it detects a camera.

5. Hidden Camera Detector/Finder

Hidden Camera Detector/Finder

Download on Google Play

With Hidden Camera Finder, you can safeguard your privacy in public areas. You may trust this software to ensure that no one is observing you. It has a ton of helpful features that make it simple to find microphones, cameras, and other surveillance equipment.

One of the greatest apps for Android devices thanks to its straightforward UI. It has a magnetic field that makes electrical gadgets, especially cameras, easy to detect. To ensure that no one is secretly recording your voice, it also contains a hidden microphone detector.

This practical tool can help you with your privacy issue. Make certain that your device contains a magnetic sensor for it to function at its best. Enjoy your trip or bathroom time without anxiety by installing on your Android device.

6. Electronic Device Detector

Electronic Device Detector

Download on Google Play

Beware of con artists and their nefarious devices! Make sure to check to see if anyone is watching you whenever you use the restrooms or remain in the hotel. Finding small, hidden devices that could lead to unintentional exposure is made easy with the help of an electronic device detector.

This app is really easy to use. Move it next to any suspected devices, such as flower vases, lamps, or the edges of mirrors. If it detects metal, it will analyse the activities and make a beeping sound. You can do a deeper study in this manner.

Additionally, it offers advice on how to manually locate any hidden cameras. Make sure you respect your privacy when you’re out in public so you don’t aid the criminals in stealing money. To ensure that the app operates as effectively as possible, confirm that your smartphone has a magnetic sensor.

7. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Download on the App Store

This fantastic app is required for iOS users to locate hidden cameras in networks or public spaces! This equipment has a lens detector that is specifically made to quickly search a room for hidden cameras. It is appropriate for use in public restrooms, locker rooms, hotels, and even networks.

It not only works for spy cameras but also efficiently scans any gadget that behaves like a spy gadget, including a laptop and a phone. This app will quickly scan the device and beep to alert you, even if it is accessed remotely.

A wide range of features are supported for the optimum performance. Because it uses the camera and light on your iPhone to find concealed cameras, it is really simple to use. You can use the features in the free version as well, which is readily available. For further features, upgrade to the Premium editions.

8. Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Download on the App Store

The Spy Hidden Camera Detector is a fantastic option to test if you don’t mind paying for an app. You can use a variety of features with a one-time payment. Finding spy cameras in a hotel, an apartment, or anywhere else is possible with the help of this app .

There are two different detecting methods: automatic detection and manual detection. Anytime you notice a suspicious lens, manual detection aids in the detection of spy cameras. In the meantime, automatic detection will check to see if there are any hidden cameras in the space.

It also includes an EMF scanner to help you find hidden cameras and other electronic equipment that have magnetic fields. Additionally, the instrument has a Bluetooth device scanner.

9. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Download on the App Store

Magnetic activity exists in all electronic devices and varies in length and temperature. This app , like many other hidden camera detector apps, uses an EMF scanner to find spy cameras. Even though it wasn’t made expressly to identify hidden cameras, it is quite effective at the task.

Once loaded on your iOS device, it instantly searches for and finds magnetic-field-embedded electronic devices including cameras, phones, and microwaves. On your screen, the magnetic field data will all be visible.

It can find hidden cameras as well as strong magnetic fields that could be harmful to your health. Anytime it beeps at you as a warning, magnetic radiation is nearby. If the phone beeps when you move it close to something questionable, you can look into it more.

10. Hidden Spy Camera Finder

Hidden Spy Camera Finder

Download on the App Store

With Hidden Spy Camera Finder, you can turn your iPhone into a spy camera scanner. The app swiftly scans, analyses, and identifies questionable devices with only one click. It can be used to scan hotel rooms, locker rooms, or even conference rooms.

It begins scanning all devices connected to the current network as soon as you touch the Start Detection button. It functions well with a variety of cameras, including pinhole, infrared, wifi, and sleep. It is completely simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

The tool also employs cutting-edge technology to find the infrared light source of the camera. Choose a target object, such as a socket, a potted plant, a work of art, or a mirror side, and check if it provides any information. Although this app is free, you can subscribe to get more features.

11. DontSpy 2

DontSpy 2

Download on the App Store

The hidden camera detector DontSpy, which has received the most downloads, has a brand-new look. You can feel more at ease knowing there are no adverts or in-app purchases. This updated version simplifies data reading and includes signal strength bars that display the local magnetic field.

All espionage gadgets, such as microphones, speakers, phones, and concealed cameras, function nicely with this app . With the help of a magnetometer, it can find magnetic fields emitted by gadgets and send you a report. It offers everything you require to ensure that you are not being watched.

Easy to use interface makes operating simpler. Once installed on your iPhone, it swiftly examines the magnetic field using the phone’s magnetic sensor. Make sure your phone is close to any suspicious objects for the best results.

12. DeviceOwl


Download on the App Store

Last but not least, DeviceOwl assists in exposing espionage gadgets in hotel rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, and other private areas. It possesses sensory qualities that allow it to find covert equipment like microphones and cameras.

Thanks to AI point-and-shoot technology, this instrument is incredibly dependable. It protects your privacy by ensuring that no one may snoop on or record you. While away from home, it may be challenging to protect your privacy, but this software makes it much simpler.

How does this app work? Let the app inspect a gadget by pointing your iPhone at it. You can learn more about the gadget and its features from DeviceOwl.

Having hidden camera detector applications on your smartphone is essential if you travel frequently. It helps to safeguard your privacy and ensures that no one is watching you.

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