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11 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

In 2019, ThinkGeek closed its online store and combined its e-commerce business with a portion of GameStop’s online business. You might be one of its consumers who were extremely outraged by this. The top ThinkGeek alternatives are listed below so you can indulge your geekiness.

In the current digital age, there are a plethora of e-commerce websites on the Internet where you may find anything you need or want. Some companies provide a wide variety of items to meet the majority of the needs of their clients. While others concentrate on items that appeal to a certain group of people or community. ThinkGeek belonged to the latter group.

How did ThinkGeek work?

The website to shop on for all kinds of nerdy goods was ThinkGeek. Among geeks and fans of technology, the website served as a well-liked online retailer. It was well recognised for selling quirky goods like collectibles, odd devices, and more.

The website was started in 1999 by the USA-based founders as a side project while they were already managing a small firm.

ThinkGeek may be able to assist you get closer to the characters from your favourite shows, such as Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Doctor Who, or Star Wars. Each franchise had its own department where you could discover a variety of accessories, gadgets, and decor, among other things, that were relevant to the franchise.

For instance, you can even buy specialised pop culture products that are hard to locate elsewhere. ThinkGeek was renowned for its original April Fools’ jokes, which featured a variety of fictitious and absurd campaigns.

All geeks who loved ThinkGeek’s products found the company’s announcement that it would shut down in 2019 to be devastating. Additionally, this year saw the closure of numerous physical establishments. Therefore, if you’re worried that you can’t find your preferred gadgets and collectibles, there are some excellent ThinkGeek alternatives that might be of assistance.

Alternatives to ThinkGeek You Should Geek Out About

It was without a doubt one of the internet stores for geeks that had the most traffic. Nowadays, many people are still looking for websites like ThinkGeek. The good news is that there are many more similar stores. Why don’t you start reading this article to discover all the geek websites where you may order geeky goods?


Wish is an online marketplace that enables people to buy things straight from retailers. It functions similarly to Amazon or eBay in terms of functionality.

This ThinkGeek substitute is known for offering a wide range of goods, as seen by the extremely unique advertisements that can be seen on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The business is well recognised for selling items for absurdly low costs. Even certain goods are provided without charge. The business has developed into a significant player in the e-commerce market since its founding in 2010.

However, using Wish for purchasing comes with some risks. China is where the great bulk of Wish’s merchants are headquartered. This indicates that a sizable portion of the goods available are phone.

As a result, even though the business might be trustworthy, the goods it offers might not. Before ordering and receiving something, it can be difficult to determine whether it is real. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are among the Western nations that receive direct shipments from several Chinese retailers.

Because Wish enables you to purchase straight from a factory, there is no middlemen. Price reductions at the expense of quality control result from this. No middleman, real store, or employees refilling shelves are there. Customers gain from the cost savings as a result.

You’ll encounter imitations of popular brands. Although the quality is obviously lower than that of items sold in other stores or on other websites, Wish can be a great value if you’re willing to take a chance. You can find inexpensive products that work.

2. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is a well-known online retailer for geeks, similar to ThinkGeek. The online store sells tens of thousands of licenced goods and has an excellent user interface. It’s pretty easy to find Hollywood- or movie-related content.

Thanks to the company’s extensive technical and industrial knowledge, purchasing experience, and persistent efforts to boost internal efficiency, Entertainment Earth is able to offer expert counsel, anticipate, and respond rapidly to changing market demands.

Entertainment Earth’s ongoing effort to bring smiles to customers all around the world is fuelled by a wide range of readily available goods combined with pop culture’s growing appeal.

3. NeatoShop


On the other side, NeatoShop is a website that doesn’t just sell technology and gadgets. It provides a wider range of distinctive and modern goods. Additionally, this ThinkGeek alternative offers an entire section devoted to novelty things.

This website offers a large variety of hoodies and t-shirts in a variety of hues and designs. There are t-shirts available that feature, for instance, hilarious pictures, one-liners, or artistic creations.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of topics, including comedy, horror, fantasy, science fiction, politics, and more. Every shirt is ideal for everyone because it comes in a range of sizes. You’ll like the website even if you’re a nerd.

4. DiscoverGeek


A website created in Las Vegas that honours everything nerdy, technological, and scientific is this ThinkGeek substitute. In order to provide dependable product suggestions, research-based entertainment, and convention coverage, DiscoverGeek was established in 2017.

Have you ever tried browsing one of the major online merchants for a geeky gift? It’s a terrible idea. These websites are filled with thousands of odd things, many of which hang around at the top of their search results for years.

In an effort to finally help consumers discover new stuff, DiscoverGeek’s creators created this website as a result of their frustration. The things the online store offers are hand-selected and carefully curated from a range of websites.

They participate in an affiliate advertising programme called the Amazon Services LLC Associates Network, which enables them to earn money by connecting to and other relevant websites. The businesses mentioned on this website are not associated with or connected to in any manner.

5. Geeky Gift Ideas

Geeky Gift Ideas

This ThinkGeek substitute is an entertaining website with many different fandoms and uses. Geeky Gift Ideas offers a wide range of intriguing gifts for geek men and women, including Star Wars and popular anime. If you’re looking for unusual items to satisfy your geek side, you’ll find some great ideas and gifts.

The website’s creators want to appeal to your nerdy side. Additionally, the website is still updated every day. Geeky Gift Ideas will offer tens of thousands of incredible gadgets and unique gifts.

An online store where you may look through a hand-picked assortment of amazing goods, technology, and gadgets and discover the newest hip presents for him or her Information about many different fandoms, including Doctor Who, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and others, can be found on this page.

6. Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee

A collector of odd pop culture memorabilia came up with this ThinkGeek substitute in the 1970s. The company has been in operation for three decades, and you may find several one-of-a-kind items that are exclusive to them.

According to this website, Archie McPhee is a wholesale supplier of great goods. If you love monster series like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Frankenstein, this is the place to visit. There is a full section of amusing products here, such as cards with scary themes and air fresheners.

7. J!NX


This website is a well-known online clothing retailer that specialised on nerdy and gaming-related apparel, much as ThinkGeek. If you enjoy computers, video games, technology, gadgets, robots, ninjas, and other technical subjects, this is the perfect ThinkGeek substitute.

California-based J!NX was founded in 1999 by two close friends who loved video games and popular culture. It is managed by a committed group of professionals that are eager to produce memorabilia and collectibles that let fans engage with their preferred franchises.

8. FireBox


If you’re the kind of consumer who likes to think beyond the box, check out this ThinkGeek alternative. was created following a quick name change due to the fact that the name Hot Box was already used by another company. They started in 1998 with the domain name

It offers an amazing variety of alternative goods, such as fashion items, home goods, exotic drinks, cutting-edge technology, one-of-a-kind gifts, and much more. Even a section devoted to Firebox creations can be found there.

9. Scientific Direct

Scientific Direct

Scientific Online is another excellent ThinkGeek substitute for online purchases of scientific supplies. On the website, you may purchase items related to robotics, astronomy, scientific kits, and much more. For more than 50 years, the Barrington, New Jersey location of Edmund Scientifics has been a spectacular success.

The go-to location for unusual science demonstrations, tools, gifts, and activities is a small optics business. To find inspiration for their inventions and ideas, science and engineering enthusiasts from all around the world visit Scientifics.

Today, Scientifics Direct, Inc. is a stand-alone business. Through its catalogue and website, it still offers the most recent and cutting-edge science-related products.

10. Loot Crate

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is yet another alternative to ThinkGeek. Geek and gaming merchandise are shipped out to subscribers on a monthly basis by this subscription-based business. The incredible assortment of collectibles will astound you.

The leading fan subscription box company in the world, Loot Crate, Inc., was established in 2012. In order to generate interactive experiences and digital content as well as original video projects, Loot Crate collaborates with important figures in the entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture industries.

Whether you’re a pop culture expert, an anime fan, or a gamer, they have a crate for you. They put together a special assortment of collectibles, apparel, figures, and other goods that are exclusive to them.

Deliveries of crates are made immediately to your front door. It’s like receiving a wonderful birthday gift from a buddy each month.

They are a fan-run business. They publicly honour notable individuals, from famous villains to great heroes, and everyone in between.

They have experience searching for that rare object or standing in line for a signature. To create cutting-edge goods and experiences for their customers, they are dedicated to working closely with creators and licenced partners.

11. HotRate


This ThinkGeek replacement is the best source for reviews on anything from computers to televisions, photography, video games, watches, and more. They are a product comparison website that was established out of a need to quickly and easily identify exceptional products.

To make sure you receive the most helpful, unbiased, and instructive comments on your upcoming purchase, they have spent hours perfecting their review procedure. Whether you’re a gamer, a photographer, or just seeking for the best watch for you, they’ve got you covered.

Different teams are made up of experts in different fields who are all passionate about the products they review. Their comparison reviews give you a brief overview of the best items available, with something to suit every budget.


These websites each have something special to offer. Others are basics, while some are one-of-a-kind presents and geeky goods. On the other hand, all of those top ThinkGeek alternatives are excellent tools. And Entertainment Earth may be your best bet if you want to add to your nerdy collections.

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