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12 Best Free Drawing Software/Programs For Windows In 2023

Art is joyful and rewarding. Recent technological breakthroughs have made it possible for designers to produce stunning visual graphics on their PCs and other digitally savvy gadgets. With direct control over virtual brushes and pens, best free drawing software for Windows provides a realistic simulation of colours, textures, effects, and tools to work fluidly in three dimensions.

With a wide range of integrated tools, effects, and colours, drawing softwares for PCs enable users to produce realistic works of art that can be exported into a variety of file formats. However, a lot of the top drawing softwares cost a lot

However, if you are seeking for solutions that are free, your quest is over. This article lists some of the top drawing softwares now on the market, along with their very appealing and competitive features.

The Top 12 Free Drawing Programs For 2023

The most outstanding drawing software solutions now on the market are listed here. Scroll through the list now.

1. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

Cost: $7.99 per month

Window versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are compatible.

Corel PaintShop Pro is the first software on our list of drawing software for Windows. The software comes with numerous excellent features that make work simple for all users. You can use this software to produce the best art regardless of your line of employment. It provides adaptable and affordable licencing. It contains a variety of additional capabilities that can be used to create animation and pictures.

With just three easy steps, the software can simply produce animation. While the Photoshop brush can be used to alter photos. It has Photoshop integration, making it simple for you to use the tools. PaintShop Pro, PaintShop Pro Ultimate, and Photo Video Bundle Ultimate are the three versions available. Depending on the type of job you do, you can select whatever version you like.


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Important Corel PaintShop Pro Products

The software can import and export the majority of file formats.

It provides a variety of Adobe, PaintShop, and Jasc brush formats.

An all-in-one softwarefor editing photographs and videos is Photo Video Bundle Pro.

The software receives new tools and features with each release.


supports all file formats

provides numerous brush formats

Updating the software frequently to make it more user-friendly

New users can sign up for a free trial.


The cost of the software cannot be regarded as reasonable.

Older versions are not supported by it.


GIMP - Best Free Drawing Software

Cost: Free

compatibility: Windows, OS X, and GNU/Linux

A robust and adaptable open-source image editor software is GIMP. It’s the greatest free drawing software because its expert-level capabilities make it simple for users to edit current illustrations or build new ones from beginning. It can definitely function similarly to Photoshop with practise.

GIMP offers excellent capabilities for professional image processing, including automatic picture enhancement, colour adjustment, programmable brushes, cloning, filters, and more. GIMP offers easy interface with numerous programming languages such as Python, Perl, Scheme, etc. Artists have the freedom and flexibility to build their own designs because to its highly adjustable user interface.

Notable GIMP Products

The software is simply customizable to meet the needs.

In contrast to other software, you may edit photos in high resolution.

It also includes aspects of graphic design.

You can make reuseable mockups with the software.


The smudge tool, dodge and burn tool, fuzzy select tool, healing brush, and other expert capabilities for image editing

extreme customizability

provides flexibility with unique plugins.

PSD assistance

virtual file loading and saving is supported.


New users find the UI to be overwhelming.

3. Krita


Cost: Free

Compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows


Krita is the greatest free drawing software for Windows since it is quick and adaptable. Both novice and professional artists can benefit from its pro-level range of tools, which offers a creative answer. One of the top PC drawing softwares is Krita, which features robust 2D and 3D animation.

Krita features a very user-friendly interface that enables designers to make a unique layout. Krita also offers a variety of sophisticated tools for modifying images, such as brush stabilisers, drawing assistants, professional effects, vector tools, seamless layer management, mirrored tools, etc.

Digital drawings can be produced with Krita, a remarkable computer drawing application, in a very realistic manner. By sharing brush and texture packs, artists can increase the scope of their toolkit.

Important Krita Offerings

The software makes it simple to import texture and brush packs from anywhere, and you can even export them to other artists.

It provides a convenient wrap-around mode to make creating textures and patterns easy for users.

Nine brush engines in the software can be altered and adjusted to meet the needs.

This software provides a brush stabiliser for those with shaky hands so you can work more easily.


Nine intelligent, distinctive brush engines.

extreme customizability

PSD files can be used.

Wrap-around mode with skill.

picture support for HDR.

The canvas size and speed are boosted with enhanced OpenGL.


hefty text editor.

There can be some latency after updating.

4. Inkscape


Free and open-source pricing

Support for Linux, macOS, and Windows

The best free drawing software for graphic designers is called Inkscape, and it was developed by a group of really skilled artists and enthusiasts. This free drawing software for Windows is a potent substitute for expensive products like Adobe Illustrator because it is packed with remarkable features and great tools.

For a rich picture production experience, Inkscape has a user-friendly interface that is also fully customizable, simple node editing, well-designed vector editing tools and filters, sophisticated effects, Creative Commons metadata, numerous export options, a variety of snapping techniques, etc. It is extremely helpful when a webpage contains hundreds of different images.

Important Elements of Inkscape

The software is compatible with the majority of file extensions, so you may effortlessly import or export in different file formats.

The software provides adaptable text and drawing capabilities to make your work easier.

You receive calligraphy, shape-making, drawing, and object-creation tools.

Path insetting and outsetting are even compatible with the software.


a wide variety of vector management tools.

supports a variety of file formats.

enhanced speed

Excellent global community.


Not ideal for extremely skilled designers.

Unorganized Interface.

Text tools aren’t very adaptable.

5. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

Price: $49.99 following a Free Trial.

Windows, Android, Chromebooks, MacOS, and iOS are all compatible.


One of the best free drawing software with advanced capabilities is Clip Studio Paint. Due to its outstanding features, cutting-edge capabilities, and increased versatility, this drawing app is frequently used for the creation of animation, illustrations, and comic books. When it comes to generating artwork, Clip Studio’s robust vector tools and wide variety of colouring tools provide exceptional response.

You have the opportunity to design and utilise your own custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint to create a specific impact for your illustration, or you may select from a variety of preset brush selections.

The most recent version of Clip Studio is one of the best drawing software for PCs because it has great animation capabilities and supports all common file types.

Characteristics of Clip Studio Paint

The software’s straightforward interface makes it incredibly simple to use.

If you experience any problems with the software, you can easily visit the website and learn about every detail.

Brushes can be simply modified to suit your needs.

You may produce concept art, paintings, character art, illustrations, and animations using the software.


strong vector tools

extremely flexible brushes.

Excellent alternatives for colouring.

extensive community and user base.


without audio support for the animation.

Unintuitive interface.

Text tools aren’t very flexible.

6. MyPaint


Cost: Free


Compatibility: MacOS, Windows 10 or higher, and Linux

Most digital painters utilise the free and dependable open-source graphic editor MyPaint. It is one of the greatest drawing software for the PC, is simple to use, lightweight, and productive, with a concentration on painting.

One of the best free drawing software is MyPaint, which has a brush engine that is extremely adjustable and versatile, a smooth brush flow, an unlimited canvas size, an attention-free Fullscreen mode, and many other features. It provides layer management, pressure-sensitive drawing, and fundamental colour modifications.

With MyPaint, you can easily produce an expressive piece of art since it mimics the effects of pencils, paints, ink, and charcoal.

Additionally, MyPaint includes a useful feature called Notepad where you may test out various brushes before using them to actually paint with them.

Specifications of MyPaint

With MyPaint’s full-screen mode, you can see even the smallest details.

It provides a broad array of painting tools to assist you in producing your artwork.

Shortcuts are simple to add and can improve workflow.

The software gives you access to a limitless canvas size, allowing you to create whatever type of art you like.


Color-coded gamut masking wheel.

Dynamic brush collection.

infinitely large a canvas.

Interface that is easy to use.


sluggish undo function

no animation equipment.

7. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

Cost: Free

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS compatibility

One of the best drawing software for producing comics, manga, and digital art with a realistic presentation is MediBang Paint Pro. It has a ton of features, similar to other computer drawing software, like outstanding layer management, a fluid workflow, simple comic panels, helpful community support, etc.

For you to make an illustration according to your vision, MediBang Paint features a library with over 800 pre-installed backdrops and templates, a large selection of configurable brushes, and a variety of typefaces and styles.

With the help of a built-in feature in MediBang Paint, you can easily transfer your artwork between devices and save space on your smartphone by uploading it for free to the cloud.

The Best Things About MediBang Paint

You can work on numerous pages and store them all in one location.

Adding files from other software and devices is simple.

You obtain a stabilising device so that you can draw with shaky hands.

You can use perspective grids to make crisp backdrops.


easy to use interface

PSD file assistance.

multipurpose brush presets.

supports a variety of platforms


As soon as the app launches, annoying adverts appear.

8. Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D

Cost: Free

Windows 10 compatibility

A Windows 10 machine comes pre-installed with Paint 3D, a free computer drawing application. Microsoft’s Paint 3D is a user-friendly, kid-friendly software. It makes it simple to create three-dimensional objects and apply animation to them.

You can either select a model to import from the displayed options or design your own shape and convert it to a 3D model using Microsoft Paint 3D’s 3D object creation feature. The 3D model may be precisely rotated, and adding motions to it is simple. The 3D image can be finished and given lighting effects using Paint 3D. With other Microsoft Office software like Word, PowerPoint, and others, these 3D graphics can be used with ease.

Characteristics of Microsoft Paint 3D

The most recent update increases the security of the user’s data.

With the new tube brush, you can make short ribbons and dollops of makeup.

You may choose the desired shape with ease.

Your 3D model is simple to copy and paste into any Microsoft Office software.


Numerous paint effects.

3D image editing is simple.

Children’s software


There are no common photo editing tools.

9. ArtWeaver Free

ArtWeaver Free

Cost: Free

Window compatibility

One of the computer drawing software that is very comparable to Photoshop is called ArtWeaver. It contains innovative built-in editors that make photo editing effective.

A full-featured application, ArtWeaver offers a variety of realistic brushes, a user-friendly interface, additional editing filters, and excellent layering capabilities. A feature of this free drawing software allows you to draw textures to produce stunning digital artwork.

With a fully customizable brush editor, ArtWeaver is among the practical and simple drawing software that are appropriate for children. It also enables online collaboration with other artists in a team setting.

Important Elements of ArtWeaver Free

With the use of this software, collaborating with other artists on the same project is simple.

It provides incredibly user-friendly tools for creating your favourite works of art.

With its robust tools, you get a seamless editing and painting experience.

You can utilise a variety of realistic brushes in it.


Incredibly accurate effects.

flexible brush editor.

instruments for artistic editing.

Children’s software

logical user interface


less text features than other features.

10. Vectr


Cost: Free

Window compatibility

In order to create cards, logos, icons, brochures, and other digital illustrations with fewer details, Vectr is one of the best free drawing software for Windows. It is a vector-based software with a full toolkit for manipulating images, integrated version control, real-time collaboration and sharing of designs, and a simple user interface.

Vectr has excellent capabilities for adding layers to photos, changing their colour and shape, printing images without sacrificing quality, sharing artwork on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Vectr is available for usage on a variety of internet and desktop platforms. The software is well-designed and has a ton of free tutorials, which make it simpler to understand and use.

The Essentials of Vectr

The software is very simple to use and quick to adapt.

One of the items that sets Vectr apart from its rivals is the pen tool. With the tool, you can quickly write and draw.

The software that aids in altering colours and vectors includes gradient tools.

It offers instructional films that you can watch and learn from if you need any help.


version control built-in.

Making printing simple.

access to social media.

collaboration and graphic sharing.


Ads cause a slowdown in the working pace.

Only appropriate for modest graphic design projects.

11. Expression Design

Expression Design

Cost: Free

Window compatibility

Microsoft Expression Design is a high-end graphics editing software made for producing vector graphics for the web, user interfaces, and other types of graphics with minimal visual effects. It is a portable, user-friendly tool with the possibility to designate a unique workspace for later usage. It has potent composition tools like the Slice tool, which allows you to choose and hide specific portions of a picture, the B-Spline with full curve control, and full layer support for slicing and blending images.

For creative developers, Expression Design offers a ton of fundamental image editing features and supports a wide range of file types, including bitmap output.


Excellent preview tool for viewing the page in different browsers at once.

exporting bitmaps.

B-Spline, Bezier, and other strong composing tools.


lacks sophisticated image editing capabilities.

12. Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio

Price:- $19.00

MacOS, iPad, and Windows compatibility

One of the top drawing software for PCs, Paintstorm Studio has robust tools that make producing good work simple. With sophisticated symmetry tools, a dynamic user interface, and fully adjustable brushes, it is a fantastic drawing software for Windows.

Paintstorm Studio has a free trial version that allows you to use the software 30 times before it expires. Additionally, a lifetime licence for Paintstorm Studio is available for for $19.00.

Important characteristics of Paintstorm Studio

The software provides bristle brushes to suit all needs and specifications.

The available brushes can be entirely customised to meet demands.

It includes a dynamic interface that makes it simple to access each and every tool.

You can quickly operate on different levels.


interface that changes.

tools for advanced symmetry.


Only some free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Best PC Drawing software

Q1. How does drawing software work?

Simply put, drawing software is a computer tool that allows you to produce beautiful artwork. One of the easiest and greatest free drawing software for Windows 10 and earlier operating systems, for instance, is Microsoft Paint. There are numerous such software with sophisticated features for creating and editing images.

Q2. Which PC Drawing App is the Best?

Each user has their own preferences for the greatest drawing software. What is ideal for one user might not be ideal for another. Your requirements, experience, and skills will all be taken into account. You should choose software that offers you all the necessary functionality and is simple to use.

Q3. What free computer drawing software is available?

On the Internet, there are many different software that may be used to draw whatever you want. You can choose and download the software based on your needs for drawing. Others have various functionality to enable you to draw anyway you wish, while some have less features (for example, free software like MS Paints) (Ex. paid tools like Corel PaintShop).

Q4. Are software for drawing free?

Yes, the majority of drawing software are available for free download and use. Use of software like MS Paint is totally free. However, several of the paid software offer demonstrations, trial versions, etc. that grant restricted access to their capabilities.

2022’s Best Free Drawing Software for Windows: Unleash Your Creativity

These days, drawing applications for PCs can be used effectively to produce intriguing digital graphics. This post provides you with a ranking of the top free drawing software that we thought were interesting. Since each software offers unique features and tools for digital painting and image editing to produce great artwork in accordance with your preferences and needs, there isn’t a clear victor as such.

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